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2. #QAnon states "It was not supposed to be revealed yet that @POTUS is not under criminal investigation" #Q speaks of a "Traitor", and speaks of "HUSSEIN control, HUSSEIN "STATE SECRETS" mentioning "Awan", "AMERICA FOR SALE", and President Trump's reference to "Cheatin' Obama".
3. #QAnon reveals much that suddenly makes sense about the phony Mueller investigation. He points out something painfully obvious but NEVER pointed out on #ClownMedia: There has been "No investigation into WikiLeaks receipt of information"! Relying on #CrowdStrike!!!???
4. #QAnon points out that Mueller probe never invesitgated the evidence from NSA's former Technical Leader of Intelligence Wm Binney who revealed the file transfer speeds off the DNC computer to Wiki's file copies were too fast to've been web transfers.…
5. Binney's analysis shows the stolen DNC e-mails couldn't've been web hack because transfer speeds were too fast. At those speeds, only a physically proximal device can do, like thumb drive. Notice #QAnon mentions in the context of no Mueller investigation into #SethRich #Q
6. When President Trump had Mike Pompeo (CIA Dir at the time) meet with Wm Binney, #Clowns under Pompeo howled "you don't trust our" Russia Russia Russia "analysis"?… "Binney said that since Pompeo meeting, he's not heard from gov't about follow-up".#QAnon
7. Since Binney's information there's been much of what looks like #Clown disinfomation about the matter. Gobbly-gook about "could've been multiple transfers to include web transfers" or "file close time is same as transfer start time". Fine, but #QAnon points out ....(see 8.)
8. Tonight #QAnon points out that if Mueller were really interested in investigating whether, or not, or how, or who was helping, "Russians" hack Hillary, then why've they never "pulled down the NSA metadata trace Clinton to WikiLeaks? Why no pull down of NSA metadata period? #Q"
9. #QAnon's posts get more stunning in this regard. No surprise to learn "Carter Page was a plant.' Carter, graduating top of his class in Naval academy, a stint in Navy Intel, and undercover FBI informant, was the foot-in-the-door for Obama admin's FISA spying on Trump campaign.
10. By the way, I was already of an opinion on Carter Page prior to tonight's #QAnon drop. When self-made investment CEO Distinguished Naval Academy Graduate (top 10% of class) is featured on Wikipedia as a "wackadoodle", well, can you say "sheep dipped"?…
11. But, it was a shock indeed to hear from #QAnon's drop tonight that

"Manafort was a plant.
Trace background.
Open source.
12. So in connection with all of this, #QAnon had called our attention last night to #Q's predictions of Rod Rosenstein's dilemma- now a secret memo revealed written in attempt, post hoc, to (illegally?) cover Mueller's raid of Manafort's home.…
13. Well, in connection with #QAnon's posts on all of this tonight here's what blew my mind: "Mueller actually wasn’t so much asking Rosenstein to -expand- the focus of the endeavor; rather, they were asking Rosenstein to NARROW the focus of their investigation." #Sundance #Q
14. #Sundance explains where #QAnon's pointing: IG Horowitz had just then last summer informed Mueller on DOJ/FBI "insurance" against Trump, so the last thing the Special Counsel team needed was an open door to investigate their own corruption.
Must read:…
15. So what is all this about? Stunningly, we see from the composite of tonight's #QAnon drop that none of the key inquiries into how Clinton's info would have gotten to wikileaks have been even approached by Mueller. Instead we see wild goose chases in all diff directions. #Q
16. Accordingly, #QAnon notes so,

"Who was arrested?
Non US.
17. A term that's often been confusing to me suddenly makes sense: "counter-intelligence." "Activities designed to prevent intel gathering", #QAnon's drop, and #Sundance's mind-blowing article (above) now give us pause to see that Mueller's role isn't intel, but counter-intel. #Q
18. Tonight's #QAnon drop asks

"Real or fake?
Julian Assange?
Seth Rich?
MS_13 187 [2] -24 -Distance? #Q"

-Referring to 2 MS-13 gang members murdered Mon, July 11, 2016 within 24 hours time and distance from July 10, 2016 Seth Rich murder…
19. In other words, #QAnon (and #Sundance) are both pointing to Mueller's role being more about protecting Clinton & Obama admin corruption, than looking at "the Russians".

