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YM 🔞 | A camboy!Yoongi Threadfic | When Yoongi put out the ad for a guy to fuck him on camera for thousands of viewers, he didn't expect much. He certainly didn't expect shy gorgeous Park Jimin to answer the call.
It wasn't like Yoongi ever planned on doing this with his life. It was just one of those things that managed to happen and being the type of person he was, he just went with it. Besides, it wasn't like Yoongi didn't /enjoy/ the attention.
It all started when he was nineteen years old and fresh out of high school with a big world open in front of him. He wanted to follow his dreams, his passions. He wanted to write music and make something of himself he could be proud of. But his parents didn't agree. They didn't
support him. And without their support, Yoongi was a broke ads homeless kid in Seoul with nothing but a backpack full of clothes and a heart full of dreams. He was never the type to give up and so he spent what little money he save up on the first three months rent of a
shitty apartment and hit the pavement.

Yoongi wasn't picky about work. He did it all. He washed dishes, cleaned hotel rooms, washed cars, fixed doors and windows, hung up fliers, delivered food and other packages. Whatever work he could find, Yoongi did. All whike never
complaining and never running back to his parents for help. Yoongi took care of himself in the only ways he could and though it wasn't ideal, it was all he could do. College was a pipe dream but he saved and saved and worked his body until he was exhausted.
It was while he was questioning his life choices when the thought came to him.

Yoongi didn't have friends in the city. His only friend, Namjoon, was still back in Daegu finishing up high school. But Yoongi liked to keep him updated on his life through social media.
Nothing crazy. A selfie here and there. A picture of his meal, or a song he was working on. Or a new bruise he aquired at a job.

Those pictures started it all.

At first, the intensely sexual and creepy DMs Yoongi recieved made him scoff and block. Why were people so
fascinated with seeing dark bruises on his soft pale skin? Sure, maube he wasn't an ugly mule but it was just weird to have people be so bluntly sexual with him. It creeped him out and thus he ignored them for a long time.

And then came the offer of money.
At first it seemed like a joke. "I would seriously pay money to see that pretty face of yours choking on a cock." It creeped Yoongi out like all the others but then a thought occurred.

Did people actually pay money for that?
Well yes. Prostitution was a thing. But that was dangerous and Yoongi didn't like the idea of random people fucking him anyway.

But this?

He did his research. He found other boys and girls who did such things for a living. He talked to them, found they were happy to answer
any questions he had.

He made friends with one, a gorgeous boy who went by Bun. Yoongi later learned his name was Jungkook, and he lived in Seoul too. He was a "camboy" and taught Yoongi everything he needed to know. It was a larger process than Yoongi first thought.
It took a lot of time, effort and confidence. But with Jungkook's help, Yoongi was able to flourish. He had a lot to thank Jungkook for. The boy let Yoongi start out on his channel, showing him off so he could collect his own viewers before moving onto his own channel.
Now, two years later, Yoongi was a pro. He wasn't awkward and unsure anymore. He didn't need to take random jobs to support himself and he was even taking a few courses at the same college as Jungkook and Namjoon, who followed Yoongi to Seoul so they could follow their
dreams together.

Yoongi was pretty comfortable in his life. He had a decent following that supported him well enough, he was writing more and more music and he had two very close friends who supported him in everything he did.
Unlike Jungkook, Yoongi kept his videos and live streams solo. He kept his face mostly hidden behind a mask for anonymity sake, like Jungkook, but he didn't bring random guys home to feel him up for others to see. He didnt judge Jungkook for the things he liked and did.
Yoongi just figured that wasn't for him. Did he like men? Oh yes, very much. But truthfully, when it came to sex and relationships, Yoongi was just awkward with them. He hadn't dated since middle school, and that was a girl. And the handful of times he had sex in high school
they weren't nearly as good as he would have liked. Yoongi could do no strings attached, he just preferred not to. And considering his current career, getting a boyfriend who understood was just... Impossible.
But Yoongi wasn't unhappy by any means. He liked being single. And he liked doing his shows solo. So did his audience.

Or so he thought.
It started slowly. He noticed a slighr increase in comments, requesting he work with Jungkook again, or other cammers Yoongi knew by association. Jungkook told him all the time how many requests he got to work with Yoongi again. But as much as Yoongi liked Jungkook
He wasn't keen on seeing his dick again now that they were best friends. It was just /weird/ in Yoongi's opinion and even more weird how willing Jungkook was to bring Yoongi back on his show. But Jungkook was a weird kid and Yoongi loved him a whole lot.
Yoongi didn't comment on the requests for a while until they grew in momentum and he got too many to ignore. His viewers desperately wanted to see what he looked like when he got fucked, or what his mouth looked like wrapped around a cock.
Now, it wasn't like Yoongi had never done those things with toys. Showing his whole face wasn't a thing but he showed just his mouth from time to time because his viewers enjoyed watching him suck on things. And he had fucked himself plenty of times.
But /this/ was a whole new world for him. Fucking guys? Been there, done that. But on camera? For thousands of viewers? That was more Jungkook's thing.
When Yoongi's two year anniversary of starting his channel started to crawl up on him, he decided he wanted to do something special for the lovely people who supported him. They were the reasons he could afford to live comfortably without tearing down his body like before.
They deserved something special, he thought.

So with Jungkook's help and Namjoon's suggestion, he put up a poll of options for his loyal viewers to vote on.

That entire bullshit was the reason he was currently in this damn predicament.
Yoongi didn't expect the results. He put that option in the poll just to see what would happen but he didn't expect it to /win/. He didn't realize how badly his viewers wanted to see him get fucked. Jungkook and Namjoon were wholly unsurprised and told Yoongi that option was
going to win from the beginning. Yoongi hadn't listened.

Now, he was struck trying to find someone who could do it. Jungkook was not an option, no matter how much he whined and begged to be. And Namjoon... Just no. Yoongi had no other options. He knew two fucking people in Seoul
and anyone else, sure didn't know what he did for a living. So he was limited.

Jungkook suggested getting a male prostitute.

Namjoon suggested Yoongi put out an ad in of those those singles looking for singles hook up forums.

Unsurprisingly, Namjoon's suggestion was the most

Yoongi didn't expect much from the ad. He figured people would think he was either 1) creepy as fuck, 2) joking or 3) grossly desperate. He was blunt and obvious in the ad, a small paragraph that showed up under the page for people in his area and age range.
"They call me Suga. I'm 21 and not looking for anything serious. I just need a guy, preferably around my age, to fuck me. In front of a camera. For thousands of viewers. No big deal really. Interested? Email me."
Yoongi wasn't surprised by the life emails he recieved after that in his burner email made specifically for that ad. There were promises he would be fucked so good he wouldn't be able to walk. None of that shit appealed to him.

But he was surprised by the amount of legitament
responses he received. People had questions, like what he needed and what it all entailed that Yoongi was happy to answer. He also pointed out that they would be compensated for their time, seeing as he was being paid as well. It seemed only fair but he didn't add that into
the ad because he figured he would get even more creeps.

Yoongi had actual options. A handful of guys seemed pretty decent. They didn't know of Yoongi before contacting him, which meant they weren't a viewer which was a positive.

Yoongi didn't know how to pick one.
So he gathered his best friends and the three of them poured over Yoongi's phone, scanning through each applicant for the one they felt fit him the best.

Jackson was a nice Chinese guy who knew 3 languages and had an a for days. His humor was nice but he seemed to have a thing
for the handsome guy in most of his Instagram pictures, so Jungkook pointed out.

Kihyun was nice. Handsome, pretty smile, soft spoken. He liked no strings attached. He had a dom mentality though and Yoongi wasn't so keen on that.
Baekhyun was gorgeous, funny, open and kind. He genuinely wanted to have a little fun but Namjoon wasn't so sure about that "open" relationship he had with the really tall guy in most of his pictures with him.
Jihoon was a fellow camboy Yoongi knew of. They had a similar style, a similar following. They'd never met but Yoongi knew Jihoon was a nice guy. Cute too. But Jungkook could only chuckle and say "who's fucking who?"
The longer Yoongi sat with his friends going over each and every applicant in full detail, the more he started to feel like it was hopeless. Kihyun was such a good pick and yet Yoongi was hesitant to land on him. Maybe it was the entire idea of letting someone fuck him
on camera. He agreed because it was what they wanted and Yoongi knew he could back out if he really wanted. But, this was supposed to be something special and this was as special as it could get.

And he wasn't completely opposed to getting fucked.

He was just being picky.
While Namjoon and Jungkook bickered over who was better suited for Yoongi, Kihyun or Jihoon, Yoongi snuck away into his kitchen for a drink. He leaned against the counter with a heavy sigh as he waited for the kettle to whistle for his tea. He had three mugs out, two for tea and
one for hot chocolate because Jungkook would forever be a child in Yoongi's eyes. Also because the boy loved it.

Yoongi toyed with his phone as he waited, the soft thump of a headache forming at his temples. He didn't expect this to be so complicated. Was a decent gorgeous
human being with no strong attached too much to ask for?

Yoongi was pondering this question when his phone alerted him to a new email. Curious, Yoongi clicked to open it and he was rather pleased with what he read.
There was something a little professional and put together with the way this Park Jimin wrote his email and that peaked Yoongi's interest. He didn't know who this person was, and his email sure was cute, so Yoongi didn't see a reason not to reply.
Once the email was sent, Yoongi placed his phone on the counter and started preparing their packets of tea and hot chocolate. By the time the kettle whistled and the drinks were done, Yoongi had another new email from Park Jimin.
It was an honest answer. If anything, this guy seemed curious. Not creepy or weird, just curious and that was enough for Yoongi. It was worth looking into at least. Jimin seemed like a nice guy and so Yoongi composed his response with hope.
Yoongi sent the email with hope and then tucked his phone away in his pocket before he gathered all the drinks and joined his friends in the living room once more. They thanked him for the drinks and settled down on the couch together.
They still hadn't reached any conclusion and Yoongi was starting to get a headache and so they decided watching a movie would be a good idea. Yoongi settled down between his two much larger friends with his tea and his phone, and tried to give the action movie most of his

That attempt was ruined when his phone vibrated against his thigh with a new message from an unknown number.
Yoongi glanced at his friends to assure they weren't paying him much attention before responding. He was doing business after all.
It didn't take long for Jimin to reply.
Yoongi snorted at the question, earning a perked eyebrow from Namjoon who had an arm wrapped snuggly around Yoongi's shoulders. Yoongi only shrugged at him and returned to his phone, knowing his friend would assume he was talking to at least one of his options. And that was true.
Yoongi paused at the question. It was a reasonable question. One many of the others had asked as well. He had a scripted response but there was something very honest about this Jimin fellow that urged Yoongi to be honest as well.
Yoongi didn't feel nervous telling this stranger such a thing. If they were going to do this, Yoongi had to be honest after all.
Yoongi paused, chewing on his bottom lip in thought, movie completely forgotten. This guy was only twenty years old. A red flag dinged at the back of Yoongi's skull and he kept it in mind while he continued.
He used a cute emoji. Yoongi clenched his teeth a little hard, trying to not let himself become biased already without even knowing what the guy looked like yet. He took a deep breath and thought up plenty of questions to ask.
After about of minute of silence, Yoongi furrowes his brow and responded.
It was important to Yoongi.
Yoongi inhaled through his nose and leaned further on Namjoon for support. Both if his friends were focused on the movie but he had their silent support. So he just went for it. There were still plenty of things to learn but Yoongi was curious now. Very very curious about this
cute emoji using twenty year old Jimin.
Yoongi felt nervous all of a sudden and started chewing on the nail ned,of his thumbnail. Jimin was free to back out at any moment. They hadn't agreed on anything yet. But Yoongi didn't want him to just disappear. He was curious.
Suddenly feeling anxious, Yoongi sat up a little straighter and swiped across his phone screen to open up Twitter and typed Jimin's handle,in the search bar. Jiminnie🐣 poped up first and Yoongi knew he found the right profile. He clicked on it and held his breathe.
Yoongi's breath came in a harsh weeze and he almost felt like choking.

"Oh my /god/." He whispered harshly, his eyes wide as he hurried to scroll through Park Jimin's media images.

The man was /fucking gorgeous/.

Yoongi had not been prepared for that.
He seemed like a normal hard working college kid from his tweets. He had friends he took pictures with sometimes but the guy sure took a lot of selfies. And /fuck/ were they good selfies.

His hair was such a pretty copper orange, his skin tanned, his eyes small but
pretty. His nose cute, his lips to fucking /die/ for and those goddamn arms; Yoongi was going to start drooling. He gathered that Jimin was a dance major and his toned amazing body reflected that.

He was the most gorgeous creature Yoongi had ever seen and his dick made up his
mind for him.

"I want him to fuck me." Yoongi announced, loud enough to be heard over the explosions in the movie. Both Namjoon and Jungkook ripoed their heads around to look at him while he held up his phone, showing off the rather sexy picture of Jimin with chopsticks
in his mouth.

"Jimin?" Jungkook asked, grabbing at Yoongi's phone to confirm who he was looking at. "What? Where did you find him?"

"I thought you were leaning toward Jihoon?" Namjoon questioned. "Who is this guy and where did he come from?"
"Park Jimin, he's the same age as me." Jungkook mumbled, his eyes narrowing as he glanced up at Yoongi. "Where /did/ you find him, hyung?"

Yoongi snatched his phone back, pouting slightly. "He found me. He saw the ad."
Jungkook's large eyes when so wide they might have popped out of his skull. "What?"

"You know him?" Namjoon asked.

"We have classes together. You can't fuck him, hyung." Jungkook crinkled his nose.
Yoongi's heart thumped in disappointment. "Why? What's wrong with him?"

Jungkook blinked. "Nothing. He's really nice. Everyone loves him. He's really popular."

Yoongi narrowed his eyes. "Okay? And I can't fuck him because?"
Jungkook gasped. "Cause I know him! Thats just weird."

"And yet somehow you fucking me isn't weird at all." Yoongi rolled his eyes before dropping them back to his phone, where one of Jimin's tweets were still open.
Attraction and arousal flushed through Yoongi like a violent storm. He didn't have this reaction to any of the other guys. His dick made up his mind for him. And Yoongi didn't see a reason to argue.
"He is very attractive." Namjoon started slowly, carefully. "He contacted you? He must be interested. If he's a nice guy, it might be worth persuing."

Jungkook gasped, scandalized. "Not you too hyung!"

Namjoon offered a smile. "Yoongi hadn't been this interested yet."
"I want him to fuck me." Yoongi stated, staring at Jungkook and daring the boy to argue with him.

