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Riddle me this Col. @AllenWest:

** Would Comey/Obama/Brennan and ALL of their crews go down with HRC over selling Uranium?

** Why does Eric Holder chime in all the time about a spying scandal that he wasn’t a part of?

#FastAndFurious is the tie that binds

2/ First I want to say:

Scandals this big are manufactured at the very top- when we say #FastAndFurious we should also say #HolderGate!

Front-line Agents DO NOT design these plans; cannot cover them up!

Eric Holder owns this one and it is heating up!
3/ The reasons #FastAndFurious is #HolderGate are many!

For starters:

** He was in command of DOJ

** Federal Prosecutors report to him

** He clearly wasn’t going to prosecute himself!

He owns the planning & cover-up!
4/ There were bad actors at all levels and they get no slack... but this video is a good reminder:

** Obstructionist & Liar the entire time

🔥🔥🔥Cont. #GunWalking for YEARS after they were caught!!!!

#FastAndFurious #HolderGate

5/ While #FakeNews was sniffing @StormyDaniels undies things have been happening.

⚠️ A couple cases are on the Hot Stove

⚠️ Found an interesting case I hadn’t seen before

⚠️ Looked at case associated with @wesleyfelixpsi

6/ Do you recall the Garland #FastAndFurious Case?

Ask that ⬆️ question and you’ll get some confusion

Ask, “Do you recall when #ISIS drove from AZ to Dallas & shot people over a cartoon?” 👈🏻 They recall!

MAJOR #HolderGate case with big implications!!
7/ There are serious #HolderGate awareness issues here:

** The attack took place May 2015 - ISIS took credit - Comey testified that FBI had no advanced knowledge

** In March 2017 the whistle was blown 🤔

** Comey lied…
8/ Don’t forget - this was first time #ISISJVTeam had attacked us on home soil!

** FBI had undercover informants communicating with them on social media

** This could have been prevented — knew of the plan

** The undercover agent was on the scene giving ISIS recruiter updates!
9/ Quick Recap: FBI could have prevented first #daesh attack on US Soil - instead they provided ‘look-out’ — and Comey lied about it!

** Gun #daeshbags used was bought at Lone Wolf Trading Company - same place as Brian Terry murder weapon

10/ This case is red-hot example of why this is #HolderGate instead of simply #FastAndFurious...

Go here to check out more — case files also available


11/ Other case on Hot Stove:

🔥Arwady et al vs Ho et al🔥

** Arwady is a FFL dealer in S. Texas who is in a civil law suit with ATF Agent Tommy Ho

** Arwady’s wife is named in suit, as well as a mystery person tied to the agent- “Jane Doe Ho”
12/ Arwady’s Conflict with ATF dates prior to #FastAndFurious as the owner of Ammo Dump in Houston TX.

The facts are this:

- ATF cited record-keeping errors in 1991 & 1996; ‘96 resulted in criminal charges

- Arwady was acquitted
13/ Ammo Dump was sited for records violations again in 2004; in 2005 ATF denied the renewal of FFL

- Arwady appealed in 2006 via lawsuit & lost the case

- 2007 FFL was revoked; unsold firearms were transferred to Arwady’s personal collection…
14/ With his firearms business (Ammo Dump) closed and transfers completed to personal ownership, Bob Arwady operated “Arwady Hand Truck Sales”

** Bob continued to sell firearms out of his personal collection

⚠️This is a legal practice and falls under different laws than FFL
15/ 🚨 This is where the story gets interesting!

In Arwady vs Ho the following claim is made:

** In 2009, ATF Agent Tommy Ho investigates Awardy again for illegal firearms sales

** An undercover agent was unsuccessful when he engaged Awardy about making firearms transactions
16/ Again, I want to bring up the distinction in gun laws:

** When Bob operated a business, FFL mandates a FBI background check

** In 2009 he was selling as a private citizen, which has lesser requirements

** He didn’t know the guy; refused dc he didn’t have background check
17/ Not only did Bob not break the law...

💥This behavior is a “Best Practice”

💥Gun control groups have been fighting to change the laws to the same practice Bob employed!!

