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1. “Lock picking”: I become increasingly beset with the notion that there are two independent Keyholes that need to be accessed to gain access into the inner sanctum of the “Circle of Filth” The first one was Peter Strzok, the second one is Imran Awan.
2. That @realDonaldTrump Trump called him “Pakistani Mystery man” is no coincidence. And he has referred to Awan previously. He said this on 4/20 and included Hillary cellmate, Debbie Wassermann in his twitter missive. Nothing he does is by accident.
3. On 4/18 Daily caller ran this story calling Awan “mystery man” calling Imran Awan "mystery man" 2 days before Trump did. We now find out that Awan’s dad is involved in the interminable depravity. Daily caller traveled to Pakistan to get this story…
4. Imran Awan’s dad transferred a USB drive to a Pakistani senator and former head of a Pakistani intelligence agency. This information was given by Awan’s dad’s ex-business partner Rashid Minhas.
5. Minhas said that Imran Awan’s father, Haji Ashraf Awan, was giving USB data to Pakistani official Rehman Malik, and Imran bragged he had the power to “change the U.S. president" Very important statement by Imran Awan: He had the power to change the US president.
6. Which president? The one in office (Obama?) or the one that was simply awaiting her coronation in the wings? (Hillary). The implications of this statement left me stunned for a few seconds. Minhas said Imran bragged: ‘See how I control White House on my fingertip…’
7. “He say he can fire the prime minister or change the U.S. president,”
Minhas said his brother was with Imran Awan’s dad when the USB drive was transferred to the Pakistani Senator and Ex head of Pakistani intelligence.
8. Imran’s dad Haji would boast of Imran’s position & political leverage “My son own White House in D.C.,” he would say, according to Minhas. “I am kingmaker.” Remember Debbie Wassermann continued to employ him even after his misdeeds were laid bare. Such was his clout.
9. Rehman Malik, recipient of Awan’s USB is a former intelligence agent who served as director of the Federal Investigation Agency. He was chief of security for prime minister Benazir Bhutto. He became adviser to Prime Minister Gillani, and served as Interior Minister until 2013
10. Sit down if you can: Guess who met with Rehman Malik and gave first part of the 7.5 Billion dollar “aid package” during her tenure as secretary of state? Yes, Hillary Clinton.
11. “The atmosphere between Washington and Islamabad has improved since Clinton's last visit” “Pakistan is disappointed that Washington has not been ready to help it acquire nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, due to concerns about proliferation”…
12. What could go wrong with giving Pakistan US nuclear technology? It’s not like Pakistan harbored the very patron saint of all terrorists. And Hillary never trafficked Uranium. Hindsight is 20/20 but you don't need hindsight if you put the cat in charge of feeding your fish.
13. House Sergeant-At-Arms Paul Irving banned Awans from the congressional network on Feb. 2, 2017 after the IG report alleged that the Awans were making “unauthorized access” to House servers.
14. They logged in using members of Congress’s personal usernames and logged into servers of members for whom they did not work. After some members fired them, they still kept accessing their data, an IG presentation charged.
15. Remember, right before the election, the server of the House Democratic Caucus, a sister group of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was breached. This is NOT the same as the DNC server.
16. Authorities said they believe Imran secretly moved all the data of more than a dozen House members’ offices onto the caucus server. The Dem Caucus server and DNC server breach occurred approximately at the same time.
17. An IG presentation concluded that Dem Caucus server may have been “used for nefarious purposes and elevated the risk that individuals could be reading and/or removing information,”. The Awans logged into it 27 times a day, far more than any other computer they administered.
18. Dead Moth impersonator Xavier Becerra, the chairman of the House Democratic Caucus, barely reacted when he learned the caucus server had been infiltrated in 2016, although he incessantly bleated the hack of the Democratic National Committee…
19. Becerra refused to discuss this incident, he paid Imran to manage his office server since 2004, adding his wife Hina Alvi as second IT aide in 2013. Soon after IG report, the entire House Dem Caucus server was physically stolen, in what authorities took as evidence tampering
20. The Awans began selling their assets during the same time period. In January 2017 they took out a loan intended for home improvement, falsely claimed a medical emergency in order to cash out their House retirement account, and wired $300,000 overseas.
