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One would think having your feelings returned would make your raging crush easier to deal with, but no. No, for Jimin, being courted only makes everything worse, what with him being rendered even more of a mess when Yoongi brings him gifts.

Or looks at him. Or is near him. Or—
“To our newest brother, our newest omega.” The clan elder stands from his seat, cup raised over his head. “After all these years,” he calls out, eyes glittering in the light of the fires, “we finally welcome him as part of the clan. To Jimin!”

“TO JIMIN!” the whole rest
of the clan echoes with a cheer and raise their own glasses, laughing when Jimin whines and buries his face in his hands in an attempt to hide, made shy from all their attention.

“Thank you, everyone” he murmurs sheepishly, surely too quiet for anyone to hear, but Taehyung more
than makes up for it by throwing an arm around his shoulders and loudly declaring that Jimin’s going to be the best omega of them all, the greatest shifter to ever exist.

The post-hunt feast is in full swing, having begun the second the sun had set over the trees. The entire
clan have gathered at the heart of the village, where several fires burn brightly, crackling around the altar where Jimin’s changing had been initiated. All of them are seated on the ground along wide, low tables, every surface filled with food or drink. The long tables circle
the smaller fires, where the cooks are preparing various dishes from the previous night’s hunt.

The clan elder sits at the head of the circle with Namjoon at his side, lost in conversation with the alpha. Namjoon, Jimin knows, is in charge of communication with other clans and
species with whom they hold peace, and so it’s not uncommon for him to converse with the elder, even at festivities like this one.

Jin should be up there as well, but he had merely snorted and said he’s not going to abandon his “poor little Jiminie in his time of need,” and so
he had dragged the rest of them to the other side of the circle, where they can be as loud as they want without disrupting the clan elder.

A good thing, too, because Hoseok and Taehyung have already engaged in a vicious drinking contest, the two of them descending towards
drunkenness quicker than what's wise. Jin is tutting at them while Jeongguk tries his best to keep Taehyung sitting upright, snorting with how hard he's laughing. They make for quite an amusing sight, to everyone except the poor omega girl who's in charge of making their drinks,
having to constantly leave her post to bring them more.

The villagers don't stay seated for long, moving back and forth along the tables to talk to everyone, and no matter who passes Jimin where he sits, they never fail to admire the pristine furs around his shoulders.
Every compliment has him flushing with pride, preening where he sits.

Then one of the hunters stops to tell him that Yoongi had forbidden anyone else to interfere in his battle against the staghorn lion, saying it wouldn't be the same if he didn't acquire the gift on his own.
Jin doesn't seem surprised in the least to hear it, but Jimin has to bury his face into the soft mane to hide just how pleased it makes him to know the lengths the alpha had gone through to bring him such a beautiful gift.

Yoongi is still resting, having sent word with Jeongguk
that he would join them a bit later. The young hunter had seemed less than pleased to deliver the message, awkwardly grumbling about how adamant Yoongi had been to make sure Jimin understands that he's definitely on his way, that he wants to sit with Jimin during the feast.
It's not like Jimin wasn't already willing to wait until long after the feast to see the alpha, but he keeps that part to himself.

“You know, Jimin,” Jin says suddenly, looking like he's just had the idea of the century, “I think you should try calling Yoongi 'alpha’.”

There's a choking sound next to Jimin, followed by a string of coughing and wheezing. Before Jimin can as much as think about what the elder omega just suggested, Hoseok raises his voice, a shit-eating grin on his lips as he claps Taehyung’s back to ease him out of his coughing.
“You really wanna see Yoongi drop dead, do you?” he asks, barking a laughter when Jin merely shrugs. “He'd rupture a vein if Jimin called him that.”

“Why?” Jimin asks, beyond confused. “I mean, I hadn't thought about it, but why would it be so weird if I called him
that? Jin-hyung calls him alpha all the time."

“It's a bit different in your case.” Namjoon slides into the seat next to Jin, smiling sheepishly at Jimin. "It wouldn't be weird, but," he says slowly, “it's sort of… well, not suggestive, per se, but for an omega to call an alpha
by his rank if they're both unmated is a very clear way to express submission and, well,” he clears his throat, “that the omega wants to be taken care of. By that alpha.”

It takes Jin’s wide smirk for Jimin to understand just what Namjoon means, warmth blossoming across his
cheeks when he does. “O-oh,” he stutters, embarrassed. “Um, yeah, I-I don't think I should… do that.”

“You so should!” Taehyung's says, having finally recovered from his coughing fit. “It would be hilarious, oh gods, can you imagine the look on Yoongi-hyung’s face? I still
remember the way Jeonggukkie just went frozen solid when I first called him alpha, it was so funny!”

