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#YazidiGenocide survivor I was about to die with my little child bcz ISIS wife didn’t give us any food for three days.ISIS forced us to read Quran and convert to Islam. IS shared Yezidi kidnapped as slaves among ISIS fighters in the first days of Genocide @TarekFatah @Imamofpeace
1)when #shingal fell on 3.8.2014 in ISIS hands,my mother was ill,my brother refused to leave her in her bed aunt with her family came to us,we stayed 1 night in our home.our Sunni neighbors were ISIS supporters.all ways to mountains were blocked by ISIS
2)We moved to Kocho(Yezidi town which has been massacred).a Shop owner came to my brother and asked him to stay home cuz they kill any Ezidi ISIS sees. He added that ISIS beheaded already 9 Ezidis in front of their eyes.we stayed in kocho till 15.8.2014. Day of #KochoGenocide
3)Families were moved to Solach Institute/ the 2th day ISIS old women among them my mother(Fatima Haji Mulhim 70 yrs old)we stayed in Telafer 13 days. ISIS gave us daily 2 pieces of bread with a small bottle of water. I was with my sister in law & her 3 kids #EzidiTteam
4)we stayed during this time without food cuz we barley could feed our kids.IS moved us to Qezl Qayo village/shingal. On 25.8.2014 we were 280 Yezidi moved with Buses. When we arrived at Khani (Yezidi village) a bus frame burst. #YazidiPlight #YazidiGenocide
5)ISIS moved 58 Yezidi to one of its checkpoints cuz their bus frame burst.we stayed there 2 nights, we called Yezidi fighters to rescue us but unfortunately they couldn’t make such operations without support & cooperation from Air Forces. On 27.8.2014 we were moved to Syria.
6)we kept calling Yezidi fighters in order to rescue us.Our contact with them was till we arrived at Husaiba( border checkpoint between Iraq and Syria then we were disappointed.our tripe to Raqqa took 11 hours.we arrived at a farm.they started sharing Yezidis among ISIS fighters
7)we 40 Yezidi girls/women stayed from 280 Yezidi.then ISIS brought 450 Yezidi,they were women with their children. And they continued sharing among ISIS. 1 day the called me with another Yezidi woman (Madiha Murad Mulhim from kocho),we were imprisoned underground #YazidiPlight
8)we have seen the sun 1 time all 10 days during our imprisonment underground. There was another people in the same prison under us. We didn’t see them but we heard them.we got the food through a gab under the door.many Muslim Sunni women were imprisoned On charge of prostitution
9)one of this Sunni women was accused with killing 8 persons.many of them were sex Jihadists.
After 7 days ISIS brought Halima Ali an Ezidi from shingal,we stayed 2 months,IS asked me to interpret for Nada Salih from Solach,when I got in the room ,there were a group of ISIS
10)ISIS Amir was there too,the guard who was Muslim Sunni from shingal the Brother of Hussein Khasem Khalaf Hadid didn’t allow me to get in the room, he lived in south of Tel Qass b village/shingal.even before ISIS he has killed many Yezidis from shingal. He asked me! #EzidiTteam
11)Why don’t you 3 want 2 marry ISIS Jihadists?IS brought us to the to a public area & asked us 2 insult Yezidis and Yezidism but we refused.A Muslim from Bashka tribe from Tel Banat took us 2 ISIS Amir,we got in the room.I recognised ISIS prince and called him with his real name
12)I said: how are you Jamil(his real name was Jamil)
ISIS Amir: what do you say Aisha(ISIS changed her name from Yezidi to Islamic name)
Yezidi girl:I say ur real name!
ISIS Amir: do u know me?
Yezidi girl; yes on this date I saw you with my relatives.
ISIS:yes I was in Telafer
13)in the same day he sold me to a disgusting ISIS from Saudia.we stayed 5 days,ISIS wife: why did become a second wife for my husband?
I said I didn’t but ISLAMIC state gave me o him as a gift.
ISIS wife I will starve you to die.
I said what can I do,this is our situation #Ezidi
14)I said it’s the third day that we haven’t eaten anything,I’m going to die with my daughter.
