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We are at a crossroads in America. Society has been splintered and we are currently living in dual competing realities. Now more than ever, we must learn what we can and can't do about it.

THREAD. Please read & RT. (1/39)
Table of Contents: (yes, srsly)
1 - Thesis
2 - Table of Contents
3-9 - Case Studies of Invalidation and Victim Blaming
10-12 - Dual Realities
13-23 - Abuse and Dual Reality Case Study in Entertainment
25-34 - What Can and Can’t We Do?
35-39 - Closing statement
40-x - Sources

We are hurdling towards a major crossroads in American history. It is vitally important to recognize the concept of Dual Realities and how we survive this ordeal together.

So let's sober up and take the plank out of our eye. Let's take an honest look at how bad it's gotten. 3/
The Parkland shooting. Student survivors decided enough was enough. They marched for a safer world, honoring a tradition that defines American freedom.

Then the political Right alleged these students were "crisis actors". Media attacked and tried to invalidate their message.
The Charlottesville Riots. White Supremacists & Neo Nazis clashed against protesters. They chanted "Jews will not replace us" & Nazi slogans. One drove a car into Heather Heyer and killed her.

Then the PRESIDENT & others defended the Supremacists. They were "Very fine people" 5/
The #MeToo& #TimesUp movements. Abuse victims around the world spoke up, empowered by others. Many abusive truths were revealed about prominent figures.

Many accused the victims of lying for gain, of a “witch hunt”, prioritizing the reputation of men over the safety of women. 6/
NFL players kneeled during National Anthem to call attention to police brutality & racism. It was a peaceful protest, a hallmark of our constitution: Freedom of Speech & Assembly.

The right said they were disrespectful to troops (who btw fought so we could have these rights) 7/
Roy Moore, a man accused of sexual assault by SEVEN women (some minors at the time), ran for re-election in Alabama. At first, many on the right called for him to step down.

Then the RNC continued to fund him. Trump endorsed him. Many blamed the abuse victims without stop. 8/
Look at how much of society has been directly affected in these 5 examples alone: students, citizens, women, athletes, & politicians.

What is the common thread? It's simple:

Toxic groups continue to INVALIDATE and victim blame real issues. And no one's been able to stop it. 9/
We are at a crossroads in history. The internet is tearing reality apart. By giving everyone an equal voice, we have also given a platform to the most vile, inhumane, and evil behavior.

The internet has allowed the best and worst parts of humanity grow in strength, unimpeded.10/
Moreso now than ever, we've seen an inhumane side of humanity rise up together to INVALIDATE every single major issue. Real people who have suffered incredible abuse, death, and torture are being blamed and shut up by mob mentalities, populist groups, and even the President. 11/
This brings us to the key point: We are on the verge of losing society to DUAL REALITIES.

The first reality listens to objective truth. It is created when humans step forward to highlight an important issue.

The other reality invalidates, victim blames, & protect abusers 12/
Being in entertainment, I have been paying a lot of attention to the stories around my industry. Our version of this dual reality is majorly influenced by the idolization of celebrity. I saw a dark underbelly of it recently that really shook my perceptions. Let me lay it out. 13/
Remember when Rihanna's face was split open by Chris Brown? Thousands of his fans defended him and victim blamed Rihanna for the bloody assault. Amber Heard was tormented and assaulted by Johnny Depp, yet the media and his fans blamed her and invalidated her story. 14/
Celebrity culture in the internet era has birthed a rabid & obsessed dual reality - emotionally invested fans who will protect their idols at all costs.