After a moment, Jungkook deflated. "Fine. Just be careful, hyung. He's a softy." He hummed. "Didn't even know he was gay."

"Don't exclude bisexuality, Jungkook." Namjoon scolded.
Before Yoongi could butt in between his fondly bickering friends, his phone went off in his hand.
He was wheezing again. Namjoon took his mostly empty tea cup away from him before he dropped it and Jungkook rubbed his thigh soothingly with a worried expression.

"He thinks I'm /pretty/." Yoongi wheezed out.

"You are." Jungkook stated.
Oh god. What was the last thing Yoongi even posted? He hurried to his own Twitter to see exactly what Jimin had probably seen.
Okay. Not nearly as bad as it could be. Depending in how far back Jimin decided to go. Yoongi took a deep breath to calm his racing heart but before he could calm down, A twitter alert popped at the top of his phone.

-Jiminnie 🐣 followed you!-
"Oh fuck." Yoongi swallowed hard.

"He's really trying isn't he?" Namjoon sounded amused. "Did you reply to him yet?"

Yoongi shook his head. "What do I say?"

Jungkook smirked softly. "Tell him you think he's hot enough to fuck you."

Jungkook barely avoided the swat Yoongi
gave his stomach. He was flushing, his face hot but it wasn't like Jungkook was wrong.

Jimin came to Yoongi, with the idea in mind of fucking him. Jimin opened that door and Yoongi...

Well, he was ready to walk through it.
Well shit Yoongi. Control your thirst a little bit better.
Yoongi's throat went tight.
Yoongi tried not to hope too much.
Yoongi let out a heavy breath and tossed his phone away from himself to the coffee table before he collapsed against Namjoon's side and buried his flushed face into his friend's arm.

"I did it."

Namjoon hummed softly. "You did it, Gigi."
"I think it's bed time." Jungkook spoke up, grabbing at Yoongi's arms until the man let him pull him to his feet. He whined, feeling exhausted and flustered and leaned against his taller friend.

"It's like ten."

"Cuddle time then!"
Yoongi always struggled saying no to Jungkook's cute smile so he sighed and let the boy pull him to his bedroom, where they did indeed cuddle while Yoongi tried to not think too hard about his not-a-date tomorrow with gorgeous Park Jimin.
Yoongi wasn't nervous. The fact that his stomach was swirling with the power of a thousand suns did not mean he was nervous.

Ten minutes ago he walked into the shop he texted Jimin about and settle down by himself to wait. He was a little early. He had his favorite coffee
and a secluded but open booth in the corner. He wanted privacy but he also wanted to have people around in case shit went weird. Meeting in a oublic place was good for both sides of this deal.

Not that they had a deal.

So Yoongi wasn't nervous. What was there to be nervous about? He was just meeting up with maybe the most gorgeous human being he'd ever seen with arms and thighs he wanted to sink his teeth into. No big deal.
Yoongi groaned softly to himself and fiddled with the dangling chain earring in his left ear, a nervous habit. Jungkook had spent a total of two hours making sure Yoongi looked /perfectly fuckable/. Pants much too tight but made his ass look stunning. Slightly oversized
stylish black hoodie that belonged to Namjoon at some point. He had a bit of makeup around his eyes and his blond hair was styled to look a little messy. He just wanted to look good in hopes that, maybe, it would encourage Jimin to go along with this.
But if Jimin showed up, he was practically saying he wanted to do this. Yoongi was still baffled by that to be honest. Jimin was far out of his league. Though, when he mumbled that earlier to Jungkook he earned a swift hard smack to his ass.
Yoongi was nibbling anxiously on his bottom lip when the bell above the door signalled a new customer. He glanced up, hope fluttering in his chest and when he caught oramge hair, his heart lept into his throat.
Nope. No no no. Why did he think this was a good idea? What a horrible fucking idea.

Park Jimin was about ten times more gorgeous in person. He shuffled into the shop, his orange hair an elegant mess, his skin golden, his muscles straining the fabric of his thin sweatshirt
and dark jeans. Most of his face was covered by large black square sunglasses but those pink lips were so plump and glistening and Yoongi swallowed hard from the rush of attraction that slammed against him.
Jimin noticed him almost instantly, shoved the glasses up over his head as he glanced around the shop. His face brightened as soon as he saw Yoongi and all Yoongi could do was lift a hand and wave awkwardly, one corner of his mouth twitching into a smile.
Jimin returned the wave with a twinkle of his fingers nefore motioning to the counter. Yoongi nodded in understanding and watched as Jimin hurried to order himself something to drink.

Yoongi had a hard time not letting his eyes trail after the man. He was a lot shorter than
Yoongi was expecting. Maybe the same height as him. But he was /thick/. His arms, his thighs, his ass. He had a dancers body for sure and Yoongi's mouth was watering. The hell was a guy like Jimin scrolling through a shit site like SinglesMingle? He could probably have anyone
he wanted. He sure could have Yoongi any damn time he wanted with a mouth and ass like that.

Yoongi fiddled with the sleeves of his hoodie while he waited for Jimin. Now he was officially nervous. This was important. This was business but this was also Yoongi letting someone
have him after years. And out of all his options, Jimin was his top choice.

He really needed this to work out and he was scared he might fuck it up. He was good at that.
After a couple minutes, Jimin got his drink and moved to join Yoongi. Yoongi sat up straight, his stomach twisted and his heart fluttering. Jimin had a warm smile on his face, his lips stretching to show off his pretty teeth and crinkled the corners of his small eyes.
"Hi!" Jimin greeted and /wow/ what a smooth fucking voice. Yoongi was screwed.

"H-Hey." Yoongi moved to stand to greet the man properly, bowing slightly which Jimin returned.
"I was thinking on my way over here," Jimin started, a light flush on his cheeks as he slipped into the booth to sit down, "I don't know your name. Should I know it?"
"Oh." Yoongi sat back down and settled down while Jimin did the same. "I mean. Yeah. If we go through with this. I want to make sure you're serious about this before I reveal intimate shit about myself."
Jimin blinked, looking rather fucking cute before he smiled. "Okay. I get that. So, what details do we need to work out?" He leaned back in his seat, both hands wrapped around his drink while he sipped at it slowly.
"Well. Do you have any questions?"

"So many." Jimin giggled softly, nervously. "But they're mainly about the logistics of us, um, you know." His face turned a rather bright red color and Yoongi tried not to coo about how fucking adorable that was.
Yoongi nodded in understanding. "To be clear, ive never done this before." Jimin almost slumps in relief. "I've had sex with men." He noticed how Jimin went a little tense but choose not to point it out. "But not like this. Not for my job. I've always gone solo."
Jimin tilted his head rather cutely, his cheeks still flushed. "What changed your mind now?"

Yoongi sighed softly and slumped in his seat, folding his arms over his chest. "My viewers. My two year anniversary of doing this is coming up and I want to do something special. I made
a poll of an assortment of things for them to vote on and this won. They've been asking for awhile."

Jimin hummed, his eyes wide with interest. "I don't know much about the whole camming thing. How does it work?"
"Every cammer is different. For me, I'm a solo cammer. Which means, what you think it does." He shifted awkwardly in his seat at the way Jimin's pretty lips parted. "I do small requests but mostly, I do whatever the fuck I feel like doing at the time. I live stream
twice a week and I post videos once or twice a week. I have my own site, where people have to log in with a paid subscription to see. Thus how I make my money. But they can tip me too whenever they feel like it. It's my job. Some people struggle understanding that. I enjoy it,
sure, but it is my job."

Jimin made a noise of understanding, his chocolate brown eyes sparkling even when he was blushing. "It's good that you enjoy it. And I think it's really nice of you to do something like this for them."
Now it was Yoongi's turn to flush. He shrugged and glanced away. "Not like I don't get anything out of it." He grumbled softly.

Jimin hummed, settling his drink on the table between them. "So, be blunt with me. How will this work?"
Yoongi blinked in surprise. Jimin's cheeks were still red but he really did seem interested.

"We set a date. Soon, preferably. You come to my place. I'll have everything already set up. You fuck me, maybe different positions, I haven't thought about it yet." That was a lie.
Yoongi thought about all the many ways Jimin could fuck him all day. But Jimin didn't need to know that. "When that's done, we clean up, I'll pay you and that's it." He shrugged one shoulder. "I'll edit the video so nothing personal about you is shown. You know aside from
your dick. Then post it. That's about it."

"Simple." Jimin breathed out.

"No strings attached." Yoongi assured him. "I really am curious though." He leaned forward, propping his elbows on the table amd resting his chin in a palm. "Why do you want to do this?"
Jimin was so pretty when he flushed, averting his eyes to the floor as he fiddled with his hands in his lap. He made a few noises, almost like he was embarrassed before he finally spoke in a soft shy voice.
"Honestly, I was just curious. I haven't... Been with someone in a while and no strings attached sounded really simple. So I tried." He ducked his head a little bit more, his cheeks on fire. "And then I saw you and I... I was surprised. O couldn't help but think you
could find anyone in the world you wanted to do that to you. I still can't believe we're here talking about this. I mean, I'm not..." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose. "I would consider it an honor to be with you."
Yoongi froze in place, his heart squeezing tightly in his throat. /That/ was something he didn't expect. An honor? Shit. What was this kid even on? Yoongi sucked air through his teeth sharply, making Jimin's eyes snap open.
"Oh fuck." Jimin breathed, looking panicked for a second. "I, um, sorry! Was that creepy? That was creepy wasn't it?" He ducked his head and buried his flushed face in his hands.
"No." Yoongi croaked out, aching to reach out and touch the other man. He curled his hands tightly against his thighs to stop himself from doing so. "It um, it was sweet." He tried to offer Jimin a soft smile when the younger peeked through his fingers at him.
"Okay." Jimin sighed out, dropping his hands into his lap. "Sorry. I don't know what I'm doing, really. I just... Yeah." He laughed out softly. "I want to do this if uh, you want."
"I want." He answered much too quickly, his pale cheeks flushing when Jimin glanced up at him hopefully. "Let's agree. We're doing this. I choose you."

Jimin looked like he was going to combust when he held out his hand for a shake. "I, um, look forward to it."
Jimin's palm was warm and rough against Yoongi's soft pale skin. His grip was right and firm, filled with promise and Yoongi squeezed his thighs shut against the rush of arousal that went through him. They shared a firm hard shake, sealing the deal before letting go.
"Yoongi." He spoke up once they partes, making Jimin's wide eyes land on him. "I'm Min Yoongi."

Jimin's plump lips curled up into a warm smile, making his cheeks bunch and his eyes crinkle cutely. "Yoongi." He breathed it out like a sigh, a promise. "Suits you."
"Thanks." Why did he feel shy all of a sudden? This was /business/. He swallowed hard and sat up a little straighter. "We should figure out a date. We can discuss the intimate details then."
Jimin blinked a few times before he pulled out his phone and started fiddling with it. "We need a night right?"

Yoongi shrugged. "Shouldn't take more than a few hours."

Jimin's cheeks were red again. "Right. Um. Soon, right? I'm free Thursday night? And I have a late class
Friday so it works out."

That was three days from now. Yoongi's heart fluttered. "Yeah. Thursday works."

Jimin swallowed so hard that Yoongi could see his Adams apple bob. "Okay. Um, we can text for a time, right?"

"Mhm. Whatever's good for you."
Yoongi paused, blinking before clearing his throat. "Oh. Uh, by the way. I was thinking you might want to see what you're getting yourself into so..." He trailed off as he grabbed his phone and unlocked it to send off a quick email.
Jimin watched him with wide curious eyes before his own phone dinged and he looked down to check it.

"That link I sent you? It's uh. Basically a free month subscription to my site."

Jimin's eyes snapped up at him in surprise, his lips parted and his flush spreading all the way
down his neck and over his ears. "O-oh?"

"You don't have to use it." Yoongi mumbled, dropping his gaze to the table, flustered. "Just, if you wanted to see. So you know what I do and how I work."

"O-Okay." Jimin sounded like he was choking. "T-Thanks."
"Mhm." Yoongi bit into his lower lip. "I have a twitter too."

"I have that." Jimin said, confused.

"You have my personal one. You don't have Suga's."

"O-Oh." Jimin licked his plump lips.

"It's less... Sexual than the site." Yoongi tried to explain. "I mean it's still
sexual but um, less in your face? It's sweetsugaspice, if you're curious."

"Am..." Jimin pursed his lips before dropping his gaze to his phone. "Is it weird I'm really interested?"

"No." Yoongi answered honestly. "I'm giving you access so you can look. Feel free to."
"I will." Jimin assured him, his gaze suddenly a little more heavier than normal. It was like a promise. A promise that Jimin would go home later and watch Yoongi fuck himself. It make Yoongi's entire body tingle with arousal and he shivered, clutching the ends of his
sleeves tightly. Jimin didn't look cute right now. He looked deadly, sexy, and Yoongi hated how much he liked that.

"Cool." Yoongi swallowed hard and grabbed his now cold coffee to down the rest. "I should get going. I'm meeting a friend in a few."
Jimin perked up, his smile a vast difference to the expression from before. "Okay. I'll stay a little longer. Seems like a nice place to get some work done."

Yoongi nodded in agreement as he gathered his things and got to his feet. "I'll see you Thursday."
"Thursday." Jimin asured him, tinkling his fingers in a cute wave. "Take care, Yoongi."

"Call me hyung. All my friends do." Shit. When did he lose control of his fucking mouth?

Jimin blinked in surprise before the brightest smile came to his lips, so bright it rivaled the sun.
"Hyung." Jimin practically purred the word and Yoongi's spine tingles pleasantly. Jimin seemed to enjoy the way his cheeks flushed. "Ill tall to you soon."

"Yeah. Have a good night, Jimin."
It took a lot of effort for Yoongi to walk away. Even more effort for him to leave the shop without looking behind to see if Jimin was watching him the way he could feel he was watching him.
When the cool April air hit his flushed face, Yoongi seemed to snap back into reality. He wanted to scream, or maybe even whine. He didnt know how to react, really. But he did know one thing.
Park Jimin was going to fuck him in three days for thousands of people to watch.