21. Imran’s most forceful advocate and longtime employer is Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who led DNC until she resigned following a hack that exposed committee emails. Wikileaks published those emails, and they show that DNC staff summoned Imran when they needed her password
22. Wasserman Schultz’s brother is a prosecutor in the office of the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, which is handling the case. Here he is tweeting about his sister’s innocence.
23. Remember Imran left a laptop with username RepDWS in a phone booth along with a note that read “attorney client privilege,”
Wasserman Schultz hired a private lawyer to block prosecutors from looking at the computer.
24. Imran’s attorney then said the laptop should not be looked at unless he withdraws his claim of attorney-client privilege. Their next court date is May 4. Of course the Judge in charge of the Awan case was a huge Obama acolyte.
25. Awan and his treasonous lackey’s worked for foreign affairs committee members such as Ted Lieu of California and for intelligence committee members Joaquin Castro of Texas, Andre Carson of Indiana.
26. Andre Carson is the second Muslim in the US congress: Imran had a backdoor into congressional network as late as Aug 2017 through email Instead of Imran’s name, email was associated with the name Nathaniel Bennett, an intelligence specialist for Carson.
27. Andre Carson still refuses to denounce grade A bigot Louis Farrakhan, a leader for the Nation of Islam.
Carson says that he will not "rule out future meetings" with Farrakhan. Ted Lieu is a legend in his own mind and an Adam Schiff wannabe in ours.…
28. The Awans’ car dealership business — called Cars International A, or CIA LLC— used false bookkeeping and took $100,000 from Dr. Ali Al-Attar. This loan was not paid back. Laundering money through used car dealerships is a known Hezbollah tactic.
29. In 2011 government filed civil asset forfeiture action in New York against 30 car dealerships
To launder terrorist money, vehicles were moved from US to West Africa, resold, & cash from sales was mixed with profits from illegal drug distribution & funneled back to Hezbollah
30. Dr. Ali Al-Attar is connected to Paul Wolfowitz. He emigrated to the United States and set up a practice in Greenbelt, MD., a suburb of Washington D.C. He eventually lost his license due to “questionable billing practices” as well as “unprofessional conduct”
31. Al-Attar was investigated by FBI and eventually indicted for large scale health care fraud. Al-Attar fled US to avoid arrest and imprisonment, now a fugitive from justice. Late in 2012 he was observed in Lebanon, conversing with a Hezbollah official…
32. I am going to boldly speculate that Imran Awan is the bridge that connects DWS & Hillary to Pakistan and that Pakistani intelligence was trying to influence the 2016 presidential election. The Pakistani Govt is more involved in this freak show than hitherto thought possible
33. Whether this was quid-pro-quo for money paid during Hillary’s SOS tenure or simply another Russian connection through Imran’s sister-in-law Natalia Sova is not clear to me. Obama has supported masterly inactivity against Hezbollah drug trafficking. Is he involved as well?
34. The Democratic Caucus server breach and it going physically missing be met with such severe insouciance bespeaks to internal concerted effort to not bring attention to it. DWS knows exactly what happened. Becerra probably does as well as Ted Lieu and Carson.
35. Whilst prima facie some of Awan’s claims to having the power to influence the presidency may sound empty braggadocio, a closer investigation into the data available leads me to believe he wasn't exaggerating much.
36. He was safely and snugly ensconced within the bowels of the DNC, held their passwords and their deepest secrets. He conducted himself with impunity and was inexplicably protected despite his severe transgressions.
37. Awan served as the “facilitator and Administrator” of the Circle of Filth. Once the plan went astray, Peter Strzok and McCabe became its “Protectors”. I have barely scratched the surface but find it remarkable that none of these elaborate plans came to fruition.
38. We escaped the circle of filth's depraved plan despite their most ardent efforts. The odds were stacked incredibly high against us. The hand of Providence must have decreed that the end of evil is well nigh upon us. More will be revealed soon.
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