🔥Now we see #HolderGate

18/ In any regard, in 2009 Agent Tommy Ho seized 165 firearms & Arwady was charged with 8 counts relating to:

** Running an illegal gun business


** Making straw-purchases

The facts of the case & the conclusion that follows is startling.

19/ These are the facts:

* Confiscation of 165 firearms occurred in 2009

* Bob refused plea deals, was arrested in March 2014

* Charges were reduced to only 2 regarding the “straw purchase”

🔥 He fought the charges

🔥Oct ‘15 Verdict: Not Guilty

20/ The irony is rediculous...

** The accused “Straw Purchase” was Bob buying an employee a firearm as a gift — they were both present at the store

** In total, it took over 6 years to be cleared of the charges & have his property returned

He is now suing Tom & “Jane Doe” Ho
21/ This seems to be more than just “Weaponized Law Enforcement”

** The timing/location has #FastAndFurious mystery

** Ho was brought in from out of district; appearance of entrapment

** Ho is prevalent in other cases

** “Jane Doe Ho”?

(pic via @wesleyfelixpsi)
22/ The civil case is listed on Pacer — link below.

** At last check status was “Pending”

** Bob Arwady appears to be a “fighter”; the long history suggests this will see a courtroom

** Put it on the radar; this might move soon

23/ The best orgs in the world have failures - if it was simply decided #FastAndFurious was our best option & worth the risk... we could learn from mistakes and move forward.

Instead we got #HolderGate!

24/ The next one is a sort of unique #FastandFurious scandal for a few reasons, almost no one has heard of it... and yet, I didn’t even have to look to find it.

There is a whistleblower actively throwing evidence all over twitter!

It needs an investigation & media attention!
25/ Some are aware of this account - the evidence is hard to follow on his TL so I offered to piece it together so it can make sense.

I have never met this person; it was maybe 6-8 months ago that I came across it. A month or so ago I decided to see if the claims validate.
26/ Disclaimer:

** I have not validated the entire claim — I never intended to

** Enough things check out that I gained confidence it has legitimacy

** I’ll try to be clear on what I have/haven’t validated

🔥Buckle up for some fresh #HolderGate!

27/ The account @wesleyfelixpsi

** Wesley is a family member to Edward Mark Felix, the owner of (now closed) National Survival Store in Las Vegas (don’t speculate!!)

They are in NY - this is the only TV coverage so far.


28/ The high-level concept is this:

** He is whistle blowing on his own store - he’s asking for an investigation. And he hasn’t gotten it!

** I was VERY skeptical at first!!

But look at this effort 👇🏻


29/ Last disclaimer and then we’ll do evidence:

** The story is complex! He had legal problems

** He claims they are a part of a conspiracy; it does happen (see Arwady☝🏻)

** I validated some court records - look for yourself & decide.

Gaslighting is a symptom of #HolderGate
30/ Here is the store:

National Survival Store
4663 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV

33/ Here is a picture of Julie Ann Shields (via @wesleyfelixpsi)- She worked at the store and they were in a romantic relationship.

** Felix contends that she is part of conspiracy

** In terms of timeline their romance ends at the same time his legal problems start

34/ Here is a picture of the alleged co-conspirators.

Mr. Felix (and Wesley) do not split hairs — they call everyone out by name:

Matt Wear- Far Left
Matt Wren- Blue shirt, Left
Jason Dunn- Far Right

Julie & Michael Shields middle (related)

35/ Context is important:

** It is a fact that Las Vegas was a hot spot for “straw man” purchases

** It is a fact that BATFE was heavily involved in undercover ops, in Las Vegas, at the time Mr. Felix is claiming conspiracy.

