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This entire thing was a set up.

The reason they chose to plant 'Russia' on Trump was because they knew President Trump already knew about Uranium One deal, which he was (and still is) going to expose.
They knew that Trump would prosecute them for their illegal behaviors, so they tried to beat him to the punch.

So how did they try to set President Trump up?
They hired Christopher Steele, a Spy with Russian connections (how ironic)

Both the top people in the FBI and DNC were all key players in the Uranium One deal.

Meaning, both top FBI & DNC needed to cover their asses - aka , they were on the same team to stay out of trouble.
The entire reason the DNC and FBI chose 'Russia' as the plant to stick on President Trump was carefully planned.

They went as far to hire other Russians to try and interfere with the Trump campaign.

Hoping that someone would take the bait.
They tried setting President Trump up like the show, Bait Car.

*The police plant a car in the city, leave the door open with the keys inside, and wait until someone steals it. Then they arrest that person*
They were hoping someone in President Trump's campaign would take the bait

(or as in my example - steal the planted car)

If someone took the bait, they knew (or thought) they could make it go all the way back to trump.

Making it look like he was colluding with these Russians.
They had a Russian Lawyer contact the campaign, and she made her way up to Donald Trump Jr.

She had a meeting with Jr. & Kushner.

She was planning on offering dirt on Hillary - hoping they would run with it.

Both smelt a rat, ending the meeting shortly after.
Hillary had her friend, Alexander Downer, "randomly bump" into George Papadopoulos (a Trump Campaign aid - *No salary by the way, free of charge*)

Downer just happened to "randomly" be at the same wine room as Papadopoulos in London in May 2016. What a coincidence!
While having a "heavy night of drinking", Papadopoulos told Downer that someone told him
(I know-a lot of hear say)
that Russians had political dirt on Hillary.

This information "magically" made its way back to the FBI in America - Launching the FISA warrant against Papadopoulos
Many people are speculating that Papadopoulos was actually a plant that the Clinton team planted in order to sabotage the Trump campaign.

I am unsure at this point if that is the case, but time will tell as more facts are uncovered.

It is definitely a possibility.
Alexander Downer, the person who just happened to run into Papadopoulos in a London wine room, meeting for the first time, is an Australian Diplomat to the UK. He is also a life long friend of the Clintons.

Just how close is Downer with the Clintons?
Glad you asked!

⬇️ This close ⬇️

(in short, Downer helped the Clinton funnel MILLIONS of dollars into their foundation - at the Australian Tax Payers tab)
Remember - the Clintons and the FBI are extremely strategic with every move and every player they choose.

Choosing Alexander Downer was one of those strategic moves.
Throughout Trump's campaign, he told everyone he'd look into all Clinton Crimes (including money laundering within Clinton Foundation)

Hillary knew if Trump won, he'd look into her Foundations corruption.

Hillary choosing Downer was another way of her muddying those waters.
Hillary has many scandals to hide.

She formed alliances with top positioned players.

Many un-intentionally took her side-but once realizing they got played, it was too late. They were in too deep & had to cover their own ass at that point bc of the position Hillary put them in.
Back to the first tweet of this thread though - Uranium One - The main reason Comey & Mueller had Hillary's back.

Mueller personally gave Russia a sample of the Uranium.

This is a fact that has not been denied by anyone.

(Picture below)… < Full E-Mail
This all took place in 2009

What also took place in 2009?

Mark Lambert (former President of a U.S. Transportation Company) bribed Vadim Mikerin (Russian official at TENEX)
*Tenex is 1 of the worlds major Uranium suppliers*

Mark Lambert was just indicted in January of this year
Who met with Tenex when they were in Russia delivering the sample of Uranium?

Then Director - Robert Mueller

Hillary specifically asked Mueller to deliver the Uranium.


Mueller was head of FBI

What did the FBI control?

ALL Uranium imported & exported to & from the U.S.
Yes, the FBI controls all transported American Uranium.

When did the FBI gain this control?

In 1998, under President Bill Clinton.
Many people are curious what Hillary gained by selling away 20% of our country's Uranium to Russia.
Hillary signed off on the Uranium One Deal bc 9 Russian investors in the deal funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.

Her foundation has always been a way to illegally funnel money & benefit from deals with other countries.

Uranium One was just 1 of those corrupt deals
Uranium One Deal had to be approved by the State Department.

Who was Secretary of State & head of Department - signing over 20% of our Uranium sources to Russia?

Hillary Clinton.

All for personal gain. To selfishly make money for herself. Not caring about our people or safety.
I'm not sure if Mueller benefited financially from the Russian Uranium One Deal like the Clintons. Time will tell.

But it doesn't matter - he is an accomplice.