And Yoongi /couldn't/ fucking wait.
Suga's Twitter 🔞🔞🔞🔞
Intermission - While Yoongi tries to keep his shit together and not squeak at his phone like a teenage girl.
Yoongi might not be the only one struggling to keep his shit together.
Yoongi wasn't nervous. Not really. There was that soft flutter of butterfly wings in his stomach but for the most part he felt rather calm as he fiddled with his hair in his bathroom mirror. The blond strands looked softer and fluffier than normal, which was entirely on
purpose. Everything Yoongi did to prepare for filming was on purpose. He took longer in the shower to make sure every inch of his skin was clean. He took more time on his hair than usual. But most of all, he spend time on his eyes. They were the one part of his face his
viewers got to see so they had to look perfect, in his opinion. Jungkook had taught him long ago what make up to use and how to use it. After months of practice, Yoongi developed a look that fit his style and his persona. It was soft, warm but with a hint of darkness
around the corners. The dark eyeliner and light shimmery gold eye shadow brought out the flecks of gold in his dark brown eyes and his lashes were already naturally long and dark, curling against the plumps of his cheeks that peaked through the tops of his masks.
Yoongi let out a long breath through his plump pink lips once he finished fiddling with his hair and leaned back away from the sink to glance over his reflection again. He had picked out a simple outfit seeing as it wasn't something he would be wearing very long.
Just some jeans and a light blue sweater with too long sleeves but was tight around the shoulders which made him think maybe it belonged to Jungkook at one point. Between Namjoon and Jungkook, Yoongi wasn't sure if anything in his closet actually belonged to him to start with.
Usually for a stream or a video, he would wear something special underneath his clothes. Maybe some stockings, or cute panties. Anything that made his viewers drool a little more than normal. But this wasn't a stream or a normal video. Yoongi was about to have /sex/ with
someone. Not just anyone. Park fucking Jimin. Who, after checking his phone quickly, Yoongi realized would be there in the next ten or so minutes.

It was a sobering thought.
The wings in his stomach swirled around a little quicker, making his throat tight and his body flush with warmth. He still couldn't believe he was actually going to do this. He also couldn't believe how /badly/ he wanted to do this. He had been thinking about it non-stop
since leaving Jimin behind in that coffee shop. And his thoughts were far from innocent. He thought about all the ways Jimin could take him. He thought about all the ways that man could use his strength to manhandle Yoongi around on the mattress and how those plump pink lips
might feel against his skin.

Oh, Yoongi was ready. He was /desperate/ for this and that scared him a little bit. This was supposed to be business. When he first sought out someone to do this with, he figured it would be emotionless and clinical. But Jimin was none of those
things and Yoongi wasn't entirely sure what to expect. He had a plan but whether they would stick to that plan or not solely depending on what Jimin was actually like when he was hot, bothered and immensely turned on. Yoongi changed when he was like that and he imagined Jimin
was a whole lot less shy and cute with a body and eyes like that. Yoongi had a feeling Jimin would be a little bit more intense when they got into the swing of things and the mere thought had his skin prickling in anticipation.
Yoongi looked hot. He looked fuckable and a little bit cute and he was rather proud of that fact. Suga was his escape. Suga was his outlet. He was able to feel sexy and confident when he was Suga. People wanted to see him, people /wanted/ him and it always brought on a new
sense of confidence he never had before. He came to understand why Jungkook was so fucking cocky all the time. He still loved the brat, after all.

But right now, even if he was doing this for Suga's viewers, it was going to be just him and Jimin alone in his filming room.
That was an intense thought. They hadn't been alone yet. Hell, they only met fucking once in person and even if they had practically been texting nonstop it didn't keep Yoongi from feeling a little nauseous about the whole thing.
After all, Park Jimin was walking sex on two very thick amazing legs and Yoongi felt a little bit like he was drowning.

Sometimes, Yoongi thought maybe his thirsty ass was hyping Jimin up further than he actually was. And then he would stray casually over to Jimin's twitter
for a reminder that the man was, in fact, motherfucking gorgeous and Yoongi was flabbergasted how the fuck he ended up making this deal with him.

Obviously, somehow, someway, Jimin wanted him. He wanted to do this for him. He wasn't interested in the money, that was obvious.
He started by being curious and then he actually saw what Yoongi looked like and he seemed much more eager to be involved. That sure helped spike Yoongi's confidence a little bit.

Add that Jimin had /definitely/ used that free month subscription to Suga's website and Yoongi was
eager to see where the next couple hours of their lives went together. If Jimin enjoyed himself watching Yoongi solo than he was in for a real treat when he actually got to touch the man.
Usually, Yoongi wasn't keen on being personally involved with people who watched Suga's videos but, well this was a special case. He invited Jimin in. He gave the man access. Besides Jungkook was present for every stream and Yoongi still bought the kid food, so. It was different.
It was flattering to know Jimin was curious enough to look into his videos. It was even more flattering to see that Jimin kept coming back for more. Maybe the guy wasn't nearly as shy and flustered as he seemed.
Yoongi was looking forward to discovering the deeper, darker parts of one Park Jimin and bringing them to the surface.

With a soft playful smirk curled to one corner of his mouth, Yoongi decided he looked as hot as he was going to get and finally left his reflection behind.
His apartment was the perfect size for him, with one main living area and kitchen and then two other smaller bedrooms. Yoongi moved into the place about a year ago after finally earning enough money to move out of the shithole he had been in.
It wasn't nearly as big as he could afford but Yoongi wasn't the type to need a lot of things or space to feel comfortable. He liked small. He liked being about to only shuffle a few steps to find his kitchen or bathroom. He would have been perfectly fine with a one room
apartment but he hating having to use his personal bedroom to film in his old apartment and he took advice from Jungkook and rented a place with two rooms. The younger boy had a similar apartment and set up. A personal bedroom and then a bedroom for filming.
Yoongi enjoyed it because he could keep his bedroom his own personal space without care of anyone who saw while the other bedroom was something he spent time and effort on to look good for the camera and his viewers.
The room was small but large enough to fit a full queen sized bed and his desk, which held the desktop he specifically used for this aspect of his job. He had another electronic set up in his main bedroom but that was for school and his musical passions.
Two completely different worlds but both aspects of who Yoongi was as a person. It took him a while to accept that Suga was an actual part of himself but once he did, he found his job to be that much easier. He liked being Suga, he liked the attention and how it made him feel.
Yoongi shuffled into his filming bedroom, his socks making soft sounds against the hardwood floor. The room was already set up and ready to go. There were three cameras set up, two on tripods and one attached to the wall. Yoongi didn't always use so many angle but
considering what they were doing, he felt having as many angles as possible to find the best shot was a good idea. He was going to edit the entire thing anyway and the more options he had the better.
Other than the cameras, it looked like a normal bedroom. The bed was covered in light blue sheets, pillows and a heavy equally blue comforter that was soft to the touch. The walls were a matching pastel blue color and the curtains over the window beside the bed were
thick and white. Yoongi never needed much when he filmed his videos but this was his safe comfortable space and he enjoyed it. The added fairy lights strung up around the headboard were a nice added bonus thanks to one Jeon Jungkook.
Yoongi didn't know what to do with himself now that he was all set up and ready to go. He shifted on his feet around the bed as he checked the cameras one more time to see if they were set properly. There was a dull ache in the base of his spine but that was to be expected
considering what he had done an hour earlier to prepare himself for what they were about to do.

But since he had nothing left to do but wait, Yoongi started to feel anxious. His stomach was swirling still, his heart pattering against his chest and his skin felt prickly.
He had every right to feel nervous, he thought. He hadn't let another man touch him since Jungkook, and that was years ago. Plus, they never had /sex/. They just fooled around on camera for Bun's viewers. /This/ was different. Yoongi had not been touched like /this/ in years.
Not since he left Daegu and he had every right to be nervous.

But he didn't want to be nervous. He wanted to feel confidant and sexy. He wanted to feel the way he did every time he started filming a new video, or a stream. He wanted to /be/ sexy and confidant for Jimin.
Yoongi was chewing on his bottom lip and fiddling with the twinkling fairy lights against the headboard when his phone suddenly dinged in his pocket. His heart jumped into his throat and he fumbled to pull his phone free and check it. HIs breath caught in his throat at the sight
of Jimin's message. He hurried to reply, giving the man the number to his apartment and hurrying out of the bedroom to buzz the man in from the system beside his front door. A green light showed him the door had been opened and Yoongi could only stand in front of the door
with a lump in his throat and an anxious flutter in his stomach.

It didn't take long for Jimin to reach his third floor apartment. Not even five minutes later there was a soft knock against his door and Yoongi lurched forward, only to pause because he didn't want to seem
too eager. He closed his eyes, took a deep calming breath and let it sooth over his entire body. He was buzzing with nerves and excitement and it took him a second to realize he was /excited/. He was looking forward to this and that brought a soft smile to plump lips.
After another deep breath that calmed his racing heart, Yoongi tucked his phone in his pocket, unlocked the door and opened it slowly, breath catching in his tight throat once again when his eyes landed on the man standing on the other side of the door.
Yoongi was struck by how fucking attractive Park Jimin was all over again. Jimin's lips lifted into a bright smile as soon as their eyes locked, his cheeks bunching and his eyes crinkling. He looked stunning standing there in ripped jeans, black t-shirt and yellow plaid over it.
His fluffy orange hair was tucked mostly under a black beanie and his lips looked extra full and kissable under the dim hallway lighting of Yoongi's apartment building. He looked so /happy/ to be there and Yoongi's heart did that weird fluttering thing again where he thought
maybe he was having heart burn.

"Hi!" Jimin greeted, looking like a little ball of sunshine and now that they were standing face to face, Yoongi could tell that he was actually /taller/ than Jimin, but only by a little bit. Not that it mattered. Jimin could shove him
against a wall anytime. Preferably right now. Yoongi swallowed hard and mentally smacked himself as he stepped out of the way to invite Jimin inside.

"Hey, thanks for coming." Not the best thing to say but Yoongi was a little tongue tied over how /fucking gorgeous/ Jimin was.
"Of course." Jimin giggled softly, such a lovely sound and bowed his head politely as he entered the apartment. "Thanks for having me."

Yoongi hummed and pushed the door shut, locking it up out of habit. Jimin lingered off to the side before he figured he should kick off
his boots, which he did, placing them on the small shoe rack that was lined with Yoongi's own shoes. When he stood up straight, Yoongi realized how close they suddenly were in the small space of his entryway. Jimin's chocolate brown eyes looked like little sparkling stars this
close up and his golden skin looked soft to the touch. Yoongi ached to reach out but he wasn't sure if he could yet. Fuck, they guy hadn't even been there two minutes and Yoongi was drooling like a dog in heat. He usually had better control than that.
"Find the place okay?" Yoongi figured making small talk was less awkward than making googly eyes at each other in complete silence.

Jimin's soft sigh seemed to be of relief and he was smiling again, something he seemed to do a lot. "Yeah! We actually don't live that far
apart. Took me about fifteen minutes to walk here."

Yoongi narrowed his eyes and crinkled his nose. "You walked here? At night?"

Jimin shrugged and possibly subconsciously flexed the muscles in his arms, where the fabric of his plaid over shirt was drawn a little tight.
"Don't worry about me, hyung. I can take care of myself." There was a soft undertone to his words, something a little sultry and wow, okay, that was a /thing/. Something that said, 'I can take care of you too'.
Yoongi cleared his throat and wished he could grab hold of his own heart to stop it from jumping all over the place. "Course you can." He rolled his eyes playfully and carefully slipped past Jimin, motioning for the man to follow him.
Jimin followed without complaint, glancing around the apartment politely but never let his gaze linger too long on anything but Yoongi. He wasn't even trying to hide that fact that he was bluntly checking him out, his gaze a little heavy over his backside and Yoongi puffed his
chest a little bit, feeling flattered that Jimin couldn't seem to look away from his ass. The reminder that Jimin probably wanted this as much as Yoongi helped calm his racing nervous heart.
"I set everything up already." Yoongi explained, leading Jimin down the short hallway and then into his filming bedroom. "There's three camera's but you don't have to worry about any of them. I was thinking about having you take one and do something POV but I wanted to know how
you felt about that first."

When Yoongi turned to Jimin, he found the man's eyes flickering all over the room and he suddenly looked a little overwhelmed. Like everything just hit him at once. It could be a little overwhelming so Yoongi stepped a little closer and offered a warm

"We can take this slow. There's not rush."

Jimin blinked at him before his gaze finally settled on him and though his cheeks were flushed, his eyes were sparkling and his lips curled into a pretty smile. "Sorry, I just, yeah. Knowing and seeing are a little different.
I'm okay with the POV thing. If you trust me with that."

Yoongi nodded. "I'll give you my basic camera. Easy to use." He flipped a hand at him as he moved away to pluck the camera which was mounted on the wall, at the head of the bed. "We can figure out when and how to use it

Jimin nodded in understanding as he carefully dropped the backpack he brought with him on the floor, pushing it out of the way to rest against the wall y the door. Yoongi was curious what the man could have brought with him but he didn't ask as he put the camera back.
"How are you feeling?" Yoongi asked, unable to stop himself.

Jimin stared at him for a solid minute before he shrugged one shoulder. "Pretty good, I think."

"Any questions? You can ask me anything."

"You have a plan?" Jimin asked softly, glancing at the bed a little shyly.
"It's a loose plan." Yoongi shifted to lean against the bed and crossed his arms over his chest. "I have a vague idea of where I want it to go but really, I figured we would just go with the flow."
"I watched your videos." Jimin blurted out, his face turning a lovely shade of red even if his eyes seemed a little darker than usual.

Yoongi popped his lips, feeling a smirk curling to his mouth and a sense of pride forming in his chest. "What did you think?"
"I, um." Jimin swallowed and glanced away, looking over the wall for a few seconds before finally meeting Yoongi's gaze again. This time, his eyes were certainly darker and there was something curling in them, something like attraction and arousal. "I enjoyed them."
Yoongi bit hard into his bottom lip to keep from smirking too much because wow, was that a great thing to hear in person from that smooth sultry mouth. "Good. Pick anything up?"

One corner of Jimin's mouth lifted in a sly smirk. "Might have learned a thing or two."
/Oh/. Heat flushed through Yoongi to pool in the pit of his stomach and what was nervous? Yoongi didn't know the meaning of the word suddenly. He licked at his bottom lip and hummed, glancing away to look over the camera set up he had going on.
"That's good."

"So this loose plan of yours. What does it entail exactly?" Jimin sounded nervous again, even when his eyes were sparkling with interest, it was obvious he was still a little nervous.
Yoongi glanced at the floor before meeting Jimin's gaze steadily. "You fucking me." Jimin's cheeks turned the prettiest shade of red. "On this bed." He patted the surface with his palm. "Maybe from behind, maybe not. Like I said, we'll go with what feels right in the moment."
"So you've thought about this." It wasn't even a question and Yoongi witnessed as Jimin's nervousness melted away into something a little more sultry. He almost looked amused, tilting his head slightly. "A lot."