36/ FYI we often use #FastAndFurious as a catch all when technically they have different names. Hashtag will remain... :)

This one is “Operation Sin City Ink” — it was in that time period and it was WILD!

37/ Context matters:

** National Survival on Spring Mountain

** Operation Sin City Ink on Highland Drive

** Daily business was conducted less than 3 miles from an active operation — his claims need to be taken seriously!

38/ There are several additional people that Mr. Felix accuses of being involved

** I wont thread about all of them; reference @wesleyfelixpsi if you like

** But this one is important:

ATF Agent Tommy Ho

(pic inside Store via @wesleyfelixpsi)

39/ If the name Tommy Ho sounds familiar there is good reason — he is being sued in Arwady Case, as detailed in this thread!


40/ Between the video linked above and an article linked in this tweet... you have the basics on his claim for how the conspiracy allegedly played out — I wont add to that.

Instead I will expand with additional findings.

41/ Mr. Felix’s case has a financial audit trail that makes it easy for someone with the right authority.

I cannot validate the whole claim, so pulled details see if could refute his claim.

With so much evidence I would hope to detect tomfoolery...

42/ Its remarkable what you can find when you try to disprove through small details!

For instance, in one of the bank records co-owned by Michael and Julie Shields you can see that Michael was using National Survival as an address for himself.

43/ Please recall from the photo earlier, (per Mr. Felix) taken inside his shop.

Per @wesleyfelixpsi, Michael Shields is Julie’s father; they have a joint account listed with the address of Felix’s shop.

(Michael in the middle w/hat)

44/ I haven’t mentioned the piece about the account to @wesleyfelixpsi yet; it would be interesting to see what he says.

For point of reference in the timeline — the document is from July 08-May 09. It wasn’t dated, but its in that window.

45/ There really is a lot of info out there — authorities can cut to the chase easier that we can.

All we can be sure of is that his story is extremely strange and the conditions were right!

46/ Lets take a look again:

** 8.5 Years in prison
** From Oakland but bought in Nevada
** Illegally purchased 90 dang guns?!?!

That’s over 10 illegal purchases per year in prison — I’m not a lawyer, but that seems off...

47/ I’m seeing a whole lot of parallels here!!! In the Arwady case the “straw purchaser” reference really just means “checking a box”

What harm is an investigation — why can’t Mr. Felix get one?


48/ Want to know how something is messed up?

🔥This guy get’s 8.5 years for stealing 90 guns

🔥He should have life!

🔥His public defender is freaking appealing the case instead of pop’n the cork!!!

WATCH (~ 5:00 mark)…

49/ Since I’m not a lawyer, I have to trust our DOJ — just ask:

@KamalaHarris @EricHolder @DOJ @JusticeOIG

Ms. Harris & Mr. Holder,

You were respective AG’s in a case we are discussing — if you don’t mind, can you explain 8.5 years on 90 guns?
50/ @KamalaHarris @EricHolder @JusticeOIG
cc: @realDonaldTrump

I’m just a guy that “clings” — I really could use your help!

** Perry in an ATF interrogation and he SAYS he bought/shipped 90 guns from LV to OAK

** Sold them to Pablo at 2x cost!!

Who’s Pablo?

51/ @KamalaHarris @EricHolder @JusticeOIG
cc: @realDonaldTrump

I’m not asking for myself, I’m asking for @wesleyfelixpsi and on behalf of #MAGA

We’re worried a LV shop was part of #FastAndFurious and in chaos of #HolderGate media wont ask so I will:

Who is Annie Oakley?
52/ @KamalaHarris @EricHolder @JusticeOIG
cc: @realDonaldTrump

Our friend @wesleyfelixpsi’s family had a LV gun shop —a strange bank account shows his business address and a person associated with it used that name...🤔

53/ @KamalaHarris @EricHolder @JusticeOIG
cc: @realDonaldTrump

I’ll leave the interview transcript from the referenced case right here for you (and anyone else) — I think I see enough reason to justify an investigation.

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