“Uh,” Jeongguk says loudly and clears his throat, as if it would distract everyone from how red his cheeks have gone, “could you not talk about that?”
“I swear, I could smell the wave of pheromones you let out all the way to the meadows,” Jin says, cackling when the young hunter smacks his head to the table with a loud thunk and an accompanying groan. “To be fair, I don’t think any alpha fares well the first time they hear
their rank from the lips of the one they’re courting. Especially,” his smirk grows wider still, “when the omega’s lips are as pretty as our Jiminie’s.”

Jimin’s hands immediately fly up to cover the lower half of his face, cheeks reddening. “Y-you’re the one who insisted on
putting gloss on me!” he hisses, and the elder omega looks mighty pleased with himself. “Well, at least now I know I’m never going to call Yoongi-hyung a—an—you know what!”

“I give it six days,” Hoseok says without paying him any heed. “Y’all wanna make another bet?”
The others are quick to join, throwing suggestions and guesses around, and Jimin is left to wallow alone, whining as he grinds his forehead against the table. “I hate you all,” he grumbles pitifully. “Everyone of you, you’re all so—”

“What are you all talking about?”
He jerks back upright so fast he almost throws himself out of balance and onto his back on the ground, saved only by the press of a hand against his back, right between his shoulder blades. All the air in his lungs leave him in a shuddering exhale and he instinctively tugs his
white furs around himself more securely before turning around with a small smile.

“Yoongi-hyung,” he greets quietly, gaze flickering up to meet the alpha’s before he lowers it again. Yoongi is leaning over him a little, his back a bit hunched from catching Jimin before he could
fall, and he seems to be in no hurry to let him go even after steadying him. “Hi.”

“I’m sorry I’m so late, Jimin-ah,” the alpha murmurs, only for him to hear. There’s a ghost of a smile on his lips, one that fades as soon as he turns to the others. “Why are you all teasing him?”
“It’s hard no to,” Jin says with a shrug, flicking his hand as if to bat away the alpha’s sour glare. “Anyways, we were just suggesting something, so there’s no need to get all,” he gestures all over Yoongi, “protective and alpha-ish about it.”

Jimin thinks he sees a slight tint
of red on the alpha’s cheeks and there’s a definite twitch in his hand where it’s pressed against his back, like Yoongi hadn’t realised his own behavior. “What suggestion?” he asks, more quietly.

It’s Jimin’s turn to go tense now, quickly turning to glare at Jin, half trying to
beg him to not say anything, half attempting to scare him into not doing it. Neither half end up being very successful, for the elder omega just blinks innocently at him before turning to Yoongi and saying, “We were just saying that maybe Jimin should call you by your rank.”
Yoongi freezes halfway through sitting down next to Jimin, a choked sound passing his lips before he snaps his jaw shut with a click, seemingly ceasing to breathe altogether. Jimin in turn goes positively flaming red, reaching over to swat at Taehyung, who’s cackling so
hysterically he’s about to knock over a goblet of wine.

“Stop it, you guys,” he chides, but it comes out as more of a whine, high and perhaps a bit distressed, which has Yoongi’s hand pressing more firmly against his back, surely a kneejerk reaction. It’s a soothing pressure,
and if Jimin wasn’t so intent on making his friends stop teasing the alpha, he might’ve just given up and nuzzled back into the comfort. “You guys are being ridiculous!”

He doesn’t want to make Yoongi uncomfortable, or, more like, he doesn’t want his friends to pick on the alpha
when he’s been nothing but sweet towards Jimin, albeit a bit… intense. “I’m serious, stop it,” he says, frowning, and the others do sober up a little. “I don’t see why it would be so funny, and not that it’s any of your business anyways, but I’m not gonna just jump up out of the
blue and,” he feels Yoongi shift slightly behind him, “call Yoongi-hyung—”

“Jimin, don’t—”

The alpha's warning comes too late to stop him but right on time to have him turn around in the middle of his ranting, completely oblivious to what he's doing until he meets Yoongi's
eyes at the same time as he speaks the dreaded word, “alpha.”

It's almost comical, the way Yoongi tenses so quickly he might as well have been turned to stone by some spell. There's a sharp spike in his scent, burning charcoal more potent than the actual fires all around them,
so strong Jimin can almost feel it on his skin. It makes Jimin’s blood feel like beneath his skin, goosebumps breaking out all across his neck in spite of the warm furs.

Around them, their friends have gone very, very quiet.
The only thing in the alpha still moving are his eyes, wide and flickering all over Jimin's face, and maybe it's a trick of the light, the crackling of the fires, but flecks of amber dance across his dark irises in a way that indicates just how strong his instinctual reaction is.
The sight has Jimin emitting that traitorous mewl of his before he can stop himself, yet he can’t look away from Yoongi, petrified as he is.

Maybe the alpha’s reaction would’ve been funny if Jimin himself wasn't experiencing the exact same mortification.
Before Jimin can even begin to stutter out an apology, Yoongi tears himself away from his person and turns around, and, without a word, storms off towards the outskirts of the colony, swallowed by the night's darkness as soon as he's out of reach of the fires.
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Yoongi leaves a loaded silence in his wake, one that lasts for almost an entire minute before it’s unceremoniously shattered by Hoseok bursting into peals of laughter. The others are quick to join, laughing until they’re wheezing while Jimin just stares into the darkness where
the alpha had disappeared.

