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When you turn 18, a glowing mark appears on your wrist, this exact mark also appears on the wrist of the one whom you're bound to be with.

But one day, the glow of the mark on Jeonghan's wrist faded into pitch black.

His soulmate died.

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Jeonghan was five years old when he noticed something glowing on the wrists of his parents.

He was curious why his parents had a glowing rose marked on their wrists. His eyes always trailed to it, silently wanting to know what was it and why they had it.
Jeonghan was seven years old when he asked his parents why they had a glowing rose marked on their wrists.

He was seven years old when he found out about soulmates.

"Mama," Jeonghan stared at his mom, wide eyes filled with curiousity as he pointed at her wrist. "What is that?"
Jeonghan's mom smiled as she sat down to his level.

"This," She said as she showed him her left wrist. "is the proof of mama and papa's love for each other, hannie."

Jeonghan titled his head and continued to stare at his mom with curiosity and wonder.
"Why don't I have one, mama?" Jeonghan innocently asked. "Don't you love me too?"

Jeonghan's mom chuckled as she cupped his chubby face and lightly squeezed his fluffy cheeks.

"Of course we do, baby." She smiled. "You'll get one too in the future, hannie."
"When you turn 18, you'll get a glowing mark of your own."

"A different one?"

"Yes, hannie. A glowing mark only for you and your soulmate."

"Only for us?"

"Yes, baby. Only for you and for someone whom you will love and treasure for the rest of your life."
"What glowing mark will I get, mama?"

"I don't know, hannie." She chuckled. "You'll see it soon."

"Then why is yours and papa's mark a rose?"

"It's something only soulmates can understand, baby."

"But what if I don't meet mine, mama?"

His mom smiled at the endless questions.
"You will, hannie. Soulmates are bound to meet. And when they do, they'll be together forever."


"Forever. He will love and cherish you just as much as you will love and cherish him."

His mom smiled & pressed a kiss on his forehead before standing up & walking away.
Little Jeonghan stood amazed at what he discovered. Slowly, his mouth broke into a smile as he fondly thought of loving and being loved for the rest of his life by someone destined to be with him.

Jeonghan was seven years old when he fell in love with the idea of soulmates.
Ever since then, every night Jeonghan would open his windows, bathing himself in the moonlight as he stared at the night sky. He would close his eyes & clasp his hands tightly together as he prayed.

He prayed for his soulmate's health and happiness until they meet in the future.
Jeonghan was nine years old when they moved to Busan.

At Busan, he met a small quiet kid and a cute friendly kid.

Lee Jihoon and Wen Junhui.

The three of them immediately became friends.
"Hannie, do you like the moon?" Jun asked curiously as he looked at Jeonghan who was staring at the night sky.

"I love it." Jeonghan answered. "It illuminates light in the dark. That's why I ask the moon to watch over my soulmate until fate lets us meet."
"Soulmate." Jihoon quietly whispered.

Jeonghan smiled and nodded his head. "The one who will love and cherish you for the rest of your life. You'll be together forever. That's what mama said."

"We'll get glowing marks on our wrists when we turn 18, right?" Jun happily asked.
"We will." Jeonghan enthusiastically smiled. "We don't know when we'll meet them though."

"It's all up to fate!" Jun giggled.

Jeonghan nodded his head and turned to look at the moon. "That's why I ask the moon to look over my soulmate while I still can't."
"I will too." Jihoon spoke as he walked to Jeonghan's side and stared at the moon.

"Me too!" Jun excitedly said as he lined up with Jeonghan and Jihoon.

"Moon-ssi, please watch over our soulmates!"

Jeonghan was nine years old when he met his best friends.
Jeonghan was fourteen years old when he found his happy place.

His day wasn't the best and he decided to take another route home to clear his mind when he heard the sound of the waves and the smell of the sea. He followed it until he found himself standing on a cliff.
He looked at the waves below then looked at the clear sky above.

Jeonghan sat down and inhaled the smell of the sea as he was left alone to his thoughts until sunset.

It was already night when he looked up and smiled to himself when he saw nothing blocked the view of the moon.
He closed his eyes as he bathed on the moonlight.

"Please continue watching over my soulmate." He whispered. "To my soulmate, I hope you're happy and well, I promise I will make you a thousand times happier when we meet. My heart is beating for you and you alone."
Jeonghan was 5 months away from turning 18 when Jihoon got his glowing mark.

The three of them were having a sleepover to wait until the clock hits 12am and look at Jihoon's mark, congratulate him and greet him a happy birthday.

And when it did, Jihoon's wrist emitted light.
see you soon
Jeonghan was 2 months away from turning 18 when Jun got his glowing mark.

Like before, they were huddled up on bed as they eagerly waited for the clock to strike midnight.

After a few hours, Jun's right wrist glowed and Jeonghan couldn't help but scream from the excitement.
8 or ∞ ?
Finally, after the years of waiting; it was Jeonghan's 18th birthday tomorrow.

He was beyond happy.

Jeonghan knew it didn't mean he'll meet his soulmate right away. But getting his glowing mark is one step closer to his soulmate.

He will be one step closer to him.
october 3rd
"JIHOON! JUN!" Jeonghan shouted and ran towards them as soon as he spotted the two at their school's hallway.

"Oh my god! Guess what—" Jeonghan excitedly started but the two cut him off.

"We know!" They said in unison.

"It's October 3rd and you'll turn 18 tomorrow." Jun said.
Jeonghan nodded with a wide smile on his face and opened his mouth to speak.


"And you'll get your glowing mark after waiting for all these years." Jihoon continued.

"Oh my god, I know!" Jeonghan exclaimed.

"Oh my god, we know too." Jun smiled as he rolled his eyes.
"You've been reminding us about that every second for a month now, Jeonghannie. It's impossible to not know." Jihoon said as they walked towards their classroom.

"I can't help it!" Jeonghan squealed. "I'm finally turning 18!"

"A few more hours." Jun smiled. "Wait a bit more."
When the school bell rang, signalling the end of the day, Jeonghan immediately dragged Jun and Jihoon out of the school.

"Sleepover tonight! 7pm!" Jeonghan told them.

"I'll just grab my things and head to your house." Jun spoke.

"Me too." Jihoon agreed.
Jeonghan smiled and nodded his head.

"I'll just pass by somewhere!" Jeonghan spoke and started to run as he looked back.

"Where?" Jun asked in confusion.

"Just, somewhere!" Jeonghan shouted back as he waved his hand. "See you tonight! Don't be late or I won't feed you!"
Jeonghan excitedly ran towards the place where he only knew.

His own happy place.

He stood ontop of the cliff, panting hard as he tried to catch his breath. He inhaled the smell of the sea and let the warmth of the sun touch his skin. He smiled to himself and sat on the ground.
He spent half of his day, sitting on the cliff, enjoying the sound of the waves crashing, the smell of the sea, the wind breeze and sunlight hitting his skin. He stayed there contented until sunset and waited for the bright full moon to appear.
When the orange sky turned dark and the sun was replaced by the moon, Jeonghan closed his eyes as he stood under the moonlight.

"I'll turn 18 in a few hours. I'll be one step closer to you, my destiny. Wait for me. I'll wait for you for as long as fate needs. I'll see you soon."
252 minutes
The three of them spent hours playing games, watching movies, telling stories and a lot more to pass time. Jun and Jihoon made sure Jeonghan didn't have a second to spare to whine about how slow time is moving. They kept him distracted all night until it was 11:59pm.
"OH MY GOD!" Jeonghan suddenly screamed. "IT'S 11:59 WHAT THE FUCK."

Jihoon stiffled a laugh as he moved closer to Jeonghan and Jun.

"Oh god, we're one minute away from October 4, oh my god i'm ready but not yet ready too bu—"

"Hannie, shut up and relax." Jun laughed.
The three of them huddled up and stared at Jeonghan's wrists.

42 seconds

Jeonghan stared intently at his wrists and swallowed non-stop.

35 seconds

Jun laughed at Jeonghan's contorted expression.

22 seconds

Jihoon hit Jun with a pillow and hushed him.
15 seconds

Jeonghan bit his lip in anticipation.

10 seconds

His heart was gonna burst.

5 seconds

Jeonghan stopped breathing.

3 seconds

He gripped his knuckles so tight it turned white.

1 second

Jeonghan's left wrist emmitted bright light and left a familiar mark on him.
my moonlight
Ever since, a day never went by without Jeonghan happily staring at his left wrist. He paraded around, proudly showing everyone the glowing moon mark on his skin.

When he had bad days, the light emmiting from his wrist never failed to remind him that everything will be okay.
Jeonghan was 18 years and 9 months old when Jihoon found his soulmate.

It was their first year at uni and they were running late for the orientation.

"I told you having a sleepover before the 1st day of uni was a bad idea!" Jun groaned as they ran inside the large university.
"At least we're all together!" Jeonghan argued as they searched for the auditorium.

"Let's just hurry." Jihoon spoke as he pulled the two towards the place they need to be at.

The three of them stood in front of the auditorium, panting hard as they catched their breath.
"First day of uni and we're already late." Jeonghan lightly laughed.

"Not to mention we have to enter the auditorium filled with people, as if we're telling them we're late and proud." Jun sighed.

"Let's just go inside and get this over with." Jihoon spoke in a nonchalant tone.
Jun slowly opened the door and the three of them stepped inside.

The auditorium was dimmed as a group was dancing on stage.

"What are they doing?" Jeonghan whispered.

"They're probably introducing the clubs to the freshmen." Jun whispered back. "Right, Jihoon?"
Jun looked at Jihoon when he didn't answer and saw that Jihoon was frozen in place, staring wide-eyed at the stage.

"Jihoon?" Jun called as he turned his head to look at what Jihoon was staring at.

"Oh my fucking god." Jeonghan shakily whispered in shock.
Jihoon's wrist was emitting bright light, some heads have turned to look at their way. But Jun, Jihoon and the rest remained fixated at the stage where one boy suddenly stopped dancing and looked at Jihoon's direction, their eyes directly meeting each other.
"What—" Jun started as he turned to face Jihoon but stopped in shock to see him with tears streaming down his face.

Suddenly, the boy jumped off the stage and ran at the center aisle in Jihoon's direction.

Everyone else went silent as they watched, knowing what was happening.
Jihoon stood frozen in his place as tears streamed down his face.

Everything else went blurry except for the boy who was running straight towards him. He couldn't hear anything except the deafening thumps of his own heart.

Until his heart, soul and whole being spoke.

Suddenly, Jihoon found himself running towards the one his soul was aching for.

He was running towards his destiny.

Jihoon tried to wipe the endless tears away and swallow the huge lump on his throat as he choked on a sob with each step they took closer to each other.
Jihoon was far from being a crybaby, but the presence of him and him alone was enough to let the tears fall from Jihoon's eyes.

He couldn't help but let out a sob when he was enveloped in a warm hug within these arms that felt like home.

Indeed, he was home.
They both pulled away and Jihoon stared at the boy with a cute face and fluffy cheeks who cupped his face in his hands and wiped the remaining tears away.

"Hello, I'm Kwon Soonyoung and I believe I am yours."

Jihoon smiled widely.

"Hello, Kwon Soonyoung. Indeed you are mine."
Soonyoung smiled & took Jihoon's hand in his. He held it up and stared at their matching marks that were shining brightly. He slowly intertwined their fingers as he closed his eyes and pressed his forehead against Jihoon's.

His heart, mind, and soul was at peace.

