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Thread by @AdvBarryRoux: "A Sunday Twitter on a Thursday Night. Ace Magashule While Ace Magashule was then MEC of Sports Arts and Culture in the Free State he had a P […]"

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A Sunday Twitter on a Thursday Night.

Ace Magashule
While Ace Magashule was then MEC of Sports Arts and Culture in the Free State he had a PA called Deena Pillay. Deena Ventured into business and many times they failed until Ace Magashule become the Premier of the Free State.
Deena opened a company called TAD Consultancy that was the vehicle to be used to loot the Free State. To hide Ace's hand in TAD Consultancy they made Deena Pillay's wife Ravetha Pillay the only shareholder and director of the Company
TAD stands for "Tate Ace Deena"
Tate Mekgwe is the MEC for Education in the Free State who hails from Parys. Ace is Ace Magashule former Premier of Free State and SG of the ANC. Deena is for Deena Pillay the former PA of Ace Magashule.
Some of the things I don't want to repeat but evidence was in the past presented to journalist, all in the Free State did not want to investigate as Ace Magashule would kill any media house that reported negatively about his Government and ANC Free State.
Case in point being Free State Times a local newspaper that was squeezed out of the market by the Free State Government for exposing corruption. Under the Instruction of Ace Magashule Free State Times was bought by Letlaka Media (I'll come to them later)
In 2009 When Ace Magashule ascended to Power he started a project called Hlasel
2010 Deena Pillay and Tumi Ntsele were roped in by Magashule to establish a company called Hlasela TV which received funding from the Provincial Government.......
...... to cover only Ace Magashule's Hlasela Project the was so much confusion that employees of Hlasela TV would be confused as Government Employees because they had an office in the Office of the Premier's Communications Directorate.
Hlasela TV is running non-stop in all Provincial Government Offices and even in some police stations noteably Parkweg Police Station. Hlasela TV is a mini ANN7 a propaganda machine of Ace Magashule....
Jacob Zuma did learn some of his undehand tactics from Ace Magashule.
Ace Magashule should never be underestimated. if we thought Jacob Zuma was a tactician Cyril Ramaphosa hasn't seen anything, Ace Magashule is playing his game in World Class Mode
Let us go Back to TAD
In 2012 TAD was given a tender to install CCTV for Mangaung Metro Municipality throughout the Mangaung City. Millions were spent under the guise that these CCTV will be used to reduce crime.
Notably the Municipal Manager at the time was Sandile Joseph Msibi who also brought in his company BBTech (remember this name and company)
The CCTV project was not for crime activities but for survaillance of Government Officials in the Free State. These CCTV's have made no impact in the lives of Mangaung Citizen in the reduction of crime.
SAPS had no access to this CCTV centre and only municipality security and few ANC PEC members had access. This whole project was to monitor those elements who Ace regarded as Problematic in his administration to know who they talking to what they are doing.
Ace Magashule was watching, many people lost their jobs because they were seen with some people. being seen with people like Gregory Nthatisi, Mpho Ramakatsa, Sello Dithebe meant immediate dismissal for government employees.
Here's an invoice from one of the provincial departments for procurement of CCTVs which was grabber devices to listen to calls of people in the free state....
Enter Vusi Tshabalala in the Space, he was also having problems with some Municipality workers and ANC politicians in his Municipality surprisingly TAD won the tender install CCTVs worth millions was extended to him too. to play big brother in the city of Bethlehem and Harrismith
The objecive was never to reduce crime but to spy. If Cyril was serious he'd ask for the rational of paying millions in CCTVs rather than on infrastructure to help poor people like sanitation and proper housing and schools.
CCTV's were the last thing Provincial Government and Free State Municipalities needed but Ace's pockets needed to be filled.
Questions must be asked how was Ace Magashule's Operation Hlasela Funded, who were the funders if that can be probed it will reveal that TAD Consultancy are funders, Letlaka Media are funders
Government Employees hired from Parys are funders (Depending which level in government you are hired in, the is a portion of their salaries that is required from People from Fezile Dabi that they need to pay towards this Operation Hlasela other funds will come directly from Govt
Year in Year out Children from Parys in the Free State get free education, full school uniform, their tertiary education is payed for by Ace Magashule
Back to TAD Consultancy, Deena Pillay is known to frequent Dubai where Ace Magashule's Son is also very fond of visiting. Deena has an Account in Dubai that is used in make payments to Ace Magashule.....
but they uses Thato Magashule's wife bank account which is in Dubai to make such payments. Lifestyle Audit of Magashule is needed urgently.
