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If there's anything to say about Channel Awesome, it is that they were the ONLY reason I ever got on Twitter. I was content with ignoring it until I decided "Hey I need a social media platform to pitch my new show". So I did. [1]
This is the form rejection letter TGWTG gave me when I pitched my show way back in 2010. Should've figured they weren't too serious given their lightness of touch on their excuses that degraded into the absurd (although the Icelandic volcano mention was timely) [2]
I added my pitch because I must be open to how utterly shameless I was. I operated on such a different paradigm than what other internet video shit I did that well... that pitch kinda blew. [3]
I look back at Under the Cel Shading with a bit of bittersweet regret. On one hand, I wasted time and money to make the stupid show and pitched it the way I did. On the other? [4]
I added video editing and a myriad number of facile tricks I can do with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere on top of what I've been picking up abridging. [5]
Worse than that, given the very monolithic nature of TGWTG, my initial response to making a new show wasn't to build my brand so I can stand on my own, but as a means to latch onto ANOTHER and then profit. [6]
Needless to say I tried. I made about 14 episodes of UtCS until boredom, a lack of an audience, and other life obligations made quietly shelve what I was working on.

I can argue the rather questionable nature of CA helped, but I wasn't OF them so it wasn't a factor. [7]
There's a comic on a Kevin Smith quote saying you should praise artists instead of discouraging them.

I think it's full of shit.… [8]
You know what's worse than discouraging an artist? Ignoring the artist. At least when you discourage an artist, you are noticing them.

And if you know your fiction, discouragement spurs determination. An incentive to prove naysayers wrong. [9]
...What happens when there isn't anything. When you're just feeling your way around and not getting a reaction? As per Wilde (I may be paraphrasing), the worst thing about being talked about is NOT being talked about. [10]
Have you guys ever been to the TGWTG forum? Especially the Up and coming artists ones or uploaded posts onto their wonky video sharing portal? If it wasn't a feel good circlejerk it was a celebration of mediocrity amidst ignoring others. [11]
Maybe that's what also makes CA awful, the unintended consequence of letting people apply to potentially become part of this tier of friends means a competition between who gets there first. [12]
"As long as we're having fun." They would say. If you honestly were, you wouldn't even latch onto TGWTG you'd do your own thing.

And I think that's what galls me about my decisions. [13]
All I did was latch, and more importantly I remained detached from any and everybody who was doing this. I wasn't really my own show. I was an attempt at being part of an aggregate.

And because I was ignored I chose to fade away. [14]
I know people like to compare Rolfe to CA, but y'know fuck it... It's better to be Red Letter Media. On their own, divorced from being part of bigger entities unlike Rolfe who was with ScrewAttack. [15]
I mean sure, they hung out with BrentalFloss like... ONCE and were in an Honest Trailer, but really they've been on their lonesome and I find them to be a gold standard in diversifying a brand. [16]
Sure their fame came from Plinkett, but they sought other venues and opportunities for them to flex their knowledge and love of movies (or in Jack and Rich's case, video games) to not wholly RELY on Plinkett. [17]
Which is what Doug should've fucking done with Demo Reel. That story of Doug essentially saying every other critic dies with the end of the Nostalgia Critic was a whole lotta wow from me. [18]
And now he's JUST the Nostalgia Critic and if he isn't doing strange skits with randos or interviewing his idols he's now promoting Dollar Shave Club. [19]
So what does his all mean then? It means the past eight years of my life were partly defined by an egregious act to promote a series I never meant to be its own thing but meant instead for a site now imploding under the weight sexual harassment and shitty biz practice. [20]
An instance that waited FAR TOO LONG, with now big people (Linkara and FilmBrain) only moving their ass after YEARS standing with them. [21]
And given the myriad # of grievances that are raised from suspicious places (Nostalgia Chick was actually UPSET CA was neutral on GamerGate), why now? What's there to gain? Other than schadenfreunde? [22]
What does one win when claiming the scalp of a bunch socially awkward, emotionally obtuse nerds run by a man who probably takes Kissinger's words to heart that power is the ultimate aphrodisiac? [23]
Who knows? Who should care? All I know is now I've a Twitter account that suffers from tonal whiplash between animu, cartoon horses, and RTs from traditionalists, video editing plans in my head, and the experience to make it so. [24]
I won't make any promises although I've many an idea. But they've either become dated or I just don't have the wherewithal to edit, physically and mentally.

If it comes it comes, but all I can say as per a Count from a legendary tome if you want em:


And Hope. [25/end]
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