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As we move from time of the Ram (Aries) to the Bull, there's a shift from "Being" and an interest in fiery identity to embodying, holding, and having.
We could say that Light takes shape or form.
As the light of Aries crystalizes into shape & material expression, we find those changes in Taurus like greater groundedness, build-up of reserves of energy, more purpose in movement & a smoothness of coordination.
And let's be all clear here: as a child of beautiful and pleasant Venus, #Taurus is emblematic of "smoothness"…
as they're seeking to embody and embrace sensuality.
Embody is a good word or as I also like to put it: it's the process of making sense. Taurus wants to live in a world where one can experience…
…the sensual and pleasure as much as possible. It's one thing to have the fire of being--to be--but Taurus wants more…
If it doesn't feel pleasurable or give you a better sense of what you can have or hold in the world, Taurus asks "Whats the point?"
This doesn't mean that they're only material or can't think beyond the pragmatic. They have different preliminary requirements…
& expectations of the world. They want you, to paraphrase En Vogue, to "give 'em something they can feel."
& make no mistake: a Taurus is always feeling & sensing, but perhaps it's hard to know because of 2 external factors most read wrong.
The 1st factor is always by look. Taureans don't like to look ruffled or disheveled.
So you're not going to see them sweat if they can help it. Part of this is a little known issue apparently...
...Taureans like to keep as much close to their chests as Scorpios, their opposite sign, do.
I would argue a little more, but perhaps I'm a little biased because I have a Sun in #Scorpio. However, kudos to the #Taurus PR team,
...because as an Earth sign, they can keep a lot buried, including all the stress & secrets they hold.
It's no accident that the father of modern psychology, the man who made the subconscious famous, is a Taurus: Sigmund Freud
But we'll get to him a little later. The key pt. is that most misperceive the stormier nature of Taurus because they seem calm.
Again, like their polarity, Taurus not only doesn't want to disturb their smoothness, they don't want to lose their ish &
& surrender their power to another even in look. This is what also keeps them grounded & stable.
It also can be what keeps them stuck sometimes.
The other factor that most people read wrong about their feeling & sensing as it relates to time. Taureans seem to move slowly.
Now, as a lover of Taureans, here's what I hate to read in astro books about Taurus. Some seem to think that this "slowness"…
…extends to their intelligence. This is a bold-faced lie. They're nowhere near developmentally delayed as a sign.
The slowness has a couple different layers. In fact, just keep in mind that like a bull in nature, Taurus has lots of layers.
One aspect of the slowness is the delight that Taureans can have about experiencing pleasure & sensuality
Often when many other signs are rushing from A to B, Taurus sees that as a waste. If you're not going to enjoy it, why do it?
For them, they take time to experience putting on their clothes, how their shoes feel or look, if they put on enough lotion, etc.
And this is not gender specific. Again, as children of Venus, Taurus want to experience the world beautifully, sensually.
If you can't do that, then you might as well live life ashy. (As they might say.) Taurus doesn't live the "ashy" life.
So if a Taurus doesn't plan for all of their "experiences," upkeep & pleasures, they're going to move slowly (according to most other ppl)
And this means that many can often be late. Some get it early and thus will never be late and will never rush.
Others will frequently be late and still move normally as if there's no reason to rush in the whole wide world.
And let me just say this: if you want to get on the wrong side of Taurus real fast, try to rush them. There will be a slow down.
When you rush a Taurus, you violate two key natural born "rights" of theirs: their right to enjoy the sensual experience of all life…
& their profound sense of autonomy. You telling them to rush means that you have power over them. They no likey.
Another dimension of the slowness is in how Taureans process information & apprehend.
Again, it's not a deficit at all as much as a certain thoroughness AND a need for things to make sense, literally.
Like a natural bull, Taurus like to chew on things. It's how they "make sense" of things by going over them in their minds.
#Taurus wants to know how something has a material correlate in the world. The abstract has to have a real world tie.
So a Taurus may read all of a memo--from how the letters look/feel, the words, the paper & then how it connects to their life.
If you're a fire sign & you write a memo, for example, more for inspiration abt the company picnic, you might feel disappointed…
…that Taurus only writes back with "Where & when is it?" You elaborated abt the games & who would come. Taurus wants deets.
The slow, steady rhythm of Taurus is what both grounds them & motivates. Disturb their groove, you disturb their participation.