"I found you."
Suddenly, someone started clapping and soon enough the whole auditorium was filled with cheers and claps.

Jihoon pulled his face away from embarrassment but held Soonyoung's hand tightly as he flushed red.

Soonyoung just laughed and shouted a "thank you" to the cheering crowd.
"Wow, just— wow." Jeonghan breathed out as he stared at Jihoon and his soulmate in awe and shock.

"I know." Jun answered, not taking his eyes off of the two.

"I wonder when will we meet." Jeonghan quietly whispered to himself as his eyes trailed down to his own glowing mark.
Jeonghan was 19 years and 3 months old when Jun found his soulmate.

School was about to resume from winter break when Jun came back from China.

And he wasn't alone.

He came back holding hands with someone who looked like a model and dressed like one.
Jeonghan, Jihoon and Soonyoung were hanging out in a cafe, waiting for Jun to arrive. And when he did, Jeonghan stared at Jun and the boy he was holding hands with, a dumbfounded look plastered on his face with his eyes wide open and mouth parted.

"Wha—" He breathed out.
The boy who was with Jun looked down as he blushed and Jun just chuckled.

"Aren't you gonna introduce him?" Jihoon smiled at Jun knowingly.

"Hannie, Jihoonie, Soonyoung. I'd like you to meet Xu Minghao." Jun smiled widely. "My soulmate."

Jeonghan choked on air.
"I-I—oh my god," Jeonghan breathed out as Jun and Minghao sat down. "I can't fucking believe this."

"Sorry, hannie. I found mine before you found yours." Jun laughed as he put an arm around Minghao.

"W-Why," Jeonghan wailed as he pouted and stared at the two pairs of soulmate.
Soonyoung laughed and pulled Jihoon closer to his side as his arm rested on Jihoon's shoulder while playing with his hair.

"That's just fate, Jeonghannie."

"But how did— what even— when did you—," Jeonghan rambled on while pointing to Jun and Minghao. "HOW?"
"Airport." Jun answered. "All the signs were there, I can't believe I didn't notice."

Minghao chuckled and smiled at Jun.

"I mean, I knew number 8 was a lucky number in China but I didn't think my mark actually meant number 8." Jun lightly laughed.
"Wait, what." Jeonghan stared. "You mean, you only met each other a few hours ago!?"

"Yep." Jun said, popping the 'p'. "You know that cliché airport scene every love story has? It felt exactly like that."

Jun smiled gently as he laced his fingers with Minghao's.
- flashback -

Jun cracked open a fortune cookie as the plane was landing on Seoul.

'It takes one to love the 8.'

"What?" Jun mumbled as he stared at the piece of paper in his hand and ate the cookie.

Jun shoved the paper in his pocket as he felt the plane come to a stop.
Jun got off the plane and walked through the airport as he went to go get his baggage.

Everything else was normal except for the fact that he kept seeing number 8.

On tv screens, baggage number, time, even the announcer announced something on speakers mentioning a number 8.
He grabbed his baggage & began to walk towards the exit as he looked at his surroundings full of number 8.

"Ah so which number 8 should I love?" He whispered, chuckling to himself as he remembered the fortune cookie.

But his laugh stopped the moment he laid his eyes on one boy.
Everything went silent as he froze on his place. It's as if electricity shocked him; he couldn't hear anything, couldn't feel anything and couldn't see anything but the boy infront of him.

Everything else was irrelevant when your destiny was standing a few meters away from you.
'It's you.'

The next thing Jun knew was, he let go of his baggage and dashed forward to him. To his soulmate.

Everything else was in slow motion.

The boy let his own baggage fall to the ground as he began to ran towards Jun to meet him mid-way.

They ran towards their destiny.
Jun opened his arms as the boy leaped straight onto him. He wrapped his arms tightly around the boy who was clinging onto him as if Jun was his lifeline.

"You might be the 8 but you're the one for me." Jun whispered making the boy lightly laugh as he hugged Jun tighter.
"Only for you." Minghao spoke, voice muffled as he buried his face on Jun's shoulders.

Jun closed his eyes and hugged Minghao tighter. Their warmth mixing as their breathing and heartbeat became in synch. He inhaled deeply, smiling to himself.

"I'm home."

- end of flashback -
"That's what happened." Jun explained.

"So you both looked like a married couple who just saw each other after many years?" Jihoon asked, raising his eyebrows. "Reunited at the airport and all."

"Like in the movies?" Jeonghan asked teasingly, siding with Jihoon against Jun.
"Shut up, I wasn't the one who cried when he saw his soulmate at first sight." Jun argued back as he pulled Minghao closer to him, glaring at Jeonghan and Jihoon.

Jihoon opened his mouth, about to say something back at Jun but Soonyoung beat him to it.
"So what if Jihoonie cried when he saw me?" Soonyoung shot back. "He was so cute, it was adorable. Fuck off."

Soonyoung wrapped his arms around Jihoon who tried to push him away.

"Jihoonie is my adorable baby."

"Shut up." Jihoon murmured but his whole face was bright red.
"But it's not like I can't understand why you cried though." Jun gently said. "I perfectly know what it feels like to meet your soulmate."

Jun looked at Minghao & softly smiled.

"Someone that was meant only for you."

Jihoon smiled & finally gave in, letting Soonyoung hug him.
Jeonghan smiled adoringly at his friends but he couldn't help but feel a pang in his chest as he let his mind wander.

'When? When will I see you? When will I meet you? When will I get to hold you? When will I get to tell you I love you? When will you come home to me?'
It was dusk when they decided to say their goodbyes as they all had school tomorrow.

Jeonghan waved goodbye to Jihoon and Soonyoung, who went to their own destination, as well as to Jun and Minghao.

Jeonghan silently began walking towards his destination. His happy place.
Jeonghan sat down on the cliff as the sky turned orange. He hugged his legs and buried his face on his knees.

He breathed in and out as he tried to get rid of the pain in his chest and the lump in his throat.

But it was useless though, he could feel the sting in his eyes.
Jeonghan knew there was no reason for him to feel sad, there was no reason for him to cry; because he'll meet his soulmate soon enough, won't he?

But still, Jeonghan couldn't help but let the tears escape from his eyes as he hugged his knees tighter and bit his lip harder.
Jeonghan silently cried alone on the cliff with only the sound of the waves to comfort him, he stayed there until the setting sun was replaced by the bright moon.

Under the moonlight, Jeonghan relaxed. He lifted up his tear-stained face, closed his eyes and took a deep breath.
'It's been 15 months and we still haven't found each other. But, that's okay. I'll wait for you, I promise. I just felt kinda lonely. But soon enough, you'll be here by my side, won't you? Until then, the moon will watch over you for me. Like it always has for the past 19 years.'
at least
Time went on & Jeonghan patiently waited for fate to let him meet his soulmate.

He lived through each day with the glow mark as his source of strength and prayed to the moon every night for his soulmate's well-being and happiness.

He was doing fine.

Atleast before October 4th.
October 3rd
When night time came, Jeonghan was where he was always at. His happy place, the cliff.

He smiled to himself as the ocean breeze hit his skin and inhaled the smell of the sea as he listened to the sound of the waves.

He looked up at the bright moon above him and closed his eyes.
'Tomorrow will mark the exact 2 years since I got one step closer to you. How are you doing? Are you happy? The moon has been watching over you for 20 years now I bet the moon is tired. So I hope I can take over and watch over you in exchange. Come home to me soon, my moonlight.'
That night Jeonghan went to bed completely calm, at ease and happy. He stared his glowing mark and kissed it good night before drifting off into a peaceful slumber.

Jeonghan expected for him to wake up on his birthday to a beautiful morning as the sunlight touches his skin.
He expected to spend the whole day enjoying his birthday with his friends. They would've played all day anywhere and just had fun.

Then at night, he would've went to the cliff and have some peaceful time alone to talk to the moon and his soulmate.

Jeonghan expected that.
But apparently, fate had a different plan.

Two years since Jeonghan turned 18.

Two years since he got his glowing mark.

Two years since he got one step closer to him.

And twenty years since Jeonghan waited for his soulmate.

On this exact day, fate took Jeonghan's moonlight.
Jeonghan's eyes shot open as he felt excruciating pain on his wrist. He immediately sat up to look at it as he bit his lip from the pain.

His eyes widened as his mouth parted when his eyes laid on his left wrist where his glowing mark was.

Except it wasn't glowing anymore.
The light from his mark was replaced by pitch black ink. His moonlight was nowhere to be found.

"N-No," Jeonghan whispered as unknown tears endlessly started to fall down his face. "No, no, no, no."

Jeonghan gripped his wrist tight and stared intently at the black mark.
"Please." Jeonghan whispered sounding so fragile as his voice broke. "No, no please."

Jeonghan swallowed hard, trying to ignore the huge lump on his throat.

"Please tell me this isn't real." Jeonghan whispered to no one as tears streamed down his face.
"Please." Jeonghan brokenly whispered as he dug his fingernails hard on his left wrist and looked at the black mark. "Y-You're okay right? This is just a dream, right? I-I'll wake up from this and— and, you'll still be alive, right?"

"Someone, please. Please wake me up."
Jeonghan's wrist was still hurting. The pain was excruciating. But Jeonghan couldn't feel that, because the pain in his chest hurt a thousand times more.

"No." Jeonghan choked out as he began to breakdown, tears messily streaming down his blood-shot eyes. "P-Please no no no no."
Jeonghan clutched his left wrist close to his chest as he sobbed hard, refusing to believe what happened.

He bit down on his lip and tried to muffle his sobs but it was no use. He hugged his wrist close to him, tears falling non-stop as he had a hard time breathing.

He let go of his wrist as he tried to stop his sobbing and grabbed his phone.

With vision blurred by tears and shaky hands, he bit his lip, dialed Jun and waited for him to answer.

"Hannie, it's 4am in the morning, I know it's your birthday, we'll see each other later."
Jun's sleepy voice spoke through the phone and Jeonghan shakily opened his mouth to answer but only a sob came out.

"Hannie?" Jun called, sounding more awake. "Jeonghannie, what's wrong? Are you okay?"

Jeonghan took deep breaths and tried to swallow the huge lump on his throat.
"J-Jun." Jeonghan brokenly whispered through his sobs. "I-It— It turned b-black."

"What?" Jun spoke completely shocked.

Jeonghan's sobs only got louder in response, confirming what happened.

"I'm on my way, Hannie." Jun spoke before ending the call, leaving Jeonghan alone.
Jun hurriedly got out of bed and got dressed before heading out and sending Jihoon a quick text. He ran towards Jeonghan's house despite the fact that it was winter and he was freezing.

He had a bad feeling, he needed to get to Jeonghan's side as fast as he can.
When Jun got there, he found Jeonghan sobbing so hard he was almost hyperventilating on top of his bed. Jeonghan didn't even notice Jun's presence until Jun wrapped his arms around him and held him tight.

"Jeonghannie, I'm here. I'm here." Jun whispered. "Breathe, hannie."
"J-Jun, I-I—" Jeonghan sobbed hard as he clutched on Jun's shirt tightly and buried his face on Jun's shoulders. "I—, It—, W-Why?"

"Hannie, please breathe." Jun whispered as he held a broken Jeonghan tighter, running his hand up and down his back.

"I-It hurts." Jeonghan sobbed.
Jun's eyes widened as he pulled Jeonghan away from him to look at his face.

"Fuck, what hurts?" Jun asked, worry and pain evident in his voice.