So "how does FBI/SC/DOJ/FED G simply TRUST CrowdStrike's report on data breach?" Can "HUSSEIN block?" #Q
20. Moreover, #QAnon asks us, afterall, is "HUSSEIN (Obama, still in) control?"
Does "HUSSEIN (have) "STATE SECRETS", White House National Security articles 1-9 - BURIED?
Awan attached?" #Q
21. #QAnon's post no. 1010 goes on a bit of a rant about genocidal power elite war mongers who believe "ULTIMATE WIN [DEATH + MONEY]" and mentions a 5 day kill box re United Kingdom/Germany. "Choice is yours" #Q
22. #QAnon writes that now that the #Clowns aren't in control of North Korea to use as a World War threat, they are making Putin out to be the new threat. Constant #FakeNews to threaten WWIII.
23. #QAnon tells us that the #Clowns are in Twitter. @jack chose wrong side by claiming Trump supporters are "Russian bots" Expect more "conspiracy" name-calling because they are scared. #Q
24. #QAnon reveals that Zuckerberg will be stepping down as Facebook Chairman and out of the country. #Q wishes @Jack of Twitter "Good luck."
25. #QAnon says "POTUS will be up all night" and that we should

Watch the news tomorrow. #Q"
26. Did @potus talk to Putin? #QAnon acknowledges "Peace through strength."
27. #QAnon indicates things went well. Thank-you, Jesus.

28. #QAnon's post last night poises some interesting questions regarding our omnibus bill. Why are We the People having

Senator Cory Booker get $1.8mm to Singapore?
Senator Chuck Schumer - $3.5mm to Israel?
Gov Chris Christie give $400k to Mary Pat?
29. #QAnon drop from last night includes observation's that we need to cross-check Obama's travel schedule from Inauguration Day till today, travelling proximal to @POTUS' trips. Why? Is he using his #DeepState intel as leverage? Who visited WH fm election day 'til 18 Jan? #Q
30. #QAnon's big drop last night reveals that Obama's former CIA Director (John #Brennan) was also Founder of The Analysis Corporation (TAC) hq'ed in McLean, VA, perpetrated a 2008 security breach of secure passport files of presidential candidates HRC, Hussein, & McCain. #Q
31. #QAnon's pointing to TAC corporation highlights that John #Brennan's company participated in receipt of 5-year, $570-million taxpayers' contract to "support" passport services to leak secure passport information of Obama's 2008 presidential rivals.… #Q
32. #QAnon told us "Protected more." #DOD points out provision for border all along now immediately more enhanced. New support 24/7 cell - a single conduit between DOD & #DHS. NOT business as usual. $341M fence built by Corps already last yr. #Q
33. #QAnon drop last night notes YouTube last mo said it'd start overwriting Wikipedia links on top of users' uploads they deem as controversial. "Follow Loop" Capital? Now facebook will do same to smear all Breitbart articles.… #Q
34. #QAnon post harkens to anons noting that the "caravan" threat was likely a Soros-funded effort that backfired, big-time! @POTUS has signed order to deploy NG to border. Older #Q drops interestingly implied NG's used in SA to round-up corrupt Saudis.…
35. #QAnon points out role of #Clowns and Rothschilds in vatican. #Q Vatican worth many trillions, $229 B in checking alone?…
36. #QAnon last night spoke to our #2A, our second amendment. #Q asks, "Would you invade a country whereby a good portion of its citizens are armed?
The ‘ultimate deterrent’. Q"
37. #QAnon points now to Jared Cohen who had asked @Jack to delay #Twitter maintenance to manipulate the Iranian election. Cohen was also a big player in the Arab Spring disaster.…
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38. Looks like @Jack doesn't want US to know what happens after the government takes your guns. #QAnon was right! #Q told us of #TwitterCensorship. Have to break the link to make the tweet: https://thefederalistpapers. org/us/the-history-lesson-every-democrats-needs-right-now
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