IS wife: you become a second wife 4 my husband & want 2 eat!
I said I beg you & you know what happened to us in #shingal
In 5 days we ate 2 time but too little. I couldn’t complain 2...
15)her husband (IS)in the sixth day when her husband left,she got a gun and said it’s the time 2 kill you & ur Kaffir daughter!
I said why? What we did 2 die?
IS wife: I don’t want 2 see u in my house!
I said;let me run to anywhere!
IS wife:no, you will be captured,returned 2 us
16)I told her: if you weren’t a dirty soul,you wouldn’t have married a dirty soul like u who enslave others just bcz they aren’t Muslims like u.
She put d gun on my daughter’s forehead & said I will kill ur daughter then u
I:kill me first I don’t want 2 see u killing my daughter
17)IS wife; no I want u 2 see how I kill ur daughter & how she dies then kill u,It will be painfuller.
I said don’t kill her & pulled her out from her hair & threw gun from her hand. We hit each other while my daughter was crying & saying Mama mama!
Her husband Abu Issa arrived
18)I told him: do you really believe in your Allah? And fast 30 days 4 him? Do you really pray 5 time a day for him! And you want to kill us
IS Said: calm down! Calm down!
In the morning his wife left o her parents home & closed the door behind her. I called our neighbor (Aya).
19)we lived in ALMahkma district near from Raqqa market. I asked her to help me.
She said:I will ask my husband to help you!
We stayed hungry,I searched for something for me & my daughter to eat. I found a dirty piece of old bread & gave her to my daughter after washing it #Ezidi
20)Aya husband our neighbor’s wife who I asked for help came with Abu Issa my rapist to buy me.
He bought me. 1 day while I was washing Food utensils,10 yrs neighbor’s daughter who brought me hit my daughter injured her head & took her necklace from her. I ran to her & slap her
21)I said if it wasn’t bcz of my daughter I would have escaped from ur dirty state 25 times instead of one time.
Why did you steal her necklace?
His wife;we didn’t!
I;where is her necklace then?
His wife;we don’t know,my daughter doesn’t #YazidiPlight @POTUS
22)I said if you asked I would give it to you, but you steal it which I don’t accept.
I fought with his wife and she left home abd said I’m not going to return till this Kaffir is in our home.
IS; ok I’m going to sell her in slavery markets. In the next day he sold me #EzidiTteam
23)Abu Yahya AlUstali (from Australia) bought me.he speaks Arabic and works on slavery markets.
He put secret cameras in my room without my knowledge. He used to get up everyday in the morning to pray.he asked me to pray too. He washed and I close the door without prayers
24)Abu Yahya asked me why don’t you pray Aisha? Praying is better than sleeping!
I said;Don’t you see me wash & pray everyday
I said I pray after I wash!
He said I doubt that you pray after washing.
I said I’m Muslim Alhamduallah and I pray
He said come & watch urself in camera
25)I asked him; did you put a camera in my room?
Yes,as you see! I call you to pray. You wash after that close the door and sleep without prayers!
I said: no ,those days I’m very tired that’ll.
He said be a real Muslim and pray or I will punish you for not praying #YazidiPlight
26)I said starting from now I’m not going to leave any Rake!
He said there are cameras to watch you!
I asked him to visit my family!
He asked 4 their names to search 4 them in Islamic state.
I gave him: Sabrin 3lo kejo,mayada Daowd Mulhim & Wansa Salih.
After 3 day he said that..
27)my relatives escaped from Islamic state 2 their families in refugee camps
In the 2th day we rid the car and his wife was with us. He wanted to sell me with my daughter.we got into many ISIS sex slavery to sell me but none agreed to buy me. ISIS didn’t allow us to wash 4 months
27)we returned to his house. In the next day he sold me to Abu Hurairah and I discovered that he was a krif of our family but he didn’t said that. He took me 2 a house of one of his friends. In his captivity were Widad Dawodki & Khazal Alsheikh from Hrdan(Yezidi girls)
29)those Yezidi girls who were enslaved were too small. One of them was trembling bcz she didn’t have winter clothes.i Gave her my daughter’s jacket
Abu Hurairah returned & sold me to Jazrawi from Raqqa.I stayed in his captivity 3 months.he punished me for trying to run 2th month
30)I searched 4 my sister in n law but didn’t find her. Jazrawi sold me to Abu Ghanem who was injured in his hand.