"E-Everything hurts." Jeonghan brokenly sobbed as endless tears continued to stream down his face. "I-It hurts, so so bad."
Jun could feel a lump in his throat and a sting in his eyes. He would do anything to make Jeonghan's pain go away. Anything. But right now, all he could do was wrap his arms around Jeonghan and hold him tight.

"H-Hurts." Jeonghan sobbed onto Jun's shoulder. "J-Junnie, it hurts."
Jun bit his lip and tried to swallow the big lump in his throat as he held Jeonghan tighter and silently listened to his bestfriend's painful cries.

"M-Make it stop." Jeonghan sobbed hard. "Please m-make it stop, it h-hurts so much."

"Hannie." Jun whispered, his voice breaking.
"J-Jun, why? Why is f-fate so cruel? I-I wanted to see him. I w-wanted to tell him I-I love him. I wanted t-to hold him c-close. I-I wanted to laugh with him a-and go on many d-dates. I-I wanted to m-make him happy. I wanted to— to spend m-my whole life with him. W-Why?"
Jun couldn't help but let the tears stream down his face as Jeonghan continued to break in his arms. Jeonghan's sobs filled the entire room as he trembled in Jun's arms. The sound was fucking heartbreaking. Jun could feel his own heart shatter with each sob Jeonghan choked out.
"I'm sorry, hannie." Jun whispered as he held the sobbing Jeonghan as tight as he could. "I'm here, Jeonghannie. I'm here."

Jeonghan just sobbed louder and harder but was muffled as he pressed and hid his face on Jun's shoulder, inevitably continuing to helplessly break.
October 4th
Yoon Jeonghan's birthday.

Also the day when the moon's light diminished into pure darkness.

The day when the moonlight dimmed and lost its light.

The day Jeonghan's one and only light disappeared.

On October 4th, fate betrayed them.

Yoon Jeonghan's soulmate died.
It was 8am when Jihoon woke up and saw the text message. He immediately shot up from his bed, grabbed a coat and ran out of his house, not even letting his mind and body adjust to the sudden movement.

"Shit." Jihoon cussed as he silently prayed for Jeonghan's current state.
When he got there, he opened the door to Jeonghan's room to find the two sleeping on the bed. Jeonghan was curled up on Jun's side and as Jun's arms were wrapped around him. Jihoon took a closer look and saw both of them looked like an absolute mess.

"Fuck." He breathed out.
Jun stirred awake and slowly opened his eyes to see Jihoon running his hand through his hair while wearing a worried, anxious and frustrated expression.

"Jihoonie?" Jun softly called out as he gently sat up, untangled himself from Jeonghan and quietly got out of the bed.
Jun covered Jeonghan with a blanket before turning to face Jihoon.

"Let's talk outside. Jeonghan exhausted himself from crying too much, it would be better if he stays asleep so he won't feel the pain." Jun quietly whispered as they both looked at Jeonghan's worn-out state.
Jihoon nodded his head & they both went out of the room.

The moment the door closed, Jihoon faced Jun, who wasn't looking any better than Jeonghan. He didn't even need to ask why or what happened. He could perfectly tell from what he saw.

But still, he asked.

"How's Jeonghan?"
Jun opened his mouth to answer but no words came out. He could only feel a lump forming in his throat as his eyes started to water. He blinked a few times, trying to stop the tears from falling.

"No." Jihoon whispered, stepping forward & hugged Jun. "You don't have to answer."
"I-I, Its just—" Jun shakily exhaled as he closed his eyes in hopes of making the tears go away. "Why did this have to happen to Jeonghan?"

Jihoon broke the hug and looked down, feeling his chest tighten.

"I don't know." He quietly whispered. "I don't fucking know."
Jihoon took a deep breath before looking up to Jun.

"We're here for him." Jihoon reassured. "We're here for Hannie. I know that won't make up for the loss of his soulmate— fuck, but we are here for him."

Jun shakily breathed in and out before nodding his head.
"Let's go get breakfast and some medicine for Jeonghan before he wakes up." Jihoon stated.

Jun nodded and followed Jihoon out of the house.

"Yeah, I'll also tell Minghao and Soonyoung that the plans are cancelled."

"Please do, we'll just explain when we see each other."
Jun and Jihoon passed by a convinience store to grab breakfast and a pharmacy to buy some medicines and painkillers.

They tried their best to do everything quickly in order to get back to Jeonghan as fast as they could despite the fact that it was snowing and they were freezing.
When they got back, they opened the door to see Jeonghan sitting up on his bed, quietly staring at his left wrist.

Jihoon looked back at Jun, who bit his lip and stared at Jeonghan with a pained expression.

Jihoon slowly made his way to the bed and sat in front of Jeonghan.
"Jeonghannie." Jihoon softly called out but Jeonghan didn't budge.

Jeonghan continued looking down at his left wrist, not moving or uttering a single word.

"Hannie." Jihoon tried again.

Jeonghan murmured something in response but it was too soft and low to hear.

"Gone." Jeonghan softly whispered sounding so fragile as he stared at the pitch black mark on his wrist. "My moonlight is gone."

Jihoon felt a pang in his chest. Jeonghan's voice was calm but so fucking fragile. Every word he spoke was filled with pain. Unbearable pain.
Jeonghan suddenly laughed lightly. "This isn't a dream, is it?"

Fuck, it was too painful to listen to.

"Jihoonie." Jeonghan softly called as he lifted his face up, revealing his blood-shot eyes, tear-stained cheeks and exhausted expression. "What am I supposed to do now?"
"Please." Jeonghan softly whispered as fresh tears rolled down his tear-stained cheeks. "Tell me."

"W-What am I supposed to do with my life now?" Jeonghan choked out as his voice broke and as new tears streamed down his face.

Jihoon didn't know what to answer.
In this world, your soulmate is your everything. You either live happily with your soulmate or you die alone.

What was Jeonghan supposed to do?

Jihoon didn't know the answer. Nor did Jun. No one did.

So instead, Jihoon wrapped his arms around Jeonghan and held him tight.
Jihoon and Jun stayed with Jeonghan all day. They took care of him, fed him and made him drink his medicines. They didn't speak a single word and instead listened to Jeonghan and held him tight as he continued to break down and shatter into millions of tiny pieces.
The three of them fell asleep due to exhaustion. They fell asleep next to each other on the bed.

But when Jihoon and Jun woke up, Jeonghan wasn't there. Jeonghan wasn't anywhere in the house.

"Fuck, where is he? It's snowing so hard outside and he left his phone." Jun cussed.
They both went outside & looked for Jeonghan on that winter night. They seperated & looked every possible place he could be at but they couldn't find a trace of Jeonghan anywhere.

Of course they wouldn't because who would've expected Jeonghan was standing on the edge of a cliff.
Jeonghan silently stood at the edge of the cliff as he looked at his wrist before averting his gaze at the bright moon above.

He wasn't properly dressed and it was fucking cold but Jeonghan couldn't feel that. He could only feel the excruating pain coming from his heart.
For the first time in his 20 years of living, looking at the moon hurt. The bright beautiful moon that he loved dearly betrayed him.

His blood-shot eyes stared at the moon as the moonlight shined on his tear-stained face. He opened his mouth and only asked one thing,

He took one step closer to the edge of the cliff and reached out his hand towards the sea.

"I said I would wait for you. I would wait for you to cross the oceans and travel the land just to reach me." Jeonghan whispered as the loud crashing of the waves answered him.
"But, you left me." Jeonghan whispered to the winter air as the icy wind hit his skin, but he remained numb and unbothered. "You should've at least said goodbye. Or you should've at least taken me with you."

Jeonghan dropped his hand as a tear fell down on his freezing skin.
"I could lose anything—, everything but you."

He looked up to the bright moon that was shining down on him as warm tears streamed down his ice-cold face.

He couldn't feel anything but the unbearable pain in his heart.

"Tell me, how can I live in a world where you don't exist?"
Meanwhile, Jun and Jihoon were back at Jeonghan's house, losing their sanity as they couldn't find Jeonghan anywhere. They checked every single place but Jeonghan was nowhere to be found.

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK." Jun cussed as he paced back and forth in frustration.
"Where is he— fuck, its snowing so hard outside, he's barely dressed, he's fucking exhausted and he isn't in a state where he could be alone— fucking hell, please." Jun bit his lip, beyond frustrated at what was happening; he could feel his eyes sting. "Jeonghan, please be okay."
Jihoon remained silent as he sat down and clenched his fists tight. He checked the clock and fuck it was past 10pm, where the hell could Jeonghan be?

Jihoon could feel his head throb as he swallowed a lump in his throat that formed as his mind thought of various scenarios.
'Jeonghan wouldn't be involved in an accident. Jeonghan wouldn't intentionally hurt himself. Jeonghan would come back here. Jeonghan is okay. Jeonghan won't— he won't do something irreversible, right?'

Jihoon and Jun were so close to losing their sanity.

'Where is Jeonghan?'
As if to answer their question, the front door opened and Jeonghan walked in.

Jun and Jihoon immediately ran towards Jeonghan, who looked drained.

"JEONGHAN!" Jun shouted as he frantically cupped Jeonghan's face and he almost hissed from the coldness. "Fuck, you're freezing!"
Jun quickly pulled Jeonghan and dragged him to his room as Jihoon followed both of them. Jun wrapped a thick blanket over Jeonghan, who hasn't uttered a single word, and made him sit on the bed.

"Jeonghan! What the fuck were you thinking!?" Jun exploded in frustration.
eonghan remained silent as he stared at the floor, not moving nor speaking a single word.

"You went out barely dressed in this fucking weather!? Where have you been— fuck, you could've gotten hypothermia! Jeonghan, do you have any fucking idea how dangerous it was!?"
Jeonghan didn't answer making Jun even more frustrated. He ran his fingers through his head as he felt his eyes sting from the anger, frustration and worry.

"Jeonghan!" Jun desperately called out. "Something could've happened to you. You could've gotten into an accident!"
Jihoon bit his lip as he watched the two.

Jun was about to speak again when Jeonghan suddenly answered back. And it wasn't the answer Jun and Jihoon were hoping for.

"That would've been better." Jeonghan softly whispered, not lifting his gaze up to meet his bestfriend's eyes.
"W-What did you say?" Jun breathed out, completely taken aback as he stared at Jeonghan wide-eyed.

"I should've followed my destiny." Jeonghan spoke as he looked up to Jun and Jihoon. "Even if it meant jumping off a fucking cliff."

"Jeonghan, what the fuck are you saying?"
Suddenly, Jeonghan blew up.

Jeonghan knew he had no reason to get mad at his friends, they were only worried. But Jeonghan couldn't stop himself from all the emotions he was feeling all at the same time.

"Hannie." Jun softly called out, his own heart shattering from Jeonghan's words.

Suddenly, Jeonghan was engulfed into a hug as Jun held him tightly.

"Jeonghannie, don't cry." Jun whispered, his own breaking as tears fell down his face. "Please."

