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1. #Qanon told us of "April Showers", and the intel he's dropped so far has been absolutely massive, and continuing now. One anon notes latest #Q is keeping everyone on their toes with many "breadcrumbs" to be "baked". So, here goes.
2. #QAnon reminds us that @POTUS & JFK Jr were close friends. JFK Jr considered seeking seat of retiring Sen. Moynihan in 2000 but was killed in a plane crash (attributed to "an inexperienced pilot"). HRC won the seat in 2000 instead. Q says this was The "Start".
3. "Baking" #QAnon's drop on #JFK Jr further, one source notes that "from the day he saluted his father’s casket til the evening his plane went down John-John had a mission… to expose who orchestrated the “dastardly act” upon his father. #Q
4. Considering #QAnon further, we see that some say that "When he presented his magazine, “George,” to the world, he was, for all practical purposes, signing his death warrant. How many named “George” come to mind at the thought of JFK’s assassination?"…
5. #QAnon's post points to "@POTUS & JFK JR's relationship." Days prior to death, NBC Dateline hinted JFK Jr. was entering into politics, & such was to be published in the July 26th, 1999 issue of NEWSWEEK. Instead, JFKJr died July 16, & Jul 26th 1999 issue of NEWSWEEK vanished.
6. #QAnon has revealed to us "7/10 plane crashes" are "hits". In follow-up to this, #Q posts a mysterious pointer in association to a declassified CIA memo pertaining to satellite air flight guidance function.…
7. #QAnon's association of post to CIA satellite airflight guidance and "JFK JR.
Relationship. Plane crash 1999." is interesting in context of "HRC Senate 2000. The Start."…
8. #QAnon notes on this


We recall that JFK Jr's publicly stated a desire to run for Pat Moynihan's Senate seat was such that Jr'd've probably won, & Hillary's grab of NY Senate seat as a stepping stone to White House try would have failed.
9. #QAnon's post on JFK Jr's death has one anon link to a WikiLeaks e-mail from the Texas "global intel" company Stratfor, mentioning "earmarks of Hillary's method" of "disposing" through "plane crash".…
10. #QAnon's post re JFK Jr "Old to New", has an anon thread to first UPI article indicting visibility at the time of JFK Jrs' crash was 8 miles clear on his final Martha's vineyard approach. #MockingbirdMedia narrative later changed to heavy fog. #Q…
11. Anon links to #QAnon's JFK Jr post a link of initial UPI story, on his plane crash where we get the odd comment that "beacon thought to belong to the plane was activated & heard" but "authorities seemed to discount relevance of the beacon signal."… #Q
12. Several anons wondered if #Q's reference to "The 'Start'" may have been when @realDonaldTrump decided to plan his run for President to avenge his friend's death.
13. #QAnon gives us pause for thought. "After all these years……." of enduring North Korea's developing threat, there is

"No MSM positive media blast?
Now Syria?
Instead we suddenly hear of "Russia flex through missile tech?" #Q…
14. #QAnon indicates Songbird is in a panic; asks what was his purpose in Syria?

Who attended?
No name panic.
Health cover.
15. #Qanon asked who was in Syria with John #McCain? ISIS leaders. Backroom weapons deals? A "safe house" in Idlib, Syria, where another chem attack occurred in Feb this year. #Q
16. #Qanon linked to a Politico article detailing Erik Prince's time in CIA. "Think double." Prince worked on Trump campaign. What if he were a double agent to expose #Clown corruption w delivering chem weapons to Syria w/Songbird but actually a White Hat, so confirmed now. #Q
17. #Qanon responds

"We love phones
No name should know better.

in response to an anon that found a new picture of McCain's ISIS meeting, including photographer. Evidently Songbird & company didn't think about their phones with them enabling tracking/monitoring.
18. With #QAnon's songbird "Traitor" revelations, we can now see how much DJT was really saying some time ago about "we don't say his name" #McCain #Q
19. In response to #QAnon's drop about about the death of @POTUS' friend, #JFKJr , an anon sleuths a number of additional, very interesting notations. #Q
20. Now knowing so much more from everything #QAnon has shared since last fall, this video means so much more now. It wasn't just campaign slogans. It is The Plan. "Trust the Plan".

