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Liliana Vess story;

Forget about Nicol Bolas, Yawgmoth or that junior devil Ob Nixilis.

The most evil vilain in the Multiverse (after our Elder Lord Belzenlok of course) is Liliana Vess.

Here a thread about it.

#mtgDom #Vorthos
You probably heard about these dark tales and legend around the Caligo swamps, tales about ghosts and a tragic murder story that ended the house of Vess who ruled this place long ago.

Here is the truth.
When she was younger, Liliana Vess was trained to become a white mana healer.

But she was ambitious and wanted to become powerfull.

So, through some Dark Dabbling, she poisoned her elder brother Josu, turning him into an undead.

This evil act ignited her planewalker spark
Still a teenager, she went to Innistrad and mastered Necromancy, honing her powers by practicing on scores of undead—and sometimes the living.
Growing powerful, some angels tried to stop her. This is maybe why she really hate them.

This is also how she got this iconic golden crown she wear.
The flavor text on the cards also make clear she's a real twisted sadist, enjoying inflicting pain and misery on mortal being.
With the event of Manding, she found out she was no longer immortal. So she made a pact with 4 powerful demons; Kothophed, Griselbrand, Razaketh and Belzenlok, binding her soul for eternal youth

Making a pact with 4 competing demons is a sure sign you are evil beyond redemption
Demons should have know you don't deal with the second most evil vilain in the Multiverse.

Kothophed asked Liliana to retrieve the mythic Chain Vail

She did and used it to kill Kothophed, getting rid of her first demon.

She also cursed the poor Garuk, a wandering woodsman
Griselbrand was jailed inside the Helvault, guarded by the Church behind Thraben walls.

So she played two minor necromancers, Geralf and Gisa, to besiege Thraben with their undead.
She was able to split the Helvault and kill Griselbrand, but it also released other demons.
The most serious side effect of Liliana breaking the Helvault for her ambitious goal, was to release the planewalker Nahiri, who then summoned Emrakul on Innistrad.
While investigating the strange happening on Innistrad, Jace through Liliana was responsible, but she played him and joined his Gatewatch.

They were the perfect pawn for her ambitions.

Her necromancy also saved the day against Emrakul, giving her credibility in the Gatewatch
She followed the Gatewatch to Kaladesh, and finding trace of her enemy Tezeret scheming with the Consulate, she gave ideas to Chandra about making a revolt, which they did
Chandra and her mother made a revolution, toppling the Consulate.
Tezzeret came to Kaladesh to steal a planar portal for his lord Nicol Bolas on Amonkhet
Liliana knew her third demon, Razaketh was there. It was not hard to convince the Gatewatch to travel to Amonkhet and stop Bolas

Her real goal was to use them to kill Razaketh which they did
Then Nicol Bolas came and the Gatewatch tried to kill him, but they were ruthlessly defeated.

They falled back to Dominaria, and it suit Liliana ambition, since she know it is where she will find her 4th demon Belzenlok.
Liliana is now on Dominaria with Gideon and soon joined by other powerful Planewalkers

She already defeated one of Belzenlok loyal servant in Benalia

The Cabal must stop Liliana Vess before it's too late.

Final story spotlight card of #MTGDOM

Liliana duel with Belzenlok to settle the score

See thread above to know what this mean.

#vorthos #LilianaVess
Quote; "The terms of Liliana Demonic Pacts are never shared but are unlikely to be pleasant, given how desperately she wants out of them. How do you divide a soul four ways?"…

#mtgdom #vorthos #LilianaVess
I told you Liliana was an evil vilain.

Here you see her working for Nicol Bolas in all her glory

Look at her expression in this art.

Her time with the Gatewatch was just a way to get the attention from a 15 000 years old Elder Dragon.

Now that she work for Bolas, she has more power than she ever had since the Mending.

#mtgDom #Vorthos #LilianaVess
This is a lot of flavor wins

Liliana's Contract

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