Jeonghan didn't even know he was crying until Jihoon walked to them and wiped the tears streaming down his face.
Jeonghan's anger turned into frustration and agony as he broke down in Jun's arms once again. He averted his gaze from Jihoon as he tried to blink the tears away and took deep breaths to make the huge lump in his throat disappear but it was completely useless.
He could feel himself slowly breaking as the reality that his soulmate was dead finally seeped in. The excruciating pain engulfed his whole being as he let the tears freely flow down his face and hard sobs left his lips. He was too tired to fight it, too broken to keep it all in.
The room was filled with Jeonghan's painful sobs. He inevitably continued to shatter & Jun could only hold him closer. Jun bit down on his lip hard as he quietly cried & hugged Jeonghan tghter with each sob he choked out. Jeonghan was trembling; completely shattering in his arms.
Jihoon had to look away from the sight. He turned his face away from the heartbreaking scenario as tears he couldn't hold back fell down on his face. Even if he couldn't see, he could hear. He could still hear Jeonghan's painful sobs, making his heart break with every cry.
Jeonghan just continued to shatter into millions of tiny pieces. He cried & cried until he had no more tears, until his throat hurt and had no more voice, until his lungs felt like giving out, until he wore himself out from the exhaustion; to fall asleep and forget all the pain.
October 4th

Jeonghan lost his soulmate. His other half, his everything, his destiny. There was no one waiting for him anymore, no one to love & cherish him, to cross the land & the ocean for him, no one to spend his life with.

Jeonghan was 20 years old when his soulmate died.
(A/N: Everyone, please breathe; let us continue later morning bc im dead and i cANT, THE ANGST WILL SOON START NOW THAT THE INTRO HAS BEEN LAID OUT, MORE SUFFERINGS TO COME FOR US YOU'RE WELCOME)
Days, weeks, months passed by since Jeonghan's moon lost its light. Jeonghan cut everything off, he stayed locked up inside his room, not moving, not speaking, not eating. He just sat on top of his bed, staring at his wrist; staring at his black moon which used to shine brightly.
His family was there for him of course, as well as his bestfriends and their soulmates. They all tried their best to make him happy and Jeonghan appreciated that. But they knew it was useless, what Jeonghan needed wasn't completely them, it was his soulmate. His dead soulmate.
Jeonghan tried his best to live through day, even though a part of him died everyday as each day passed without his soulmate. He forced himself to get out of bed, he forced himself to swallow down food, he forced himself to go to school & smile the best as he could.
Jeonghan's grades dropped tremendously as expected. But with the help of Jun, Jihoon, Soonyoung and Minghao, he managed to pull through. He didn't want to make his friends worry and do more, so he did his best and finished his 2nd year in uni. Even if it was difficult, he did it.
"I'm so proud of you." Jun said as he hugged Jeonghan tight on their last school day. "You're so strong, hannie. So so strong."

Jihoon wrapped his arms around the two and squuezed them tight.

"We are so proud of you, Jeonghannie."

Jeonghan could only nod as he sobbed quietly.
Jeonghan spent the rest of his summer in his room, he only went out when Jihoon and Jun literally dragged him out of his house to go out with them. He tried to distract himself the best as he could, even if it was temporary. In order to be a little happier; to live a day longer.
Jeonghan managed to endure & push himself until his 3rd year at uni started. He put all his attention and focus on studying, in order to distract himself throughout the school year. He was doing fine, especially with the help of Jun & Jihoon. He was doing fine until October came.
Jeonghan started waking up in the middle of the night crying once again. He could feel his chest tightening, his heart shattering, his mark burning as the day he his light burned out neared. The day he was born but the day his other half died, October 4th. How fucking ironic.
October 3rd.
Jun, Jihoon, Soonyoung and Minghao went to Jeonghan's house to surprise him. But they were the ones who were surprised when they found out Jeonghan wasn't there. They let themselves in with the spare key Jun and Jihoon had and decided to wait for Jeonghan to come back.
"Where do you think Jeonghan went in this winter night?" Jun asked, slightly confused.

"I don't know, he probably just went out to buy something since it is his birthday in a few hours." Jihoon answered as he sat down next to Soonyoung. "Let's just wait for him to come back."
They waited and waited and as each minute passed, all of them couldn't help but be anxious. An hour passed and Jeonghan still hasn't come back. Two hours passed and still no sign of Jeonghan.

"Fuck, Jihoon we have to look for him." Jun cussed.

"Calm down, Jun." Jihoon stated.
"Jeonghan is okay, don't worry too much."

Jihoon said that but he, himself, was worried as fuck for Jeonghan. He said that to Jun but it was more like for himself.

"Jihoon, it's almost 11pm! Fuck, its happening again, we have to–" Jun deeply inhaled. "We need to go. Now."
Jun immediately grabbed his coat and went outside, Minghao quickly following his soulmate.

Jihoon took a deep breath and ran his hand through his hair, emotions piling up.

"Jihoonie, baby." Soonyoung softly whispered. "It's okay. Everything will be okay."
He wrapped his arms around his soulmate and Jihoon buried his face onto Soonyoung's chest.

"Calm down, baby." Soonyoung soothed, holding him tight. "I'm here."

Jihoon relaxed under Soonyoung's touch. He pulled away and intertwined their fingers as he nodded his head.
"Let's go look for Jeonghan now, okay?" Soonyoung said as he squuezed Jihoon's hand.

"O-Okay." Jihoon breathed out. "I'll text Jun to keep each other updated."

"That's my Jihoonie." Soonyoung smiled.

They both went outside to look for Jeonghan in the freezing winter night.
The four of them went to places Jeonghan could possibly be at. They even called some of their schoolmates to ask if they saw Jeonghan. They looked everywhere. But Jeonghan wasn't anywhere. They decided to go back to the house as the last resort, hoping Jeonghan was already there.
But he wasn't.

"Fuck." Jun breathed out in frustration.

They spent a lot of time outside in that freezing weather but they couldn't find Jeonghan.

"Where is he, this can't be fucking happeneing again." Jun spoke as he covered his face with his hands, emotions building up.
"C-Calm down." Jihoon spoke distressed, own voice laced with anxiety and frustration. "He's fine. Jeonghan is okay. We'll find him."

Minghao and Soonyoung remained silent, own minds and hearts clouded with worry and uneasiness.

"I-I'll try to call him again." Jihoon said.
Jihoon grabbed his phone and was about to dial Jeonghan when he saw something.

His eyes widened, his mouth parted and he could feel his chest tightening making it hard for him to breathe.

"F-Fuck." Jihoon barely whispered out.

"What?" Jun whipped his head to Jihoon.
Jihoon didn't answer but instead, stood frozen as he continued to look at the screen of his phone.

"Jihoon, what?" Jun asked as he quickly walked towards him.

Jun took the phone in his hand and looked at what Jihoon was staring at.

"No." Jun whispered. "Fuck, fuck, FUCK– NO."
Where was Jeonghan?

Jeonghan was where he used to always be at. He was back in the place he didn't go to for a year. He was where the view of the bright big moon was clear, where the waves and the sea comfort him. He was at his happy place. Or what used to be his happy place.
He sat on the edge of the cliff, the winter breeze hitting him hard, cold ocean waves crashing below him as his bare hands touched the freezing snow.

But he couldn't care less.

He looked up to the moon shining brightly above him as snow fell and bathed his skin in moonlight.
"I'm so tired." He whispered as a tear rolled down his cheek. "So fucking tired."

Jeonghan averted his gaze and checked the time on his phone. 11:56PM.

"I'll be with you soon." He softly whispered and smiled as he looked at his left wrist. "Four minutes left."
"Wait for me." He smiled at the moon, warm tears silently dripping down his frozen skin.

11: 57PM

He took a deep breath and inhaled the winter breeze and smell of the ocean.


He bit down on his lip hard as tears streamed down endlessly, quietly sobbing to himself.

He looked down at the dark ocean down below him, waves crashing ferociously.

He did it. He endured and surived for a year. He's proud of himself. But he can't anymore. Jeonghan was tired. In this world, your soulmate is your everything.

"I have no more reason to live."

Happy Birthday Yoon Jeonghan

"That's dangerous."

Jeonghan whipped his head in shock to the voice who suddenly spoke.

There, a boy with pale skin stood, round eyes intently staring at him.

Jeonghan stayed frozen on spot, staring back at the boy in shock and confusion.
The boy's eyes widened when he saw Jeonghan's tear-stained face, a few fresh tears still rolling down his cheek.

"Wha– Why are you crying?" He asked, completely taken aback.

Jeonghan smiled, exhaustion evident on his face.

"It's because the moon is so beautiful."
The boy stood still for a moment, confused. But he immediately walked towards Jeonghan to get him away from the edge. He gently grabbed Jeonghan's wrist and pulled him up.

Jeonghan was completely taken aback when the stranger's hand touched his skin.

It was warm. So warm.
"Ah! What were you doing sitting on the edge of a cliff, barely clothed in this weather?" The boy said as he took off his own coat and wrapped it around Jeonghan's ice-cold body.

Jeonghan stood dumbfounded as a stranger scolded him in the middle of a winter night on a cliff.
The boy cupped Jeonghan's face and Jeonghan almost flinched from the warmth.

The stranger was so warm.

"You're freezing!" He hissed as his palm made contact on Jeonghan's skin.

'You're so warm.'

"W-Who–" Jeonghan stuttered out. "Who are you?"

"Seungcheol. Choi Seungcheol."
"Choi... Seungcheol?" Jeonghan whispered as he stared at him up close.

Seungcheol nodded his head and opened his mouth to say something but it was cut off with his phone ringing.

"Ah, wait." He said pulling his hands away from Jeonghan's face and answering his phone.
Jeonghan clutched the coat tighter as one of his hand reached out to his cheek, feeling the warmth that Seungcheol left. He stood there in a daze while Seungcheol talked to someone on the phone.

Once the phone call was over, Seungcheol turned to Jeonghan.

"I have to go."
"Ah," Jeonghan uttered out as he broke from his daze. "Y-Your coat."

Jeonghan was about to take off the coat but Seungcheol shook his head & smiled.

"Keep it, I have a feeling we'll see each other again."


"Make sure you go home." Seungcheol said as he began to walk.
Jeonghan took a while to respond as he was focused on staring at the dimple Seungcheol had.

"Take care, moon boy!" Seungcheol smiled and waved one last time before running off, leaving Jeonghan.

"M-Moon boy?" Jeonghan whispered to himself, still confused at what just happened.
Little did they both know, that encounter saved a life.

Jeonghan found himself staring at the moon and clutching the coat tighter around him before slowly walking off the cliff. He remained silent but nonetheless made his way back to his house, the warmth still lingering.
Jeonghan opened the door and entered his house to see four of his friends in his living room, two of them in the middle of a break down.

"J-JEONGHAN!" Jun ran and basically threw himself to Jeonghan as he hugged him tightly, crying hard as he did.

Jeonghan was taken aback.
Jihoon covered his mouth with his hands, eyes wide as he sobbed quietly and fell to his knees.

Minghao stared at him wide-eyed and mouth parted, tears brimming in his eyes.

Soonyoung immediately had his arms wrapped around his soulmate but he stared at Jeonghan in relief.
"W-What's going on?" Jeonghan asked, staring at all of them in shock and confusion.

"W-Where the fuck have you been?" Jun asked as he pulled away from the hug and wiped his tears away. "We've been searching for you for hours!"

"I-I was just taking a walk outside and thinking."
Jun stared at him with blood-shot eyes and tear-stained cheeks, sniffling. He saw that Jeonghan was wearing a coat and that Jeonghan looked okay.

"Fuck." He whispered in relief. "Don't scare us like that. Please."

"I'm sorry, I just–, what are you doing here?"
"We were supposed to surprise you." Jihoon answered, sniffling as he stood up and wiped his tears away. "For your birthday."

"But you were the one who surprised us." Soonyoung lightly joked.