Free State Department of Health under MEC Benny Malakoane who's also being probed by the Hawks for Corruption in Dihlabeng Municipality while he was Municipal Manager had problems with Health Officials and a movement called TAC needed to stay a step ahead of his detractors.
So Deena Pillay came to the rescue. TAD was roped in again flouting Tender Procedures and was awarded a contract to install CCTV's at the department of Health Bophelo House Offices. Millions were spent again to line the pockets of Tate, Ace and Deena.
Tate Mekgwe the MEC for Education who has been the longest serving MEC in the free state provincial government had a stake in a company called Pinnacle Computers reseller of Computers in the Free State and yearly his company would provide Free State Matric Students with.......
Laptops for outstanding results under the guise of Operation Hlasela buying computers from SAHARA COMPUTERS OWNED BY The Guptas
To Letlaka Media, under instruction of Magashule as Free State Times was critisizing and exposing the Free State Government, advertising was stopped for Free State Times, they were litterally squeezed out of the space and they buckled and Tumi Ntsele bought the publication.
Besides New Age Times the free state pronvincial government buys all the newspapers of Letlaka Media which publishes every friday and disttributed to all provincial government offices the newspaper is called "The Weekly"
Tumi Ntsele who owns Letlaka Media also own Cherry Online. Cherry Online is the company that was given the Tender for R140 Million Website Tender for Provincial Department and Municipalities websites.
The Template which they used was for $99 from wordpress and the Hosted this website is hosted at the SITA which the Premier's Office Pays for but they R140 million was to update propaganda information to the public. its was just Operation Hlasela gone Digital..
The website is not being updated anymore. the Full R140 Million was paid to Tumi Ntsele and the contract was terminated. for R140 Million the website has so much outdate information
We have been playing since the start of this thread. Bafethu Lets Get Serious now
Here are some of the invoices in Ace Magashule's thuggery.
The New Premier of Free State Sisi Ntombela whilst MEC fos human settlement discovered that Fikile Mbalula's wife & Hlaudi Motsheoneng had been paid millions to build RDPs but never constructed and were paid by officials under the instruction of Ace Magashule.........
...failing to which Free State would have forfeited the money back to treasury. Ntombela found out about this and was told by Magashule to withdraw the case of corruption at Parkweg. Shr succumbed to Ace Magashule's threats and the case was withdrawn by the provincial department.
Afriforum put it a request to access for information and took the matter back to SAPS the matter was transferred to National police for investigation.
When the New Commissioner joined 1st thing Fikile Mbalula did was instruct him to kill the case against his wife, the investigators that were working on the docket all got promoted and handed over the docket to the national commissioner and that investigation is buried.
Hence you saw Fikile Mbalula during december was playing so Nice with Ace Magashule because he killed the investigation from the provincial government perspectives and that's why he suddenly endorsed Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. Ace Magashule had a gun on Fikile Mbalula's head.
Bafethu let us be serious here, we have a long way to go. At 10pm we will leave this thread & continue tomorrow.
Survaillance from TAD was not enough Magashule and his stooges wanted more they needed to know what was being said by whom.
Enter Johan Cronje a business man from Welkom in the Free State. In the same space Municipality Manager for Mangaung Metro Sandile Msibi was booted out by workers from the Municipality.
Septic Tanks were brought in and the whole ground floor of the Municipality offices was filled with human waste. The worker wanted Msibi out because he had stolen municipality money. (I'll wrap up about Msibi he is an interesting character)
With Msibi ousted by Workers from Mangaung he was swapped with a HoD from Department of Police, Roads and Transport. Magashule was warned he can't appoint a Municipal worker to Provincial Government without following proper procedure.
Paul Sonnyboy Helepi the then Public Service Commissioner Free State wrote a report to Ace Magashule to say Msibi is appointed fraudulently. Ace Magashule in consultation with Jacob Zuma decided to shelve the report as it was not binding.
Msibi was the HoD of a Provincial Government. An Inflated tender was given to Down Touch Investment to do road rehabilitation in the the free state Province and construction of Road projects.
Mr Cronje was approached by Magashule and Pooe from State Security Agency to procure a cellphone grabber for SSA and also for Magashule. a Verint Engage PI2 Tactical Location System was bought from Israel.
Jacob Zuma as state president was needed to bring this gabber in the country and he endorsed it and 2 Devices we brought in the country under dubious means.
Mercedes Benz Vianos were procured to install these devices. One was to be used for Zuma's Counter Intelligence and another for Magashules' Counter Intellgence.
