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From conversing with these personality types:

the gov't is super duper unbelievably competent with super James Bond like agents carrying out multiple complex secret atrocities like Parkland, Sandy Hook, 9/11, LV.

I've dealt with gov't all my life. Only morons believe this.
The gov't is NOT super duper comepent with incredibly skilled James Bond-like agents pulling off very complex events to kill targeted American citizens disguised as randam mass shootings or terrorist attacks.

The truth is MUCH MORE FRIGHTENING than this fairy tale.
Let me give you just one example of how incompetent the gov't really is:

the Ft. Hood mass shooting.

An *incredible* number of warning signs and red flags were ignored that allowed an actual terrorist inside our military to kill US soldiers he viewed as his enemies.
Nidal Hassan, an illiterate moron who could barely write/speak English, rose to the rank of Army Major as a proffessional PSYCHIATRIST.

He hid NONE of his radical Islamic fanatic beliefs from his coworkers. In fact, he often bragged about his radical beliefs to them.
Let me draw you all a picture: the federal government is now so riddled with RADICAL PROGRESSIVE LIBERALS, even in the military, that political correctness has completely removed common sense from governmental policy and practice.
You are telling me the same Radical Progressive morons without an ounce of common sense who couldn't stop a Nidal Hassan despite his literally giving them a Power Point presentation explaining why he was about to commit a mass shooting are ALSO performing complex deceptions?
A government riddled with radicalized Progressive Liberals who have no common sense, who are slaves to political correctness to the point they can't function in a PRACTICAL manner at their jobs, are literally incapable of what you are claiming.
The post-investigation into the Ft. Hood shooting did not reveal a complex deception operation. It revealed a TERRORIST who was right in plain sight who was openly TALKING repeatedly about his beliefs and the SYSTEM was powerless to stop him.
I'm not joking about that Power Point presentation, by the way. To get his promotion to Major, Hasan had to give a presentation to a room full of Army psychiatrists and pass it.

He gave them - I am not making this up - a presentation defending violent Islamic jihad.
1 of the final slides of his Power Point presentation said "We love death more then [sic] you love life."

All the doctors present huddled in the hallway outside to discuss: IS THIS GUY INSANE?
But even despite this, Hasan was a Muslim, he was 1 of the ONLY Muslims in the US army with a high rank, and political correctness made him untouchable. SO HE WAS PROMOTED TO MAJOR ANYWAY.
Stop telling yourself a fairy tale about an incredibly competent gov't that is fooling everybody with complex deception operations involving mass shootings and terror attacks.
The reality is gov't is full of blazinging stupid INCOMPETENT people who can't pull off the complex deceptions you're claiming.

I've dealt with gov't and progressive liberals my whole life. Incompetence and ideological rigidity handicaps these people to an incredible degree.
So when people tweet me about the CIA using MK Ultra to mind control kids into mass school shootings or whatever, I understand how comforting it is for some people to *explain* 'how did this happen' by appealing to shadowy gov't James Bond mind controllers and whatnot.
These people grew up watching 'The X-Files' and other TV/Films that feed this kind narrative. The line between real & make believe has blurred for these people.
Mass hysteria is not something I will contribute to, however.

So these people can be as hysterical & gin up all the fear about our evil, murderous gov't & it's super competent mind controlling killers all they want.

It's a free country.

But *I* will not contribute to this.
I insist conversations I partcipate in stick to the real world. And in the real world, incompetence and political correctness explain why things like Parkland and yesterday's YouTube shooting occurred.

Not shadowy gov't agents using mind control.

The power point presentation is here:…
Video of Hasan giving the presentation is here:…
A Washington Post article shortly after the Ft. Hood shooting that discusses Hasan giving this Power Point presentation:…
And here's Mark Steyn discussing how a terrorist could actually explain - in power point presentation to a room of army doctors! - why Muslims were justified in fighting the US military.…
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