"Oh god, I am so sorry." Jeonghan apologized as he looked at all of them.
Jihoon walked over to Jeonghan and hugged him tight.

"It's okay." He whispered. "As long as you're okay."

Jeonghan could feel his eyes watering and a lump forming in his throat as he hugged Jihoon back.

"I love you, guys." He gave a watery smile. "Now, let's celebrate!"
happy birthday hannie 🌙
They spent the whole night playing games, watching movies, talking and eating all the food they bought. They had fun until they tired themselves out and they laid on their part of the room, preparing to go to sleep. Jeonghan plopped himself down on his bed as the others did too.
Jun and Minghao cuddled close, Minghao nuzzling to Jun and hugging him tight as Jun pulled the blankets over them.

Jihoon turned the lights off before laying down next to Soonyoung who immediately wrapped his arms around Jihoon, spooning him and holding him close.
"Uh," Jeonghan spoke in the dark. "I know you're soulmates and all but keep it PG please."

Soonyoung laughed but Jihoon shouted, "Hannie!" turning bright red from Jeonghan's comment. Thank god, it was dark.

"Oh my god, just go to sleep!" Jun laughed, pulling Minghao closer.
"Goodnight!" Jeonghan smiled to himself.

All of them mumbled their goodnights and drifted off to sleep. Well, all of them except Jeonghan. He listened to his friends peaceful breathings and laid there on bed, wide awake as his mind wandered and stopped on one thing.

Jeonghan replayed everything that happened in his head. He thought of the boy who suddenly found him, the one whose pale skin was complimented by the moonlight, the one who gave him his coat, the one made him feel warmth.

Jeonghan was 21 years old when he met Choi Seungcheol.
good morning
what friend??
Jeonghan, Jun, Minghao, Soonyoung and Jihoon reunited at uni. They went to their classes and pretty much normally spent the day with lots of people greeting Jeonghan for his birthday.

"Hannie," Jun called as they walked out of uni. "Should we hangout for the rest of the day?"
Jeonghan stopped walking in his tracks as he thought deep and stared at his friends.

"Why?" Jun asked. "Do you have different plans?"

Jeonghan slowly shook his head and answered, "No. I'm free until evening. My parents are coming back from their trip today."
"Then let's hangout until evening." Jun smiled. "It's been a while since we saw your parents too."

Jeonghan smiled and nodded.

"Does that mean you have something to do this evening?" Jihoon asked. "Are you going out or what?"

"Uh," Jeonghan uttered. "Just something."
Jeonghan turned around and walked before Jihoon or any of them could ask what was that "something".

"Let's go!" Jeonghan shouted as they made their way to his house.

They spent the whole day playing, having fun and lazing around even when Jeonghan's parents returned.
Throughout the whole day Jeonghan kept glancing at the clock and kept checking the time on his phone.

"Yah, Hannie." Jun called out. "I know you're excited for whatever you'll do tonight but can you please stop checking the time literally when a second just passed."
"I-I'm not!" Jeonghan uttered, completely guilty.

"Why are you even so excited?" Jihoon asked, confused. "What will you do later?"

"I told you!" Jeonghan evaded. "Just something important."

That's why a few hours later, the moment his friends left, he dashed out of the house.
Jeonghan eagerly ran to get their as fast as he could, hoping to catch a glimpse of a person named Choi Seungcheol. He ran through the cold weather, panting out breath fogs as he did.

Jeonghan didn't know why he was doing this, he didn't know why he wanted to see Seungcheol.
He only knew he wanted to see him again, no matter for what reason.

After a tiring run, Jeonghan finally heard the sound of the waves crashing & the smell of the ocean. He eagerly made his way to the cliff, out of breath while his stomach flipped from excitement & nervousness.
But there wasn't anyone on the cliff. There was no Choi Seungcheol.

Jeonghan stood there as he tried to catch his breath. His eyes wandered around the surrondings in hopes of sighting a certain boy he met here 20 hours ago but unfortunately, he was all alone on the cliff.
Jeonghan checked the time on his phone.

He sighed and slowly made his way to sit down on the edge of the cliff. He swang his legs, hanging hundreds of feet above the ocean & leaned back, bare hands dipping into the thin layer of white snow as he looked at the moon above.
He remained silent as he stared at the moon shining down on him.

His mind was occupied as he thought of everything that happened in his 21 years of existence. All the good times, the bad times, the hardships, his bestfriends, their soulmates, his moonlight, his destiny.
Ever since Jeonghan found out about soulmates, a day never went by without him praying to the moon and talking to his unknown soulmate. His happiness increased as each day passed, making it one day lesser in meeting his other half.

He believed in fate, he believed in destiny.
All Jeonghan ever wanted was to meet his soulmate. His other half, his everything, his happiness. He wanted to love and be loved, cherish and be cherished by someone who meant the world to him like his Mama told him when he was seven. He never wanted anything more than that.
So why? Why did this have to happen?

"Why?" He silently whispered to the winter breeze, asking fate for an answer as he stared at the moon, deep in his thought.

Suddenly, a voice spoke from behind him.

He quickly looked back.

"I told you that's dangerous!"

Choi Seungcheol.
Seungcheol hurriedly pulled him back & sighed as he sat down next to Jeonghan who was still silently staring at him.

"Did you hear me?" He asked, looking at a frozen Jeonghan. "Why do you keep doing that?"

Seungcheol waited for an answer but Jeonghan didn't utter a single word.
"Yah," Seungcheol waved a hand infront of Jeonghan's face. "Moon boy."

But Jeonghan remained still, lost in his thought.

Seungcheol reached out his hand & touched Jeonghan's cheek.

"W-Wha–" Jeonghan breathed out, breaking out of his trance from the warmth of Seungcheol's hand.
"Well at least this time you're properly dressed." Seungcheol smiled as he retracted his hand.

"I-I," Jeonghan uttered, completely lost for words.

"What are you doing here in the middle of the night?" Seungcheol asked, softly staring at Jeonghan.

"Huh?" Jeonghan answered.
"It's 9pm, what do you mean–" Jeonghan stopped speaking when he checked his phone and saw it was already 11PM.

Seungcheol stared at him & raised his eyebrows.

"Oh." Jeonghan breathed out, making Seungcheol lightly chuckle.

"Are you okay, moon boy?" He smiled, dimples showing.
"I-I'm okay." Jeonghan answered, not being able to take his eyes off the boy next to him.

"What are you even doing here, sitting on the edge of a cliff at 11PM in the middle of winter?" Seungcheol asked, not breaking eye contact.

Jeonghan blinked a few times before answering.
"I could ask you the same thing."

"Touché." Seungcheol lightly laughed.

"So?" Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol waiting for an answer. "What are you doing here on top of a cliff at 11PM in the middle of winter?"

"No fair, I asked you first." Seungcheol argued.
"You have to answer first, moon boy."

Jeonghan broke the eye contact & looked away.

"Nothing." Jeonghan started. "I just– I'm always here. Well, I was always here, I just went back here last night after some time."

"Why?" Seungcheol stared at him. "Is it because of the moon?"
Jeonghan remained silent before slowly nodding his head and looking up to the moon with a soft smile on his face.

"Yeah." Jeonghan answered. "Because of the beautiful bright moon, I was drawn back here after a year."

"A year?" Seungcheol asked.

Jeonghan hummed in response.
"This is my happy place." Jeonghan told him. "I'm the only one who knows about this place. Well, at least before you suddenly showed up out of nowhere."

Seungcheol lightly chuckled as Jeonghan turned to look at him.

"Now tell me, what were you doing here last night?"
"Wait." Jeonghan said. "Not only last night, but tonight too. What are you doing here?"

Seungcheol just softly smiled at Jeonghan.

"It's because there might be a boy crying alone on his birthday."

"W-What." Jeonghan stuttered out in shock, eyes widening. "What are you–"
"And I came back here tonight to check on him."

Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol wide-eyed, mouth parted. He was completely lost, confused and shocked.

"What– How did you even– What?" Jeonghan stuttered out.

Seungcheol only smiled wider at Jeonghan, his dimples showing.
Seungcheol lightly tapped on the tip of Jeonghan's nose before standing up.

"Make sure you get home safely." He smiled. "Happy Birthday, moon boy!"

Seungcheol began to walk off but Jeonghan quickly scurried to stand up on his feet.

"Wait!" He shouted making Seungcheol stop.
"W-Will I see you again?"

"Who knows." Seungcheol smiled. "I guess you have to come back here to find out."

Seungcheol waved one last time, "Take care, moon boy!" before walking off, completely leaving Jeonghan alone on the cliff with mised feelings.

"What," Jeonghan exhaled.
Jeonghan stood frozen, trying to make sense of what just happened. But no matter how har or how long he thought, he still couldn't figure anything out.

"What the fuck just happened?" He breathed out to the winter breeze as he turned around and slowly looked up to the moon.
Jeonghan stared at the moon as he got lost in his own thoughts.

Today was fucking weird. He was set on following his soulmate but someone just appeared on time to stop him. He was supposed to be alone at his happy place which only he knew about but someone found him.
Jeonghan was never really fond of his birthday or his happy place ever since the October 4th when his soulmate died. That's why he ignored this place for a year, that's why when he returned here on the exact day his other half died, he was set on following him.
But on that exact day, someone found him.

Choi Seungcheol found him.

Sitting on the edge of a cliff, ready to fall; his warmth pulled him back.

And maybe Jeonghan's animosity towards this place & his birthday started to lessen; maybe it was because of someone named Seungcheol.
When Jeonghan got home, he laid in his bed but didn't sleep a wink. A thought kept him up all night long– Choi Seungcheol.

'What is he? Who is he? How did he find me? How does he know me? And my birthday? Where did he even come from? When will I see him again? Why?'
'Why do I want to see you?'

That's why the moment his last class ended, he immediately dashed out of the classroom, eagerly wanting to go to the cliff.

"Hannie!" Jun shouted as all of them chased after him. "Why the hell are you in a hurry?"

Jeonghan stopped in his tracks.
"I– uh," Jeonghan uttered. "I have something important to do."

"What?" Jun pouted. "And I wanted to hangout today!"

Jun turned to Jihoon and whined, "Jihoonie! Tell Jeonghannie to hang out with us!"

"Uh," Jihoon uttered, looking guilty. "I have something to do today too."
"What?" Jun stared at him in disbelief. "Are you both kidding me?"

"Sorry, Junnie! I'll hangout with you tomorrow maybe!" Jeonghan lightly laughed and began to run away, waving. "See you tomorrow!"

"I guess Soonyoung and I will go too." Jihoon guiltily smiled. "Sorry, Junnie."
"Fine." Jun rolled his eyes, jokingly. "I have Minghao anyway, I don't need any of you."

Jun put his arm around Minghao, who was giggling, and pulled him closer while glaring at Jihoon and Soonyoung.

"We'll hangout when I'm free, I promise!" Jihoon laughed. "Bye, you two!"
Jihoon and Soonyoung left to deal with their business leaving Minghao alone to deal with his soulmate.

Meanwhile, Jeonghan was nearing his destination as he ran at full speed, cheeks flushing pink from the cold. He was excited to see Seungcheol, eager to get answers from him.
Jeonghan stood on top of the cliff, panting hard as he tried to catch his breath from all the running he did. When his breathing finally got even, he looked around, hoping to see that someone with a cute dimpled smile; but he wasn't in sight. No one was.
"Seungcheol-ssi?" Jeonghan called out but only the loud sound of the waves crashing answered him.

