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1/ My hunch is that the campaign to liberate #syria is almost over. It was a massive operation conducted by the Gulf Cooperation Council right under the noses of the rest of the world. To understand why, start with the #qanon map - the real one pre Jan 5.
2/ #qanon drop on Nov 11:

Why did POTUS receive a sword dance when visiting SA?
What does this mean culturally?
Why is this relevant?
Why is Russia helping to kill ISIS?
This is not easy to accept nor believe.

3/ @realDonaldTrump received the Al Ardah because he was going to war with Saudi Arabia against her enemies. As usual the MSM missed the point entirely, preferring to mock the President's dancing.

Morons, all of them.

#qanon #syria
4/ So who is the GCC? There's a good albeit slightly dated overview here:…

#qanon #syria
5/ The GCC can call on extraordinary resources. They conducted an exercise in 2016 that was comparable in size to the Battle of Kursk.…

#qanon #syria
6/ See the guy in the upper right watching the proceedings? That is Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman Al Saud, the youngest defence minister in the world and currently in charge of Saudi Arabia.

It was he who removed the +++ side of the triangle #qanon told us about.

7/ Bin Salman's experience in regional conflict and his commitment to modernizing SA are very well summed up in this interview in the Economist in Jan 2016:

#qanon #syria
8/ You might recall that #qanon told us this tweet from @realDonaldTrump was the GO signal for Bin Salman to begin rounding up the bad actors in the Kingdom last Nov 4. Naturally the morons camping on the President's timeline didn't get the point.
9/ So we know POTUS and MBS are working very closely together. I think there's two grand plans:

1. Rounding up the NWO so they can all be tried and executed.
2. Permanent peace in the Middle East.

#qanon #syria
10/ The first plan is well under way. The second has a large obstacle and that is Iran.

Iran turns up a lot in real #qanon's posts as part of the uranium pipeline from the US to North Korea. But it also stands in the way of peace in the Middle East.

11/ Which brings me to #syria proper. Syria is complex to say the least.

12/ MBS and @realDonaldTrump set a trap for Assad and his puppet masters in Iran. The President announces he will withdraw from #Syria, a move that seems a bit premature to most observers. He does it because the Saudis asked him to.

13/ Assad falls in to the trap and does it again: a chemical attack against his own people, labelled as a false flag against the US. This is a tried and tested method used by him, Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas - atack as your enemy withdraws, claim victory and keep your people quiet.
14/ @realDonaldTrump is not fooled however. #syria is blanketed in US and allied radar and there are live satellite feeds too. He immediately calls this out.
15/ MBS also makes a statement that goes almost unnoticed outside the Arab world. This statement is actually Saudi-speak for 'we have already started a massive military action against Syria.'

#syria #qanon
16/ All eyes are on the President of course. Will he send troops? Will he fire missiles? Will the UK or the French get involved? It's all very confusing.

That's the whole point.

#qanon #syria
17/ POTUS's job is to keep everyone off balance and provide cover while the real campaign is conducted by the hundreds of combined arms micro-teams currently deployed by the GCC in #syria, probably since the 9th.

All warfare is based on deception - Sun Tzu.
18/ These reports that the US, the UK and France have launched attacks against #syria? All bullshit, designed to give cover to the GCC. And look who they just met with - do you think they're in on the plan?

19/ On the other hand, these remarks seem to indicate that the US and her allies really have struck targets in #syria. But you can be sure that they are to support the GCC's ground actions, not as a separate thing.…

20/ One way or another, this is cover for the GCC's ground forces currently wiping out Assad's forces - either a bluff or as part of the operation. POTUS actually LISTENS when his allies in the ME tell him things, unlike just about every President before.

#qanon #syria
21/ Luckily if you follow #qanon, he warned us that #syria was the next domino to fall.

Oh, wait. He didn't, did he? He said it would be Iran next. In fact, he said nothing about Syria until he read it in the news. Because he hasn't been the real Q since Jan 5.
22/ More nonsense from the imposter #qanon on #syria:
- Hold until CONF - wrong.
- MIL assets locked out of GZ - wrong. Allied troops are nowhere near Douma - it's only 16km away from Damascus in a small rebel-held area.
- Unwind - wrong.
- Clown report? Nonsense.
23/ To summarize:
- POTUS and MBS are working very closely together.
- The GCC have almost taken #syria.
- POTUS has only done what MBS has specifically asked him to do.
- LARP #qanon knows nothing as usual.
24/ The knots people are tying themselves into to explain or condemn all of this are indeed convoluted. No this is not the same as when the US went in to Iraq.

#qanon #syria
25/ Know how I know?

This picture right here. This is the most extraordinary thing you've seen this year. Saudi Arabia is SUPPORTING a US strike on a Middle Eastern country. Huh? Remember they BEGGED - over and over - for the necons not to invade Iraq in 2003. Begged.
26/ The Saudis KNEW that toppling Saddam would become a shitshow for the whole region - which it did. Yet here they are supporting US missile strikes against #syria.

So if you're retweeting old POTUS tweets or comparing this to 2003, realize things have changed. Bigly.

27/ 'US-led' - part of the deception. This is 100% Saudi-led. POTUS doesn't want to be in the ME. So he asks his allies there how he can help. And then he does what they ask him, without interfering or thinking he knows better. Hence the enormous respect for him.

#qanon #syria
28/ The effect on Iran just this year has been significant. That is by design. The Iranian mullahs have been propping up Assad since forever. So #syria had to be sorted out before Iranian regime change.
29/ The real #qanon - pre Jan 5, not the clueless little wankers currently pretending to be him - told us to read the map and that the news would unlock the map. #syria is a good example.
30/ If you really study the authentic #qanon drops, they predict that @realDonaldTrump will be bringing permanent peace to the Middle East through his extremely close relationship with MBS, based on mutual respect and cooperation.

Does #Syria make sense now?
31/ To really understand how the Middle East works currently, follow @ThomasWictor. Do NOT fill up his timeline with stupid comments. Just read and learn.
32/ @brucejacob reminds me - what is Russia's role in this #syria action? I'm not sure. There are two possibilities:
1. Vlad overplayed his hand and is now paying the price for it.
2. Vlad is in on the whole thing.

Either is possible.
33/ There have been a number of responses by Russia to the chemical attacks in #syria:
- It was a false flag by the US
- It didn't actually happen
- It did happen and the US did it
- It did happen and the Brits did it
- It did happen and the French did it
34/ @ThomasWictor believes that Vlad overplayed his hand in #syria:

As usual, I find it hard to disagree with his analysis.
35/ Here is another possible confirmation that the Russians have thrown their lot in with Assad in #syria.
36/ On the other hand, #qanon pointed out that there was an 'enormous scale of events ongoing' and asked why Russia was helping destroy ISIS.

Are they in on this huge global deception in #syria? I really don't know. Doubtless we'll find out sooner or later.
37/ More possible evidence for option #2.

#syria #qanon
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