“O-oh my gods,” Taehyung cackles, tears springing to his eyes with how hard he’s laughing. “Did you see his face?”

“For a second there, I thought he actually turned to stone,” Jeongguk manages, clutching his stomach through his laughter.
“Did you notice his eyes?” Jin asks breathlessly, clapping his hands together in glee. “He looked like he was about to shift, oh gods, one word from his pretty omega and it’s like he’s a teenager again!”

Through the others’ laughter, Jimin just sits there, unmoving, a very odd
sensation brimming in his chest after watching Yoongi take off in such a manner. His embarrassment is gone, the warmth of his cheeks there for a whole other reason now.

Namjoon must notice, for he quickly tries to take his mind off it. “Don’t worry, Jimin,” he says,
although his voice is strained with how much he seems to want to laugh like the rest, his amusement clear. “He’ll come back soon. He’s not angry with you, he just needs a minute to calm down.”

“I’m pretty sure he’s banging his head against a tree right now,” Hoseok chortles and
almost knocks over his cup of wine in his barely-controlled glee.

It takes Jimin a moment before he finally brings himself out of whatever state he’s stuck in, and when he turns back to the table, the others sober up quickly, subdued by the clear trace of anger behind his pout.
“You went too far, you guys!” he says loudly, gripping hard onto the edges of the furs, the beads cool under his fingers. “You’re teasing him too much! I mean, I’m really nervous about this because I’ve never done this before and I don’t know if he has, but,” he grows quieter for
every word he speaks, burrowing into his furs and regretting his outburst, “ma-maybe he’s nervous, too, so you shouldn’t be so mean.”

The others have the decency to at least look sheepish. Taehyung ducks his head a little, eyes wide; during all the years they’ve been friends,
Jimin has only gotten angry like this a handful of times, never one to raise his voice. Hoseok looks both surprised and chastised, fiddling with a fork to busy his hands while Namjoon nods his head in silent agreement.

It’s Jin who breaks the silence, heaving a deep sigh before
sitting upright. “You’re right, Jiminie, we’re sorry,” he says and reaches out to place his hands on Jimin’s shoulders, squeezing gently. “It’s just, we’re really happy for you two. We’ve seen you be hopelessly infatuated with each other for so long, we get a little excited now
that he’s finally courting you.”

Jimin huffs a little at that, but even so, he shuffles closer to Jin so the elder omega can pull him into a comforting embrace, nuzzling against his temple. “When he comes back, we won’t say anything about what happened, okay?” he suggests, and
the others are quick to nod their agreement.

“Sorry, Chim,” Taehyung says and quickly scurries over next to him to do the same as his brother, albeit with all the finesse of someone who has downed a quite impressive amount of wine. “‘M just happy for you.”
“It’s okay, Taetae,” Jimin says, huffing when Taehyung leans all of his weight over him. “Just… try to reel it in a little, okay? For me?” He pulls his best puppy eyes and juts out his lower lip along with the request, and his friend looks like he’s about to burst into tears,
nodding fervently. “Good.”

Jeongguk has to practically drag Taehyung off him, and then they quickly return to their previous cheeriness, chattering about whatever comes to mind. They resolutely avoid the topic of Yoongi’s behavior, which Jimin is very grateful for; he’s antsy as
he is as he waits for the alpha to come back, sneaking glances over his shoulder at least once every minute.

Yoongi does eventually return not too long after, his jaw set in a tense line as he sits down right next to Jimin, so close their shoulders and knees touch. It has
Jimin’s breath stuttering, but he can’t help but smile at the closeness, hiding the curl of his lips in the soft mane of his furs. “Welcome back, hyung,” he says quietly, warmth flickering through him at the soft rumble he gets in return.

“I'm sorry,” the alpha mumbles.
"I shouldn't have left like that, it was just…” He draws a deep breath and Jimin realises it’s the first time Yoongi is the one avoiding his gaze. “It was just a bit much,” he finishes stiffly, staring pointedly into the ground between them.

“I-it’s okay,” Jimin stutters
immediately, turning slightly where he sits so he can better face the alpha. “It’s okay, Yoongi-hyung, I told the others they went too far. They shouldn’t have picked on you.” He hesitates for a second, pulls his lower lip between his teeth before he shuffles closer, until his
shoulder is pressed against the side of Yoongi’s chest. “It’s okay.”

Sitting so close, he can feel the tension ease from the alpha’s posture, and he smiles again when Yoongi nods. He can’t help but shy away from his gaze when the alpha finally looks at him, pulling the furs
tightly around his collar. The movement pulls Yoongi’s eyes down to his neck, and really, Jimin can’t be blamed for holding his breath when he raises a hand towards the bare skin there.

