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I'm going to think out loud here.
What is going on is worldwide. Brexit. Bannon. CA. Mercer. Putin. You all know this.

Hungary. Prague. The Seychelles. Prince Three-Letters, pick one of two.

Trump is just our local representative.
2. I don't think that anything like today has happened before in world history. It wouldn't have been possible even in the Reagan era.
It took the intersection of a number of factors, not least the internet.
3. We toss around the word Treason, but that's not it. The right-wingers' bugaboo, the One World Government, the New World Order, has come, and they are it.
I am speaking literally. Obviously this is all opinion.
4. I sit out here on the outside of American society, because I don't have a TV and, to a lesser extent, because I live in the middle sticks (as averse to Far Sticks). Being brain damaged is undoubtedly part of it.
But I feel like I see this web,
5. And it winds through the White House, through the Capitol Building, through Russian banks and princes in traditional desert garb, through people named Kushner and people named Derispaka,
6. This isn't exactly a conspiracy theory, because they aren't exactly a conspiracy. They are Capitalists with a capital C.
Used to be there were two general kinds of capitalists, ones who worked more or less within the law and ones whose business plan
7. Was to supply goods and services which various governments chose to prohibit. We call this latter kind "Organized Crime" but they're just capitalists.
But the two groups used to be separate.
Not so much anymore.
8. I think they're just doing business, and governments told them they couldn't poison the air and the water, they couldn't kill off every last animal, bird, and fish, and they had to pay the little people enough to live on.
And they said, "Fuck that."
9. And they took over.
You may have noticed that they no longer even pretend to tell the truth. I mean, people lie. Government's lie. Maybe sometimes it's better that they do.
But not like this. Nobody has ever seen anything like this before.
10. Look at the Hannity blow-up. Yesterday all the Regular Suspects are bleating, "Fox will have to fire him."
"If Fox doesn't fire him we'll know what they are!"
You don't know now?
11. It's not a long term conspiracy or anything. There can only be one winner. They will continue to grind at one another like big rocks in a sack. But I'm pretty sure that they believe, right now today, that they have won and the game is over.
12. In most of the world the killing started some time ago. If you don't believe me ask Alexander Litvinenko.
13. The President of the United States sent his daughter to an international gathering of Foreign Ministers.
I don't know how far off the killings are, but I am not confident.
14. I have no idea whether the electoral process can save us. The NWO owns every television station on the planet.
I listen to people say, "Boy, Now They've Done It! Fox News is State TV."
They bought all the TV stations a loooooooonnngg time ago.
15. They bought all the radio stations in about 1974 and by 1980 Ronald Reagan was President.
16. They still toss you Rachel Maddow, and Joy Ann Reid, and a few others.
The slot machine gives you a bucket of money from time to time too, but the longer you stay the broker you get.
17. Even if we manage to pull out a last-minute save in November - by no means a done deal yet - it's just a bucket full of quarters to Putin and Mercer. They're in this for the long haul.
18. It is my sincere opinion that the First Amendment is killing us worse than the Second. I do not believe that government for the people can survive unlimited scientifically presented lies. I just don't believe it.
19. Great Britain doesn't have unlimited free lies. Germany doesn't. I talk about restricting speech and everyone screams YOU WANT DONALD TRUMP TO HAVE THE POWER TO RESTRICT SPEECH?? ARE YOU CRAZY???
(We've already established that. Yes.)
20. Unlimited free lies is how we *got* Donald Trump. And Mitch McConnell. And Eric Greitens, my fine upstanding governor.
21. You've heard that Abe Lincoln saying "You can fool some of the people all the time, and all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time."
You don't need to.
22. The Marketing Department looked at the Constitution, and the Country, and said, "You only have to fool 50% + 1 of the voters in *these* states, and you own it."
And they did.
And they do.
23. The critical clause in the above tweet is "of the voters."
The only possible way to get the country back is by getting the half of the people who haven't been voting to do so, and to vote for one specific party, the Democratic party.
24. Because they have fooled slightly more than the 50% + 1 that they need. We don't have time to reeducate them, if it were even possible. We have to turn out voters. Period.
25. The "Where to now, Democrats?" Guy is a fool. Not even relevant. Save the government, worry about how to operate it *next*.
Bernie is a fool. If he wanted to save this country he would be putting all his energy to getting every living American to the polls. Voting Democrat.
26. People, I am not kidding. I don't give one microscopic fuck what Donald Trump does tomorrow unless he starts nuclear or major shooting conventional war. In which case the survivors, if any, can pick up the pieces. But aside from that...
27. Donald Trump is a symptom. If you really think getting rid of him will solve our problems allow me to give you some medical advice:
If you get a cold, cutting off your nose won't cure it.
28. Even though it's red and obvious, obnoxious and loud and full of snot and keeps producing sneezes and more snot.
Cutting it off won't help.
Donald Trump is *a* problem but he's not *the* problem. Not even close.
29. As far as "vote Democratic? Not so fffaasst, buddy! What about..."
Stop right there.
It's been tried. It didn't work. It's like a perpetual motion machine: no matter how persuasive the reasoning, it. Won't. Work.
30. Every right-wing dictatorship on Earth competes at every election with half-a-dozen lefty parties.
The one right-wing party gets more votes than any one lefty party.
This isn't philosophy, it's arithmetic.
31. So... Say we win in November, and manage to keep our fat out of the fire, and win big in 2020. Then what?
Then we've got to get serious about rebuilding a functioning, broad-based, decent living economy and government. And to do that,
32. I'd say the 3 biggest things to attack with all we've got are:
1: Institutional racism
2: A real tax policy, tax the rich to pay for public needs
3. Kill Citizens United and Buckley v. Valeo.
This won't take an amendment. Money is NOT SPEECH.
33. If we can accomplish those three things we've got a chance.
It will take AT A MINIMUM 50 years to make a dent in hardcore racist attitudes, but they can be stomped back into the filthy shadows where they were for a few years.
34. "Political Correctness" and "Free Speech" mean, "I can't yell 'ni***r' out the truck window, I'm picked on!"
Fuck ya, Jack. Be picked on. Talk civilized.
35. I'd like to see reparations, but that's a 10,000 tweet thread and you'd get bored so I'm just dropping that there.
It's been 150 fucking years since the 13th and 15th Amendments. We can't make slavery never have happened, but let's at least make good on the 40 acres and mule.
36. Goddammit, this is America. Let's make that mean something.
Sorry, where was I?
Oh -
One more little thing.
What about the mob? What has been done to America and the world is not against any written law, not the broad crime.
37. And yet it is a crime of historic proportions.
I think we need to seriously attempt a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. I don't think building on the hate and rage will, in the long run, help in any way.
I think those who were at the top need to live at the bottom.
38. I'd prefer to live in a country that housed all it's citizens, but I think Trump, McConnell, Mercer, and all of them need to live out their days on beanie weenies in two room houses. And clean them themselves, or live in their filth.
39. In my opinion, America the nation state has been forever altered. If we continue as we are we will be Russia in three to five years. If we lurch back to our feet we have a huge amount of work in front of us, or it will be temporary.
--jeff out.
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