"Watch again.

God bless you all.
21. #Qanon in response to his #JFKJr drop posted

22. Looking into #Qanon's #JFKJr drop, I find links to 2 FBI memos linking "Mr. George Bush of the CIA", "Mr George H.W. Bush" to aspects of #JFK assassination ops. When he was appointed #Clown director in 1976, he told us first he'd never worked for them.…
23. #GHWB love to amp the foolishness of "conspiracy theories". #QAnon #Q
24. #GHWB gives ghoulish smirk at recollection of #JFK's assassination during President Gerald Ford's eulogy. #QAnon #Q #JFKJr
25. #QAnon poosts on #Songbird wearing a Syrian National Coalition flag pin? "Refugees" work/ed in the House/Senate?! Still there?
26. #Qanon asks us to notice whether people appearing as refugees working in the House & Senate are there not to do what is in the best interest of America but in interest of other nations. America for sale. #Q
27. Then it gets interesting: #Qanon confirms post of images identifying man not previously identified: Mouaz Moustafa, key to #Traitor #Songbird's dealings w/Syria. Twitter profile states @SoccerMouaz worked in the House & Senate & had stints with #DNC
28. An anon posted the details from Moustafa's Twitter profile in response to
#Qanon's reveal. #Q tells us to

"Find ALL pics.
Bigger than you know.
One example of many.
29. #Qanon asked anons to find all on Moustafa. Believe that like #Awans, #Moustafa infiltrated America to take it down. Why Hussein protected ISIS? To overthrow ME gov'ts, kill Christians, kids for trafficking? $$$$ for DC access. US 4sale. Only took @POTUS 1yr to down ISIS. #Q
30. #QAnon: "Why did HUSSEIN PROTECT ISIS?" Saudi Prince Alwaleed (Dopey) got Obama into Harvard and into the White House. Trump cut their Saudi strings & removed $$ support, making Obama & other corrupt politicians vulnerable.…
31. #QAnon: "Who's arranging PRIVATE meetings? FaceBook's Zuckerberg making campaign contribution promises w new donations since 4/2/18. Zuck donated to 85% of House members questioning him this wk. Foundations/PAC $$$. $$$ for conservative censorship. #Q
32. #QAnon: We have all standing to file big class action lawsuits against illegal warrantless spying on U.S. citizens by social media. "@Jack's next. What's Jack's SECRET Twitter-handle? What you SEE is LIMITED. Think emails (Lynch, HRC, HUSSEIN, etc).
33. #QAnon asks:

"How do politicians access campaign contributions for personal use?
The "Con."
34. #QAnon's previously suggested @Snowden is key to unlawful spying. One anon suggests BRIDGE is the Internet - all services collect & sell/share data with one another, thus creating bridged/consolidated database. No sunlight yet on the more disturbing aspects for mass pop. #Q
35. #QAnon:

Class action lawsuits of 2 billion people globally? SCALE.
Regulation? OR
Kill it - prosecute?
36. #QAnon suggests @POTUS knows #SyriaHoax was #DeepState #FalseFlag. #Clown report must be verified (Mattis previously stated there's no proof Assad used chem weapons on his people in past "attacks"). POTUS still wants to pull out troops out. Pray he will do the right thing. #Q
37. #QAnon notes re #SyriaHoax that satellite imagery and Eye in the Sky can verify bomb damage but not chemicals. #Q
38. #QAnon'd told us Iran would be next after North Korea. #Clowns no longer control NK & no longer use Kim to threaten us. Controlling Iran as well? To start a war? Will @POTUS be able to do the same for Iran that he did for North Korea? You have been prepared.
39. "California targeted." @realDonaldTrump's weekly address focuses on CA's Sanctuary State status flaunts our federal immigration laws, & endangers National Security.
40. #QAnon indicates Rod Rosenstein in for problems. @POTUS mentioned RR signing FISA warrant & writing memo that Comey be fired. RR on way out? #Q Mueller? @realDonaldTrump says"We'll see what happens."
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