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I was a 16 year dedicated and decorated FBI Counterterrorism Supervisory Special Agent. In 2012, I was subjected to discrimination by two co-workers. I contacted EEO to file my complaint. Andrew McCabe admits in his signed sworn statement that he knew I was or had filed an EEO.
Five days after I filed the EEO, McCabe authorized a retaliatory OPR against me. It should be noted that I was a Joint Duty Detailee to the CIA and the OPR violated policies related the my position. I was at the tasking, travel, time/attendance & was the property of the CIA.
I had a direct supervisor at the CIA who was aware of the Joint Duty Detailee policy violations & he was trying to rectify this with the FBI. Instead, I was involuntarily removed from my position, in yet another example of retaliation by McCabe. #ReinstateRobynGritz
I had been working towards the detailee position ever since 9/11/01, when I was on the JTTF in Newark NJ. I was pulled back to FBI CTD at the direction of McCabe. I was assigned to an admin unit and idled for most of my last year and a half in the FBI. McCabe put me through hell.
McCabe made false statements on official documents (PAR & FD-955’s as examples) about my performance. He personally got involved In libeling me whenever he had the chance. He, nor the FBI SES I had reported to prior asked for any feedback from my direct supervisor at the CIA.
My direct CIA supervisor was writing a document regarding my performance. He sent me an unclassified email stating that “You have already contributing more than your predecessor and I believe there is more bang for the buck if we line up your “duties” right”
I had only been at the CIA five months; my predecessor was there 18 months. In his message he stated “I’m working on a “job description” for you right now. Waiting for some input from our various managers. Will run the final version by you before we officially “send it to you”
My direct supervisor had previously been a detailee to the FBI so he was very educated in the policies and was upset that I was told to go to FBI morning meetings, my travel turned down by the FBI, and he needed me to tailor my schedule to the CIA’s needs.
I had discussed this with the FBI SES who was responsible for the detailees. I held a meeting with him in March 2012 and told him what my direct supervisor wanted. The SES was fine with the request but later, in his OPR and PAR statements, he denied that meeting.
Luckily, I had texted another detailee right after the March meeting and told him that the SES was ok with me tailoring my schedule and not attending the FBI 7am meetings. I have that text as well. Further, numerous incidents happened during the rest of my time as a detailee.
Because of the intense stress, I ended up rushing to a hospital with chest pains one early morning. I found out another detailee had the same issue a week earlier. I was the only female CT detailee and he was the only minority CT detailee. Both of us were being harassed.
While on the phone one night with that FBI SES, he said he didn’t think I was strong enough to handle being a detailee. Although I was always rated Excellent or above and worked the biggest CT cases in the FBI. I beat out 26 others to get the WFO Extraterritorial CT SSA.
The SES further stated that he was scheduling a video conference with me and the other GS15, who was the other person harassing me. I told the SES I didn’t feel I was being treated fairly since I was the only female and I wanted to have a neutral party on the conference call.
I stated I wanted the Ombudsman to be present.I didn’t even get the word ombudsman out of my mouth when he yelled he would pull my timecards if I went that route.He thought I was going to say EEO. I immediately texted two other detailees, my prior DAD and approx 5 EEO counselors.
Within a month, I was involuntarily removed from my position. I filed on June 15th. McCabe authorized the OPR, authored by the SES names in my EEO. When I was pulled back to CTD, I worked for an Assistant Section Chief. I repeatedly requested a new performance plan. I kept these
Approx 90 days later, after my EEO went formal, I was called to the ASC’s office to get my PAR. When I got there, the SES that I now had a formal EEO against was there. I left and called my ASC. He asked if I had a problem with that SES giving me my PAR, I said yes.
My ASC said that was too bad.I called EEO, OPR, Inspection, & HRD. No one helped me.I asked an HR unit chief in CTD to come with me as a witness.The SES presented my PAR & said false, nasty stuff while presenting the PAR. He lied when he said the CIA wasn’t writing a paper for me
So, 90 days after I stopped working for him, which was a total of 5 months, and I had a formal EEO against him he failed me on my PAR. The first in 16 years that I failed. Additionally, the reviewing official had not signed the PAR, which is an automatic voiding of a PAR.