“You look so pretty in these,” the alpha murmurs, triggering a quick rush of heat to flood
Jimin’s cheeks. “They suit you well.” There’s a small smile on his lips as he traces his fingers along the beads, almost touching his skin, and Jimin’s heart feels like it’s bursting. “I’m glad.”

“H-hyung,” Jimin breathes, wanting to hide again when Yoongi looks up and meets his
gaze. They’re so close like this, the rest of the world faded in the background, and the yearning in Jimin’s chest is almost overwhelming, so much so he’s tempted to just crawl into the alpha’s lap and never leave again.

Thankfully, his sense is stronger than his instincts this
time, and so he draws a deep breath and steels himself. “Yoongi, c-can I ask you something?”

“Of course,” the alpha says, nodding, looking at him in that way he does, like Jimin is the only thing in the world that matters just then.

It takes him a moment to find his courage,
gaze flickering between Yoongi’s face and his shoulder, lips parting and closing a few times without producing a single sound. Yoongi is patient, letting him take his time without hurrying him or prompting him to spit it out, something Jimin sheepishly realises he couldn’t blame
him for even if he did it.

“Are you,” he starts, blushing all the way to the tips of his ears. The question sits right on the tip of his tongue, and getting it out is a struggle unlike any other, but he has to do it. He has to know. “A-are you, are you courting me?”


The alpha’s answer is instantaneous, as if he’d known exactly what Jimin was about to ask. His straightforwardness has every cell of Jimin humming in content, a little, “Oh,” passing his lips in a shuddering exhale. The warmth of his cheeks grow warmer still and he
has to look away, hiding his smile in the furs Yoongi had given him. “Okay,” he whispers.

“Okay?” Yoongi repeats, inclining his head, seeking Jimin’s eyes. He meets them briefly before Jimin looks away again, nodding against the soft mane.

“Okay,” he says again, his eyes
crinkling with how widely he’s smiling. “I’m happy.”

There’s a moment of silence, and then a smile spreads over Yoongi’s lips, so wide his gums show. The sight pushes Jimin’s yearning over the edge and he shuffles closer before he can stop himself, until he can press his face
against the alpha’s shoulder. He can feel Yoongi’s chuckle, bright and maybe just a little bit shy, and his own smile grows so wide it makes his cheeks ache.

He’s so happy, he might just burst.
He's perfectly content where he sits, but after a moment or two, Jimin begins to wonder if he should retreat a little to give the alpha some space. Yoongi, however, is quick to dismiss that worry; his hand settles on Jimin's waist, a gentle touch to assure him he can stay if he
so wants. His touch is warm, even though there are two layers of clothing in between; it's as if Yoongi is touching his skin directly, and he can’t even bring himself to be embarrassed about the way he melts against the alpha’s side, tucking himself more comfortably against him.
They stay like that for the majority of the feast, even when eating and (finally) joining their friends’ conversations. True to their word, none of the others say anything about how close the two are, barely a hairsbreadth of space between them, although Jimin can practically
feel how tempted Jin is to comment, lips pressed tightly together to hide how widely he wants to grin as he stares at Jimin.

They’ve been sitting like that for probably an hour when Jimin notices something, something that pulls him out of the comfortable state Yoongi’s scent and
presence have lulled him into. The alpha is emitting a sort of rumbling sound, a growl, almost, but softer, lower. More quiet. He seems to be unaware that he’s doing it, eyes trained on Hoseok, who’s so drunk by now he can’t stop laughing at just about everything.
The sound is so deep, like it’s coming from the very core of Yoongi’s chest, and Jimin, still half stuck in his dazed state of mind, decides he wants to see if he can feel the sound as well as hear it.

So he moves closer still, and presses his face against the alpha’s chest.
There’s a stutter in Yoongi’s breath, but the sound doesn’t go away. It’s true, Jimin really can feel it, the deep vibrations of the growl the alpha emits, along with the warmth of his skin through his robes. It fills him with comfort, every cell of him humming in content, and
even though it’s embarrassing and he’s probably going to regret it later, Jimin pushes himself more firmly against Yoongi, until he ends up half straddling him, sitting sideways with his legs thrown over the alpha’s lap and his hands curling into the front of his robes.
Again, he completely fails to register the pin-drop silence that has fallen over their table. Yoongi’s left hand settles over his neck—directly over his skin, under the mane of his furs—and his other comes to rest on Jimin’s thigh, applying just enough of a subtle pressure to
ensure Jimin doesn’t even consider moving away.

Unbeknownst to him, the alpha levels Hoseok with a sharp glare when he looks like he’s about to break into a string of cooing, surely more smug than adoring. Perhaps unwittingly, the silent warning has the growling sound escalating
slightly, the scent of fire flaring, and Jimin hums contentedly and burrows further against it.

It might just be his omegan instincts talking, but he never wants to detach himself from the alpha again.

