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(Very) Long Thread incoming:

Let’s analyze some #QAnon crumbs, something this account has never done nor plans on making a habit of doing regularly.
This thread will raise possibilities rather than giving definitive conclusions. The aim is to provide you with enough resources and starting points to dig deeper into the areas which interest you most.

I’ve tried my best to keep it clear and entertaining despite its length.
I’ve gotten a few requests for my take on SecureDrop and @Snowden in relation to Q and the ongoing IC war (CIA v DIA), so I figured I’d share my analysis…
… Which got a bit longer than expected. Okay, a LOT longer than I expected.

So settle in and get comfy because we’re going to cover a lot of ground.

Control the information >> Control the narrative >> Control the masses
This account has been operating under the premise that we are, today, in the midst of a global civil war. We are witnessing a changing of the guard, the “powers-that-be” are becoming the “powers-that-were”.
It’s this ongoing clandestine conflict which influences much of the day-to-day headlines and political spats we have been watching unfold for the past 24+ months.
While this is truly a global (and beyond) conflict (something this account will cover in more detail as time goes on), for clarity and simplicity I’ve boiled it down to a national level and focused on the CIA v DIA front.
As this civil war wages all around us, we are occasionally given glimpses behind the curtain and into the machine the “powers-that-were” built to maintain control over a global population.
Key to this effort is controlling (and often suppressing) information from the public.

It’s a practice that dates back to time immemorial.
From ancient armies erasing the monuments and histories of their vanquished, to the rise of corporate infotainment passed off as journalism, the powerful have spent billions in blood and treasure attempting to control information.
By controlling information, you can bend the narrative to your will and use it to control large groups of people.

It’s one of the oldest tricks in the book for a reason: it works.
The rise of the internet and digital technologies created all sorts of problems for those interested in controlling information, but they also presented new opportunities.
While it’s easier than ever for a whistleblower to transmit volumes of information to the world through the internet, the global dependence upon inter-connectivity and smart devices have made us all easier to influence, track, monitor, and – if need be – silence.
Which brings us to the series of #QAnon crumbs I’ll be unpacking in this thread-novella.

These are old Q crumbs, which means many others have already brilliantly decoded and covered them.
None of this will be breaking news, nor an attempt to discredit others’ analysis, nor an attempt to pass off anyone else’s work as my own. It’s just my take, filtered through a very specific lens.
I contend that with these crumbs the #QAnon team is pulling back the curtain on one of the more insidious efforts by the "powers-that-were" to control information in the digital age... and in the process Q reveals real life spy v spy drama.
In the end, what #QAnon offers in the following crumbs is but a small peek into a much wider and more pervasive effort on behalf of various elements of the IC to control the narrative.
The primary crumb we’ll be examining, #CrumbPrime as it will be referred to, is #628 which dropped January 27, 2018:
#CrumbPrime is stuffed with nutrients and rabbit holes for days, so to best lay this all out I’m going to break it up into smaller, more digestible pieces.
But before we do that, let’s first go over the headlines behind the names referenced by #QAnon and see how they all connect.

Starting with…

FTP began in late 2012, founded by John Perry Barlow and a group of luminaries from the world of journalism, activism, and tech – including Julian Assange.
Barlow and the others formed FTP in response to the financial blockade imposed upon WikiLeaks by Paypal, Mastercard, Bank of America, and others.…
This link has a lot of important links and other bits of information worth combing through:…

The partnership between Assange and FTP – and how it fell apart recently – will be examined in greater detail later in the thread…

Before co-founding FTP with Assange and others, JPB was a lyricist for the Grateful Dead. Later in life he became a celebrated internet activist, forming EFF, among other endeavors, and even penning a Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace:
Here is a link to his Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace:…

On the surface, SecureDrop is an open source whistleblower submission system, providing a safe and secure way for whistleblowers to leak sensitive information to the media through its conjunction with Tor (a connection we will return to).
A noble pursuit which was originally conceived and built by Aaron Swartz, with the help of James Dolan, and Kevin Poulson – the three co-founders of SecureDrop and names we will be digging into in greater detail.
Aaron Swartz tragically took his own life before SecureDrop launched – just days before in fact. His death has been the subject of numerous theories and yes, we will dive into my take on it later in the thread.
Prior to his death, the project was named DeadDrop:
This 2013 article is chalk full of names of people we will be circling back to and is worth reading in its entirety.…

Kevin Poulson, the only surviving co-founder of SecureDrop, and JPB are both quoted in the article.
It was Poulson who brought SecureDrop to FTP after Swartz’s death – and important fact to keep in mind as we work our way through this maze.
Here’s a random YouTube video with less than 1k views of almost all of the people named above discussing the transition from DeadDrop to SecureDrop.