He checked the time on his phone. 5:17PM.

Jeonghan sighed and sat down on the snowy ground.

"I guess it's still too early." He whispered to the wind. "Maybe. Probably."
Jeonghan stared at the ocean, adoring the sight. The sunlight reflecting on the water as it the waves built up and died. But soon after, Jeonghan slowly laid down on the cold ground covered with thin snow, eyes drooping as the sound of the waves lulled him into deep slumber.
Jeonghan comfortably shifted and turned in his sleep; but he stopped moving when he realised that the ground was soft and warm.

What the fuck?

Jeonghan slowly opened his eyes and was greeted by the sight of Seungcheol and the moon.

"Wha–" Jeonghan mumbled half-awake.
"Oh, you're awake." Seungcheol said as he stared at Jeonghan, who was rubbing his eyes, on his lap.

Jeonghan gently sat up, slowly blinking his eyes as he yawned and stretched out his arms.

"You know, I'm glad to see you not sitting on the edge of the cliff." Seungcheol began.
"But sleeping on the ground when it's winter isn't much better, you know?"

Jeonghan just stared at Seungcheol, not yet fully awake.

"What time is it?" He quietly mumbled.

"Past 10PM." Seungcheol sighed.

"Oh," Jeonghan breathed out. "I've been sleeping for 5 hours."
"Yes you have." Seungcheol confirmed.

Jeonghan blinked a few times before realising he had another coat on his lap. And that coat certainly wasn't his.

"Why didn't you wake me up? You could've just woken me up instead of letting me sleep on your lap and giving me your coat."
"Believe me, I tried." Seungcheol chuckled before looking at Jeonghan & softly smiling. "But you looked exhausted. You didn't even wake up when I moved you onto my lap."

Jeonghan lightly blushed pink, looking away from Seungcheol.

"I was just," He mumbled but couldn't continue.
"You looked like you haven't slept a wink." Seungcheol stated.

'It was because of you.'

"I didn't."

"Oh? So that's why you fell asleep on top of a cliff when it's winter?"

"It was your fault." Jeonghan quietly murmured.

Seungcheol looked at Jeonghan, confused.

"Wha– Why?"
"I fell asleep while waiting for you." Jeonghan softly mumbled. "But I didn't know I was gonna sleep for that long."

Jeonghan took the coat on his lap & gently shoved it to Seungcheol, still not looking at him. "Thank you." He shyly spoke. "F-For this and for letting me sleep."
Seungcheol stared at Jeonghan for a moment before he took the coat from Jeonghan's hand, fingers brushing against each other.

Jeonghan had to bite his lip to stop himself from gasping because of the warmth.

"It's no problem, moon boy." Seungcheol said with a smile on his face.
"And why were you waiting for me?"

This made Jeonghan whip his head to look at Seungcheol.

"I have so many questions to ask you!"

Seungcheol lightly chuckled & bopped Jeonghan's nose with his finger before standing up.

"Too bad you have to save those questions for tomorrow."
"What wai—" Jeonghan began to protest but Seungcheol cut him off.

"You still have uni tomorrow. You have to rest."


"Rest, moon boy." Seungcheol firmly said. "Make sure you sleep tonight."

Seungcheol began to walk off, not giving Jeonghan the time to protest or respond.
"Take care!" He shouted and waved one last time before walking off, disappearing from Jeonghan's sight.

Jeonghan stood alone again, dumbfounded at what happened.

'Wait, how does he even know I'm a college student? What the fuck?'

Jeonghan slowly faced the bright moon above.
"Are you playing with me?" He whispered to the winter breeze, asking fate as he stared at the moon.

Jeonghan sighed, disappointed that he didn't get the answers he wanted.

He knew sleeping tonight would be impossible. Not when he had so much to think about thanks to Seungcheol.
That's why when Jeonghan laid on his bed, completely wide awake as his thoughts went wild. He blamed it all on Seungcheol.

But, no matter how much he tried to hide it; he couldn't deny the fact that he was happy.

He was happy he had a reason to see Choi Seungcheol again.
October 6th, Wednesday

Jeonghan was about to dash out of the classroom once again to head straight to the cliff but before he could, Jun grabbed him by the arm.

"Where do you think you're going?" Jun raised his eyebrows.

"Uh," Jeonghan uttered. "Somewhere important?"
"You said you were gonna hangout with me today!" Jun protested.

"I said maybe!" Jeonghan shot back.

"Jihoon!" Jun whined and turned to Jihoon who immediately avoided eye contact. "Yah, Lee Jihoon!"

"Yes?" Jihoon answered, still not looking at Jun.

"Don't tell me–"
"I promise we'll hangout when I'm done dealing with something!" Jihoon quickly said.


"And I promise that too!" Jeonghan cut in before yanking his arm from Jun's grip and running off. "I love you, Junnie!"

Jun stared at Jeonghan's back in disbelief.
"We love you, Junnie." Jihoon said before pulling on Soonyoung's hand and walking away. "See you tomorrow!"

Jun turned to Minghao and pouted.

Minghao giggled and wrapped his arms around Jun's neck and kissed the tip of his nose.

"You still have me. You'll always have me."
Jun smiled as his arms wrapped around Minghao's waist, pulling him closer.

"I know." He whispered, foreheads pressed together & eyes locked to each other. "And you're all that I'll ever need."

"I love you." Minghao smiled before slowly pressing his lips against Jun.
On the other hand, Jeonghan took his time walking, knowing that Seungcheol still won't probably be there. He walked peacefully, enjoying the light snowfall that painted his cheeks light pink.

When he got on the cliff, he stretched out his limbs as he stared at the sea.
He comfortably sat down, legs streched out as he leaned back, bare hands laying flat on the thin cover of snow on the ground. He inhaled the winter and ocean breeze and silently listened to the sound of the waves.

This time, Jeonghan swore to not fall asleep as he waited.
True to his word, Jeonghan stayed awake until the sun and the orange sky was replaced by the moon and a starry sky. He enjoyed the silence, only hearing nothing but the sound of the waves as the breeze gently hit him.

He checked his phone for the time. 9:21PM.
He looked around his surroundings to check if the dimpled boy was already there but Jeonghan saw no one.

"Still not here, huh." Jeonghan mumbled to himself as he continued to patiently wait in silence.

After an hour passed, Jeonghan checked his phone again. 10:32PM.
Jeonghan intently looked at his surrounding, squinting his eyes to make sure that he could see more but still, there was no sign of the dimpled boy.

Jeonghan sighed and faced the sea again, deciding to continue waiting.

After a few minutes, Jeonghan checked the time. 10:45PM.
"Where are you?" Jeonghan sighed as he put his phone down.

"Who?" A voice spoke from behind.

Jeonghan flinched in surprise, his heartbeat accelerating as he turned around, clutching his chest.

"Oh my god, you scared me!" Jeonghan exclaimed as he looked at a smiling Seungcheol.
"So? Who were you waiting for?" Seungcheol teased.

"Who else?" Jeonghan shot back, staring at him. "You, of course! I've been waiting here for ages."

"I'm sorry." Seungcheol chuckled. "At least I'm here now, right?"

Jeonghan deeply sighed as the other sat down beside him.
"So, moon boy." Seungcheol started. "What did you want to ask?"

Jeonghan turned to look at Seungcheol, staring for a moment before speaking. "Who are you?"

"Huh?" Seungcheol shot Jeonghan a confused look. "Didn't I tell you already? Choi Seungcheol, moon boy."
"How did you find me?" Jeonghan quietly said as he intently stared at Seungcheol.

Seungcheol just stared back & softly smiled.

"How did you know it was my birthday?" Jeonghan continued, not breaking eye contact.

But Seungcheol just remained silent, softly smiling at Jeonghan.
"How?" Jeonghan asked as he bit his lip.

"I just did." Seungcheol whispered softly, the smile not leaving his face.

"W-What?" Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol, completely confused. "That's– That's not a valid answer."

Seungcheol looked away from Jeonghan and stared at the moon.
Jeonghan continued to stare at Seungcheol, whose skin was complimented beautifully by the moonlight. Under the light of the moon, his pale skin seemed to glow. He was beautiful.

"S-Seungcheol." Jeonghan called out. "Won't you tell me?"

Seungcheol continued to look at the moon.
"You'll find out soon enough, moon boy." Seungcheol gently smiled.

"What do you mean?" Jeonghan gulped, eyes never leaving Seungcheol.

"I said you'll get the answers you're looking for." Seungcheol chuckled, slowly standing up and looking at Jeonghan. "You just have to wait."
Jeonghan stood up and faced Seungcheol, confusion written all over his face. "What?"

Seungcheol chuckled and moved closer to Jeonghan, lightly tapping the tip of his nose. "Wait, moon boy."

"Wait." Jeonghan immediately said. "Are you gonna leave already?"
Jeonghan asked knowing that the dimpled boy always bopped his nose before walking away.

"I'm afraid I have to." Seungcheol softly smiled.

"Why?" Jeonghan asked. "Why do you always leave at midnight?"

Seungcheol lightly laughed as he stared at a confused Jeonghan.
"Should you really be asking that when you're a 3rd year at uni?"

Jeonghan's eyes widened. "How did you–"

"I told you." Seungcheol cut him off. "I just do."

Seungcheol gently smiled at Jeonghan before turning around and waving his hand.

"Wait!" Jeonghan persistenly shouted.
"Will you come here again?"

Seungcheol turned and faced Jeonghan but before he could even answer, Jeonghan spoke again.

"I still have your coat!"

This made Seungcheol smile.

"I'll give it back tomorrow!" Jeonghan continued.

"Well, I guess I have to." Seungcheol chuckled.
"I have to go now, moon boy." Seungcheol softly smiled. "I still have things to do, take care."

And with that, Seungcheol ran off.

Jeonghan stood for a moment, hesitating whether to follow him or not. He kept looking back at the moon then the path Seungcheol went to.
With a frustrated groan, Jeonghan bit his lip and ran to Seungcheol's path to follow him. But he already reached the main road and he didn't even catch a glimpse of the dimpled boy.

"Where the fuck?" Jeonghan sighed deeply as he ran his hand through his hair, looking around.
Jeonghan walked back home, mind completely a mess. He laid on his bed as millions of thoughts ran in his head & all of it centering on one– Choi Seungcheol.

Once again, he was the reason for Jeonghan's sleepless night.

But also the reason why Jeonghan was eager for tomorrow.
October 7th, Thursday

"Yoon Jeonghan!" Jun shouted as soon as the bell rang. "You're not leaving us again!"

Jeonghan froze & slowly turned around to face Jun.

"Junnie!" He sheepishly smiled. "I, uh."

"Jihoon!" Jun whined.

"Jeo–" Jihoon was cut off by the ring from his phone.
"Ah, wait. Mom is calling." Jihoon walked off as he answered his phone.

"Hannie!" Jun glared at Jeonghan.

"Junnie, I swear, just one more!" Jeonghan said.

"Where are you even going?" Jun huffed. "I can't believe you keep ditching me."

Jeonghan bit his lip before pulling Jun.
He pulled Jun away from Soonyoung and Minghao to speak to him alone.

Jun stared at Jeonghan in silence, demanding for an explanation.

Jeonghan bit his lip, hesitating to speak but finally gave in under Jun's heavy gaze.

"Junnie, I–" He started. "I just have somewhere to go."
Jun raised his eyebrows, still not uttering a word.

"S-Somewhere important, okay?" Jeonghan tried but Jun won't have it.

