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Thread on crystal quartz, what it is, the science behind them, how it works, Tesla's experiments, crystal choice, protections, crystal formations, uses, types and meanings.
What is crystal quartz? Crystalline-Silica is a common mineral found on the Earth (also the 2nd most abundant mineral in its crust) made up of silicon (a great conductor) and oxygen its chemical symbol SiO2. It exists in 2 forms a-quartz and beta-quartz. Quartz has a prism shape.
Crystal quartz works by this property called piezo-electricity, which is an electric charge/electricity resulting/accumulating from mechanical stress, pressure or heat. It turns energy from one state to another-> mechanical/heat pressure to electricity. This means crystals have..
their own electromagnetic field and vibrations (sometimes up to 30,000 times per second). When an electric charge is applied to the quartz by striking together or cutting it, the crystal distorts, and as the voltage is removed, the crystal then creates its own electric field.
Our bodies work the exact same way with auras which means crystals can have a direct effect on our physical/emotional/mental/spiritual bodies. What are the uses for crystals? They can be used for energy work, each gem contains different uses by color (light), frequency and sound.
What's important when you use them for energy work is it's based on the INTENT you put into them since most crystals are NEUTRAL (each one will react to you differently, more on that later). Crystals are what you make of them, it will only benefit you as much as you benefit IT.
The foundational properties of all quartz crystals are to heal, cleanse, balance and strengthen the 7 chakras, which ultimately results in physical, mental and emotional well-being while strengthening our humanistic and inherent intuitive abilities. Again, this is based on INTENT
Another use of crystals is that they protect against radiation. They have the abilities to absorb ionizing (gamma rays, MRI machines, nuclear) and non ionizing (sunlight, heat, sound) radiation. There was a movement lead by Shaman Little Grandmother Kiesha, to place crystals...
into the Pacific Ocean to absorb radiation poisoning, it is possible it could help. Also, it is said crystals like shungite or black tourmaline can protect/absorb against 5G radiation, electronic equipment and EMF attacks…
The most common use for crystals is its ability to store and transmit data and information (because its a prism which transmutes electrical currents, for humans directly from the quartz energy field to our own/nervous system brain). This is also done through laser technology...
experiments (wavelengths) by Jingyu Zhang who used synthetic crystals and was able to store 300 KB of data. Crystals can also survive heat up to 1000 degrees Celsius which means crystals with data/info can LAST millions of years through intense disasters.…
An important use of crystals is that they are used as resonators/electronic circuits in the technology industry, are highly effective and cheap for use within filters to oscillators. Resonators are used to generate waves of frequencies to produce electrical movements back/forth.
This means crystals are used as a basis of electromagnetic power for technology. Crystals has a high Q resonator which makes it stable and able to have selectivity with frequency/wavelengths. The Science behind crystal resonators:…
So cheap manufactured crystal quartz is highly likely to be what is responsible for powering your cellphones, computers, tablets, and the majority of your technology! However, this is not a new idea. Tesla used crystal quartz in his experiments often, an example the coil crystal.
Tesla wrapped copper coils and magnets around quartz to activate and magnify its energy. When worn around the neck this pulsing magnetic field creates realignment of the heart chakra, a massive increase in auric energy and positive intentions.…
Tesla also used crystals to create an extraterrestrial spirit radio (which freaked him out apparently). How it worked is two Tesla coils go into harmonic resonance to act as an wireless electric harmonic converter to create the sound frequency and invariably radio waves...
At another location, the electricity is then captured and converts to electromagnetic human hearing impulses and vibrates the coils to create a magnet speaker. The crystal supplied this power and was the medium between the radio signals and empty space.…
Tesla claimed to hear extraterrestrial activity from space. He said it sounded like human voices communicating in a language he could not understand.…
Tesla is also quoted saying, “In the crystal we have a clear record of the existence of a formative life principle, although apart from all we can not understand the life of crystals – it is still a living being." It is said crystal not only have their own consciousness...
and awareness but they can communicate/transmit messages, they are portals to other worlds/the spiritual realm and that they have the ability to travel to distant places (my own crystals go missing all the time and show up in the most random of places).…
Ancient cultures around the globe like Rome, Japan, India, China, Egypt, Greece, Native Americans and Mesopotamia used crystals. Stones are 70-90% quartz and many cultures built famous structures (pyramids, Stonehenge? etc.) with stone! Interesting...…
Crystals also have different formations and there are a VARIETY of them with their own uses. Since there are so many, for time/length purposes I'm going to list out sources to explore:
Quartz Formations:…
Properties and Formations:…
Quartz Meaning and Uses (different types):…
List of Crystals:…
Crystal Directory A-Z:…
*Remember there are hundreds of different crystals you must find what you like and what works best for you
How do you choose the right crystals: go to a store in person! USE INTUITION, your unconscious mind knows what you need, I go by whatever catches my eye (a good energy trick). You know what is right for you. Its fun to pick them out. Also cleanse them of previous energies.
Cleanse by leaving them outside or on a windowsill in the sunlight/moonlight for 24 hours (full moons are best), burying them in the Earth, or by using river water (tap water isn't recommended), smudge with sage, use intention/visualization or cleanse with another crystal. CONT.