The vid is lead off by Poulson himself:

Note the comments from Micah Lee re WikiLeaks at around the 40 second mark and store it away in your memory banks. You’ll thank me later as you read the linked sources.
Let’s recap our overview:

After Swartz’s death, Poulson partnered with FTP, JPB, Assange, and others to turn DeadDrop into SecureDrop.
On paper it’s a perfect pairing. JPB, like Swartz, was an icon for internet advocacy. Ditto with Assange and WikiLeaks. Attaching their names and legacies to SecureDrop cemented its legitimacy.
The aim of FTP and SecureDrop was laudable: to provide anonymity and security between journalists and whistleblowers through their software. This would create a secure outlet for the type of radical transparency Swartz dedicated his life to.
Over the past five years, SecureDrop has partnered with two dozen major media outlets, including:

The AP
The Guardian
The Washington Post
And Bloomberg
Langley has a long documented history of using certain established press outlets to disseminate Company talking points or spin. The WaPo, NYT, and Guardian all are well known IC collaborators - sometimes legally or unwittingly and sometimes illegally and wittingly.
And now a sizable chunk of these Langley cutouts, along with dozens of other powerful media outlets, are using SecureDrop thanks to the work of FTP and its board…
… which now includes Edward @Snowden.
That’s right. @Snowden joined the FTP board in 2014 and became its president in 2016.

The “Snowden of it all” is a controversial subject which we will unravel towards the end of this thread…
But for now, that checks off all the names dropped by #QAnon in #CrumbPrime:
Which means we can begin our analysis of #CrumbPrime piece by piece.

Starting (of course) with the last bit:
This cuts right to the heart of the big reveal.

The use of brackets in Q posts signify a kill box. A target in other words, sometimes of bad actors, sometimes of Q-team’s assets.

It was the specific use of brackets in this crumb inspired this entire thread…
Q is positing something others have suspected before – including myself as this is an area I had been researching for my own work before this crumb was dropped, a #Qsynchronicity that has occurred more than once… to not just me, but many anons.
Essentially Q is telling us that SecureDrop is, in reality, a honeypot designed to identify and silence whistleblowers rather than enable them.

Talk about insidious…
According to #CrumbPrime, SecureDrop is putting [Whistleblowers] into the kill box by exposing their identities and more to corrupt elements in CIA. (Clowns=CIA in Q crumbs).
What better way would there be to control information than to co-opt a secure disclosure tool and turn it into a tracking and elimination tool for the “powers-that-were”?
This is understandably a big claim, but if you dig there is enough evidence to force one to at least consider its merit.
Odd connections between FTP and the IC begin popping up almost immediately, and slowly but surely FTP’s attitude towards its co-founder Assange began to align with that of the IC’s.
The fracture between FTP and @JulianAssange occurred late in 2016 and seems to have been motivated by WikiLeaks publications during the 2016 election. Publications which, as we know, were direct shots across the bow of the “powers-that-were”.
Poulson (there’s that name again) announced the split in a Daily Beast article he penned on November 11, 2016. The article is scathing and takes swipes at Assange and Wikileaks with nearly every adjective, mixing fiction with propaganda along the way.…
covered much of this article expertly in a video from February. I highly recommend watching in full and reading her linked sources.

Boiled down to its bare bones, FTP claims they broke away from their co-founder in part because the financial blockade against Wikileaks that inspired their partnership was no longer in existence.

Problem is, that’s just not true.
In reality, the reason for the split stems from the partisanship of many of FTP’s board, and their response to @wikileaks publication of the DNC and Podesta emails during the election:
A deeper dig beneath the raw partisan bent reveals the fingerprints of CIA influence on much of the FTP board.

Starting with Pierre Omidyar...
Who is Omidyar?

The billionaire founder of eBay, and now owner of PayPal who led the financial blockade against @wikileaks which inspired the formation of FTP in the first place.

Omidyar financed the Intercept with FTP board members Greenwald and Portias in 2014.
Omindyar isn’t a truth warrior, in fact he’s made his career being the opposite.

Put a pin in this tweet as we will circle back to it when we dive deeper into Snowden’s allegiances…
Omidyar also has deep ties to the political establishment and the IC, specifically Langley and DoD…
So Omindyar, who has waged war against leakers and WikiLeaks on behalf of his companies and his IC connections for a decade, suddenly invests in the Intercept (and the Snowden documents) out of the good of his heart.