He knows it. And that is EXACTLY what Hillary wanted, and why she chose Mueller.

She never thought they'd get caught.
And Hillary knew that in the wild chance that they actually did get caught, Mueller was in such a high position in the FBI, that he would be able to get them out of trouble.

She tricked Mueller into being apart of her plan to cover her tracks.
Comey and Mueller have been best friends for over 20 years. Many members of the FBI say they are more like brothers than friends bc of the strong bond that they have.

Comey is also responsible for the FBI paying $50,000 for the last installment of the Steele Dossier.
The Clinton Foundation used the bank, HSBC, very often for their money laundering scheme. This is the bank they made global transfers with.

Who was on the board of that bank, HSBC?

James Comey - Before being named Director of the FBI
Mueller acted under Hillary's state department for her corrupt Uranium One Deal.

Comey helped Hillary's corrupt foundation funnel money with offshore accounts.
Were any other Top FBI Agents looking out for Hillary?


None other than FBI's now famously disgraced & fired Deputy Director - Andrew McCabe

McCabe's wife, Jill McCabe, ran for State Senate in Virginia.

Who made a $700,000 contribution to Jill's election?

Hillary Clinton
Andrew McCabe was the one investigating Hillary for her illegal use of a Private Server.

So while Andy McCabe "investigated" Hillary for her private server, she gave his wife $700,000.

And the McCabe's actually took the money!

Andrew McCabe was caught drafting a letter stating Hillary was innocent, BEFORE HE EVER INTERVIEWED HER!

That has never been heard of before.
McCabe was also caught fixing the letter Comey wrote.

Comey's statement closing out Hillary's email case stated Hillary had been "grossly negligent" in handling classified information. (Which would lead to indictment)

McCabe changed the term to "extremely careless" to save her.
This is why Andrew McCabe was fired in March, and why he will 100% be indicted.

Hillary's emails are a crime itself.

Another crime was letting her get away with it. Which is exactly what both Comey & McCabe did.
Inside those e-mails were messages about Uranium One, Clinton Foundation Laundering, Benghazi lies, & other illegal secrets

Everything she didn't want traced back, was used on that server.

That was the whole point of having it & why she destroyed messages, phones & hard drives.
Liberals say "But if Comey was really protecting Hillary, he wouldn't have announced her case was re-opened again a week before the election! He cost her the election!"


A Weiner saved the day.
Hillary's Staffer & Best Friend, Huma Abedin, is married to a pedophile

Anthony Weiner

He got busted messaging teeneagers nude photos of himself

The FBI arrested him & gathered all of his phones/computers

On their their computer?

Messages to & from Hillarys Private Email.
Andrew Mccabe (Fired FBI deputy director & guy whos wife received $700,00 from Hillary) learned about the THOUSANDS of emails found on Weiners computer by Sept. 28, 2016

Comey informed Congress about these messages A MONTH LATER in Oct. 28, 2016

Literally waited an entire month
This time period was critical.

On October 7th, 2016 - the Access Hollywood tape was released with President Trump saying dirty words with Billy Bush.

This tape was thought to be the death of Trump's Presidency run.
While this video was going viral and ultimately ruining the entire campaign for Trump, Comey sat back letting Trumps campaign go into flames.

If Comey wanted Trump to win, he would have announced Hillary's case was re-opened THAT DAY.

Not a month later.

He didn't even leak it.
Which Comey has done against President Trump

Comey leaked a handwritten memo between he and President Trump

Comey admitted he leaked the memo to his Law Professor friend from Columbia University- Daniel Richman

He said he leaked the information to start a Special Investigation
Comey waited last minute to inform Congress & the American people about Hillary's messages found on Weiners computer.

Knowing full well Trump would gain back momentum if news broke earlier.

Comey knew the Access Hollywood tape would seem like peanuts compared to what he knew.
Comey knew it ultimately had to come out that Hillary was back under investigation after new emails surfaced.

If Trump somehow did end up winning, he knew Trump would find out.

So he had to tell Congress. But he did it at a time he thought Hillary already had it in the bag.
The DNC & FBI both had too much to risk to lose the election.

Their entire lives were on the line.

They had to stop at nothing to win.

What they tried to do was entrap a man, so they could get away clean.

They failed.

That man became President.

Now, it's their asses.
Yes, I know. This is what you see in the movies. I'm sure it will be made into a movie in the near future.

Just know, America WILL be saved.

All these crooks WILL be prosecuted.

Have faith.

AG Sessions has been secretly working on all of this.

The Devil has a plot.

But God has a plan.

All will be exposed & they know it.

So do the people around them that are panicking about everything unraveling.

Hillary ran for POTUS to stay out of Prison.

But she lost.

Time for justice.

Keep fighting & SPREAD THE WORD!
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