Crystal programming and cleansing instructions and techniques
Crystals are amazing tools. The ancients used them for their own rituals and benefit, Tesla used them for the majority of his experiments, they're used to power our technology, harbor spiritual information/data, to transcend, to communicate with beings, they're nature itself.
Use it to help you! Do research on specific energy rituals and practice them safely, or form crystal energy grids of protection in your home/room. It absolutely can benefit, cleanse and protect you. Also you can wear or sleep with them in bed for protection and sweet dreams.
I meditate with my crystals every night, I have to in order to clear out the massive amounts of negative energy from the day. I also wear and sleep with them in bed, I do not go a night without doing this. They're incredibly powerful and my crystals are very loving to me.
There is so much to this topic it makes the head spin and its impossible to get to it all. I recommend to do further research because there are so many sources, experiments, ideas, uses and rituals. Crystals are incredible. (Especially the ancient history of them through time!)
But as I've said, they have their own consciousness. I would say 80% are neutral while 10% are yin and 10% are yang. Some can astral project to good places while others project to BAD places. Be careful and make sure to cleanse previous energies on them others may have put there.
But mostly, have fun. Have fun picking them out and using them. Treat them well and they will treat you well. I have never had a bad experience yet, and I absolutely have yin/evil crystals that don't match my energy, its about BALANCE and what you're drawn to and gives you power.
I hope I answered a few questions and please use this for reference! It is a great resource, I hope you enjoy either the crystals you already have or the new ones you'll get, and always do more research, can't hurt. Good luck and many blessings on your expansive crystal journey.
More resources:
Quartz Wikipedia:
Piezo-electricty Wikipedia:…
Tools for Proper Energy Work:…
The Science Behind Crystals:…
Clearing New Crystals and Gemstones:…
Interesting read:
The Problem of Increasing Human Energy: With Special References to the Harnessing of the Sun's Energy.
by Nikola Tesla (Century Illustrated Magazine, June 1900)…
Lesson on what the 7 chakras are and where they’re located for guided crystal rituals (crystal colors usually match and are used for clearing out and balancing chakras; most times you’ll get a description card of uses and properties if you’re buying crystals online or in store)
A finishing picture of all the crystals I currently own (always adding to my collection of items)
These are my favorites and what I sleep with. My yellow/golden (citrine) quartz orb I use daily, yellow (citrine) quartz, two clear crystal quartz (one larger and one slender/small), an amethyst orb, two amethyst healing stones (goes with the quartz in a necklace), and moonstone.
President Trump in Saudi Arabia with the glowing Orb globe (thing looks insanely powerful and you know it has data stored in it, but it’s debated whether or not it’s crystal, I’m sure it absolutely is)
Facts about Crystal Balls and history of famous ones:…
Crystal balls are constantly depicted in global legends for the use of prophecy (stored data information and are portals) and scrying (gazing into the future). Unless you know how to do these intense, difficult and quite dangerous rituals, they’re just divinity decor accessories.
This is my crystal ball on one of my alters. It’s beneficial to have multiple crystal alters around your home/room which give you energy. Also, once in awhile you can change it up. Even if you don’t regularly use them, they still offer the same uses being present in a formation.
All you need to do is hold one in your hands for a few second/minutes, wear it as jewelry/a necklace, carry it in your pocket throughout the day or place it on one of your chakra pressure points on the body or areas of pain (depending on the type, for me citrine relieves pain).
I had a professor who carried crystals around in his pocket to quit smoking and held them (put stress energy into them=the piezoelectric transfer) when stressed. Said it helped with his anxiety. Believe me, they do work, it’s about a cyclic transfer of energy for your benefit.
Again, what works for one may not work for someone else, everyone is different, with differing energy, auras, and electromagnetic fields and the same for each crystal. That’s exactly why you need to use intuition and experiment with them, you know what’s best for you (by feeling)
If I think of anything else I’ll post it. This is about the self, the intent you have for your health and the cycle of energy you want to impose. It’s a constant system of response. It’s about your mind, feelings, choices and decisions, it’s personal and what works for solely YOU
So take time to explore the topic, different types, experiment, and mostly be positive. Each one of us are unique and so is each crystal. Make a connection, and let it go when it needs to go. Otherwise they’re great collection items, beautiful natural tools and I hope you enjoy.
Addendum: Crystals are TOOLS and not necessarily answers. They’re tools like a screwdriver, a wrench or scissors. It won’t cure cancer and it’s not an answer, it’s to help in the pursuit of ease or benefit (like technology) the body in all forms and not to solve. Remember this.
It’s a purpose not an answer. I don’t want you think an object will solve all your problems, it won’t. It’s based on the intent you have with your emotions/thoughts on whether or not it’ll help you. Yin intent crystals: ABORB; yang intent crystals: REPEL.
I wanted to make this clear to avoid confusion or any frustration. It is a tool to carry out a function and a purpose in the pursuit of the energy it is benefiting (or harming in extremely negative or purposeful sinister cases, that energy can be reversed, repelled or absorbed).
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