Who buys that?
and @wikileaks sure don’t either:
Nor does Sibel Edmonds:
The last few sources all stem from this brilliant three part series written by @_whitneywebb , we will be leaning on all three parts throughout the rest of the thread. Please read all three articles in full:………
We will be returning to Omindyar when we examine @Snowden’s role in greater detail, but for now let’s sum up his influence before moving on:
In 2014, less than a year after FTP’s founding, Omindyar buys two of FTP’s board members (Greenwald and Poitras) – and in short order FTP begins to drift away from Assange, WikiLeaks, and their original mission.
This accelerates as @wikileaks begins to publish DNC emails and their Vault 7 leaks which targeted Langley’s cyber toolkit directly.
In other words, it’s clear the war between Langley and @JulianAssange is escalating through 2014 into late 2016 as CIA elements begin to squeeze Assange out of the foundation he co-founded.
It’s interesting to note that while Greenwald has remained largely silent on this issue, Poitras put herself in the spotlight with the release – and re-cut – of her Assange documentary RISK:…
Like FTP, Poitras began distancing herself from Assange in the wake of the 2016 election. Was she pressured to do so by her benefactor Omindyar on behalf of the “powers-that-were”?

There’s enough smoke around the sudden mood change within FTP to take this question seriously.
The FTP – IC connections don’t end with Omidyar, there’s also Mr. Poulson’s history to consider.
Poulson, the last surviving founder of SecureDrop, himself has a history which strongly implies ties to Langley, something that is covered (once again) brilliantly in part three of the Whitney Webb’s series linked above:
Poulson’s and @JulianAssange ’s beef dates back to Poulson’s duplicitous reporting on the Manning story in 2010.

Poulson wrote a story for WIRED wherein he named Manning as a whistleblower before the arrest had been public, prompting Poulson’s ethics to come under fire:
There is much more to cover regarding Poulson, and we will, but for now you can see the Langley creep into both SecureDrop and FTP is severe.

This influence seems to have motivated, at least in part, the split between FTP and Assange…
Langley’s attraction to FTP and SecureDrop seem obvious: co-opting a disclosure tool and turning it into a tracking tool.
This is something that Assange seems to have figured out in late February of this year – coincidentally after #QAnon dropped almost a month’s worth of crumbs on the subject.

To tell this part of the story we have to turn our attention to SecureDrop’s reliance on TOR.
This has been covered expertly by others, including @PrayingMedic .

I recommend checking out the links below:

Investigative journalist Yasha Levine uncovered the IC’s involvement in TOR is more extensive than most realized, including (possibly) Assange and FTP’s original founders.
Read the full article to get a bigger sense of the IC creep into Tor but I wanted to draw your eyes to the third paragraph:
“Tor privately ‘tipped off’ the federal government when finding security vulnerabilities well before the public was made the government plenty of time to exploit the flaws to their benefit... made it easy to fingerprint and single out people who were using Tor…”
As covered earlier, SecureDrop was designed to be paired with Tor – and even though SecureDrop’s code itself is secure, its reliance on the compromised Tor made it worthless in terms of protecting one’s identity from the “powers-that-were”.
It seems Assange became aware of this enough to publicly tweet the following in February of this year:
Let’s recap our efforts thus far:

We have dissected just a small nugget of #CrumbPrime but have found seriously compromising IC fingerprints on both FTP and SecureDrop that should alarm transparency and privacy advocates alike.
Let’s turn to the final line of #CrumbPrime: NOBODY IS SAFE…
A deeper dive under the surface of SecureDrop and FTP reveals a pile of bodies lying in their wake, starting with Swartz’s suicide just days before the launch.
James Dolan took the reins of SecureDrop after Swartz’s death. Dolan, a former Marine (MEF) and data network specialist, took his own life five years after Aaron at just 36 under suspicious circumstances.
It happened in early January – just a few weeks before #QAnon began dropping crumbs on this subject………
The same night as #CrumbPrime, the NY Post runs an article about the eerie similarities of Swartz and Dolan’s deaths, diving deep into the controversy:…
Also on the same day as our first crumb, #QAnon dropped this without further comment…
… Until 11 days later when John P Barlow died, joining the list of the deceased FTP and SecureDrop members.…
Barlow allegedly died in his sleep at the age of 70 after a long period of ill health.


