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Thread: The Consequences of Delayed Justice
1. Rush Limbaugh (love him or hate him) commented on the movie “Chappaquiddick” on his program last week, claiming that Teddy Kennedy’s political career would have been over had the movie been shown within a couple of yrs of the event.
2. This really triggered me to contemplate what could have been avoided had justice been served on him when it should have been. More on him later, but there are others who escaped justice early on in their careers and have haunted us for years, too. Let’s look at some of them.
3. Note: my intention here is to provide a general survey while identifying key issues that may stimulate further explorations, as desired. I will leave going down rabbit holes for granular details to the thread pros like @the_War_Economy , @rising_serpent , @tracybeanz , etc.
4. John F. Kerry, former US senator from Massachusetts, former presidential candidate in '04, and former secretary of state under Obama. But before all of that, he was a controversial naval reserve officer for a few yrs, a collaborator with the North Vietnamese & a war protestor.
5. I will set aside his Vietnam exploits, but there is much controversy about his service and medals awarded, as well as his anti-war protests and phony war crimes charges, which can be explored in detail here:…
6. Of particular interest is his collusion with the North Vietnamese enemy during the Paris Peace Accords in 1970 when he was still technically a naval reserve officer. This meeting was a violation of U.S. code 18 U.S.C. 953:
6A. “A U.S. citizen cannot go abroad and negotiate with a foreign power.” ……
7. Secretary of Defense Melvin Laird declined to court martial Kerry for this and other anti-war activities. Imagine what would have been avoided over the years had he been prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Here is a short list (to which much more can be added!):
7a. Opposing EVERY Reagan Cold War policy and advocating on behalf of the Communist Sandanistas in Nicaragua in the ‘80s:…
7b. His run for the presidency in ’04 and gonizingly flip-flopping on the Iraq War for political reasons (“I was for the Iraq war before I was against it”):
7c. His support for normalization of relations with Communist Cuba:…
7d. Terror treason with FARC et al:…
7e. His and his aides’ apparent complicity in propagating the fake Russian dossier:…
8. Yes, these and other execrable actions over the years show that Kerry was an exemplar of the perils of delayed justice. But he is certainly not alone. Let’s return to Teddy Kennedy.
9. How could there be no accountability for him in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne? Manslaughter? Leaving the scene? Obstruction? The political cover-up was massive. It’s laid out pretty well here, as well as in a number of books:…
10. But Teddy was allowed to escape and became the liberals’ “lion of the Senate” over the next 40 years. Some of what would have been avoided:
10a. Continual advocacy HMOs and anything related to universal health care at taxpayer expense.

10b. Leading advocate for a “nuclear freeze” and against all Reagan national security initiatives
10c. Secret overtures to Russia to undermine Reagan’s reelection campaign:…
10d. Torpedoing the Bork nomination to the US Supreme Court (this started the deep politicization of USSC nominations by the Democrat Party):…
11. On to Bill Clinton. Whitewater land deal shenanigans; Trooper-gate; sexual predation, etc. Refer to the book, “The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories,” by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard. All covered up and excused in service of the Democrat Party and Deep State.
12. What would have been avoided if Bill Clinton had been held accountable in Arkansas? Here’s a short list of just the scandals: Filegate, the Vince Foster tragedy, Rose Law Firm billing records scandal, illegal Chinese campaign contributions, Pardongate, etc.
13. And there never would have been a Clinton Foundation and the associated pay-for-play abuse. Nor would there have been a Senator Hillary Clinton, let alone a Hillary run for the presidency in either ’08 or ’16. Bernie Sanders would have remained a back-bencher in the Senate.
14. Speaking of Hillary Clinton, her list of crimes/scandals going into the 2016 election cycle was immense: her complicity in Bill Clinton’s White House scandals/crimes, sniper fire in Bosnia, Benghazi, speaker fees corruption, Clinton Foundation pay-for-play….