Johannes Cronje was the contractor millions were channeled to him for road constraction projects and in turn he will maintain and ensure operation of these grabbers.
1 devices was confiscated by the Hawks that operated the one belonging to Ace Magashule was never found. The is a detailed story about this with Amabhungane and Daily Maverick.
Duirng Cyril Ramaphosa's Campaign leading to him being president of ANC, Magashule never once endorsed nor supported him, Didn't even attend any programs of Cyril Ramaphosa as Deputy President of the Country.
There's one incident when the then DP Cyril Ramaphosa was in Ace Magashule's Home Town of Parys, The Viano was spotted parked nearer to the school where Cyril Ramaphosa was speaking listening in the Security Detail, the DP security approached the vehicle and it left.
When the then Deputy President was in Bloemfontein the grabbed was placed in Construction Vehicles belonging to Vela VK and they were travelling all around Bloemfontein intercepting the signal and listening in to the then Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa's security team.
One Grabber is being hidden in Thaba Nchu at a farm owned by a prominent ANC politician in the Free State. Thaba Nchu 150km outside Bloemfontein.
Whilst it was operational, the grabber device was also transferred to North West Province to do counter intelligence for Supra Mahumapelo and he too ensured that his Department of Roads gave Down Touch Investment tenders to help with the upkeep of this devices.
Sandile Msibi being the HOD of a Police, Roads and transport used Traffic Vehicles to escort him to go takes bribes from Construction Owners who were given tenders, Traffic Officers would escort him to ensure that he doesn't experience any problems.
He then got brazen & gave himself an Audi A6 fully kitted with Blue Lights with a reg of "Traffic 1 FS" he would use it for trips to & from vanderbijlpark where he resided, from Bloem to GP he will stop in all the sites that he has given tendered to collect Money for Magashule
He was trapped and got arrested for having R3 Million cash and got arrested & again with R5 million that was to be used as for Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma campaign.
In the first instance of the R3 Million Magashule was in Portugal. Msibi Called him and Magashule ensured that the HAWKS Colonel who shelved the 23 Roads Scandal ensured the release of Msibi.
(Side note Free State was embroiled in the 23 Roads Scandal and it all centred around Ace Magashule getting bribes and roads not being constructed but paid for.
The DDG of Roads and then HOD were transfered to North West, Supra Mahumapelo gave them plumm jobs and to date no one has been arrested, the whole investigation dossie has been shelved the very Same Colonel shelved the invesitgation.
The EFF in provincial legislature asked Magashule if Msibi was arrested for Corruption and Money Laundering, why isn't he suspended, Ace Magashule denied the is such.
Just Like Peter Thabethe who was recently arrested by the Hawks for the Vrede Project is still happily an HoD at the department of Agriculture even though the are calls for Ace Magashule to suspend him whilst he was Premier he never did. Thabethe is still HoD.
Former Executive Mayor of Mangaung and outst Deputy Chairperson of ANC Thabo Manyoni was removed from the Department of Police, Roads and Transport MEC when Sandile Msibi was swapped from the Municipality to Provincial Government.
on his arrival as a Mayor he halted all contracts that were enterred by Sandile Msibi one being the CCTV project, this angered Magashule, the last straw is the SAP project that the Guptas wanted to use to enter the Mangaung Municipality as Project Consultants.
The CFO of the Municipality was put under pressure to sign that contract from the Guptas and SAP but the Mayor refused the was no Need for such project. The Guptas reported the Deputy Chairperson to Zuma and Magashule was instructed to remove his long time friend Thabo Manyoni
I'll leave you with this document recalling all vehicles that were handed out to senior managers.... GTis, Corollas, Amarok, BMWs and Audis. We are not done yet, we will continue this thread tomorrow morning. Good Night Bafethu ✌
I Could have said Good Morning to y'all but I slept late last night & I had a lot wet dreams, so you can go get your good mornings from somewhere else bcos am not in the mood of greeting. Let us continue with the thread.

Retweet the whole thread For Awareness, let everyone see
Before he was removed Manyoni fired the last salvo at Ace Magashule, he took BBTECH to court and fired some IT people who were assisting BBTECH in the Municipality.
2 People Director IT Mr. Radebe was fires and his Assistant Segaolela were fired for buying laptops at inflated prices. And terminated the contract of TAD Consultancy for the CCTV Project.
Thabo Manyoni was removed as Executive Mayor and told to go to National Parliament and that Jacob Zuma wanted to make him a Deputy Minister.