Also, Taureans live in their bodies, so if you're more airy, firery or watery, then you're likely thinking w/ another part of yourself
For instance, I have a Taurean buddy who is always the last to know when someone is hitting on him.
He's just having fun, usually drinking or eating something yummy. He's not being dense.
He's just not caught up in any machinations beyond what's happening with his body in that moment. This often happens.
I guess the educators among you might think Taurus, as a sign, is a kinesthetic learner.
But let's be clear that not all Taureans then are kinesthetic learners. I'm talking abt the sign, not every person.
And living with and through the body definitely has its plus and minuses.
Let me just say, from my experience, when you have a Taurean in your hands, you often FEEL the care they've put in their body…
Their sensuality, whether large or small, fit or unfit, feels like a soul is definitely living in that body.
Put differently, many of them can be FINE! without trying too hard. That doesn't mean that they shouldn't try too hard though.
It's noted in older astrology texts that ppl with Taurus prominent in their charts have to be careful about weight gain.
This is the cost of being a child of Venus--being drawn to the sweeter pleasures of life & focusing on nurturing the body.
Another more psychic dimension to this is to remember that Taurus likes to hold things. One may hold on to certain beliefs…
…that translate into actual pounds because #Taurus has such a tight correlation between being, believing & embodying.
Taurus represents the sign of a "master builder," so they must always be careful about what they're building in the minds…
...thru their bodies & what they put their hands to do. Once a #Taurus gets going, it's pretty hard to stop them.
And this testifies to another layer of Taurus that I want to discuss: their tempers.
In bull fighting, a bull gets enraged & will keep charging until it can't. A similar thing can happen w/ a #Taurus human.
The key difference is what I said earlier: the Taurus will often not show what they're feeling on the surface.
This can lead them to become powder kegs that no one really saw about to blow.
Meanwhile, the Taurus has been stockpiling reasons & ammunition to mete out justice for the faults done to them.
This is why I've often thought abt #Taurus as a candidate for the #ZodiacMafia. More abt that here: & here:
Ultimately, I don't have 'em in the #ZodiacMafia cuz Taureans want comfort & will let it all go when comfortable.
But when they don't have those things, they won't let anything go. At all.
Some recent examples of peeps & their tempers: mass murderers Adam Lanza & Timothy McVeigh--whose birthdays are a day apart.
But it doesn't always have to be anger that leads to murder. Other emotions, including lust, can get out of control.
This is what happened w/ James Brown & Chris Brown & their antics/domestic violence. Or the improprieties of Taurus Bishop Eddie Long.
The more a #Taurus struggles to lock something away, the greater the probability that their desires will explode elsewhere.
A #Taurus must recognize that s/he embodies desire. You can magnetize w/ that or repel.
And it is this power that leads me to one of my most controversial feelings about #Taurus:
...I feel they're one of the most radical signs of the Zodiac. Of course, this goes against their traditional image.
…but I have to go by what I see experientially & people who share that sign.
Of course, there are many Taureans, by moon, Sun or rising, who are not radical but many are & it's cuz of some the same factors I've mentioned.
#Taurus wants to experience life on their own terms, with their own senses.
One way they rebel is sticking to their own course, against the grain.
This is their stubborness & refusal to go along to get along. If it doesn't make sense,then they're not going to do it.
Taurus is ruled by Venus, and many don't remember that Venus is also known as "The Morning Star…"
another name for that is "Lucifer," the most recognizable rebel in the human story.
I'm not saying #Taurus is the devil. I'm saying that there's another dimension of Taurus that…
…doesn't just go w/ the flow, that wants to stay in the field chewing rather than go in the barn like everyone else.
Remember, even according to the story, in the Bible & the Qur'an, Lucifer didn't want things to change in heaven.
So that's why we have so many Taurus revolutionaries & innovators: Karl Marx, Leonardo Da Vinci, Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan, Carol Burnett, Cher, Mark Zuckerberg
Stevie Wonder, Vladmir Lenin, Robespierre, Ho Chi Minh, Ulysses S. Grant, Queen Elizabeth II, Grace Jones, Lorraine Hansberry, & William Shakespeare
And that's just the short list…
The best I can say at the start of Taurus season, cuz there's always more to say, is that Taurus ain't all it appears to be…
The Bull has many layers and you have to get in rhythm with him/her to feel and sense the full heft of 'em.
Otherwise, you're going to misperceive the depth, sensuality, and magnetic allure of #Taurus.
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Thank you for tuning in. Enjoy the rest of your weekend
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