15. And my personal favorite, “Email-gate.” I did my own deep-dive on that particular set of felonies some weeks ago, and that thread is still relevant today. Learn about classified info handling rules and the many felonies she committed here:
16. All of this pain and anguish on the American body politic by this woman over the years could have been avoided if she had just been held prosecuted for Whitewater transgression back in the ‘90s as she should have been.
17. And no TS/SCI or SAP emails would have been compromised, the Russians wouldn’t have control of 20% of US uranium via the Uranium One travesty, and there wouldn’t be any fake Russian dossier dividing the country now:…
18. John Brennan. Former Deputy National Security advisor and then CIA director in the Obama Administration with 25+ years in the Agency. Voted for Gus Hall, Communist Party USA candidate for president, in 1976. Unconfirmed but likely that he converted to Islam in the 90s.
19. Currently under investigation by House Intelligence committee for pushing the fake Steele dossier and various leaks. Currently a CNN commentator noted for bashing President Trump personally and professionally, including on Twitter. More here:…
19A. Brennan is the consummate Deep State actor and leaker:…
19B. Brennan was also the conceiver of Obama’s drone policy:…
20. The key point about Brennan is that he should have never been permitted to joint the CIA in the first place. Here’s why. Back in the day, background investigations were stringently conducted on personnel in DoD or the Intel Community to enable granting them security clrncs.
21. Any affiliation with, or support of foreign or domestic enemies, including the Communist Party USA, would have been a serious red flag that should have precluded his hiring by the CIA. He slipped through the cracks somehow and should never have been granted a security clrnc.
22. So it is not just accountability for criminal behavior but also accountability for other actions that can be equally important. And speaking of “accountability for other actions,” let us shift focus to another Deep State actor.
23. Susan Rice. Former National Security Council staffer under Clinton. Former US Ambassador to the UN and later National Security Advisor under Barack Obama. Mentored by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright (who with Clinton gave the DPRK nukes).
24. Well-known liar and prevaricator in public. Propagandized for the removal of Gaddafi at the UN and is thereby partly responsible (along with Hillary and Obama) for returning Libya to its centuries-old status as a slave-trading state:…
25. For that service, she was promoted to National Security Advisor where she became the top purveyor of the myth of the anti-Muslim video as the spark that set off the Benghazi debacle:…
26. And then she admitted involvement in illegal unmasking of American citizens:…
27. And she’s never been held accountable for any of these actions, the latter of which moved into criminal activity. She’s running around free as a bird and has even been awarded with a seat on the Netflix board of directors:…
28. Finally, there is Barack Obama. Former junior senator from Illinois and 44th president of the US. In my opinion, the worst president in US history whose horrible legacy is being reversed by President Trump. Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Iran JCPOA, Gibson Guitars, IRS-gate, …
29. …. illegal domestic surveillance, Gruber-gate for Obamacare, Skolkovo scandal (Clinton Foundation), Bergdahl prisoner swap, Russian dossier complicity, Russian reset, Benghazi, normalization of Cuba relations, etc., etc.
30. But then he was never properly vetted and held accountable for past actions during his first run for the presidency in ’08: close ties with Chicago Marxist mafia (groomed by them from the beginning), hidden college records, radical associations (Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, …
31. ….childhood mentor and Communist Frank Marshall Davis, the “Choom gang” in Hawaii, a Connecticut-area social security number, zero reporting of his sex life (why?), travel to Pakistan, etc., etc. He skated accountability, and we know the rest of the rotten story.
32. Moral of the story: the preceding provides ample evidence of what happens when people are not held accountable for their actions, criminal or otherwise, early in their careers. They are emboldened and inevitably go on to worse actions that are damaging to us all.
33. There is still time to hold some of these people accountable. I suspect that President Trump and AG Sessions think so, too, and are working hard to bring #TheStorm to fruition. And some long-delayed justice with it! //The end.
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