"Enough." Yoongi corrected, shifting slightly from the bubble of
heat in his stomach and burning through his groin. Oh, Jimin was already learning what buttons to push. This was going to be interesting. "I always plan out my videos." Jimin deflated only slightly at that and Yoongi didn't like the bitter feeling it left in his chest.
"But," Yoongi started, Jimin looking a little hopeful, "this is a special occasion and you are fucking gorgeous so, yeah, I've thought about this more than usual."

They were both flushed but the bright smile that crossed Jimin's face helped ease Yoongi's embarrassment.
"I've been thinking about it a lot too." Jimin admitted shyly, nibbling on his plump bottom lip.

Confidence flooded through Yoongi in that moment and he didn't feel so worried or nervous any more. He hummed, appreciatively, and leveled Jimin with a serious but open look.
"Are you sure you want to do this, Jimin?" He had to be sure and Jimin snapped his gaze up at him in alarm. "You can back out any time. If you feel unsure or uncomfortable."

"No! N-No, I um." Jimin fumbled with his hands against his stomach, looking shy and unsure again but when
his eyes met Yoongi's there was determination within them. "I want to do this. I made it all the way here. I'm not backing out."

"Okay." Yoongi breathed out, relaxing slightly. "But, I mean, if you feel uncomfortable at any point just tell. We can stop. Maybe we should have a
safe word."

"S-safe word?" Jimin nearly choked on his own spit. "I didn't think we were doing anything that would.... uh require that."

"Well, we're not." Yoongi let out a soft laugh. "But this is... I mean, just to be safe, you know?"
"I'll just tell you if I don't feel well." Jimin giggled softly, finding as much amusement in this as Yoongi did. "Is that good enough?"

"Yeah." Yoongi chuckled. "That words. It's okay to be nervous too." He assured him, smiling at the way Jimin flushed and pretended the
ceiling was suddenly really nice to look at. "I'm kind of nervous."

Jimin's dark eyes snapped at him. "You are?" He sounded surprised.

"Yeah? I've never done this." He paused. "Well, not like this. And it's been years since I've been fucked."
"Years?" Jimin's eyes went wide.

"Yes. Years." Yoongi pouted out his lips rather cutely, a habit he had when he spoke sometimes. "Don't look at me like that."

"Sorry." Jimin shook his head and offered a soft smile. "I'm just, um, surprised?"

"Why?" Yoongi eyed him up.
"Well, you, I mean..." He motioned at Yoongi and looked him up and down before his cheeks flushed violently and he looked away. "It's been a while for me too." He admitted in a soft whisper.
That was a bit of a relief for Yoongi. If it had been a while for the both of them, then they were playing on the same field. Made things like embarrassing and awkward.

"We take our time then. Agreed?"

"Yes." Jimin's smile was sweet. "I'd like that."

"Yeah, hyung?"

"Do I have permission to touch you?"

Jimin looked a little stunned by the question before he hurried to answer. "Y-Yes! Of course. You can touch me. Do I, um, have permission to t-touch you?"

"You can do whatever the fuck you want to me, Park Jimin."
Yoongi thought, maybe, Jimin would flush again and he /did/ but his eyes darkened and Yoongi could see that hint of something deeper breaking the surface already. He wanted to drag more out of Jimin and now that they established an agreement, permission, Yoongi was free to do
what he wanted until Jimin told him otherwise.

With a rush of confidence and heat in the pit of his stomach, Yoongi pushed off the bed and slowly made his way toward Jimin. They didn't look away from one another and Jimin didn't make a single move until Yoongi was less than a
step away from him.

"We'll go easy." Yoongi mumbled softly, dropping his gaze to Jimin's plump, pert mouth. "Ease into this."

Jimin hummed his agreement, his eyes also dropping to Yoongi's pouty pretty little mouth. "Whatever you want, hyung."
Oh, that was a dangerous thing to offer Yoongi. Whatever he wanted? He wanted /so much/. But, slow, go slow. He made a soft noise in the back of his throat and reached out without hesitation, smoothing the palms of his hands over Jimin's toned shoulders. Jimin inhaled sharply
at the touch but didn't pull away. If anything, he leaned into the touch, taking that one step closer until they were a breath apart. Yoongi could feel the heat radiating off of Jimin and he had the desperate urge to slam their mouths together. But no, not yet. Slow, slow.
Jimin had confidence hidden under all of that shy nature and Yoongi was going to drag it out kicking and screaming if he had to. He /needed/ to see what Jimin was capable of.

"We should get to know each other a little bit before we start filming." Yoongi murmured.
"We know each other a little bit." Jimin answered, equally as soft and quiet, his focus locked on Yoongi's pretty mouth.

Yoongi smiled softly and shifted his eyes to meet Jimin's gaze. "I meant physically."

"Oh." Jimin's slightly plump cheeks flushed again but it seemed to
be more out of arousal than shyness. His sparkling eyes darkened and he reached out with a shaking hand to curl over Yoongi's hip. His touch was warm, seeping into Yoongi's clothes and skin to burn across his body and pool in the pit of his stomach.
"And since it's been a while, for both of us." Yoongi's tongue flicked out to lick along his upper lip and JImin's gaze followed it like a hawk. The air between them was suddenly tight and warm, as if the rest of the world didn't even matter anymore. It was just the two of them.
"And since I've already /prepared/, maybe we should help you let one out first."

Jimin's eyes went a little wide, still dark and still sparkling. "You prepared without me?" He almost looked disappointed and that threw Yoongi for a small loop. He paused and opened and closed his
mouth a few times before responding.

"I didn't think about it. It's habit, really. Sorry." He apologized with a soft stroke to the exposed skin of Jimin's neck, right where shoulder met throat. The younger shivered ever so slightly at the touch and seeing as Yoongi was watching
him intently, he saw each and every small reaction spread across Jimin's handsome face.

"It's okay." Jimin assured him, pursing his lips slightly. "But um, what do you mean by helping me let one out?"
"I have a feeling we'll be at this for a while." Yoongi murmured, his gaze focusing once again on Jimin's plump parted lips. "Best to pop one out first, right?"

It took Jimin a moment to realize what Yoongi meant and once he did, his expression went from shy and aroused to
dark and sensual. "Oh, I can't say I'm opposed to that. What did you have in mind?" /Oh/ his voice. Light but thick like honey and smooth, sultry, with a curl of hidden promises.

"I was thinking of shoving your cock in my mouth."
Jimin hissed softly, his eyes narrowing and his grip on Yoongi's hip growing almost painfully tight. "Filthy words from such a pretty mouth."

Heat flushed up Yoongi's spine and he shivered from the force of it, curling his hands into fists against Jimin's strong shoulders.
"You like it." Yoongi mumbled through pouted lips.

Jimin made a soft noise in his throat and pressed forward, ever so gently brushing his nose over the curve of Yoongi's cheek and just as lightly pressing his wet lips to his flushed skin. "Yeah, I think I do."
The violent shudder that crashed through Yoongi's entire body was enough to knock him a little breathless and yet he couldn't move, pinned to the spot by the way Jimin was ever so carefully nuzzling into his cheek. It was soft, warm, and so gentle it made him weak in the knees.
Jimin might have a demon simmering beneath his skin but he was still soft, a little sweet and Yoongi's chest squeezed tightly from how /much/ he liked that. If Jimin could pin him down and fuck him senseless all while kissing him like he was the most precious thing in the world
than Yoongi had found perfection and he might have a hard time letting go.

But he couldn't think about that right now. The freedom was there and Yoongi wanted to take, take, /take/.
Jimin's hand moved from his hip slowly trailing over his side until he could curl around his back, pressing his palm firmly into the small of his back enough to bring them together until their bodies were flush. Jimin was so /warm/ and Yoongi wanted nothing more than to /kiss/
him senseless until neither of them could breathe anymore.

It took Yoongi a moment to realize he could do just that and he acted without thought.
Yoongi curled both fists against either side of Jimin's throat, the tips of his fingers catching in short strands of orange hair peaking from his black beanie. He used his thumbs to direct Jimin's head, pressed just under the sharp edge of his jaw. Jimin moved without
hesitation, letting Yoongi tilt his head so it pulled away from the older's cheek. They were so close Yoongi could smell the sweetness of candy on Jimin's breath and someone musky that must be his cologne.
Yoongi didn't even pause. He hooked his hands around Jimin's warm soft neck and pressed their lips together firmly, sparks going off in his stomach at finally getting what he so desperately wanted.
Jimin's mouth was warm and oh so soft, a little wet and slick from some type of balm he must have applied before arriving. His lips were so plump, so pretty, and captured Yoongi's entire mouth easily. Jimin met his pressure, pushing back gently to complete the kiss.
Warmth crawled between Yoongi's shoulders like tickling fingertips and he shivered, pressing ever so closer just to feel Jimin that tiny bit more. The pleased sigh he released through his nose made Jimin's lips curl up in the comers but if he started smiling they couldn't kiss
and Yoongi had only begun with him.

He pulled back for only a fraction of a second before ducking back in for a better angle, head tilted just slightly so he captured Jimin's plump bottom lip between both of his. Jimin made a faint noise, his breath warm as it came out in a
hard sigh over Yoongi's face. He felt like he as floating all of a sudden, his entire existence centered down around the way Jimin's mouth felt against his own. No matter how many times he pulled away only to dive back in for another better angle, Jimin was there to meet him.
What had started as Yoongi trying to kiss Jimin breathless had turned into Jimin holding onto Yoongi's back firmly with both hands and nearly tipping him over backwards from how insistently he was meeting each and every one of Yoongi's wet kisses. Yoongi felt too warm and too
full, like he was going to burst from the inside out and all they had done was /kissed/. Tongue had yet to even be involved but Yoongi was too lost in the way Jimin's plump lips fit against his own to worry about anything else.

They had time, after all.
They were both panting by the time Jimin finally pulled back, trailing his lips ever so softly over Yoongi's flushed cheek to plant even more sweet kisses. Yoongi almost felt like whining from how good that felt. Either Jimin learned how much Yoongi loved being treated softly or
that was just how the man was. Either way, Yoongi was grateful.

Yoongi flicked his tongue out against his lips, tasting and savoring the sweetness lingering on his flushed lips. He wanted more, so much more and he didn't even need to ask for it.
Jimin dove back in without being asked, pressing their lips together in a firm kiss before he parted enough to flick his tongue against the seam of Yoongi's lips.

Heat burst through his chest, curling in his throat and Yoongi opened his mouth willingly, sighing happily when
that tongue brushed though his lips for a deeper taste. Yoongi's tongue flicked out to meet him, a soft caress before Jimin was kissing him again, just as soft but this time a bit more insistent.

Fuck, Yoongi could kiss Jimin for hours.
He was actually tempted to do just that but there was lingering reminder in the back of his skull that they had a point, a goal to accomplish and Yoongi's dick throbbed at the thought. This man was going to fuck him. Going slow no longer seemed all that important.
"Fuck." Yoongi cursed softly into Jimin's mouth, making the younger laugh deeply and seal his mouth in one more kiss.

"Mhm." Jimin practically purred, both palms still splayed flat against the small of Yoongi's back. "You taste nice."
"Fuck." Yoongi said again, just for good measure. Jimin sounded /so good/. All breathless and pliant and willing and a little husky and Yoongi wished he could find out what he sounded like lost in the troughs of pleasure.
"Okay, /fuck/." Yoongi groaned when Jimin hugged them closer and he could feel the slight beginning of an erection against his thigh. He was far from the only one affected by their kissing and that spiked his confidence. "Bed, now."
"Demanding." Jimin teased, his eyes narrowed, sparkling dark slits that made Yoongi want to whimper in arousal. He didn't have much of a chance to do anything really because in the next moment, Jimin's hands slipped down his back and grabbed handfulls of his ass.
He let out a soft grunt from Jimin's boldness but that grunt became a soft squeak when his feet suddenly left the floor and he clung to Jimin's shoulders for support.

"Shit, fuck, warn a guy." Yoongi grumbled while Jimin laughed in his ear, his chest rumbling against Yoongi's
from it.

"You mean you haven't been thinking about me lifting you since you first saw me?" Jimin teased, his voice having a lit of amusement and promise it in that made Yoongi close his eyes tightly. Jimin knew exactly what the fuck he was doing. Gone was the shy Jimin and
hello to the sexy demon Yoongi knew was beneath the surface.

"Like you haven't thought of me sucking you off since we met." Yoongi scoffed, even if his cheeks were burning from heat as he clung to Jimin's shoulders in fear of being dropped. But he wasn't going to be dropped.
Jimin's grip was firm under his ass and his toned arms were taunt from the effort of holding up his admittedly light weight. Oh, Yoongi wanted to bite his biceps.

"You're pretty." Jimin purred softly, hiking Yoongi up a little higher in order to be able to cross the small space
toward the bed. "You've got a pretty mouth that says filthy things and sometimes I want to fill it with something."

Oh holy fucking shit. Yoongi groaned, clenching his teeth and buried his head into the curve of Jimin's shoulder. "Well, I'm fucking offering here."
There was nothing 'manly' about the noise Yoongi let out when he was suddenly tossed to the bed. He felt jarred for a second as he bounced on the comfortable mattress and when he glanced up again, Jimin was lingering over him at the end of the bed with a faint playful smirk
on his lips. Before Yoongi could snap back something witty, he found his words sharply stuck in his throat from the way Jimin grabbed the back of his beanie and pulled it from his head. His hair bounced free and he shook his head slightly before using his other hand to
brush his bangs back off his forehead and damn if that wasn't the sexiest thing Yoongi had ever seen in his life. Jimin dropped the beanie without care and then went the plaid over shirt, sliding free from his shoulders to drop to the floor and reveal that wasn't a damn t-shirt
It was a sleeveless tank and Yoongi wanted to whine at how gorgeous those arms looked against the black fabric. Jimin's smirk grew, obviously enjoying the way Yoongi was ogling him and Yoongi didn't even feel any shame about it. He was going to bite that arm before this night
was over. He promised himself.

"You look pretty all laid out like a full course meal for me." Jimin purred, his lips pursing and pouting in a sensual way as he leaned a knee on the end of the bed, near one of Yoongi's socked feet.
Yoongi licked at his kiss swollen lips and though he wanted to reach out for Jimin, he didn't; not yet. He had other ways of getting the man to come to him. He settled back on his elbows, stretching out his neck a little bit to offer pale skin to him all while shifting his
legs to bend his knees and part his thighs in an inviting manner. There was way too much clothing on for Yoongi's liking but they were on the bed so that was progress. Jimin's eyes dropped to the way the fabric of his jeans spread taunt against his plump thighs and crotch.
Jimin eyed him hungrily, his gaze dark and heavy, sending spikes of pleasure through Yoongi's entire body before he finally crawled onto the bed, making his way between Yoongi's willingly spread legs until he could lean over him, one hand pressing into the mattress near his hip
so he could lean in close once again and plant his wet lips against the offered skin of Yoongi's throat.

