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Everyday I see my reading list growing impossibly long despite reading more than ever before in my life. After I read a great book, I look to the citations and think, now I want to read all of those.
If I read with a note pad and pen alongside me, I can't get through much more than a few paragraphs without writing a ton of notes and losing my mind in deep thought. It makes for slow going but deep comprehension and magnificent inspiration.
I want to go back to Hobbes v Locke. Then Nietzsche and Freud Again. Then Rousseau. Trace that all the way to Blank Slatists and Evo Biologists, and the widening divide between science and fantasy.
The world doesn't seem to acknowledge it yet but Hobbes / Nietzsche / Evo Biology vs Locke / Rousseau / Blank Slate is the new dividing line.

I see thinkers stuck in the middle still somewhere, as Hobbes wasn't always just a conservative point of view.
But Rousseau and then the Blank Slate philosophies like neo marxism and PoMo have now fully adopted a Lockean view point while the evo biologists seem to be strictly Hobbes.
Nature v Nurture. Fallibility of men vs the perfectibility of man. Chaos around us, and within us. Order is an impossible fantasy.
Our intellectual orders are in disarray. The left revolts at advancements in DNA science because we inch closer to erasing the blank slate as a theory and proving our genes are what make us.

After that crumbles, the entire leftist world view shatters.

It won't go silently.
The will be blood as the foundations for an entire ideology and political movement disintegrate under the hot lamp of scientific inquiry.

Each step of the way will be fought with might, malice, and fortitude.
The defense of the blank slate and it's cousin, equality of outcome, will be total warfare against the Hobbesian Pinker Paglia Peterson's of the world.

Every aspect of life will be touched. Family, Home, Sex, Gender, Work, Governance, Immigration, Assimilation, Welfare.
The people who judged me at my old job see my writing on the 9th level of this stuff and they still are only armed with the media narratives. No wonder they think I'm insane. While reality shows I'm as informed as anyone on these subjects.
Those opposed should shut up and listen rather than fight me. I act with love and empathy in my heart in the eternal pursuit of the truth.

they act on the whim of the media narratives with malice and destruction in their dead and darkened souls.
The left, with their sworn testimony to evolution and survival of the fittest, ride that theory from the primordial ooze all the way to 1965. And now toss it out the window in pursuit of equality uber allies.
No flip flopping dog people, your first principal must carry onwards no matter how unsavory the outcome may be given the revelations of advanced science.

You and me stand here because our DNA fought and won for billions of years.
But the Lockean Blank Slatists want you to believe that now that 1865 or 1965 has passed, natural selection is no longer applicable. And culture and environment decides who we are.

Blank statists are apostates to the church of natural selection.
Except in this case, the apostates want to kill the church the abandoned instead of having the church slaughter them for leaving the faith.

We are the merciful. You are the merciless.
I was a Jewish Democrat. I then lost the jewish part and became more of a atheist. then I lost the Democrat part. And now I'm seeing the value in god and religion as an organizing myth for humans which sets us apart from animals.
Natural selection, survival of the fittest, evolution, God, DNA, life as a simulation, and space devoid of any other alien life all can fit into a new model of reality. This is where I am headed.
Just today Andrew Sullivan, in his defense of DNA research on IQ, alluded to the fact that the progressive left's hard stance on white supremacy will inevitable lead to anti semitism just blew my mind. Not the idea, because that is obvious, that that he said it out loud.
I'm Jewish, so like I get the idea that Jewish people have managed to be over represented in positions of power through sheer will and intelligence.

But to now see the left mush white supremacy together into a new burgeoning form of anti-jew thinking is just galling.
The veneer of "we're not racist" is slowly wearing thin for the left. Ultimately they will say, our country is white supremacist, and jews are the best most powerful whites of all, therefore, this country is run by Jews who dominate and oppress us.
What happens after that I do not know.

but the paths are in place. The momentum is flowing. The tides roll in and there is little to do but sit back and watch it happen bit by bit in real time, while its actually happening in historic time with a terrifying rapidity.
This dovetails with my earlier discussion on dominance hierarchies and PoMo Marxists. we _know_ they are lying when they cry about oppression / oppressed. Lies. It's just cover for Powerful / powerless. They want power and will do anything they can to get it.
Here's a thought exercise. Let's say the oppressed today become tomorrow's powerful. Will the power dynamics end? Will they lose the posture of grievance and adopt a magnanimous reconciliatory position? Or will retribution take place? Reparations? "fixing the immoral past" ??
I'm probably colder and darker than most on this. We're DNA codes implanted into a simulation to see who comes out on top. The only morality is success. the Marxist and PoMo critique the world in the same way.

Let's take them at face value. OK YOU ARE RIGHT
So now you're in charge. And by your own admission, the power dynamic is still in play. You're now the oppressor and we're the oppressed. What is going to happen now? What is the plan? Per your philosophy, this is how the world what are you going to do ?
I cut this part from my book. Maybe I shouldn't have:
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