He wanted me to get in his empty house to rape me but I refused and said I’m not going to allow you rape me!
He said you have to get in ,you are my slave!
31)I wouldn’t get in to rape me!
ISIS: you are my own,I bought you with my money.
I said: I’m not a sheep to buy me. Did you buy me from my father,mother,uncles who educated me?
You killed my family and bought me from immoral person.
I slapped him and run #YazidiPlight @POTUS
32)A Tunisian ISIS Amir came in my way and asked what happened Aisha? Why are you angry?
I said this ISIS laid on me & Said I will take you to serve my family but he wants to rape me!
A Tunisian ISIS said come to my house I will buy you to help my family #YazidiPlight @POTUS
33)Aljazrawi friend came to a Tunisian who bought me to serve his family and said: why did you take my friend’s Slave?
Tunisian IS Said I don’t want anything from her just to serve my family bcz ur friend laid on her to rape her.
Jazrawi Friend said my friend is in frontline...
34)And we won’t allow you to keep his slave with you.
I said to the Tunisian ISIS:please don’t fight! Thank you for your hospitality!I’m going 2 go with them.(Abu ibrahim,Abu Muhammad,Abu shaker)
I stayed 15 days teaching women how to pray & read Quran. I stayed 20 upstairs floor
35)one day they asked me to clean one of their headquarters in Tibni town.
I was in 2th floor, my daughter woke up & Said I’m hungry.
I said yes darling we have a piece& of bread & half,but why did you get up at this time?
I said I’m thinking of escaping from IS at this time
36)I tied my daughter with a napkin and got her down through but she couldn’t open the tied napkin from her body,I pulled her again after trying many times we didn’t success to escape in this way.i took my daughter opened the door and escaped carrying my daughter on my back.
37)I was walking everywhere in city searching 4 someone who won’t take me 2 IS least I saw an old man in his door and said:I beg you to help me
He said:what is your problem my daughter?
I: I’m Iraqi who lost my way.
He said we are poor can’t believe anyone
38) I said don’t worry uncle!
He thought im ISIS and checking if he would help Yezidi kidnapped.
He let me get in!
After an half hour he called someone who took me 2 a village away from the city a half hour. In the 2th day we returned 2 city 2 call my family & returned 2 village
39)I stayed 2 nights they asked me if I’m really Muslim from Mosul (they didn’t know she is Yezidi kidnapped)
I answered them: yes I’m from Mosul Muslim Alhamdallah,pray & fast.
They asked:is this your daughter?
I answered: yes!
They asked how did you come from Iraq to us?
40)I answered: a man took me to marry me but he abandoned me here. ISIS was searching 4 me everywhere.there were checkpoints everywhere. One checkpoint was behind the house where I was on the small wood bridge.i woke in the morning & asked the house owner 2 ask her son to help me
41)we used the river to escape. A small boat his owner called Fadhel helped me to cross the river but he didn’t know I’m Yezidi escaped from ISIS. We arrived at Kuver village & there I got into a house asked them 4 help.They brought me food but I refused 2 eat they help me #Ezidi
42)they answered eat & we will help you!
I said I’m Iraqi escaped from a man and want to go to my family in Iraq.
The woman said,me & my son are from Saudi Arabia.
Plz I want to call my family!
They answered but from here we can’t call Iraq bcz we don’t a a line with them #Ezidi
43)so how can I call my family?
We will call our family in Saudi & they will call ur family to send someone to take you.
I used Saudi line to contact my family & gave them my location.
Her son said it better to take you from her many Jazrawis visit us daily & that’s dangerous 4 u
44)he took me to Abu Khashab village. I stayed there from 2.3.2016 to 16.3.2016 in this village till the smuggler was sent by my family to rescue me. None knew that I’m Yezidi (Ezidi) except the smugglers who took me to my family in refugee camps #YazidiGenocide @realDonaldTrump
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