He left the province to take up be an MP in the National Assembly, Manyoni got wind that The Guptas were behind his axing.
& that he was lied to by Ace Magashule & he resigned from Parliament & headed back to the Province to work on the branches and to contest for the Provincial Chairperson position in Free State.
Manyoni was heard in one Radio Interview saying Ace Magashule has always been involved in Vote Rigging to stay at the helm as Chairperson of ANC Free State, he knows about the vote rigging he knows how its done. That is the reason he was outsted as Deputy Chairperson.
(Back To Msibi) With him being at the provincial government he reignaited the old CCTV project under a new name. "FUSION CENTRE"

FUSION CENTRE with provincial government having strong financial controls it was going to be hard to implement the project.
1st they took many students to India Tech Mahindra to go Study IT notebly all the student he took to India had IT Qualifications but funds were needed to be challanged to TECH MAHINDRA. notebly the person who also went to India was the nephew of Magashule...
..... a Mr Jacobs Hlopolosa who used to work for TAD as a CCTV Administrator. He was now Department of Police, Roads and Transport IT Manager.
The Fusion Centre Tender which by law should've been tendered by SITA on behalf of the Provincial Government was not done so, The Tender was riddled with mistake and inaccuracies it encompassed everything under the sun. I will show u below.
Mr Jacobs Hlopolosa was the project manager for the Fusion CENTRE and the tender was Awarded to TAD Consultancy and BBTECH both were fired by the Former Executive Mayor in Mangaung Manucipality, they re-emerged again under Msibi.
The was an Internal Document that was found in TAD consultancy back in 2011 - 2013 that showed they expected a CCTV Project from the Department of Police, Roads and Transport.
& in 2015 The Tender was awarded to TAD, the tender was now to put in CCTV cameras all around the Free State every town, every municipality.
The EFF again reported this tender to National Treasury, Pravin Gordon and Michael Sach declared the Tender illegal and should be scrapped, Jacob Zuma was consultated by Ace Magashule and he gave the go ahead for the tender to continue he will deal with National Treasury.
Looking at the Tender Documents Mr Jacobs Hlopolosa sat in the tender adjudication border fo the department and he didn't recuse himself as he had previously worked for TAD as its CCTV administrator, the declaration Forms are empty.
With Jacob Zuma having given the Go Ahead, the plan was in motion. All IT Staff of the Department were transfered out to other units and BBTECH was again brought in to run IT of the provincial Department and do their IT Procurement.
All IT Staff of the department were placed in mediocre positions others were charged.
Prior to that a Bileteral meeting took place between Free State Gov and North West Gov. One of the talks was about an IT tender.
North West Government took a decision to have NEPO Dynamics which Mahumapelo is benefitting from and Free State had TAD Consultancy which Magashule is benefitting from and small piece was for Magashule's trusted leutenant Sandile Msibi and his trusted company BBTECH.
IF YOU LOOK AT AMABHUNGANE report about this TAD & BBTECH Tender and the reports around the North West NEPO Dynamics tendere they are identical, both are illigal both flauted PFMA regulations both Skipped SITA
As the Heat was pilling up against Ace Magashule, a few projects were done, The Most important Traffic Section 56 Unit which captures all traffic related fines issued by Traffic Officers in the free state that Office was moved to Parys,
Certain Government Vehicles noteably Golf 7 GTi's and VW AMAROKS, BMW's disappeared on the asset list.
Tshepiso Magashule was spotted driving an Golf 7 Gti Busisiwe Msibi daughter to Sandile Msibi was also spotted driving a Golf 7 Gti.
Senior Managers were each allocated Golf 7 Gti's and Toyota Corrolas, BMW 318 and Sandile Msibi allocated himself a new Audi S6 all came with free petrol and maintanance sponsered by the Tax Payers.
Till to date Magashule denied that Msibi was arrested or that an Enquiry was setup by the hawks for money laundering.
Recently amabhungane uncovered assets beloning to Msibi that he could not account for how he financed them as all were bought cash without any bonds or finance from banks all in the region of above R20 million.
Ace Magashule's wife are business partners with Issac "Blacky" Seoe who was recently been convicted of Fraud charges.
Issac Seoe is the same man who can be seen in the now famous footage of Ace Magashule and his daughter inspecting a shell fuel station in QwaQwa. Issac Seoe is a former FDC Chairman that gave Ace Magashule's Daughter money to buy the Fuel Station.
With Ace Magashule's Wife they own a string of government building in the Bloemfontein notebly also the Free State Legislature Offices which are owned by ROBS Investment.