It takes Jimin a while to realise he’s emitting a sound similar to the one
rumbling in Yoongi’s chest. He doesn’t know how he does it or why, a soft humming in the back of his throat, but judging by the way the alpha’s hand tightens and eases around his neck, it’s far from a bad thing.

Jimin has no idea for how long they’ve been sitting like that when
he finally turns away from Yoongi’s chest, if only by a fraction. He cranes his head slightly and peers up at the alpha’s face as he talks with Namjoon. He looks perfectly content like this, like it’s the most natural thing in the world to have Jimin sitting in his lap like that.
He’s speaking softly, his answers short so as to not disrupt the flow of the rumbling growl in his chest for too long at once, and it has Jimin’s heart swelling to dangerous proportions.

An idea rises to the back of his mind as he looks up at Yoongi, a musing that has the warmth
of his cheeks intensifying. It’s a bold thought, far more bold than he would ever even dare consider, but he can’t help it. He’s so blissfully content where he is now and he wants the alpha to know it, he wants to show him, and so he tightens his grip on his robes and
raises his head enough so he can press his lips against Yoongi’s chin.

The kiss is light and shorter than a heartbeat, but the alpha cuts himself off halfway through a sentence with a sharp exhale, the whole of his body drawing itself taut. As soon as he feels his tension,
Jimin presses back against his chest, a sound of embarrassment escaping his lips. It’s a whine and a mewl all at once, and perhaps as a reactionary response, Yoongi’s scent grows stronger still, blanketing Jimin at the same time as his hands tighten their grip on him, pulling him
more firmly against his chest.

“Oh my gods,” Jin huffs behind him, apparently no longer able to contain himself. There’s a sound like he’s laughing, but it’s muffled, as if his lips have been covered to smother out the sound. “Oh, let go, Joonie, I’m just—”
Blushing all the way down to his collarbones, Jimin hears a few sounds of struggle before the elder omega speaks again, wide smile audible from his voice. “He really is too cute,” Jin says, ignoring Namjoon’s exasperated sigh. “You’d better take real good care of him, Yoongi.”
“I will,” the alpha says without missing a beat, thumbing at the skin of Jimin’s neck when he emits an embarrassed little sound. “For as long as he’ll let me.”

“Yoongi,” Jimin whines, the sound muffled against his robes. He doesn’t say anything else, his chest brimming with too
many emotions all at once, but Yoongi seems to understand well enough. He pulls him closer still and carefully buries his nose into Jimin’s hair, the rumbling sound starting in his chest again.

“I mean it, Jiminie,” he murmurs, and Jimin is simultaneously relieved and
disappointed he can’t see the alpha’s face right now. They’re sitting so close, but Jimin wants him closer still, wants more of the wonderful sense of comfort and security Yoongi wraps him in just by being there. “I want to take care of you.”

Another whine spills from Jimin’s
lips, but he nods his head as best he can against the alpha’s chest, his cheeks aflame and his neck burning. He wants that, too, he wants it so much. He’s wanted it since he was only a kid, and hearing Yoongi wants it too, well…

He really could burst.
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When the feast is over and the villagers begin to retreat back to their dens, it takes both Jin and Taehyung to pry Jimin away from the alpha’s person. He knows he’s being unreasonable, that he’s being incredibly needy and clingy, but for some reason, he can’t help it. He can’t
help his eyes turning glassy when Jin tells him it’s time to go.

“I don’t want to go,” he whines, one hand rubbing at his eyes while the other holds tightly onto the sleeve of Yoongi’s robes. “I-I don’t know why I’m—why I’m like this, but,” he sniffles, casting his eyes down
in shame, “I don’t want to go. I’m sorry.”

Had he been less worked up, he might’ve noticed the way Jin juts his chin at Yoongi and mouths the words, “Do something,” at him. The alpha flounders for a second, looking like all he wants to do is pull Jimin close and ease his
distress in any way he can.

Finally, he settles for taking a step closer to Jimin, carefully taking hold of the hand that’s clutching his sleeve. “It’s alright, Jimin-ah,” he says a bit hoarsely, rubbing his thumb over Jimin’s knuckles, gently coaxing him into letting go.
“We’ll see each other first thing in the morning, right? As soon as the sun’s up, we can do whatever you want.”

Through his sniffling, Jimin thinks he can hear Jeongguk huff out something that sounds like “whipped,” but he doesn’t care, only nodding in reply to Yoongi’s words.
“We’ll go to the meadow,” the alpha suggests, standing so close it takes all the effort in the world to not lean into him again. Yoongi seems to struggle with the same want, fingers twitching around Jimin’s hand. “I’ll wear your gift.”

His words have Jimin finally looking up,
although the alpha does grow even more tense at the sight of his teary eyes and flushed cheeks. “Y-you will?” Jimin asks quietly, strangely pleased with the thought.

“I should’ve worn it already,” Yoongi huffs, eyes flickering all over Jimin’s face. His grip on Jimin’s hand
tightens for a moment before he lets him go, shushing him softly when Jimin emits a distressed little sound. “It’s only for the night,” the alpha murmurs and brushes his thumb over his cheek. “Will you wait for me until the morning, pretty?”