Yoongi hummed in approval, Jimin's warm lips spiking pleasure across his skin as he kissed his way up to his jaw. They weren't touching nearly enough for Yoongi's liking but
he was enjoying the way Jimin was kissing his skin enough to let it slide for now. Jimin kissed his way over Yoongi's jaw, up his cheek and across to his mouth where Yoongi was waiting patiently for another firm thick-lipped kiss.
That was when Yoongi made his move. He grabbed Jimin's head with both of his hands, hooked a leg over his thigh and /shoved/. Jimin made a noise of surprise in his mouth but they both rolled across the mattress until Jimin's back hit it and Yoongi was settled in his lap.
"Remember how I said something about going slow?" Yoongi murmured, his eyes focused on the way his own hands were smoothing out the fabric of the black tank across Jimin's stomach, feeling dips of muscles that created faint abs.
"Vaguely." Jimin whispered, his eyes locked on the way Yoongi's plump thighs fit around his waist and how Yoongi's ass was settled directly against his hardening cock.
Yoongi hummed. "Changed my mind. Fuck slow." He breathed out a little heavy, affected deeply by the way Jimin looked spread out on the bed beneath him with his cheat heaving from breaths.

One corner of Jimin's mouth listed into a smirk. "Hmm? Can't wait anymore?"
"I want your cock in my mouth." Yoongi hissed, shoving the hem of the shirt out of the way so he could find the top of Jimin's pants. He paused at the flush of golden skin and dark trail of hair and he shivered, groaning hard from the rush of attraction that flashed through him.
"Take whatever you want." Jimin's voice sounded tight and when Yoongi glanced up at him, his gaze was heavy lidded and dark, his lips parted and his tongue stuck to one corner of his mouth seductively. Oh, Yoongi wanted to kiss him again and he would, but he had something else
he wanted to do with his mouth more right now.

He arched over Jimin carefully, sliding their groins together in an effort to be close enough to Jimin's stomach to kiss his soft skin. The muscles were hard beneath his lips and they twitched at the press of kisses
and it was almost too much for Yoongi to bare. Fuck, this wasn't even for the camera or his viewers. Yoongi was going above and beyond right now, and he was sure Jimin knew that, but he wasn't stopping him and Yoongi didn't want to stop.
Sucking Jimin's cock into his mouth was for his own personal enjoyment and that would be his special little secret.

Jimin's hands found their way into Yoongi's hair, brushing soft strands of blond away from his face rather tenderly as he kissed his way to the button of his
pants. Yoongi's throat went thick from that type of care and he closed his eyes until he felt his mouth hit rough fabric. He smoothed his hands over Jimin's revealed stomach, just to savor the hint of muscle for a moment before he leaned up enough to get his hands on the button.
He popped open the button quickly and slipped further down Jimin's thighs so he had better access to the younger's crotch. He could see the beginning of an erection already straining the fabric and Yoongi's mouth watered at the sight.
It dawned on Yoongi then that he didn't even know what Jimin's cock looked like. That was a step he skipped with the man because as soon as he saw his face he knew he wanted this man to fuck him. Sure, the other options had nice dicks, especially Jackson but they weren't /Jimin/.
It didn't matter what Jimin's dick looked like but Yoongi had to admit, once he shoved the zipper down and opened the flaps of his pants and saw the heavy cock waiting for him in dark blue briefs, he was a little bit relieved. Jimin was packing in these pants of his and Yoongi
was almost offended he didn't know that ahead of time. He could have asked, sure. Jimin saw every intimate part of his body already. He knew what Yoongi's cock looked like, and his ass. He knew what to expect while Yoongi had been left in the dark.
But Yoongi had to admit the surprise was well worth it. His lips twitched into a pleased smile, his tongue poking one corner of his mouth as he lifted up enough to wiggle Jimin's pants down his hips. It took both of them working together to get Jimin's pants down his thighs and
kicked to the floor. Before he could dive back in and reach for the hem of his boxers, Jimin leaned up to grab Yoongi's face and pull him into a soft but firm kiss. Yoongi made a surprised nose but immediately melted into the affection, curling his hands around Jimin's wrists.
They kissed softly, slowly, lips moving and catching in all the right places for a few minutes until it built so much that Yoongi couldn't take it. He leaned most of his weight into Jimin's crotch, earning a soft grunt and he felt the younger's cock twitch against him.
Jimin's hand left his face, smoothing over the skin of his neck and then found the hem of his sweater all while taking Yoongi's breath away with kisses. When Jimin tugged, Yoongi lifted his arms automatically and they pulled apart long enough for the sweater to be tugged
over Yoongi's head and tossed to the floor with Jimin's pants. Yoongi shivered slightly at being exposed to the cool air of the room but there was something pleasing at the hungry way Jimin's dark eyes scanned over his exposed torso.
"So pretty." Jimin murmured before capturing his lips once more.

Yoongi moaned into the kiss, because he felt attractive and confident enough to do so. Jimin /wanted/ him. Even if he was pale and a little scrawny. Jimin's hot touch against his skin was proof enough of how much
the younger wanted him.

"Is it bad I want to ruin you?" Jimin murmured against his mouth, not even sounded ashamed and Yoongi inhaled sharply, fizzles of pleasure spreading across his skin.
"Don't promise things you can't deliver." Yoongi purred back, brushing orange strands of hair away from Jimin's cheeks so he could cradle them and bring him back in for another kiss. God, it was like they had done this countless times before. He didn't even feel nervous anymore.
Jimin nipped playfully at his bottom lip and when Yoongi opened his eyes, the man was smirking slyly at him. "What makes you think I can't deliver, hm?"

Yoongi licked at his upper lip and enjoyed the way Jimin watched him. "Later. Right now, I've got an intimate date with
you cock." Yoongi reminded him, feeling no shame at all as he reached between them with both hands and pressed his palms to the length of Jimin's hardening cock curled over his hip.

Jimin hissed harshly into his mouth, his entire body jerking from the feeling of Yoongi's hands
on his dick through the fabric of his boxers. "Warn a guy."

Yoongi couldn't but smirk softly as he shoved Jimin to lay flat on the bed once more. Jimin did as he wanted, bending an arm under his head so he could watch exactly what Yoongi was going to do.
Yoongi /liked/ being watch. That was how he was so successful at being a camboy after all. He wiggled down Jimin's thighs once more until his face was level with the younger's crotch. He could easily see the shape, length and size of Jimin's cock through the thin fabric of
his briefs and Yoongi's mouth was watering at the thought of taking that girth inside. He wanted to taste and feel, his patience running thin.

After planting a soft kiss to one of Jimin's hip bones, Yoongi hooked his fingers into the hem of his boxers and tugged down.
Jimin's cock popped free without restriction and Yoongi found himself frozen, hands twisted in the fabric of Jimin's briefs as he eyed up his semi-hard cock. It wasn't huge by any means, thankfully because Yoongi could only take so much, but it was /thick/.
Yoongi had long fingers and when he abandoned the briefs in favor of wrapping a hand around the base of Jimin's pulsing hot cock, he found he almost couldn't make a closed ring. This time he /did/ whine because what a fucking cock. Jimin was just perfect, wasn't he?
Arousal pulsed like hot lava through Yoongi's veins and he knew the lust was starting to take him over now. There was no fighting it. He didn't even want to fight it. He vaguely registered Jimin's soft grunt at being touched skin to skin and he could feel the man's
blazing gaze on his flushed skin.

Jimin wasn't fully hard. He was still a little soft around the rosy tip and what a pretty color his cock was. The same golden as the rest of his skin but a little deeper, a little darker and flushed all the way red to the very tip.
Yoongi wanted to press his soft lips to the tip, suckle at the flushed skin and run his tongue between the slit over and over again. There was nothing stopping him from doing so and he leaned forward to do just that, much to Jimin's surprise.
He held Jimin's cock steady with the fist curled around his base and then he arched over, pressing his lips in a soft kiss to the tip of his dick and Jimin groaned so deeply in his throat it almost sounded like a growl. When Yoongi glanced up to make sure the man was okay, his
heart stuttered from the /look/ Jimin was giving him.

His eyes were /blazing/ filled with want, hunger and arousal. His cheeks were flushed, his plump lips parted and red from kissing and being chewed on. His chest was heaving, his biceps flexing with each clench of his fist in
the sheets beside his hips. He seemed eager to grab at Yoongi's head but he was stopping himself for whatever reason. Yoongi's mouth was a little too preoccupied to tell him he could grab on as much as he wanted. He hoped Jimin figured that out at some point on his own.
Yoongi dropped his gaze back to the cock in hand, heat flushing through his entire body to pool in the pit of his stomach. His own growing erection was straining against his pants but he paid it no mind.
He pressed his lips to the flushed head of Jimin's cock to savor the warm feeling of his soft flesh. It twitched against his lips and Yoongi couldn't help but smile, smoothing his lips over the head a few times before parting them to suckle ever so softly against the skin.
"O-Oh fuck." Jimin's moan was soft, breathless and Yoongi could practically feel Jimin's cock grow harder in his hand. It was a pleasing feeling and so he suckled a little more, enjoying how Jimin cursed under his breath and grabbed at the sheets tightly.
Satisfied he had kissed every inch of Jimin's lip, he flicked his tongue out to lap between the slit and that was when Jimin finally snatched his hands away from the sheets to grab gently at Yoongi's hair. His grip was careful, but shaking, like he was afraid of hurting Yoongi
but straining from how good it felt. Yoongi leaned his head into the touch, encouraging Jimin to grab and hold on. Small thick fingers slipped through the strands of blond hair and gripped carefully, still not tugging but holding on enough to make pleasure prickle up Yoongi's

"You're so /pretty/." Jimin breathed out and Yoongi groaned against his tip, lapping a little more against the flushed skin because he /liked/ being told he was pretty. "With your mouth on my cock."
Yoongi didn't expect Jimin to had a dirty mouth but it had been peaking through for a while now and Yoongi wasn't about to complain about it.

" 's good." Yoongi slurred, his mouth feeling a little lazy and numb. He gave Jimin's base a good squeeze, earning another soft moan
before parting his lips all the way and covering Jimin's tip with his mouth. His cock twitch in his mouth and Yoongi closed his eyes as he savored the feeling of Jimin's smooth skin against his tongue. He flicked his tongue over the slit multiple times, each time making
Jimin's hands tighten in his hair just a bit more. He suckled, licked and kissed until the cock in his hand was fully hard, straining and pulsing hotly against his skin. He couldn't help but moan, unable to keep inside how much he fucking /wanted this/.
Yoongi had given head to an assortment of toys in his collection on camera for thousands of people to watch. But this wasn't a toy. This was a /cock/. Jimin's, to be exact and Yoongi couldn't control his urges anymore.
He held his breath, tightened his throat, and took Jimin all the way down until his lips met his own fingers, wrapped firm around the base of his cock.
The sound Jimin made didn't even seem human at first and he gripped Yoongi's hair so hard it /hurt/ but Yoongi wanted that. He moaned faintly, the vibrations shooting through Jimin's cock as he came back up, breathing through his nose to suckle at the tip a little bit more.
There was no way he could take all of Jimin's length down his throat. The girth was just too much. His lips already felt a little sore and stretched from just one swallow but Yoongi was on a fucking mission. He was going to make Jimin come in his mouth before they went any

"H-Hyung." Jimin choked on the word, sounding strained and pained and when Yoongi opened his eyes a sliver, he found the younger staring at him with popped open wide eyes and slack lips, like he couldn't believe what was happening to him.
Yoongi pulled off long enough to whisper, "don't call me that right now" before suckling the tip back into his mouth and sucking down half of his length.

"A-Ah!" Jimin gasped, his back arching slightly as Yoongi took in all he could, till the tip of his cock hit the back of his
throat and he could suck and swallow to his hearts content. Jimin was twitching, straining, his hips shaking shaking slightly from the effort to keep them still. Part of Yoongi just wanted Jimin to fuck his mouth, seeing as it wouldn't matter how much to look abused on camera
because of the mask he would wear but at the same time, he was grateful. Jimin was being careful with him and Yoongi appreciated that. He really did pick a good one, hm? Yoongi hummed, pleased, and started to bob his head a little slowly, careful of the gag reflex he did
actually have.

"Yoon-Yoongi, oh my /god/." Jimin moaned out, eyes shut tightly as he squeezed Yoongi's hair between his fingers, almost making the older grind his face into his cock. Yoongi didn't disapprove. And he sure didn't disapprove of the way Jimin moaned his /name/ like
that. "B-Baby, you'll make me, /shit/."

Yoongi /might/ have sucked a little hard when Jimin called him 'baby' but Yoongi had a handful of weakness and being called 'baby' or 'pretty' during sex was one of them.
Yoongi wasn't aiming to make Jimin last right now. The whole point of this was to let Jimin come once so he would last longer later. But Yoongi couldn't help but tease just a little bit. He pulled off to suckle at the tip once more and Jimin groaned, dropping his full weight into
the mattress and pulled his hands away from Yoongi's hair so he could hide his flushed face in his hands.

"You're a fucking demon, what have i gotten myself into?" Jimin breathed out, almost a soft whine and Yoongi pulled off his cock, concerned.
"Do you want me to stop?" They both groaned from how weak and used Yoongi's voice sounded.

There was a moment of silence before a weak, "No."

Yoongi smiled to himself, pleased, and took Jimin's cock back into his mouth.
Yoongi pulled his hand away from the base of Jimin's cock and planted both of his hands into the mattress on either side of the younger's hip. He arched up, leaning most of his weight on his bent knees caging Jimin's thighs and then he dropped, taking as much of the length and
girth into his mouth as he possibly could.

Jimin moaned out again, a soft high pitched sound and Yoongi watched him as he started to bob his head again, suckling and pressing the flat of his tongue against the sensitive veins. He wanted to /see/ Jimin come undone.
Jimin still had his face covered by both of his hands and Yoongi wasn't playing with that. He gave his cock a sharp suck and Jimin's entire body jerked, his hands falling away from his face to glance down.
There was a moment where they both froze and just looked at each other, Jimin with his face flushed and eyes wide and Yoongi with his cheeks flushed and pink lips stretched tightly around the girth of Jimin's cock. What a sight they both made.
Then Yoongi hallowed his cheeks with a deep suck and Jimin's eyes rolled back in his head from how /fucking good/ that felt.

It didn't take much longer. Yoongi bobbed his head carefully, suckling in the way Jimin seemed to like and Jimin rolled his hips ever so slightly
to meet each bob of Yoongi's head.