I grieved my PAR with CTD AD, Andrew Mccabe. I submitted examples of my work, by critical element, to McCabe. I provided a TS 2” binder since most of my work at the CIA was TS. I noted the reviewer had not signed, I hadn’t worked for SES in 90+ days, I had an EEO against him
McCabe was the person who authorized the retaliatory OPR, he made the decision to pull me from my position, he blocked all chances of my getting out of the hostile situation, he libeled me on official documents and now I know did numerous other things to destroy my career.
After a year & a half of constant harassment and retaliation, back to back diverticulitis attacks, daily chest pain, & the affect on my family’s health, I resigned from the FBI. For two & a half years I couldn’t get a job over minimum wage. I believe Mccabe played a role in this
I had filed/notified the following about the lack of candor by McCabe & others & unethical behavior: FBI OPR, OGC, Ethics, Inspection Div, Security Div., EEO, DOJ OIG, DOJ OPR, OSC, Senator Grassley, Congressmen Nunez and Johnson and other SESs in the FBI. DOJ & FBI ignored me.
On 8/7/2015, I sent a letter to Director Comey with the facts of what was done to me, by whom, & spelled out the 24 laws and policies violated just in my case. I requested immediate reinstatement. I attached numerous letters of support and detailed the magnitude of cases I worked
In return, I received a letter from Inspection Div & from OPR AD Candice Will, ignoring my report of 24 policies & laws broken. Instead AD Will was nasty in her letter and refused to look at my file. In essence, the FBI did not examine policies and laws violated, mostly by McCabe
So now look where we are. McCabe was fired for lying. I know there’s many other legal violations in the OIG report. I personally have forwarded valuable information to the proper authorities. I loved my job. I worked tirelessly to fight terror and protect the American people.
I note that @GenFlynn was the first person to stand up in support of me. Many others followed. But I do believe Flynn was a target ever since he wrote a letter and went on the record with NPR to support me. RADM Brian Losey additionally wrote a poignant letter for me.
Losey stated “If I were taken hostage, I would hope that above all others, SSA Robyn Gritz were assigned the task to track and recover me.” Other comments include: “We have treated our enemies better than Agent Gritz is being treated today”
”Robyn Gritz epitomizes the FBI’s motto of “Fidelity, Bravery and Integrity”. “Quite frankly, the FBI’s treatment of SA Robyn Gritz is very suspect and there are many aspects that just do not meet either the logic or what we call in my world, the “smell” test”
“Robyn was critical in bringing the FBI perspective into focus and balancing FBI equities with the interagency at large.” “Bottom line,Robyn was the best thing the FBI ever had in dealing with the interagency”. Why do I quote these people? Because next I will quote McCabe.
Here are some of McCabe’s comments on official documents about me: “has not always used appropriate judgement in some of her communications, especially in an interagency environment” “She often struggles accommodating different perspectives”
SSA GRITZ had to be removed from a prior position in an interagency environment due to inappropriate communications and general performance issues SSA GRITZ has not displayed professionalism in all senses while working with others-in particular through some of her communications
These comments were on FD-955’s, which are submitted to career boards when someone applies to an internal job posting. There are many more examples of how viciously McCabe retaliated against me and destroyed my career and reputation. I lost my home because of McCabe’s behavior.
I ask those of you up on the Hill to please assist me by doing the right thing. I was a dedicated and decorated FBI agent. I knew who my boss was, the American people. It appears McCabe did not agree with me on that point and many others when it came to the truth and laws.
The FBI is in a state of reform due to a small group of corrupt individuals who abused their power & deteriorated the public’s trust in the agency. Their ringleader, for his own agenda, decided he needed to push me out via a bogus, policy/law breaking OPR.
Many others who I worked with in Counterterrorism for my 16 years have met the same fate, with a common person being involved in their cases, Andrew McCabe. This has not only destroyed our lives, it has weakened our country’s national security. #ReinstateRobynGritz
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