And oh, that’s unfair,
it’s so unfair, because in his current state, Jimin wants nothing more than to make Yoongi proud of him. The affectionate byname doesn’t help at all, either, rendering him a blushing mess, clinginess forgotten. “I-I’ll wait,” he stutters, once again wholly incapable of meeting
the alpha’s eyes. “Just… just don’t take too long.”

“I won’t,” Yoongi promises without pause, managing a smile before he finally lets his hand drop and he steps back. He goes rigid as soon as he does, as does Jimin, but he lets Taehyung and Jin guide him towards the omega den,
the former hardly sober enough to help while the latter just heaves a light sigh and shakes his head.

“Young love,” Jin hums to himself, and braces himself to spend his night cuddling Jimin to make sure he can actually get some sleep amidst his hopeless pining.
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True to Yoongi’s promise, when the sun rises, they meet outside the omega den. It’s not only the two of them, however; on Jin’s insistence, the lot of them will accompany Jimin to the meadows, where he is to attempt his first changing from human to wolf. “The sooner you do it,
the easier it’ll be,” he says when Jimin begins to fret over breakfast. “Our presence will help to draw him out of you and shift to take his form.”

Safe to say Jimin is buzzing with nervous excitement when he steps out of the den. It doesn’t get any better when he finds Yoongi
waiting for him outside along with the others, the flower crown sitting neatly atop his head.

Warmth blossoms all over his face, and he resolutely ignores the obnoxiously loud snort Jin emits behind him, along with just how amused Jeongguk and Hoseok seem, grinning very, very
widely. Instead, Jimin pointedly looks down at the ground, wringing his hands as he remembers all the things he did yesterday.

He’s so embarrassed, he can’t even bring himself to look at the alpha when he walks up right in front of Jimin. “G-good morning, hyung,” he manages
meekly, fidgeting when he feels a slight shift in Yoongi’s scent, his worry somehow tangible. “I-I’m sorry about yesterday. I don’t know what happened, why I was suddenly so… so—”

He promptly cuts himself off when the alpha’s hand settles gently against the side of his neck,
thumb brushing against the skin just below his jaw, coaxing him to raise his head. “You have nothing to apologise for, Jimin,” Yoongi assures him, voice so deep and calm Jimin can’t help but relax. “I felt the same way.”

That has Jimin looking up, briefly meeting his eyes before
looking away again, pursing his lips into a little pout. He does, however, also lean into the alpha’s touch, the press against his skin becoming more firm. “At least you weren’t so embarrassing about it,” he mumbles, the whine in his voice hardly subtle.

Yoongi chuckles at his
words, grinning as he thumbs just below Jimin’s ear. “Yeah, but I’ve been practicing for years to not be embarrassing around you,” he says in a much more nonchalant tone than the tension in his jaw portrays. “And I’m still acting like an idiot most of the time.”
Jimin giggles before he can stop himself, raising his hands to cover his lips and muffle the sound. When he feels the alpha’s touch tighten slightly against his neck, he carefully moves his hands to take Yoongi’s in his own, blushing under his heavy gaze. “Thank you,” he says,
smiling sweetly at the alpha’s attempt to cheer him up. “I missed you, Yoongi-hyung.”

Yoongi’s grin eases into a soft smile, and he leans in and presses his forehead against Jimin’s. “I missed you too, pretty,” he murmurs and draws Jimin’s hands against his chest, and there’s
that sound again, that steady, low rumble that has Jimin wanting to curl up against him and let himself be swallowed in the alpha’s embrace, and—

“Okay, you two need to stop doing this.”

The two of them jump in surprise at the sudden, fondly exasperated voice. Yoongi pulls
Jimin in close seemingly on instinct, the makings of a growl starting up in his chest before he realises where they are and who they’re surrounded by.

“Seriously, you’re impossible,” Jin says, scoffing, although he does look quite amused. “Every time you see each other, you
completely forget about everything and everyone else around you.”

“We do not,” Jimin protests at the same time as Yoongi huffs out a quiet, “Shut up, Seokjin.” Jin quirks a challenging brow at the alpha, who grouches something inaudible and presses a bit more firmly against
Jimin’s side, his breath warm against Jimin’s ear.

“Impossible,” the elder omega says again, heaving an over-exaggerated sigh before clapping his hands together to stir them all into motion. “Alright, you lot. We’re heading to the meadows to see if we can coax Jimin into
changing into his wolf form for the first time. All of us should shift as well, so he’ll feel more encouraged to take the same shape as the rest of us.”

They take off towards the meadows with Jin in the front to lead the way, closely followed by Namjoon and Hoseok. Taehyung and
Jeongguk scurry after them, playfully shoving at each other while they walk, and Jimin and Yoongi make the tail of their party, more than content to let the others walk ahead.