Yoongi could feel it when Jimin was about to reach his climax. The cock in his mouth strained, bursting forth a spurt of precum that he swallowed without thought. The taste was only a little bitter but better than any other come he had
tasted in his lifetime. He encouraged Jimin on with a hand on his hip and soft moans that vibrated through his cock. The only warning Yoongi had was a choked off version of his name before Jimin was swelling in his mouth and then bursting.
Yoongi locked his eyes on Jimin's face, watched the way his tense expression went slack and his lips parted to release small little high pitched whining sounds. One hand found Yoongi's hair again, gripping just to have something to hold onto while Yoongi milked him for all he was
worth with his mouth.

Jimin came for awhile, his body twitching and pulsing until there was nothing left to give. Yoongi's mouth was too full to swallow and some dripped out the corners of his mouth to slip back down the length of Jimin's cock.
Once he was sure Jimin was completely spent, his hands slipping free from Yoongi's hair and his own throat to drop limply to the mattress, Yoongi pulled off his cock. He didn't bother to keep his mouth shut, he parted his worn lips and let the come dribble free from his
mouth to coat Jimin's cock.

"Oh my /god/." Jimin gasped, making Yoongi snap his eyes up to him. Jimin was watching him in slightly disbelief, his eyes wide but there was attraction in there, a hint of lust that had yet to be fully satisfied. "What a /dirty/ mouth you have."
"Who made it dirty?" Yoongi countered, wincing at his weak voice and swallowed a few times, leaning up and licking the come from his own lips.

Jimin made a soft noise, staring at the ceiling with a cute goofy smile on his lips. "I did."
Yoongi slapped his thigh playfully and Jimin squeaked, leveling him with a pout. "Come back down, I still need you, you know."

"Can I not bask in the glow of the best blow job of my entire /fucking/ life?" Jimin countered, perking a brow.
Yoongi's cheeks flushed and his heart sputtered. "Uh, yeah, I guess you can for a minute."

Jimin laughed softly, such a pretty sound and closed his eyes to breath in a few times, a smile tugging at his lips. "Thanks."
For a moment, they just stayed there. Jimin took the time to calm his breathing and Yoongi cleaned his mouth with the backs of his hands, wondering how swollen his lips were and how red. After another moment of that, his knees started to ache from the way he was straddling
Jimin's thighs so he rolled off the younger until his butt hit the mattress and his feet touched the floor.

"I'll be right back." He promised Jimin over his shoulder as he got to his feet. "I need to get a few things."
Jimin waved a hand at him. "I'll be here."

Yoongi snorted softly because he found it amusing that Jimin didn't feel like moving after a /blow job/ but he was pretty proud of himself for doing that to him. Jimin did say it had been a while so Yoongi hoped he didn't overwhelm him.
Yoongi wasn't used to being on his knees for long periods of times if he didn't have a toy up his ass so his legs felt a little like jelly as he shuffled out of the room. He left the door open so Jimin felt comfortable to go into the bathroom across the hall.
He grabbed a cloth to run it under the water in the sink so he could help Jimin clean up. While he twisted the cloth to ring out excess water, he checked over his reflection in the mirror. He wasn't surprised to see his cheeks were still flushed with color or that his plump
lips were more swollen and pink than usual. He moved his mouth around and felt a bit sore, which left a buzzing pleasure in the pit of his stomach. He was still very hard in his pants but it wasn't an insistent type of arousal. It was something that could wait until later.
Pleased he still looked attractive, even with messy hair, Yoongi shuffled back across the hall into the bedroom. Jimin was sitting up now on the edge of the bed with his briefs pulled back up over his semi-hard cock. He looked flushed, but pleased and he smiled brightly as soon
as he saw Yoongi.

Yoongi stared at his covered crotch while Jimin stared at the cloth in his hand before they both laughed softly at one another. Yoongi passed Jimin the cloth and Jimin took it with a soft thank you. Yoongi let him clean himself up while he turned to the
small closet in the room. He opened the double doors with a soft swish, revealing an assortment of clothes he used specifically for filming and built in shelves he had put in to hold other small items, like his toys.
He didn't need toys today so he avoided that shelf while he picked out a mask to wear, grabbed a second one in case Jimin wanted to wear one, and then collected his favorite lube and a few condoms. He knew they weren't expired seeing as he bought them the other day specifically
for this moment. Yoongi hadn't owned condoms in years so that was quite the experience.

Once he had everything he needed, Yoongi closed the doors with his foot and turned back to Jimin, who was still settled on the bed and watching him in curiosity.
"Do you want a mask?" Yoongi asked, dangling the two black items in his hands as he dropped the lube and condoms on the mattress near Jimin's exposed thighs. They were just as sculpted as Yoongi expected and he planned to bite them before the night was over too.
"Will I need it?" Jimin asked, reaching out to take the soft black fabric and toy with it.

"No? I mean. I do." Yoongi wiggled his own mask, a simple black fabric that was large enough to cover his entire bottom face, including his nose, chin, lips and full cheeks.
"Cause you're who they came to see." Jimin mused, fiddling the strings of the mask between his cute little fingers. "I'm not the focus of this."

"You're not." Yoongi agreed. "Like I said before, I can edit out frames that may show your face but if you don't wear a mask we
have to fuck in specific ways."

Jimin perked a brow. "What kind of ways?"

"You have to stay leaning back, you know what I mean?" Jimin nodded in understanding. "And, I mean, as much as I enjoy the sounds you make, I think I need you to be quiet."
Jimin flushed softly. "I can do that. I'm kind of just a tool here, right?"

Yoongi furrowed his brow. "Don't refer to yourself like that."

Jimin blinked innocently. "I didn't mean it as a bad thing. I'm just the toy for you to play with."
"That sounds no better." Yoongi stated flatly, sighing through his nose. "I want you to be here but I want to be careful. They asked for this but I'm not sure they realize what they asked for. From what I gather, they want the illusion that I'm being fucked by them.
So the less personal we get with you, the better. Fuck, that sounds so fucked up." Yoongi rubbed the back of his hands against his forehead.

"It's okay." Jimin was on his feet, reaching out to gently rub over one of Yoongi's bare shoulders. "I knew what I was getting into."
Yoongi glanced at Jimin, feeling a little bit grateful that the man was so understanding. "We'll just do it and figure it out as we go, I guess. Is that okay?"

Jimin nodded, his smile warm and kind. "I'm following you here, Yoongi."

Oh, so he was /Yoongi/ now instead of Hyung.
Yoongi didn't want to admit how much he liked that. "Okay." He nodded to himself and tipped over to plant a soft kiss to Jimin's cheek before slipping away from him, leaving the younger a little flushed and stunned. "I'll turn everything on now.
I can cut to the beginning later." Yoongi shifted around the bed to turn all three of his cameras on and checked the angles once more. "I have them all aimed at the center of the bed so try to keep me there if you can." He moved to the one mounted on the wall and checked the
cables to assure that it would be movable if they decided to do something a little Point Of View. Then he moved over to the computer in the corner of the room, out of view of the cameras and started fiddling with it, assuring that everything was recording properly.
Once that was done, he turned to Jimin with a faint smile. "Alright, all set."

Jimin tenderly placed the mask in his hands down on the desk with the computer, signalling he trusted Yoongi enough to not wear it. Yoongi almost wished he didn't need to wear his, Because maybe
he would want to kiss Jimin while they were fucking but, alas, he couldn't. Yoongi slipped the straps of his mask over his ears, hiding away the majority of his face and he untucked his hair so his ears were covered as well.
"Oh." Jimin suddenly whispered, making Yoongi glance at him. He was looking at Yoongi with a strange expression on his face, something Yoongi couldn't read but he didn't look unhappy. "You still look pretty. I'll miss your mouth though." He teased lightly, his smile easing
the tightness in Yoongi's heart.

Yoongi approached him a little shyly, his head ducked and his hands folded against his stomach. Jimin reached out without question, sliding his warm palms over Yoongi's bare shoulders, down his sides and over his hips making him shiver.
"So pretty." Jimin murmured again, pressing his lips softly into Yoongi's hair as he pulled the older closer to him with hands on his hips. Yoongi melted into the touch, closing his eyes and curling his fists against Jimin's clothed torso.
Being naked was a good place to start and so Yoongi dropped his hands to tug at the hem of Jimin's tank, pulling it upwards. Jimin let him tug it off, lifting his arms up so Yoongi could tug it over his head and drop it to the floor. Jimin shook out his hair, eyes still locked
with Yoongi's. But then Yoongi had access to so much toned golden skin and his mouth watered, wanting to kiss every inch but unable to do so. He almost wanted to grumble about it but he kept his mouth shut and thunked his forehead against Jimin's prominant collarbone while
reaching for his briefs.

Jimin knocked his hands away though and grabbed at the front of Yoongi's pants instead, flushing heat through Yoongi's stomach. He wasn't nearly as hard as before but he was anxious, bubbling with anticipation of what was to come.
Before Jimin could unbutton his jeans, Yoongi grabbed his wrists and nodded his head toward the bed. "They like watching me undress." He mumbled, voice muffled through the mask.
Jimin twisted his hands around to capture both of Yoongi's and squeezed them softly, tenderly, making Yoongi's heart flutter happily. Then he used his grip on Yoongi's hands to tug him toward the bed. He was careful as he pushed Yoongi to sit down and then they parted so
Yoongi could wiggled into the middle of the bed, checking the computer screen where the three video feeds were playing to make sure he was in the right position. Jimin shoved off his own briefs since they would need to be gone anywhere before crawling onto the bed to join him.
Yoongi laid back on the bed comfortably, spreading his legs invitingly for Jimin to settle between them on his knees. Jimin shifted to lean over him, maybe dip in close to kiss him but then he thought better of it, staying back on his heels to keep the main camera view Yoongi.
It was a little disappointing but Yoongi was grateful Jimin was sticking to the plan. He smiled at the man, hoping he could see the way his cheeks pulled up under the mask and Jimin smiled softly at him while rubbing over his jean clad thighs softly.
Now that they were in position, Jimin's hands went back to the button on Yoongi's jeans. He popped it open easily enough and then drew the zipper down a little slowly, almost like a tease to anyone who might be watching. Yoongi didn't feel shy at all, not even an ounce of anxiety
because Jimin already knew what his dick looked like and that was a relief.

Jimin spread open the flaps of his jeans to reveal the soft white cotton briefs he was wearing beneath. His less than halfway hard cock followed the curve of his pelvis and Jimin was careful as he
slipped the jeans over Yoongi's hips, the older shoving his feet into the mattress to lift his hips up and make the removal easier. He brought his legs up so Jimin could pull his pants off and then he spread them again on either side of Jimin.
The line of his cock was obvious in his white briefs and Jimin's eyes dropped to it. Yoongi's breath hitched as he watched the way Jimin's eyes darkened and that hungry look started to simmer back into his eyes. Jimin's cock was soft between his legs but Yoongi saw it twitch
at the sight of his own. Carefully, gently, Jimin reached forward to run a knuckle along the length of Yoongi's cock and Yoongi tensed, hissing sharply at the soft buzz of pleasure that burned up his cock. He had to be vocal, more so than usual, but he didn't see that being a
problem with Jimin at all. Just that simple touch had his skin tingling and his cock twitching to life. If he hadn't already let himself go earlier, it wouldn't have taken long for Jimin to get him to come.
Yoongi arched his back slightly, showing off for the camera as Jimin stroked his cock through the fabric of his briefs slowly, using the back of his knuckles like he was touching something precious. His expression was a little hard to read, still hungry and lustful, but soft
and tender like he felt truly lucky to do this with Yoongi. And maybe he did. Jimin did say something like that before but Yoongi's brain didn't have the normal amount of blood at the moment.
Yoongi's breath started to come a little harder, his stomach sloping and twitching at the touch before Jimin finally pulled away to reach for the hem of his briefs. Again, Yoongi lifted his hips and legs so Jimin could pull them off and toss them to the floor.
They were completely naked in front of one another now and Yoongi didn't feel an ounce of self-consciousness. Not with Jimin's gaze taking in every inch of him greedily. His eyes lingered on Yoongi's flushed pink cock, a decent size smaller than Jimin's but nothing to be ashamed
of. Yoongi rather liked his cock, how pale and flushed pink it was when he was hard. Right now, it was still flushing with blood but soon it would be a little bit longer, and thicker, and hard and hot to the touch. Jimin hummed in appreciation and wrapped his hand around
Yoongi's length carefully, spiking pleasure up his spine. His hands were warm but a little rough and calloused against his sensitive skin. Jimin was gentle though, stroking the dry skin carefully and fiddling with his flushing red tip to bring more blood into the organ.
Pleasure was like an old friend, coursing through Yoongi's entire body in soft waves. It was a pleasing burn, something that could grow intensely but for right now he was happy with the soft touching. Jimin wrapped his hand around Yoongi's tip, thumbing over his slit and
making him hiss through his teeth. His eyes were locked on Jimin's expression, which was locked on his cock. Jimin parted his lips to flick his tongue against his top lip and Yoongi desperately wanted to kiss him again.
Then Yoongi remembered the whole point of what they were doing. He breathed in deeply and wiggled his hips, an invitation before Jimin seemed to pick up on what he was saying. Jimin pulled his hand away from Yoongi's hardening cock so the older shift around.
Jimin leaned back on his heels while Yoongi twisted around onto his stomach and brought his knees and arms underneath him. Then he propped up. He stretched out over the mattress with his ass in the air and his arms above his head. He glanced up at the camera just above the
headboard, angled down to get a good shot of his face. A quick glance at the computer screen down him the entire length of his body could be seen along with part of Jimin's bottom half as the man shifted a little bit closer to him.
Jimin made a noise then, something soft and choked and Yoongi twisted around to glance over his shoulder. Jimin's gaze was wide and locked on his ass. Yoongi preened, wiggling his hips in invitation as want pooled in his cock. Jimin snapped out of it after a few seconds and
he reached forward to curl his hands gently over Yoongi's hips.

Yoongi let out a relieved, pleased noise and folded his arms so he could rest his head on them, cheek tucked against his skin with his head turned toward the camera beside the bed. He closed his eyes in
anticipation and waited for whatever Jimin was going to do next.