Jeonghan sighed before finally giving in.

"Junnie I just, I have someone to meet."

"What?" Jun asked, surprised. "Who?"

"I–" Jeonghan hesitated.
"A friend." Jeonghan whispered. "Maybe."

"What!?" Jun exclaimed. "Who? Where? How?"

"Junnie, calm down." Jeonghan said. "I– He– He's name is Seungcheol."

Jun looked at Jeonghan, confused and lost.

"I just– I have to return the coat to him." Jeonghan stated.
"Huh?" Jun was even more confused. "Yah, Yoon Jeonghan! What the fuck are you talking about?"

"I– He lent me a coat when I was walking out during my birthday." Jeonghan explained. "I-I forgot to wear one and he was kind enough to lend his."

Jeonghan bit his lip, staring at Jun.
"What?" Jun stared unconvinced at Jeonghan. "How did you even meet?"

Jeonghan bit his lip harder, hesitating to tell Jun about his happy place; the cliff.

"I– uh," Jeonghan stuttered not knowing what to say.

"Hannie." Jun raised his eyebrows.

Jeonghan gulped in silence.
"Yoon Jeonghan." Jun said firmly.

"I– He just saw me walking around without a coat." Jeonghan lied.

Jun stared at Jeonghan filled with suspicion.

"I'll come with you."

"No!" Jeonghan answered too quickly. "I mean, you don't have to Junnie. I'll be fine."

He smiled at Jun.
Jun shook his head and stared at Jeonghan.

"Hannie!" Jun started but before he could continue, Jihoon cut in.

"Hannie, Junnie!" Jihoon called, walking over to them. "What are you doing here?"


"Nothing!" Jeonghan cut off Jun.

Jun and Jihoon stared at Jeonghan, confused.
"Anyway," Jihoon began, shaking off the confusion. "I have to go. I still need to do something and Mom just called."

"Jihoonie." Jun whined.

"Junnie." Jihoon sighed. "Fine, you can come with me."

Jun smiled widely and faced Jeonghan who subtly shook his head.
"Uh, Jihoonie." Jun said, shifting his gaze to Jihoon. "I'll be with you in a sec, I'll just sort something out with Hannie, okay?"

Jihoon looked unsure but nonetheless nodded his head & walked back to Soonyoung & Minghao.

"Hannie." Jun sighed.

"Junnie." Jeonghan sighed back.
"I'll be fine I swear!" Jeonghan tried to convince Jun.

"But Jeonghannie–"

"Fine." Jeonghan sighed as he bit his lip, finally giving in. "What if I let you two meet tomorrow? Would that finally put you at ease?"

Jun stared at Jeonghan intently, unsure of what to answer.
"Junnie, I promise." Jeonghan pushed, staring at Jun with pleading eyes and pouty lips.

Jun groaned, caving in from Jeonghan's cuteness.

"Hannie, you better not break that promise." He sighed.

"I promise!" Jeonghan giggled, hugging Jun. "I love you! I have to go now!"
"Take care, Hannie!" Jun shouted as Jeonghan ran off, waving one last time.

"Say goodbye to them for me!" Jeonghan shouted, smiling widely.

Jun smiled and waved back before heading back to Minghao, Jihoon & Soonyoung.

Jeonghan ran, eagerly wanting to see the dimpled boy again.
When Jeonghan got to the cliff, he did the usual thing. He plopped himself down on the ground on a comfortable position and quietly listened to the waves as he inhaled the breeze of winter and the ocean, patiently waiting for Seungcheol and for the sun to be replaced by the moon.
As the moon raised and the sun went down, Jeonghan had been sitting on the cliff for a while now.

He looked around in the dark and checked his phone. 10:05PM.

"He should be here by now." Jeonghan whispered as he hugged his knees closer to his chest and stared at the ocean.
After a few moments of staring at the ocean in silence, Jeonghan absentmindedly called out a name.

"Choi Seungcheol." He whispered to the winter breeze that softly blew on him.

"Yes?" Someone answered.

Jeonghan flinched in suprise. Knowing who it was, he quickly turned around.
"Jesus, stop doing that!" Jeonghan slightly yelled at the dimpled boy walking over to him.

"Stop doing what?" Seungcheol chuckled as he sat down next to Jeonghan who exhaled in relief.

"Stop appearing out of nowhere!" Jeonghan answered. "Are you a spirit or something!"
Seungcheol laughed as he stared at Jeonghan.

"Or something."

"Shut up." Jeonghan grumbled, breaking eye contact with Seungcheol.

"So? Did you bring my coat?" Seungcheol softly smiled, still staring at Jeonghan.

"I did." Jeonghan mumbled as he took it out of his bag.
"Thank you." Jeonghan said, slowly looking up to meet Seungcheol's eyes.

"You know, you didn't have to return this." Seungcheol spoke as he placed the coat on his lap.

"I had to!" Jeonghan insisted, earning a confused look from Seungcheol.


'So I could see you again.'
"Because its yours."

"Thanks? I guess." Seungcheol chuckled.

"No," Jeonghan shook his head. "Thank you. For this, for everything."

Seungcheol just softly smiled at him before gazing up at the moon.

The two of them sat with only the sound of the waves filling in the silence.
After a few moments, Jeonghan slowly looked over to Seungcheol, who was intently staring at the moon. The moonlight was gently shining over him; he looked peaceful.

"Uh," Jeonghan gulped and softly whispered. "Seungcheol?"

Seungcheol hummed in response and looked at Jeonghan.
"Yes, moon boy?"

"Can you–" Jeonghan started. "Would you meet with me tomorrow afternoon?"

"Hm?" Seungcheol raised his eyebrows.

"I– My friend, he–" Jeonghan stuttered out, unsure. "He wants to meet you."

Seungcheol stared at Jeonghan in silence, not responding.
"He's nice!" Jeonghan continued. "His name is Jun and he's kind, I swear!"

Seungcheol just blinked a few times in silence.

"So, uh, maybe we can meet when the sun is up and not when it's the middle of the night?" Jeonghan continued, hopefully staring at Seungcheol.
"I–I can't." Seungcheol bit his lip.

"W-What, why?" Jeonghan looked at Seungcheol, disappointed and a hint of sadness evident on his face. "Are you busy tomorrow afternoon?"

Seungcheol slowly nodded his head as he turned away from Jeonghan and looked up to the moon.
"I..." Seungcheol trailed off. "I have something to do."

"Then," Jeonghan continued, not wanting to give up & break his promise with Jun. "Tomorrow night, maybe?"

Jeonghan bit his lip, waiting for Seungcheol to answer. He would just convince Jun to stay with him until midnight.
Seungcheol turned back to Jeonghan and lightly tapped on his nose as he softly smiled.

"I'll try, moon boy."

This made Jeonghan smile a little as both of them stood up.

"Wait." Jeonghan said before Seungcheol could turn to leave. "Uh, can we meet a few meters away from here?"
Seungcheol stared at Jeonghan, confused.

"This place, only I know about it." Jeonghan continued. "Well, at least before you came. Now only you and I know about this. And I– uh, I'd like to keep it that way?"

Jeonghan could feel his cheeks burn as he unknowingly bit his lip.
Seungcheol softly smiled at Jeonghan and nodded, making Jeonghan smile widely.

"Then, I'll wait for you at the main road?" Jeonghan asked, eyes lighting up.

He just nodded his head again, staring at Jeonghan.

"See you, moon boy." He smiled one last time before leaving.
October 8th, Friday

"Haohao my baby." Jun cooed at Minghao. "I have to go somewhere with Hannie today. I'll see you tomorrow, yeah?"

"Junnie, we can still go with Minghao." Jeonghan spoke up. "We'll meet with Seungcheol by the evening."

"Seungcheol?" Minghao asked, confused.
Both Jeonghan's and Jun's eyes widened.

"I– uh," Jeonghan stuttered. "He's a friend."

Minghao was about to say something back but Jun subtly shook his head with eyes talking to Minghao, telling him to not press further. And Minghao understood his soulmate.
Minghao was lost and confused but nonetheless trusted Jun and nodded his head.

"Then, where should we go first?" Minghao smiled as he linked his arms with both Jun and Jeonghan, pulling at them.

The three spent the whole afternoon playing and walking around town.
When night came, Jun and Jeonghan accompanied Minghao home. They all stood at the doorstep, saying goodbyes.

Jun wrapped his arms around Minghao's waist and pulled him close. "Bye, baby."

"Bye, Junnie." Minghao giggled as he closed the gap between them and kissed him softly.
"Stop stop stop!" Jeonghan groaned, covering his eyes. "We're still outside!"

Minghao laughed as they pulled away.

"I'm dragging Jun away before he has the chance to take this inside." Jeonghan said as he tugged on Jun's arm.

"Too bad." Jun pouted & kissed Minghao's forehead.
Jeonghan pulled Jun away from Minghao and shouted, "See you, Minghao!"

"Take care you two!" Minghao smiled as he waved at them.

"I love you!" Jun shouted back one last time before Jeonghan and him disappeared from Minghao's sight.

"So, where are we going?" Jun asked.
Jeonghan just smiled at Jun and pulled him by the arm. Jun just let Jeonghan lead the way, silently following him.

Jeonghan stopped under a lamp post and Jun looked at him, confused.

"Hannie, what are we doing here?"

"Waiting for him."


Jun just nodded and sat down on the grass covered with thin snow next to the road. Jeonghan smiled and sat down beside Jun. The two of them passed time by talking non-stop about anything.

"Hannie, are you sure Seungcheol will come?" Jun asked. "It's past 10pm already."
"He will!" Jeonghan insisted. "I'm sure he will."

"If you say so." Jun answered, looking at Jeonghan who was smiling at him.

The two resumed talking to let time pass by as they waited for Seungcheol to arrive. But an hour has passed and the dimpled boy was nowhere in sight.
"Hannie," Jun called. "It's 11pm already. We can just meet with him some other time."

"What? No!" Jeonghan argued. "He'll be here, I swear."

"But Hannie—"

"Oh!" Jeonghan suddenly stood up. "See! He's here!"

Jeonghan ran towards the dimpled boy who was walking towards them.
"Seungcheol!" Jeonghan smiled at him.

Jun jogged towards them and stopped beside Jeonghan.

"Junnie!" He looked at Jun. "This is Seungcheol."

"Seungcheol, this is Jun." He introduced the two.

Seungcheol softly smiled at Jeonghan who was eagerly introducing them.
Jun looked at Seungcheol, staring at him for a while before averting his gaze back to Jeonghan.

"Jun." Jeonghan whispered. "What are you doing? Greet him properly, don't be rude!"

"Hannie," Jun stared at Jeonghan. "What the fuck are you saying?"
Jeonghan whipped his head to Jun.

"What?" He said, taken aback.

"Yah," Jun began. "If he couldn't come you could've just told me!"

"Jun, what the fuck are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you could've just told me he couldn't come instead of fucking around and joking with me."
"He's standing in front of you!" Jeonghan slightly yelled, frustrated as he pointed at Seungcheol who was silent.

Jun stared at Seungcheol.

"There is no one in front of us!" Jun shot back. "Stop it, Hannie."

"W-What," Jeonghan stuttered out. "S-Seungcheol, talk to him."
Seungcheol just bit his lip in silence as he stared at the two.

"S-Seungcheol." Jeonghan called out, hand reaching out to touch him until Jun grabbed it.

"Jeonghan, stop." Jun sighed. "Let's just go."