Possibly there was more to the story, as #QAnon alludes to the evening of Barlow’s death with a callback to crumb #634:
#QAnnon seems to be alluding to JPB being killed rather than dying off naturally. Something Q hints again with crumb #770:
#QAnon's direct appeal to @snowden in crumb 770 is a nice transition into the second part of our analysis:

The Snowden of it all.
In 770 Q refers to Snowden as a liability now that Dolan, Swartz, and JPB are dead.
There has been fierce debate between anons which has focused on whether Snowden was a black hat turned white hat (as we’ll see) or if he was always a white hat masquerading as a black hat to infiltrate FTP and thwart the “powers-that-were” plans for SecureDrop.
It was this question in fact that many have asked me to weigh in on and what helped inspire this lengthy thread.
This is a larger subject I can break down in greater detail in a different thread, for now I’ll give a brief overview of both possibilities before weighing in with my own opinion.
Before we get there, let’s finish our analysis of #CrumbPrime:
Let’s start with [Mr. Contractor].

We have established that Q’s use of brackets signify a kill box, a target. Here, Q is implying that the clock is ticking for @Snowden and soon he will find himself in the kill box.
Q refers to Snowden as Mr. Contractor, a direct reference to the idea that Snowden was and remains an active CIA NOC.

Remember, Snowden started out as a CIA officer before transitioning to a gun for hire for all sorts of IC agencies and contractors.
This history, and Q’s subsequent @Snowden crumbs, sparked much debate in the community about Snowden’s true mission when he pilfered NSA files and released them through Greenwald, Poitras, and The Guardian.
Did Snowden infiltrated NSA on behalf of CIA to expose their most sensitive data, causing the public to distrust No Such Agency? Or was he truly working on his own?

Let’s look at both theories briefly, starting with…
Snowden as a black hat:

Assuming Snowden was a CIA black hat all along, was infiltrating FTP and SecureDrop part of his mission as well?
It’s VERY possible. In fact, there’s loads of circumstantial evidence that gives this theory weight. Let’s go back to FTP’s and Snowden’s connection to Omindyar.
Remember, Omindyar has connections to not just Snowden, but also his former boss and the company where he was last a contractor for: Booz Hamilton:
There’s more:
Now, remember back to Omindyar’s tweet regarding leaks and leakers referenced earlier.
We’ve established his connections to the IC and his desire to silence leakers – is it a stretch to say that Omindyar would see the value of working with Snowden to undercut FTP and SecureDrop on behalf of the IC?
Absolutely not.
Snowden, like FTP itself, even began to take shots at WikiLeaks and Assange (the organization which ostensibly helped Snowden escape Hong Kong) – prompting this exchange on Twitter which adds more evidence to this black hat theory:
#QAnon drops a handful of crumbs supporting this theory, including 874:
There was a lot of excitement as #Q began posting a series of pictures seemingly tracking Snowden in real time and pressuring him to “flip”.
That sums up the nuts and bolts of the Snowden as a black hat theory. It’s solid, compelling, and backed by evidence.

#Q’s crumbs add even more support to this theory through much of February and March of ’18.
But there is another possibility with regards to Snowden, one that’s less popular but must be discussed.

Snowden as a white hat theory:
This is the theory I personally am partial to, though it has less obvious Q support than the former theory.

The concept is simple: Snowden was tapped for a slow play mission designed to infiltrate and help oust the CIA elements from both FTP and SecureDrop.
To see this theory in full, let’s take a closer look at the timeline of SecureDrop and FTP:
What if the white hats sniffed out the “powers-that-were” plans with FTP and SecureDrop after Swartz’s death and sent Snowden into the hornets’ nest as a double agent?

Sure is.

In fact, the tone of many of Q’s crumbs about Snowden seem on the surface to be hostile but upon further reflection are more like warnings.
This all culminates in direct communications (allegedly) between #QAnon and @Snowden on the Q research boards for the past several weeks.
While I tend to lean towards the Snowden as a white hat theory, in reality the debate is moot.
Regardless of his affiliations when he started, Snowden appears to be working with the #QAnon team very publicly in recent weeks, helping Q-Team open the masses’ eyes to the fuckery afoot.

The length of this thread explains why I don’t cover #QAnon posts directly all that often. Each one can be its own book when done properly – and with #CrumbPrime we have still only brushed the surface of the topic despite this hefty thread.
While I cannot say for certain whether Snowden was always a whitehat, nor can I say for certain who among FTP and SecureDrop are playing for the “powers-that-were”...
... the evidence leads me to conclude that SecureDrop through Tor and FTP has been heavily compromised by the “powers-that-were”.
The desire to control the narrative is clear.

That’s why we are all working hard here, on our own platforms and in our own way to spread truth and information as far and as wide as we can.

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