A soft little noise crawled up Yoongi's throat when Jimin's fingers dug into the globes of his ass and tugged them apart. It wasn't something that could be properly seen on camera but that was okay.
The allusion was enough for his viewers, he was certain. And then Jimin gasped and Yoongi buried his face in his arms in slight embarrassment. He could feel Jimin's breath on his lower back and then he felt the man's hands pulling his cheeks further apart, stretching him and
adjusting the plug Yoongi have shoved inside himself over an hour ago. He whimpered faintly at the feeling, shivers of pleasure coursing up his spine and making his thighs shake slightly.
Yoongi had wanted to be prepared. He wanted to get to the actual sex as soon as possible even if Jimin was a little disappointed that he didn't get to prepare him. Maybe next time. Yoongi was too lost in the feeling of Jimin toying with the blue jewel at the end of the
plug to acknowledge that thought. He couldn't even bring himself to look over his shoulder to see the man's reaction. He could practically feel that burning gaze over his skin though, he and had a feeling Jimin liked what he saw, which was Yoongi's slightly abused fluttering
pink hole stretched tight around the slim handle of the plug, the blue jewel nestled perfectly between his cheeks.

Soft lips pressed to the curve of his ass and Yoongi's throat went tight, a moan getting caught. Then those lips moved over toward the jewel, fingers wrapping
around the thin rod to /pull/ gently. The plug came out with a soft pop and Yoongi moaned, arching up slightly like he was presenting himself to Jimin. He didn't have much time to feel empty and clench around air before there was a mouth pressing against his fluttering hole.
"F-Fuck." Yoongi shot up, his fists curling in the sheets as he held himself up, whipping his head around to see Jimin's fluff of orange hair peaking over the curve of his ass. Jimin didn't even stop. He pressed the flat of his tongue against Yoongi's pink fluttering hole and
Yoongi didn't stand a chance. His arms and thighs went weak, trembling slightly with the pulses of pleasure that flushed over him with each drag of Jimin's tongue. He wanted to say something, anything, but he had to pick his words carefully. They had to stay neutral but still
directed at Jimin. He dropped his head between his shoulders, until he was back on his elbows, arching his back to give Jimin better access.

"Ah, that feels too good." Yoongi slurred out, his words muffled through the mask but hopefully loud enough to be heard.
Jimin hummed against his skin, a sign that he was heard, and he pressed his tongue a little harder against Yoongi's fluttering hole. /Fuck/, he didn't expect Jimin to eat him out. He hadn't even considered it as an option but he wasn't going to stop him. He might not even add it
in the final video so this might just be a little something special for himself, like sucking Jimin off had been.

He let out a rather high pitched wheeze when Jimin pressed his tongue past the tight ring of muscle. He clawed at the sheets, sparkles of pleasure
spreading over his skin because Jimin's tongue felt /so fucking good/ but just the thought that a guy like Jimin was eating him out had Yoongi panting into his arms. His cock was fully hard and heavy, dangling between his legs but it was ignored for now. Yoongi hoped Jimin would
eat him out for a little while longer, even if it might not make for good video later. He was enjoying it a little bit too much to be honest but he had no plans in making Jimin stop. If the guy was going to willing, happily, eat him out, Yoongi was going to let him.
And he did let him. Minutes passed by, minutes Yoongi lost track off while Jimin kissed and licked over his sensitive fluttering hole, while rubbing his palms soothing up and down Yoongi's hips and smooth back. At some point, Jimin let his palm rest just in the small of
Yoongi's back, just above the swell of his ass and by the time Jimin finally pulled away, Yoongi was heaving with breath and whining softly into the mattress. He could feel tears prickling the corners of his eyes from how fucking /good/ that felt. Jimin was a keeper.
There was a soft press against the small of his back, a nuzzle and a kiss, a soft whisper asking if he was okay. It took Yoongi a moment to form proper words and even then all he could managed was a garbled slurred version of, 'yes'. Jimin chuckled, pleased, against
Yoongi's skin and Yoongi was certain he heard Jimin whisper 'pretty' one more time as he pulled away.

"Fuck me." Yoongi managed to say properly, twisting his head around to see Jimin still settled behind him, his gaze heavy and dark. "Fuck me like you mean it."
Jimin didn't need to be told more than that. He reached around Yoongi to pick up the lube and condoms, bringing them close so he could use them. He started with the lube, popping open the cap to pour a generous amount into his palm. He waited for it to warm before rubbing a few
streaks between Yoongi's cheeks, using his free hand to pull his cheeks apart. He rubbed over his pink rim, making Yoongi moan into his shoulder as he watched the younger work. Jimin had such an intense look on his face, like he was focusing but also like he couldn't wait to
shove his cock deep inside Yoongi. Yoongi sure couldn't wait for that. He made an impatient whine that turned into a faint moan when Jimin slapped one of his cheeks gently. It didn't even hurt but it /could/ and that made Yoongi whine again.
"Impatient." Jimin hissed through clenched teeth and Yoongi wasn't even surprised by the press of teeth in the curve of his ass. The bite was hard enough to feel but gentle enough not to hurt. At the same time, Jimin shoved a slick finger past his rim and Yoongi choked on a moan.
His shoulders went tense and he wiggled his hips in an attempt for more. Jimin seemed to be in a kind mood because he shoved a second finger inside and started to lube up Yoongi's insides, dragging the pads of his fingers over Yoongi's soft walls to coat him nice and slick.
"God, fucking /shit/ you tease." Yoongi moaned, his voice a little raspy and weak. "Get your dick in me already."

It was obvious Jimin wanted to say something. His jaw tensed and his eyes narrowed but he kept it to himself. Yoongi also wished Jimin scolded him for being
too impatient again because he /liked/ it. Jimin did give his ass another little bite and Yoongi sighed happily from it.

Moments later, once Jimin was certain Yoongi was wet enough for him, he gave his ass one more kiss and pulled back. Yoongi heard him fiddling with
the pack of condoms so he folded his arms once again to pillow his head on. He glanced at the computer screen to assure they were still in frame and he watched as Jimin ripped open one of the condoms and carefully rolled it down his throbbing hard cock.
Just the sight of that cock, even through a screen, had Yoongi's stomach swirling in tense anticipation. He watched through the screen as Jimin lifted up on knees and Yoongi arched his back, lifting up higher so Jimin had better access to his hole. He felt the way one of Jimin's
hands curled around his hip for leverage and then his eyes shut tight from the blunt press of a cock head against his rim.

Jimin was careful. He didn't shove right in like he probably could have. Instead, he took his time. He pressed forward slowly, carefully, gently, until the
tip of his cock broke through the tight ring of muscle and Yoongi moaned into his arms. He was so /thick/ and Yoongi felt tightly stretched around his girth already. He was glad Jimin decided to go slow because if he shoved right in, he might have ended up hurting Yoongi.
The slide was wet but slow, a few shallow thrusts before Yoongi was bursting full of Jimin's cock. By then, Yoongi's entire body was trembling and he was making soft high pitched raspy noises into the mattress with his hands clawing at the sheets beneath him.
Yoongi breathed out a relieved sigh at being full, Jimin's pelvis flush with the curve of his ass. Jimin rubbed over his hips and lower back soothingly until Yoongi was rocking back onto his cock, silently asking for him to /move/.
Jimin let his hand rest just above the curve of Yoongi's hand, the other gripping his hip, and then he finally started to move.

It was slow at first. He was gentle as he slipped his cock all the way till only the head was left and then rolled his hips in a hard intense thrust
that had Yoongi choking and seeing stars. Jimin kept that pace, slow drags outwards only to slam back in a little fast and hard. Each slam of Jimin's hips against his ass had Yoongi calling out and gripping the sheets tightly. It felt /good/. It was a little rough but still
soft and sweet, just like Yoongi liked.

After a few minutes of that, with Yoongi slightly rolling his hips back to meet each thrust, Jimin adjusted the angle. He leaned up enough until he was thrusting in a downwards angle and Yoongi gasped out so loudly when Jimin slammed hard
into his prostate that Jimin completely froze.

"N-No, no no no." Yoongi whined, shaking his head back and forth against his folded arms. "Don't stop, don't /stop/." He shoved his hips back against Jimin's pelvis, begging for the man to do it again because /fuck/ he saw stars.
Jimin soothed him with gentle pets to his thighs before he gripped the supple flesh and started thrusting again at a slow pace. The drag of his thick cock against Yoongi's walls was almost torturous until he slammed back in and hit the right spot.
Yoongi could come like this, he thought. Without even touching himself he could certainly come just like this. But he also wanted to see Jimin's face again. He wanted to watch the man fuck him. He wanted to see the way his muscles clenched, the way his lips parted and his eyes
sparkled with lust.

So Yoongi started to whine, reaching back to grab at whatever part of Jimin he could find, which happened to be one of his hands on his hip. He grabbed Jimin's fingers, squeezing tightly and wiggling from side to side. When he glanced over his shoulder with
pleasure glazed eyes, Jimin looked confused, his head tilted to the side in question.

/Fuck/ he looked gorgeous. He was flushed all the way down his chest, his lips red and plump, his eyes dark and a bit of sweat forming around his hairline. Yoongi wanted to kiss him all over
but he /couldn't/ and that made him let out a petulant whine.

"Over." He gasped out. "Flip me over."

Jimin nodded in understand and carefully pulled himself free from Yoongi with a slick sound, making Yoongi sink into the mattress. He didn't like feeling empty but Jimin
didn't make him wait long. Strong hands grabbed him around the thighs and then carefully flipped him over. Yoongi went willingly, plopping over onto his side until Jimin /manhandled/ him to lay flat on his back in the same spot for the cameras.
Yoongi felt a little dazed, like he was floating and didn't have complete control over his body. It was a nice feeling, something he trusted Jimin with and thought that should have been terrifying, it wasn't.
Yoongi spread his thighs willingly and then brought up his bent knees, hooking both hands under them so he could spread himself in invitation. He witnessed the violent shudder than coursed through Jimin at the sight. Yoongi wasn't aware of how fucked out he looked.
He couldn't see what Jimin could see. And what Jimin saw was messy strands of blond hair, deeply flushed peeks of cheeks, glazed heavily lidded tearful eyes, flushed pale skin, perky pink nipples, swollen pink cock and abused fluttering pink hole just waiting for him.
He had no idea that some of makeup was smeared, the black eyeliner smudged from the wetness in his eyes but that was immensely attractive to Jimin because Yoongi was /tearing up/ from how /good/ Jimin fucked him. So Yoongi couldn't see what Jimin could but he sure had a nice view
of his own.

For a moment they just stared at one another, eyes locked while Jimin replaced Yoongi's hands under his knees with his own. Something intense and deep settled between them all of a sudden and Yoongi's throat went tight with it. His heart was even fluttering and it
had nothing to do with the sexual pleasure forming between the two of them.

Using the grip he had under Yoongi's knees, Jimin lifted Yoongi right off his ass so he could slide him up his thighs for a better angle. Yoongi moaned at the press of hot skin against hot skin
and he wanted to open his legs even further, but he was unable to do so. When he whimpered softly, Jimin shushed him gently and lined himself back up.

With locked eyes, Jimin rolled his hips until the tip of his cock breached Yoongi's rim again and slid all the way to the hilt.
Yoongi went tense for a second, his breath caught in this throat. His body was trembling again from the intense pleasure pulsing through his body and he let his hand rest between his legs, palm flat against Jimin's stomach. He liked feeling the way the muscles clenched against
his fingers when Jimin started to roll his hips in a slow thrusting motion. He didn't go nearly as hard this time, choosing to go slower to build up the pressure in the pit of Yoongi's stomach. He found the perfect angle almost immediately but he alternated between hitting
it head on and not, to draw out Yoongi's pleasure longer. He knew when he hit it straight on because each time, Yoongi made that cute little high pitched wheezing noise and his eyes rolled back in his head.
Jimin dropped one hand to curl around Yoongi's wrist, holding onto him as he fucked slowly into him. Yoongi's arm was pressed right up against his cock, giving him some friction he didn't previously have and making it harder for him to hold on.
Yoongi knew it was time to play up for the viewers but he wasn't sure how much playing up he would actually be doing and dropped open his mouth for the filth to start flowing.
"Fuck." Yoongi moaned out, a raspy high pitched sound when Jimin slammed into him at the right angle. "T-There, right there, fuck me right there, oh /shit/ shit shit." It was almost a whine, his head tilting backwards to arch his neck invitingly. Jimin's eyes dropped to the
offer but he couldn't lean forward no matter how much he wanted to. Yoongi clenched his thighs closed after a moment, shoving his arm and cock against his stomach before letting his thigh fall open again. The stretch was almost painful but he wanted Jimin more, closer.
" 's good, so good." Yoongi whined, wiggling his hips into Jimin's thrusts until he was finally meeting them properly, urging Jimin to go a little faster, a little harder. "/Good/, cock /so good/." He wanted to close his eyes but he couldn't look away from the intense look in
Jimin's eyes. It was making his skin burn like flames were licking at him and it was the most intense type of pleasure he had ever felt. It took much and not enough all at once. He wanted Jimin closer. He wanted the man to press into him, pinning him to the mattress and
forcing his thighs open wider with his weight. Yoongi wanted to feel that /stretch/ but he couldn't. He whined because of that, unable to hold back any of his sounds because of how good he was feeling.
"Little harder." Yoongi slurred out, fluttering his eyes closed for only a second. "M-Make me come."

Something seemed to snap inside Jimin then. His expression darkened into that demon Yoongi knew was inside him and he snapped his hips forward /hard/.
Yoongi choked on a moan, almost a sob, and wrapped both legs around Jimin's hips, encouraging him to keep going. Jimin wasn't dragging ti out anymore. With each thrust, he slammed into Yoongi at the perfect angle and making him see stars even when his eyes were wide open,
locked on Jimin. They were both panting, sweating just slightly, and Jimin was taking a great effort to keep his noises to himself. His jaw was clenched so tightly Yoongi could see the tendons in his neck. He looked fucking gorgeous like this above him and Yoongi would think
about the way Jimin's gaze burned into his skin for a very long time.

"M-more, yes, yes." Yoongi rasped with each thrust, his words easily slipping into garbles of sounds because it felt too good to formulate proper words. His eyes were watering again, tearing up from
the good fucking he was getting and there was nothing he could do to fight it.

Everything started to build and build until there was no where left for it to go. The buckle filled until it was overflowing and everything snapped all at once deep inside of Yoongi.
He couldn't even warn Jimin because he couldn't form words. He just let out a long high pitched whine and that was the only warning the younger got.
Pleasure wrecked through Yoongi like a tidal wave, control completely lost through the rushing of feeling through him. His nails clawed into Jimin's tense stomach, his thigh squeeze and squeeze until they couldn't squeeze anymore and his head tossed back against the mattress
with a long drawn out gasp that made his throat and chest tight. He couldn't even /breathe/ from the intense pleasure rushing through his entire body and Jimin only slowed his thrusts down enough to not hurt Yoongi, but still drag out his climax.
He felt his pulsing cock against his arm spluttering hotly against his skin and he could only hold on until his climax started to fade one. It took a little while and by the time the pleasure faded into a warm pleasant buzz, Yoongi was gasping for air and clutching at
Jimin for purchase.