I didn't realize just how dangerous these groups were until a rabid fandom tried to silence my closest friend @breebunn. 15/
3 years ago, Bree dated a celebrity actor who currently stars in a show with one of the most rabid fandoms online. Their relationship was filled with turmoil and emotional/psychological abuse. When it ended, there were many messy post-relationship posts across social media. 16/
Bree had been gaslit, emotionally & psychologically abused, & felt completely out of control for years. When she vented this out online, the fandom immediately attacked & tried to invalidate her, saying she defamed and damaged her ex "under the guise of 'emotional venting'". 17/
The fandom selectively collected the posts she wrote in a manic depressive state and used them as "definitive" evidence against her. They scoured interviews for quotes from her ex. They "irrefutably" thought they knew the full actual truth through what was seen only in media. 18/
Fast forward to 3 years later in 2018. Bree posts an important message about why victims have trouble coming forward. She has experienced this exact pain and has seen it happen to her friends. She purposefully does not reference her ex, but addresses the issue of fandom. 19/
And within moments, without being tagged, this rabid and toxic fandom spread the message that Bree was "at it again", and immediately did literally exactly what she just said happens to those who come forward. Invalidation, victim blaming, and a mob mentality to shut her up. 20/
The absolute scary thing is that these posts were retweeted and favorited hundreds of times. This is the DUAL REALITY that we've let grow unhinged. These fandoms are so rabid, obsessed, & emotionally invested that any hint of attack on their idol is an attack on them all. 21/
Just look at this sequence of events: Bree, who has personally seen & suffered abuse, writes an objectively true & important message about the reality of abuse victims. There is zero defamation of anyone. The fandom, as a mob, immediately tries to invalidate & shut her down. 22/
I couldn't see how toxic & dangerous this fandom was until I watched it happen in real time to Bree. I knew many still defend the Chris Browns & Johnny Depps of the world and blame the victims instead, but this showed me how vile & deep the rabbit hole went. It's absurd. 23/
If you need more proof that this fandom is rabid, manic, & obsessed, glance at any of their timelines. They track, repost, & comment on every single aspect of their idol's social lives. It is an unhealthy shared addiction, constantly bringing their emotions to a fever pitch. 24/
These dual realities are growing unchecked in every part of society, from internet fandoms to mass media. These groups are splintering off, actually living a different reality than what objective truth shows us. And as our country spirals out of control, we need to act. Now. 25/
The problem we face now is the thesis question of this entire thread: what exactly can we do? What can't we do?

Let's talk about the battles we can fight, and how we can win them. 26/
1. We need to accept our failure: we cannot win arguments against those who won't acknowledge objective truth or against trolls who only aim to bait us further and sabotage our efforts.

We have given toxicity an equal platform as us when it doesn't actually deserve it. 27/
2. We need to accept the harsh truth: there may be no way to change the fact that we're entering a dual reality. It's nigh unstoppable when so many iterations of these lies are accepted en masse.

Humans are susceptible creatures. We must draw a hard line in the sand. 28/
Groups like ISIS recruit to their dual reality by finding young disaffected youth. These kids could have swayed in either direction, but were pulled one way by an evil force.

We must fight for those in the middle because it might not be possible to sway the most entrenched. 29/
There will undoubtedly be backlash from the groups I mentioned. We must categorically deny them an equal voice/platform. We must stop, shut down, & invalidate their attempts to do the same to us. If we can't shake them from their embedded reality, then LEAVE. THEM. BEHIND. 30/
Hear me: We MUST stand with our victims. We must listen to their stories, understand their pain, & absolutely REFUSE to let the dual reality of invalidation & victim blaming have ANY credence or ground to stand on. The TRUTH CAN & WILL sort itself out without their toxicity. 31/
We've let ourselves become bullied & invalidated. President Trump has full reign over a spineless Republican party that accepts his dual reality because at the end of the day, they'll still be protected, rich, & safe when it's all over. The rest of us don't have that luxury. 32/
We are surrounded by dual realities. We might not be able to change the fact that they exist, but we SURE AS HELL can throw more rocks and oust the ones we've let wreak havoc on humanity. We can push them out of our society, and we can rehabilitate those that want to rejoin. 33/
Just because we force them out does not mean we can't still keep tabs on the splinter realities of our world. We will save our society from this chaos if we can join and reject their belief that they should have an equal standing in a world we define by objective truth. 34/
This week in US politics we will begin to see what happens when the net of Mueller's investigation finally closes around a President who will do anything to invalidate, deflect, and enforce his dual reality. It will be America's greatest modern political struggle. 35/
And whatever happens, whatever choices are and aren't made, know that we can shout louder, we can be stronger, and we can protect that which matters to us. It just means we need to turn and look at our neighbors, those we trust, and come to an agreement: 36/
Join me and reject the entrapment that splinter dual realities will try to pull you into. Stand together in a world defined by objective truth. BE THE LIGHT that shines upon those that would seek to destroy our reality. Follow each other into the darkness. Fight as humanity. 37/
We're in new waters, people. We are just now seeing how the internet has created a rabid toxicity and vileness that perforates every industry. We have let foreign nations and bots control and direct our minds. It is high time we said NO to those who deserve it. Stand with me. 38/

Thank you everybody.
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