In fact, Jimin is very happy the others have their back towards them; when Yoongi non-so-subtly pulls
him a bit closer by his hand as they walk, he blushes so fiercely he knows neither Jin nor Taehyung would ever let him live it down.

He shyly ducks his head, and holds tightly onto the alpha’s hand.

When they arrive at the meadows, the others waste no time in preparing for
their own changing, slipping out of their robes so as to not have them tear. Yoongi chuckles when Jimin automatically turns away to spare their nonexistent modesty, and the alpha gives his hand a quick squeeze before letting him go and moving to join the others. With his back
turned to them, Jimin walks out into the meadow, counting flowers all around him until the sound of heavy footsteps draw up behind him.

“Are you finished?” he asks, perhaps a little dumbly, and he doesn’t turn back around before he gets an answering huff, the sound low and much
rougher than any human could make.

The wolf standing before him is black as night and tall enough to reach the top of his waist, with eyes like gleaming amber. He all but exudes strength and power and undoubtedly a fierce sense of pride, and if Jimin didn’t know him, he might’ve
been afraid.

Yoongi’s wolf form is one Jimin has seen many times, and it never fails to fill him with awe. “Hi,” he murmurs when the beast pads over to him and presses his muzzle against Jimin's stomach, rumbling deep in his chest. With a giggle, Jimin sinks down to his knees
to stroke the fur of the alpha’s jaw, smiling when the wolf leans heavily against his touch. “You’re so pretty, hyung.”

He gets a snort in return and knows Yoongi would be arguing if he had the ability to speak in this form. With another quiet laughter, Jimin picks up the flower
crown from his lap and sets it on the alpha’s head, circling one of his ears to stay in place. “There,” he hums, smiling brightly in the face of the wolf’s unimpressed glare. “Now you’re even prettier.”

Yoongi makes a sound like he’d want nothing more than protest, a mix between
a whine and a groan, and promptly takes a step forward to nudge his head against Jimin’s chest. He puts enough force into it to almost knock Jimin over, and it pulls a string of laughter from him as he stumbles to keep himself upright. The alpha doesn’t relent, playfully pushing
him around in a little circle in the meadow until Jimin finally yields, still giggling as he presses his hands against Yoongi's neck to keep him at arm's length. "Okay, okay, fine," he says breathlessly. "You win, you big puppy."

The glare the alpha pins him under has him
laughing all over again, reading nothing but feigned irritation in his gaze. "Sorry, hyung," Jimin hums once he sobers up enough, moving his hands up to cup Yoongi's head, a task much too difficult for his small hands. "I was just teasing."

The alpha huffs, and the low rumble
Jimin has so come to adore simmers in his chest. Jimin falls silent to listen, the sound much clearer in this form, and after a moment or two, Yoongi shifts slightly, slowly drawing closer until he can nuzzle against the side of Jimin's face. With his heart in his throat, Jimin
sits perfectly still while the alpha gently nudges against his cheek and jaw, his wet nose forcing him to bite into his lower lip to not start giggling again.

'Seriously,' Jin groans inwardly from someways behind the two, exasperated at their little display. 'They're hopeless.'

okay lmao i need to get my shet together and set up proper updates xD until then, well, hang tight~~
Jin lets them have their moment, standing by the sidelines for as long as he can stomach the sweet display before saunters over to the two and nudges Yoongi away. “You go away for a few minutes,” he says, ignoring the alpha’s reproachful glare.
“We need to get Jimin started on his changing.”

Yoongi looks like he wants to protest, but the elder omega holds his gaze until he backs off, huffing sullenly as he trudges away, although not before giving Jimin’s chest one final nudge. “You’d think I just asked him to move
across the country away from you,” Jin mutters with a snort, and Jimin can’t help but giggle. “Alright, it’s time to begin.”

He kneels in front of Jimin and takes his hands, smiling as they settle in the grass of the meadows. “Now, I know it’s a foreign thought to get
used to,” he starts, “but your wolf is part of who you are now. It’s half of the whole that is you. Our wolves have been part of us since we were born, so to us, changing is as natural as breathing.”

Over his shoulder, Jimin can see the others playing around, four of them
chasing each other around while Yoongi sits still in the high grass, waiting. “It’s not a natural thing for you yet,” Jin says gently, rubbing at the knuckles of his hands, “so it’s going to take a bit more effort to bring him out.”

Jimin nods, looking away from Yoongi’s form to
concentrate on the elder omega’s words. “The others’ presence helps a lot,” Jin explains and glances behind himself. “Seeing other wolves will lure out your own. It’ll want to join the others, to play with them and run with them, to be as they are.”

There’s a flicker of
something in Jimin’s chest, and he holds tightly onto Jin’s hands.