It's Morning Bafethu. Lets get serious, My tea is also ready. Let us hit hard once again. Remember to Retweet the whole thread For Awareness. For Everyone to see, you can also share it with our relatives from the Village commonly known as Facebook.
Mr Sandile Msibi who is now formally charged by Hawks and appearing at the Commercial Crimes Court knew that his time was up, and if he cracked he his confessions will implicate Jacob Zuma and Ace Magashule.
On 25 Aug 2017 Sandile Msibi was spotted in Bloem Home Affairs, he went in & within 5 minutes he came out with an ID & Passport. surprisingly he was declared sick & admitted to sunninghill medi clinic, no one was allowed to see him. only some family members were allowed in.
In November the Gupta plane ZS-OAK was in Russia with the Gupta brothers and 1 unknown gentleman, the flight returned to south africa next day. on the 28 December there was news that the HoD of Police, Roads and Transport had passed on.
in the funeral Ace Magashule said he knows that the HoD was poisoned and himself and Premier of North West had asked the President Zuma if he could assist them by making sure Msibi get treated for poison in Russia.
The question is who is the Gentleman who was with the Guptas in November in Russia?
Why did Msibi want a new ID and Passport?
Why was his funeral a closed casket? some of his family members were heard complaning that why did they not give a chance to view the body of the deceased as per african tradition.
Now That Ace Magashule and Supra Mahumapelo know that they will be faced with court challenges soon, they are on a looting spree, TAD was ordered by Ace Magashule even though their tender contract was declared invalid by Treasury.
Ace Magashule has instructed that they milk as much as they can from the state.
TAD is on the Drive to Purchase as many CCTVs at a highly inflated prices. Everytime they bring new CCTV cameras they charge for its software package and configuration and training.
There's no configuration for CCTVs that has ever been over 500k the CCTVs are over 1Million but invoices don't show how many were bought and who is being trained.
New Premier of the Free state, whilst she was the MEC for housing he paid R220 Million to a company to count the number of houses with Asbestos.
something that should've never costed more than R5 million ended up costing FS Gov R220 Million under Sisi Ntombela & there's still no report today of how many houses have asbestos.
Winnie Madikizela Mandelas house in brandfort was supposed to have been restored and preserved millions of money went into this project but no results can be seen.
Millions of Rands were dumped into the destruction of ramkrall prison and the building to be the new legislature offices to-date money was spent but no results.
The MEC of Finance was to table a damning report of the RAMKRAL demolition which fingered Ace Magashule, Suddenly her house was buglared by 10 men.
MEC houses are some of the most closely guarded homes in south africa similar to those of Ministers but well it happened, the house was buglared & all the information was stolen.
Sisi Ntombela was ordered to fire MEC of Health Butana Komphela as he dified Ace Magashule a couple of times & she was told to keep the rot of MEC others who are facing criminal charges. MEC Mathabo Leeto is facing criminal charges, MEC Benny Malakoane is facing criminal charges
Source of Money for Ace Magashule
Magashule gave a tender to Mothebe to provide transportation to government whislt government has fleets of busses and combi to ferry public servants around. Mothebe was given a tender to provide transport worth millions. some busses from Mothebe Wheels belong to Magashule.
Daily they are parked on the land owned by Ace Magashule near the State Mortuary, same place where hundreds of Government Ambulances were parked to ensure Buthelezi Ambulances get awarded a tender for inter-hospital transferes in free state costing millions also.
if Cyril Ramaphosa really is of this new dawn then all those facing criminal charges should be asked to step aside, and credible forensic investigators brought in, a whole lot more can be unearthed in Free State and North West. all is not good in those two provinces.
Ace Magashule bought an R8m S600 whilst premier of Free State, the car should've been R2million but Ace Magashule insisted is should be a Maybach & have bullet proof, they Bought it for R8 million.
The car has been parked at the Government Garage, there's speculation that the S600 that is driven by Mothebe is the one that was auctioned by State Garage at a greatly reduced priced, & Mothebe Wheels & Some of the Government Senior Managers in Department of Police,......
Roads & Transport specifically Norman Selai who was charged in Ngwathe Municipality whilst Municipal Manager for buying Diaries at inflated prices for R550m for R80m Diaries. He was implicated with ANCYL Chairperson who will be MEC soon Makalo Mohale who was at the time a CFO
The is no NEW DAWN For People Of The FREE STATE. ANC Is Dysfunctional or NON-EXISTANT... Corruption Of Ace Magashule IS Everywhere In Manucipalities & Provincial Department & FDC
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