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Actually, you can still own a machine gun in the U.S. It's highly regulated, but very possible. There are many of them out there. -->…
2/ It's irrational to think that we can eliminate guns, or certain types, in the U.S. You'd have a hard time seizing 300 million of them. I'm pretty sure people won't cooperate. No one's going there. And of course you'd have to amend the Constitution, 2/3rd in both Houses & 3/4
3/ of the States would have to ratify, good luck with that.

We do have a culture of violence in the U.S. & we desperately need to address that. Of 11- 12 thousand gun deaths/yr, 9-10 thousand of them happen in the inner-cities, Black on Black crime. Gang turf wars & collateral
4/ damage which is, sadly, often children & innocent bystanders. More people are dying there than died in the Viet Nam War. We literally have a war of that magnitude raging in our inner-cities, let's call them the Urban War Zones. During the Viet Nam War, when you watched the
5/ evening news (what we now call the MSM), the very first story, every night, was the killing & destruction in the Viet Nam War. It was in the papers every day too. But, when it comes to the Urban War Zones .........crickets. I won't get off on why that is, you know why. Let's
6/ focus on the Culture of Corruption. Now, why is all of this important? First, looking the other way when there's this level of carnage going on in the Urban War Zones, is immoral. We have an obligation to protect the innocents & deal with the law breakers. We run around the
7/ world protecting people in foreign countries. Maybe it's time for America First. President Trump has expressed the same idea in other contexts. I think it's time to get to this context. I'm bet he'll agree. I'm going to post this on the Whitehouse Contact Page. Now, the
8/ the second reason this is important. Throughout history, art has reflected culture. Same here. The expression of violence in the inner-cities has been expressed through Rap/Hip Hop, Violent Movies, Violent Video Games & Clothing that is an expression of the Gansta Culture.
9/ As result, the Culture of Violence runs through our society & especially affects our young people. It is very possible that that influence plays a significant role in why young people bring guns to school & shoot each other. It doesn't take much of a leap to get there. Young
10/ people glorify the Gansta Rap Culture or Culture of Violence as have re-named it. I suggest we start here & bail out young, single mothers stuck in the inner-cities where they have to worry about whether their kids will be killed on any given day on their way to or from
11) school, by a stray bullet coming through the wall of their house, or maybe in a drive by shooting on their front yard. They need our help. I'll talk about what they would think is help in a minute. Suffice it to say - where you stand depends on where you sit.
12) The inner-cities are the Epicenter of the Culture of violence. If we stop murders in the inner-cities, we're on our way to reversing the Culture of Violence and that will radiate through popular culture, hopefully with a more positive, uplifting tone that just could be the
13) catalyst that turns everything around. Sounds good doesn't it? All we have to do it figure our how to get people to stop killing each other in the inner-cities. Damn! O.K., this is going to be really hard. I used to think you could just go in and enforce existing laws.
14) And, on a different day & in a different time that could work. After all, Elliot Ness didn't clean up Chicago by banning guns & establishing gun free zones (which won't work now either). He enforced the law. Or maybe a little more?
15) When Elliott Ness cleaned up Chicago, the community supported him against the Mob. The Black Community doesn't support the Police or White Politicians for a variety of different reasons. The Black Community is already suffering from the effects of mass incarceration. They're
16) being subjected to so many criminal penalties, they could care less if you add some new gun control laws. As it is, the police never get to enforcing gun laws. In addition, they don't trust the police which is exacerbated by Left-Wing Groups like Black Lives Matter.
17) Think of being a single Mom in the inner-city that works so her kids are on the streets while she’s away. She knows the kind of people her kids will come across and it’s horrifying to her. The role models her kids see on a daily basis may very well be drug dealers or
18) involved in other criminal activity. If they get wound up with bad people, she doesn’t want the police to intervene and her child ends up in jail. Would you?
19) Colion Noir does an excellent job of explaining why current approaches to helping them, which is just gun control, will never work. He points out (I paraphrase), Where do you think they're going to go to enforce these gun laws. It's not going to be David Hogg's neighborhood.
20) If you really want to understand the real reasons for gun violence, take the time to listen to this. Colion Noir - Why Gun Control Won't Fix Inner City Violence.
21) Reversing decades of the Culture of Violence is a massive task. Almost impossible & maybe that's part of why no one even tries. To succeed, it will take a massive effort & it will fail miserably if it isn't a team effort. To do that you're going to need buy-in from the
22) inner-city communities themselves. And, to get that buy-in, you're going to need to address the real underlying causes that lead to the Culture of Violence. Colion Noir points out that the same set of circumstances exists in every inner-city community that has excessive gun
23) violence - 1) extreme poverty 2) no jobs 3) horrible schools 4) broken homes 5) gangs & 6) a lot of drugs.
24) Addressing these problems is complex. We'll need to dig deep into why these things happen and come up with a comprehensive way to solve these problems that includes – police, church leaders, caring citizens, families, civic leaders, teachers, charities, politicians at all
25) levels and more. A national team with buy-in by everyone. I may be wrong, but I think you can get that buy-in if you start addressing real problems that will make a difference. These people aren't stupid, their not willing to participate in political games. People are dying
26) in their communities every day. What happened in Parkland happens to them every week. They're motivated, but not to spend time on B.S. that presents a wonderful solution by just writing a new law. Do you see the problem? It's been there right in the open all the time. No one
27) has been hiding it. We just needed to be willing to look.

David French at National review wrote an excellent article that addresses these issues. He says, "While the vast majority of African Americans are law-abiding, a number of black communities have a real problem with
28) criminality, not with gun ownership. And criminality requires a legal, cultural, and spiritual response.…
29) He says, " Where you stand depends on where you sit. In a black community already dealing with the profound social costs and political consequences of mass incarceration, a demand from afar that prosecutors start rounding up, say, a gang member’s girlfriend or uncle is
30) likely to trigger deep resistance. Relations between the police and the community are already strained, in part because of the Black Lives Matter movement. Add in a mandate for more law enforcement, and the answer to “Why not enforce existing laws?” is simple: It’s easier
31) said than done."
"Instead, our response should call us back to the best of conservatism, an ideal that urges individuals to build the civic institutions, the 'little platoons' that stand as a firewall against criminality and for the family. We cannot underplay the real fear
32) and the all-too-real dangers on the streets, and we cannot pretend that it’s possible to simply transfer, for example, white rural and suburban gun culture into
urban environments. Cultures are built over generations, and they’re rarely changed — at least not directly
33) or immediately — by political argument."

"Cries for gun control will lose their potency when crime loses its potency. That is the project that truly matters, and that is the task that responsible conservatism — with its emphasis on the power of the community and
34) the family — is best equipped to undertake."
35) This is important!
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