“You want that, don’t you?” the elder omega hums. “You want to exist in the same form as they do, right? There’s a part of you that wants to be just like them, isn’t there? To exist in this moment in the very
same way they do.” He leans forward just a bit, smiling. “You want to be the same as Yoongi,” he murmurs, “in the same form that’s half of him, don’t you? You want to take that same form, so that those halves may come together, too, as wolves just like you have as humans?”
“Yes,” Jimin whispers, looking past Jin and at the alpha, whose gaze never wavers from him. There’s a pull within him now, like something outside of his own control is reaching out as far as it can.

“Don’t hold it back,” Jin says and lets him go in favor of moving back a little.
“Let it out, Jimin, trust it to guide your way from here.”

There’s blood rushing in Jimin’s ears, his heart throbbing in his chest while every one of his senses flare. ‘Yes,’ he thinks dully and nods without taking his eyes off Yoongi. ‘Guide me.’

“Give in to it.” The elder
omega’s smile widens as if he’d heard Jimin’s thoughts, and he backs up a bit further. “It’s your other half,” he coaxes. “It’s your other form, just as natural as this one. Let it lead your way, let it be the one to take your steps for you, to walk, to run.”
Jimin craves it, whatever it is, he wants so much to let himself be claimed by the burning sensation within him.

“Welcome it,” Jin says firmly, “and submit.”

It happens in a flash. A tremor racks Jimin’s body and he hunches forward, a growl spilling from his lips. His body
feels hot, much too hot for his skin, his muscles straining taut. It almost hurts, the way his bones rearrange themselves, but instead of pain, there’s contentedness. Instead of hurt, he feels like he’s waking up after having been asleep for years and years.

When the last quiver
slips from his body, he’s out of breath and panting, his body feeling heavier than ever before. He groans, but the sound that slips from him is a low whine, unrecognisable to his own ears. He startles, jerking upright, only to immediately stumble over his own two feet.
No, wait, not two feet.

Four feet.

Four paws, more like.
He twists his head as best he can where he lies, trying to get a proper look at himself. His fur is the color of caramel, a soft brown hue with the occasional patch of white. He’s slim, his body seeming agile rather than strong, and his tail is long and fluffy,
wagging slightly out of his control.

‘Oh,’ he thinks, giddiness bubbling in his chest. ‘It worked.’

Jimin’s balance is completely winded and he kicks feebly with his legs a few times before he manages to get them under his body and push upright. He stands carefully, feeling
feeling like a newborn foal, wobbly, having to actually focus on remaining upright, and even then, he still staggers when he takes a tentative step forward and finally raises his head.

There are six wolves standing in front of him, every one of them familiar yet foreign at the
same time. Jimin knows them all, he knows their names and scents, but it’s different somehow. Without uttering a sound, they’re beckoning him, filling him with a desire for closeness, for belonging.

To be one of them.

His ears perk up—an odd sensation, that—and he emits another
whine, although far from distressed. He eyes them all in order and can practically feel their own curiosity and excitement, tails wagging, every bit as elevated as he is. If wolves could smile, he’s fairly certain they’d all be grinning right now, just as giddy as he.
Then his gaze settles on the black wolf, and oh, the giddiness turns into something else entirely.

Yoongi is looking at him with such fierce pride, Jimin can’t stop himself from preening, satisfied to have caused the alpha’s contentedness. He lowers his head a little, spurred on
by his instincts to make himself as small as he can, especially when the black wolf is the first one to break away from the others and slowly walk closer.

He’s not quite sure how it happens, but by the time Yoongi is standing right in front of him, Jimin is
lying on the ground again, gaze downcast and ears pressed flat against his head. He’s not entirely sure why he does it, but his insides are humming with delight, exhilarated at the mere thought of the alpha praising him for his act.

That’s probably why his tail is wagging, too,
smacking against the ground.

He hears that rumble again, that deep, soothing sound, and chances a peek up, excitement rushing up his spine at the sight of Yoongi. He’s stands tall, his stance taut with pride. Jimin can barely contain himself, especially when he realises this is
what the alpha must've looked like when he challenged the staghorn lion to bring Jimin his gift.

When the alpha finally leans down to properly greet him, Jimin is all but vibrating. He keeps as still as he can while Yoongi noses at his muzzle, his jaw, his cheek, and the base
of his ears, but when the alpha presses his nose against his neck, Jimin can’t help himself anymore. He turns his head and nuzzles against Yoongi, whining in the back of his throat as he licks at the alpha’s muzzle.

If possible, the black wolf tenses further still, the rumble in
his chest briefly turning into something more akin to a growl. Unperturbed, Jimin nips playfully at the fur of his jaw, only to shudder in exhilarated delight when the alpha returns the favor directly against his neck, sharp teeth grazing the skin underneath Jimin’s thick fur.
It’s a whole lot less playful than Jimin’s nip, and there’s an overpowering urge within Jimin to bare his neck completely and submit. He emits a quiet, high noise and Yoongi presses in a bit firmer, until Jimin is sure his heart is about to burst against his ribs.
i'm gonna leave y'all hanging HERE, because bighit has crippled me both physically and emotionally and i just had to reach a good cliffhanger, sO

until next time~~~
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