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The Mueller "investigation" began as a "probe" into alleged Trump collusion with Russia to "steal" John Podesta's and the DNC's emails, thereby "stealing" the election from Her Heinous.
How A (alleged theft by Putin of the Podesta-DNC emails) led to B (Trump winning) has never actually been explained. Even the idea that Trump may have won the election fair and square is rejected out of hand.
So a far-fetched, post-factual conspiracy narrative (TrumpRussia) was conveniently concocted.
Having found no evidence to back up the collusion myth, even after months of exhaustive search, Mueller's "probe" then expanded into an "investigation" of Trump associates, stretching back years.  Years before there was even a Trump campaign.
No collusion evidence there either. The Mueller "probe" then expanded further, into an "investigation" of possible "obstruction of justice".
Problem. There was no "criminal probe" of Trump for Trump to "obstruct" at the time he fired James Comey, who testified that Trump was not under criminal investigation.
Trump was under an illegal counterintelligence "investigation". It began in the summer of 2016. Almost a year before Comey was fired. Comey never told Trump. Nor Congress. More crimes. Oops.
So the Mueller "probe" then expanded further, into whether Trump ever tried to fire Mueller.
Not a shred of evidence there either. The Mueller "probe" then expanded further, into whether Trump ever even thought of ever firing Mueller. Another dry hole.
So what started out as a probe of alleged Russian election interference has now morphed into a full-on sex investigation. About an alleged one-night stand 12 years ago. And also about a doorman. And about an alleged "love child". Mueller, meet Ken Starr.
But hang on. Recall the recent Washington Post story, the one that indicated Trump was not a "target" in the Mueller probe?
Then BOOM! The raid of Michael Cohen's office. But. Think about this. Let's assume, arguendo, that there was "compelling evidence" to raid Cohen's office.
Mueller presumably had this "evidence", used to execute the raid, at the time the Washington Post went to print with the 'Trump-not-target' story.
The point is, none of the assumed 'compelling evidence' that the legacy media are salivating over implicates Trump. In any way. Logic.
Now step back. Look at the big picture. They have nothing on Trump. Absolutely nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada.
NSA, DNI, CIA, FBI, IRS, indeed, the entire machinery of federal law enforcement and surveillance were trained on Trump. To take him down, first as candidate, then as President.
But. No evidence. Not even a shred. The most squeaky clean president to ever occupy that office.
Now, juxtapose all this with Syria. Big attack imminent, no? No. Or maybe yes. Or maybe ... it's all Trump strategery to keep the enemy guessing. Off balance.
What does Trump repeatedly say about NOT letting the enemy know your plans?
Almost everyone forgot something. Trump uses strategic deception. He deploys it brilliantly. He admires Sun Tzu. He applies Sun Tzu. Trump has honed it to an art form. Throughout his life. It's how he rolls. It's how he thrived in New York real estate.
Circle back to Mueller. His firing is imminent, no? No. Or maybe yes. Or ... maybe it's Trump strategery to keep the enemy guessing. Off balance.
If Trump wanted to fire Mueller, he would have fired Mueller. But. When everyone LEAST EXPECTED it. You wouldn't know beforehand. Wouldn't even suspect it. No one would.
Did any know at the time that Trump was about to fire Comey?
Mueller hasn't been fired not because Trump can't. It's because he doesn't want to. Mueller is doing exactly what Trump wants him to do. Looking for evidence that doesn't exist. Because 'it' never happened.
What does Trump repeatedly say about telegraphing plans to your enemies?
His 'lashing out' at Mueller is the clearest indication of Trump's intent. His intent to keep him. Right where he is. Doing what he's doing. Probing. Searching. Looking. For what isn't there. Evidence. Because 'it' never happened.
Trump knows Mueller is desperate. Desperate people make mistakes. They overreach. Overreach breeds overreach. Only bigger. And bad optics.
That's where the Mueller "probe" is.  At a dead end. Stuck with a washed-up porn star. A doorman. An imaginary 'love child'. But no blue dress.
Exactly where Trump wants Mueller. Exactly where Trump knew Mueller would end up. At a dead end. With no escape. Because it was a trap. An elaborate trap. One Trump cunningly set up.
But it's more than just about Mueller. Mueller embodies all the hopes and dreams of the "Resistance". Mueller is the Deep State. Striking back. Attempting to reverse the results of an election.
And to cover its tracks. It's attempted sabotage of the Trump campaign via surveillance. Via a phony dossier, a compilation of Russian dezinformatsiya, dressed as official intel, used to execute a plan. To give Watergate 2.0 the patina of legality.
And to sabotage the Trump presidency. The "insurance policy".
It hasn't. And it won't. Because it can't. For over a year, evidence against the anti-Trump saboteurs has been gathered. And compiled. Incriminating evidence. Grand jury impaneled. Reams and reams of testimony. By DOJ's OIG. Working with a prosecutor.
Mueller knows this. Only he found out too late. He feels like a cornered rat. Because he is.
For over a year, the legacy media and Deep State went their merry way. Believing the OIG probe would go no where. Too many limitations. DOJ and FBI only. Can't compel testimony. Can't impanel grand juries. Can't reach former employees.
No one knew about the outside prosecutor. One that Jeff Sessions appointed. Until he disclosed it. Zero leaks throughout. Stealthy. The element of surprise. It worked.
That's why Trump 'lashed out' at Sessions. It was the clearest sign of Trump's intent. To keep him. Right where he is. Executing the plan. But Trump needed to feign distance. Between him and his AG.
Trump called Mueller and his team "conflicted". Trump doesn't want his AG to appear conflicted. As his partisan attack dog. So Trump brilliantly creates distance. Strategery.
Trump is the victim of the dirtiest political operation in US history. His Constitutional rights have been trampled upon. He needs space between himself and the mission to bring the perps to justice.
Trump's enemies - Mueller, Democrats, Republicans, media elite - made a foolish mistake from the jump. They never did their homework. Not on Trump. How he operates. How he deploys strategic deception to ensnare his enemies. Again and again.
Hillary assumed a long-shot rookie outsider was just that - a long-shot. But Trump - not Hillary - had the election in the bag.
Democrats assumed he's an idiot. Too undisciplined and unfocused to get any meaningful thing done. Instead, he's amassed a first-year record of achievements eclipsing even that of president Reagan.
Mueller assumed he's impulsive. Easily provoked. That he would fire him once triggered. So Mueller crosses yet another red line. "We'll see what happens". That's what Trump said when asked if he plans to fire Mueller after the raid.
In response, the opposition party (the Democrats) and the enemy (the Republicans) want legislation to protect Mueller. Trump used strategic deception ("We'll see what happens") to expose both parties.
From real estate to gaming to entertainment to television to politics, Trump is blessed by the enemies he keeps. Because they keep doing the same foolish thing. Underestimating him.
For Trump, timing is everything. Everything. The key to victory. Fifteen months into his young presidency, his good name and that of his family are libeled and slandered, smeared and scorned with wanton abandon, daily.
Rare is the day that the morning TV shows don't open by accusing the man we voted for of treason.
Rare is the evening that the broadcast nets don't brazenly peddle the BIG LIE - that this duly elected president conspired with a foreign enemy as a candidate to steal an election.
Through it all, Trump - the most investigated and spied-on US citizen in American history - has been patient. Knowing what's coming. A tidal wave of scandal. Soon to engulf his enemies. And justice. Finally. Timing. OIG reports. Stay tuned. #MAGA, baby.
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