Jimin had stopped moving, his hands soothing over Yoongi's hips and thighs as he came down from his high. It took another moment for Yoongi to focus long enough to see that Jimin was smiling softly at him, almost in awe from how gorgeous he was when he came.
Yoongi wanted nothing more than to kiss Jimin, to feel their bodies pressed together and kiss him senseless all over again. But, Jimin was still hard. Still very, very hard inside of him and Yoongi couldn't settle for that. He swallowed hard, licked his lips, feeling the fabric
of his mask and tried to speak.

"C-ome." His voice was a broken rasp but Jimin's eyes widened, proof he heard him. "C-Come in me." He wiggled his hips weakly. "/Please/."
Jimin went tense for a few seconds before he nodded his head in understanding and slowly started moving again. Yoongi's eyes rolled back in his head from the over stimulation but Jimin was careful not to hit him in his sensitive spot again.
It still felt so /good/.

Yoongi could feel every single inch of Jimin's cock deep inside him, every inch of skin on skin and the way Jimin clutched at his thighs for purchase.
They kept at it for a while and Yoongi vaguely wondered if having Jimin let one out first was such a good idea. He loved sucking the man's cock, and he did come rather quickly, but this was taking longer than he expected. Not that he was complaining.
He loved the way Jimin fucked him. He could lay there all day contently and let Jimin rock slowly into him until they were both gasping.

Jimin came moments later with a hard breath through his nose, clenched teeth and a hard grip around Yoongi's hand that was still
flat against his soft abs. A ghost of a climax surged through Yoongi at the feeling of Jimin's cock pulsing inside of him, coming into the condom and Yoongi almost wished the condom wasn't there so he could have felt it.
Yoongi cooed softly at Jimin, his eyes fluttering with the hint of tears still on his lashes and he rubbed over his stomach softly until Jimin's fingers curled around his. Yoongi's heart fluttered and they just /looked/ at one another while they caught their breath.
Yoongi couldn't say how long they stayed there like that until they calmed down and their breath was more even. By then, Jimin's cock was soft inside of him and many parts of his body were starting to ache.
"Come here." Yoongi mumbled, grabbing at the mask on his face to tug it free and toss it to the side.

Jimin didn't even question him. He laid carefully over Yoongi, giving him the pressure on his lower body he had been so desperate for. Their slick skin fit together
perfectly and Yoongi wrapped both arms and legs around Jimin, pinning them together until he could find the man's mouth.

They kissed slowly, softly, like they had all the time in the world and warmth rushed through Yoongi, leaving his heart stuttering. Oh, this was so nice.
Kissing Jimin after sex was /so nice/.

Jimin slipped his hands between the mattress and Yoongi's back in an attempt at hold him and Yoongi appreciated it. They kissed over and over again until Yoongi was sure his lips were swollen all over again.
Jimin was the one to decided it was time to pull out of him. He was very careful about it, going slow so not to strain Yoongi. Once he was free, leaving the older feeling a little empty, he tugged off the used condom, tied it off and tossed it in the small trash can.
And then he came back, curling up against Yoongi's side until Yoongi rolled over and nuzzled into his neck, silently asking for cuddles. Jimin seemed more than happy to give him what he wanted, sighing happily and wrapping both arms around him to tuck him against his chest.
They were quiet for a little while longer, just enjoying the feeling of being with one another in the aftermath of their climaxes. Yoongi was ready for sleep. Maybe a bath, but sleep for sure. He didn't even know what time it was but he imagined it was late.
He was tempted to ask Jimin to stay the night so he didn't walk home so late. Or call him a cab at least. One of the two.

"You did so well." Yoongi murmured into his throat, his lips brushing softly against his skin. "Better than I could have asked for."
Soft lips pressed into his hair. "I'm happy you enjoyed it. I know I did."

Yoongi snorted softly, smiling at the rumble of laughter that went through Jimin's chest. "I'm glad I picked you. No regrets."
Jimin was silent for a moment and so Yoongi pulled back enough to meet his gaze. His expression was unreadable and when he noticed Yoongi looking at him he offered a soft smile. "Me too." He looked so pretty when he smiled like that. "I'm still in disbelief I think?" He
giggled breathlessly. "Like, I know we just did it. I can still feel the lingering effects but like... wow." He leaned forward to nuzzle their noses together cutely. "You /picked/ me."
Yoongi nodded. "Honestly? I didn't expect a lot to come out of that ad and I was shocked by the amount of legit offers I received."

"You had a lot of options." Jimin guessed.

"Yeah. Enough."

"And you picked me." Jimin sounded in awe.

"I picked you." Yoongi assured him.
"Wow." Jimin was giggling again, soft cute little sounds that he buried in the curve of Yoongi's cheek. "I never asked why you picked me in detail. I was too shocked that you accepted me."
"I picked you because you seemed genuine. You weren't in it for the money and you weren't creepy in any way. I don't know, I trusted that you just wanted the experience." Yoongi paused. "Plus you're fucking gorgeous, so."
Jimin giggled happily, his smile such a cute thing that Yoongi wanted to pinch his cheeks. "Thank you. You're so pretty I don't know what to do with myself half the time and I feel so lucky I got to do this with you."
/Well then/. The butterflies were back, flapping violently against Yoongi's stomach. "If the video goes well, and I have a feeling it might, would you uh, I mean." Yoongi was suddenly nervous, tongue tied.
Jimin's eyes widened slightly but he caught on to what Yoongi was trying to say quickly. "Yes." It was a rush of a word. "I would do this again. I would /love/ to do this again."

"I'd compensate you, of course."
"Yoongi, no." Jimin whined, pressing forward to plant their lips together softly. "Being like this with you is all I need in return. I'm not letting you /pay/ me. Not for this and not if we do it again."
Yoongi's throat went intensely tight and he suddenly felt much too warm. "Oh. Um. Okay." He felt shy all of a sudden, licking at his lips to taste Jimin's lingering sweetness. "So, you'll do it again?"

"Yup." Jimin pressed his lips to Yoongi's nose and then down his cheek.
"Good to know." Yoongi paused. "What time is it?"

Jimin wiggled around on the bed to glance around the room. He found a clock on the computer screen. "Nearly midnight."

So they'd been at it for hours? Seriously? Fuck. "You're not walking home."
Jimin blinked at him in surprise, a flush curling over his cheeks. "I can't stay. Not that I don't want to." He hurried to say. "B-But I promised my roommate I would come home after tonight to assure him you weren't a crazy dude trying to murder me."
Yoongi blinked. "Sounds fair. I'll call you a cab though."

Jimin ducked his head and pressed his lips to the corner of Yoongi's mouth. "I'd appreciate it, thank you."

"You're going to cuddle me a little longer though." Jimin giggled but nodded in agreement.
They laid there cuddled together for twenty or so more minutes until Yoongi was sleepy and soft. Jimin hated having to stir him but he really did need to get home, even if he would rather stay. Yoongi let the man pull him out of bed and got the both of them dressed, Jimin
more so than Yoongi. By the time Jimin was fully dressed, Yoongi was rubbing at his eyes sleepily with the sleeves of his blue sweater. He didn't have pants on because what was even the point? He pointed Jimin in the direction of the bathroom when asked and then went in search
of his phone so he could call Jimin a cab.

Jimin joined him in the living room a few minutes later, looking a little more refreshed and plopped down beside Yoongi on the couch, seemingly unsure if he could still touch him. Yoongi dipped over to rest against his shoulder and
Jimin sighed happily, giving his hair another kiss. They stayed like that until Yoongi's phone alerted him the cab had arrived. They moved slowly to their feet and Yoongi walked Jimin to the door, pausing as the man pulled his boots back on and laced them up.
"Be safe." Yoongi mumbled to him. "Let me know you get home okay."

"I will." Jimin assured him, standing up straight once his boots were tied. He looked nervous for a second, nibbling on his lip and glancing to the side before he seemed to decided something.
Tenderly, Jimin reached out to cup Yoongi's face in his hands and brought their lips together for a sweet kiss. Yoongi melted into the kiss, his entire being aching for more and he almost felt a deep sadness in his chest that Jimin was leaving and their time together was over.
"You have my number." Jimin mumbled into his mouth. "Don't be afraid to use it, Yoongi."

Yoongi's heart fluttered like wings in his chest, his cheeks flushing a pretty pink color. "For next time?"

Jimin hummed, his eyes twinkling. "Yeah, or you know, just cause."
Jimin kissed him one more time, leaving a lingering sweet warm taste on Yoongi's lips before he pulled away. "Have a good night, Yoongi. I'll see you soon."

Yoongi swallowed hard and licked his lips. "Yeah. See you soon."
Jimin smiled brightly at him, so pretty, so gorgeous and then he tinkled his fingers at him in a wave and tugged open the door to slip out into the hallway. Yoongi followed after him, leaning against his open door frame to watch Jimin walk down the hallway.
Jimin paused before he headed down the stairs turning back to Yoongi to give him another sweet smile and blow him a kiss. Yoongi chuckled, a fond warm feeling forming in his chest and he returned the kiss a little shyly. Pleased, Jimin turned away and disappeared down the stairs.
A heavy but warm feeling settled in Yoongi's chest as he pushed off the door frame and entered his apartment, shutting the door and locking up. He turned off all the lights in his apartment and moved back into his filming room. He made sure to turn off all the cameras and
save all the footage they managed to take. He was too sleep, felt too good, to deal with it tonight, so Yoongi shut down his system before leaving the room, closing the door behind him. Then he went into his own bedroom, plopping down onto his bed without a care in the world.
Yoongi fell asleep with Jimin's bright toothy smile against the back of his eyelids and the pleasant thought that he wasn't 'hyung' to Jimin anymore. He was Yoongi and that was a step he didn't expect their relationship to take but he was more than happy with.
Yoongi woke up in a good mood. Maybe it was because of Jimin, or maybe it wasn't. He didn't want to admit to himself what the cause of his good mood happened to be. Sexual pleasure had a lot of positive benefits after all. Jimin being amazing was just an added bonus.
Choosing to ignore Jungkook's many many text messages, Yoongi set to work editing the video he made with Jimin. He had a lot of footage to go through. About two and a half hours worth and three different angles.
So Yoongi picked up breakfast, curled up in front of his editing desktop and set to work. He used to struggle seeing himself on camera when he first startes doing this. But now, it was nothing to him. He was just used to it. But seeing Jimin on camera was a whole other thing.
He was gorgeous. Was there ever a time when he wasn't? Yoongi couldn't imagine there was. Sitting there in his pyjamas with a blanket aroumd his shoulders, Yoongi quickly came to learn that Jimin still intensely affected him even through a computer screen.
Yoongi had never /seen/ himself get fucked and wow what a show it was. It was so obvious how easily he lost himself in Jimin. What was supposes to be a professional business transaction was so much more. Yoongi knew that deep in his heart.
He shifted awkwardly in his chair many times as he tried to edit, finding the best angles for the both of them. Jimin's body looked gorgeous no matter what but Yoongi was more picky toward himself.
By the time he had a good fifteen minutes of full video edited, Yoongi was throbbing in his pants and he didn't know how to feel about that. His videos didn't usually affect him. Course, they never had a literal angel in them like Jimin.
It took a lot of effort and self control for Yoongi to finish up editing. It took hours, four cups of coffee and a little cute encouragement from Jimin via text messaging.
By the time Yoongi was satisfied with the video, it was nearly thirty minutes long and he wasn't sure what to do about that. He hadn't thought the video would exceed ten minutes before he started all of this.
But he decided to add in Jimin eating his ass. He liked the way he looked during that and he had enjoyed it quite a lot. If his viewers didn't like it, well, that was their issue.
For the first time in a while, Yoongi was nervous about posting a video. This was a big deal and a big step for him. If it went well, he might do it again. (With Jimin, only Jimin.) But if it went bad... Then what? They asked for this. That wasn't Yoongi's fault.
But still, Yoongi was worried. So he did what he knew was best. He called Jungkook. Jungkook whined for a solid three minutes about Yoongi ignoring him all day but as soon as Yoongi said he had the finished video, Jungkook was all ears.
Jungkook was in Yoongi's apartment ten minutes later with fried chicken and eager sparkling eyes. He shoved the chicken in Yoongi's hands, them shoved Yoongi out of the way so he could plop down in the computer chair and start up the video.
Yoongi waited anxiously on the bed after putting the chicken in the kitchen. He needed a second opinion. Fresh eyes. He needed to know if he missed anything. He needed to know if the video was good enough to post. So he chewed on his lips and fiddled with his hands while Jungkook
eagerly watched the entire video.

When it was over, Jungkook slowly removed the headphones and equally as slow, turned in the chair to look at Yoongi. He didn't look happy, or unhappy. His face was expressionless and that made Yoongi's stomach swirl with anxiety.
"What?" Yoongi mumbled softly, dropping his eyes to the floor at Jungkook's imploring stare. "Is it bad?"

Jungkook made a soft noise, almost a snort. "That was the sexiest thing I've ever seen."

But his voice was flat so Yoongi glared at him. "Don't lie."
Jungkook shook his head and held up his hands, sighing softly. "I'm not. I'm just..." He furrowed his brow and pursed his lips. "Can I be blunt, hyung?"
Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Aren't you always?" But he was nervous, his stomach twisting painfully.

Jungkook's lips lifted into a cute smile. "I almost felt like I was watching something private. Your eyes were really intense the whole time."
Yoongi narrowed his eyes in confusion. "Is that bad?"

"No." Jungkook shook his head, his dark hair fluffing. "I mean, post the video. It's amazing and your viewers are gonna love it."

"Okay, so what's the problem?"
"Are you okay?" The question was abrupt and made Yoongi go a little tense.

"Yeah? I feel great."

"Are you and Jimin still talking?" He looked almost unsure about asking.

"Yeah?" Yoongi drew the word out in his own confusion.
Relief flickered across Jungkook's expression and he smiled that cute smile of his, seemingly no longer bothered. "Oh. Okay, great. Post tje video, hyung! Then we'll eat and cuddle and watch Avengers. As per tradition!"
Jungkook hopped to his feet and skipped out of the room, leaving Yoongi a little dazed. He got up slowly and settled back down in his computer chair. With Jungkook's support and encouragement, Yoongi uploaded the video into his queue, to post later in the night.
It was out of his hands now. Yoongi almost felt like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders. He sent off a quick text to Jimin informing him the video would be up in a few hours and then joined Jungkook in the living room,
needing his best friend's cuddles a hell of a lot more than he expected.
(The morning after in case you missed it because my thread fucked up)
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