"But Jun, he—"

"This isn't funny, Hannie. If you're not going, then I am."
Jun let go off Jeonghan and walked away, leaving Jeonghan torn between staying with Seungcheol or going after Jun.


"Go, Jeonghan." Seungcheol softly smiled as he walked closer to him and lightly tapped on his nose. "You'll understand soon enough."
Jeonghan was lost. He was absolutely fucking lost. He had no idea what was going on, his mind was a mess and his feelings were fucked up. He stood there frozen in place, staring at Seungcheol.

"I promise." Seungcheol whispered, intently staring at Jeonghan. "Now, go."
Jeonghan bit his lip and nodded, feeling his eyes starting to sting. He forced himself to look away from Seungcheol and start running after Jun. He looked back one last time and Seungcheol smiled, moving his hand, telling him to go. Jeonghan gulped hard and ran off.
Jeonghan ran but couldn't catch up to Jun. He didn't see his bestfriend & truth to be told, he wasn't in the mood to look for him either. Jeonghan wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone. Not when he, himself, was so— lost.

That night, Jeonghan dragged himself back home in silence.
Jeonghan was on his bed, completely awake all night. He didn't cry, he didn't shed a single tear. Instead, he sat on his bed, not uttering a single word as he stared into space. He let the silence envelop him in hopes of drowning out his thoughts and feelings. Pure utter silence.
Jeonghan woke up to his phone ringing from a text message he received. He didn't even know he fell asleep. He slowly sat up, rubbed his eyes and stretched his limbs while yawning before opening the text he got from Jihoon.
Jeonghan sighed, not in the mood to see or talk to anyone right now. Fuck, he wasn't in the mood for anything. But he knew he had to talk to Jun and meet with his friends. He also knew he should go to the cliff tonight and clear things with Seungcheol. If he would even be there.
With a frustrated groan, Jeonghan sent a quick 'okay' text to Jihoon and got up to eat breakfast and get ready for later.

October 9th, Saturday | 10:30AM

Jeonghan left his house and went to the cafe, deciding to walk in order to calm his thoughts down & put on a perfect facade.
When Jeonghan got there, he ordered a strawberry smoothie and sat down as he waited for his friends to arrive.

He texted Jihoon, letting him know he was already here.
Jeonghan buried his face on his arms on top of the table. It was only morning & he was already tired. He could feel his head throb as millions of thoughts ran through his head with questions left unanswered. He closed his eyes, hoping his headache to stop as he waited for Jihoon.
After a few minutes, Jeonghan heard the bell from the cafe door jingle and footsteps getting closer to him.

Jeonghan lifted his head to greet Jihoon and Soonyoung but the moment he did, he forgot how to breathe.

Instead of seeing Soonyoung, he saw a very familiar dimpled boy.
"Hello, Yoon Jeonghan." The dimpled boy brightly smiled at a frozen Jeonghan.

What. The. Actual. Fuck.

Jeonghan's eyes widened so much it could fall off, mouth hanging wide open as he jolted up from his seat.

But he wasn't the only one who was shocked, surprised & confused. Jihoon was mirroring his expression, absolutely lost on what was happening.

"Hannie, you know Seungcheol?"
"W-What–" Jeonghan stuttered out. "What the fuck?"

Jeonghan's expression didn't change at all. His gaze averted back to Jihoon, who was as lost as he is.

"Jihoonie, how the– what– why are you with him?"

"Hannie, Cheol is my childhood friend. How on earth do you know him?"
"W-What?" Jeonghan breathed out as he laced his fingers through his hair and gripped it tight, staring at the two. "What the actual fuck?"

"Seungcheol!" A bewildered Jihoon turned to Seungcheol. "How does Hannie know you? What the fuck, someone explain, even I am confused."
Seungcheol bit his lip, the corner of his mouth twitching up to smile.

"Jeonghan and I already met before." He told Jihoon before averting his gaze to a gaping Jeonghan. "Right, moon boy?"

"I-I–" Jeonghan uttered, lost for words, his mind not processing what was happening.
"How the fuck?" Jihoon looked at Seungcheol. "I mean, you and Jun met last Thursday but we weren't even with Jeonghan."

"Wait, what." Jeonghan snapped his head to Jihoon. "Did you just say Jun and Seungcheol met last Thursday?"

Seungcheol bit down on his lip hard to not smile.
"Yeah, they did." Jihoon answered, looking at Jeonghan. "I've been busy all week because I was helping Seungcheol with his requirements. He just moved here from Daegu last Monday, that's why I had to leave early that morning during your birthday."
"What the fuck, Jun already met Seungcheol?" Jeonghan rubbed his throbbing head.

"Remember Jun and Minghao tagged along last Thursday with Soonyoung and I, we met up with Seungcheol since I was helping him with all his stuff. They all know each other, except for you."
As if on cue, the cafe bell jingled and a familiar pair walked in.

"Jihoonie! Cheol!" Jun called as they walked closer, his eyes averted to Jeonghan who looked ready to kill; Jun smiled mischievously. "Hannie!"

"Wen. Fucking. Junhui." Jeonghan called out, gritting his teeth.
"Yes, Jeonghannie?" Jun answered, smiling at him as he stood beside Seungcheol.

"Are you fucking kidding me." Jeonghan growled, fists curling up into a tight ball.

"Why? What did I do?" Jun teased more.

"I almost lost my fucking mind from all the thinking." Jeonghan murmured.
"Junhui," Jeonghan lowly called out, teeth gritted, fists clenched.

"Wait!" Jun hid behind Jihoon. "It was your fault! You dumped water all over me during winter!"

"Wen Junhui," Jeonghan repeated.

"Jihoonie, help me." Jun gulped.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you." Jeonghan smiled.
Jun gulped hard as Jeonghan's smile sent shivers down his spine. The moment their eyes met, Jun ran out of the cafe followed by an enraged Jeonghan.

"What the fuck is happening?" Jihoon said as he stared at the two running away.

Seungcheol and Minghao just laughed.
They all sat down and Jihoon immediately turned to the two who seemed to know what was happening.

"So? Someone explain, Jesus Christ."

"Calm down, Jihoon." Seungcheol said, still lightly laughing. "Jeonghan and I did meet before today."

"Where?" Jihoon asked. "How? When?"
Seungcheol paused for a second to think, remembering that Jeonghan didn't want anyone to know about his happy place.

"Uh, we bumped with each other on town during his birthday."

"And why is Jeonghan set on killing Jun?"

This made Seungcheol and Minghao laugh once again.
"Jun wanted payback because Jeonghan dumped water all over him last Monday." Minghao answered.

Seungcheol nodded his head and continued, "When Jun and I met, he was so surprised. He asked me if I knew Jeonghan and I said yes and then we enlightened each other on everything."
Seungcheol took a deep breath before continuing, "After that, he coaxed me into helping him have his revenge. Jeonghan and I have been meeting for the past week, yesterday he asked me to meet Jun. And when we did, Jun pretended that I was a ghost or something to scare Jeonghan."
Minghao nodded his head in agreement, still smiling widely.

Jihoon just deeply sighed, whether if it was because he was relieved or because of his friends. No one knew.

After a few moments later, the two came in, Jeonghan sarisfyingly smiling while Jun was limping.
Jihoon opened his mouth to speak but Jun cut him off, "Don't even ask."

Jun sat down beside Minghao and buried his face on Minghao's neck, pulling him closer as he whined about how cruel Jeonghan was.

Jeonghan sat between Jihoon and Seungcheol, looking proud at what he did.
"Seriously, you guys." Jihoon sighed. "Let me introduce Cheol again, even if it seems like you all know each other. Seungcheol is my choldhood friend, he moved to Daegu before we all met so that's why you didn't know him back then. But he's back here and will start uni next sem."
"Hello, Cheol." Jun greeted, voice muffled as he continued to bury his face on Minghao's neck. "Thank you for helping me last night."

Jeonghan glared at Jun and then averted his gaze to Seungcheol, who was already staring at him with a soft smile on his face.
Jihoon's phone suddenly rang, making Jeonghan break away from the eye contact.

"Wait, Soonyoung is calling."

Jihoon answered his phone and went out of the cafe, leaving the four in complete silence. Not one of them opened their mouth to say a word as they stared at each other.
After a few minutes, Jihoon went back inside the cafe.

"I'm sorry, I have to go. Soonyoung needs my help with something." Jihoon stated. "I don't have to worry since you know each other already. Take care, okay."

Jihoon waved goodbye and hurriedly left the cafe.
"Well, I guess we should go too." Jun said as he lifted his head up from Minghao's neck.

"What?" Jeonghan whipped his head to Jun.

"I mean, I'm pretty sure you two need to talk." Jun smirked as he stood up and gently pulled on Minghao, intertwining their fingers together.
"At least now you know Cheol isn't a spirit or anything, Hannie." Jun laughed as he walked off.

"Fuck you, Jun." Jeonghan cussed, flipping off Jun.

"You still love me anyway." Jun stuck his tongue out.

"Bye, Hannie! Bye, Seungcheol!" Minghao waved. "Take care, both of you!"
And with that, Jeonghan and Seungcheol were left alone together. The two stayed silent for a moment, Seungcheol intently looking at Jeonghan with a soft expression while Jeonghan looked down on the table.

"I can't believe you." Jeonghan lowly mumbled, a pout forming on his lips.
"I'm sorry, moon boy." Seungcheol lightly chuckled. "I was against the idea but Jun coaxed me into it."

Jeonghan slowly lifted his face up and looked at Seungcheol.

"Don't be so mad." Seungcheol softly smiled as he reached out his hand and lightly tapped Jeonghan's nose.
Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol, subconciously chewing on his bottom lip as he thought deeply.

"Didn't I tell you you'd find your answers soon?" Seungcheol stared back into Jeonghan's eyes, a smile on his lips. "Ask away, moon boy. I promise I'll answer so don't be mad anymore."
Jeonghan remained silent for a few seconds before finally giving in.

"Tell me," Jeonghan began. "Who are you?"

"Choi Seungcheol, 21 years old, I just moved from Daegu to Busan. I'll start uni next sem with you." Seungcheol smiled. "Nice to properly meet you, Yoon Jeonghan."
"How did you even know me?" Jeonghan continued to ask, not breaking eye contact. "I mean, my birthday, my name– everything."

"One answer." Seungcheol chuckled. "Lee Jihoon."

Jeonghan continued to look at Seungcheol with a puzzled expression.

"So you knew me when you found me?"
"I didn't." Seungcheol gently shook his head. "I only found out during Monday morning when Jihoon came to meet me saying he came from a sleepover. Showed me a picture and then I saw you."

Seungcheol smiled at Jeonghan, dimples showing.

"I was surprised to see you, moon boy."
"I didn't tell Jihoon we already met though." Seungcheol lightly chuckled. "I just subtly asked about his friends, particularly the one I saw crying alone in the middle of the night during winter."

Seungcheol's smile faded as he stared at Jeonghan's eyes with worry and care.
Jeonghan broke the eye contact and nervously looked down on the table as he gulped.

"Why?" Seungcheol softly asked.

"I-I–" Jeonghan stuttered out. "I told you."

Jeonghan swallowed hard and looked up to meet Seungcheol's eyes.

"It was because of the moon's beauty." He smiled.
Seungcheol just smiled, not wanting to push Jeonghan further. He didn't want to force it out of him if Jeonghan wasn't ready to tell him.

"But," Jeonghan continued, staring at Seungcheol with eyes full of wonder and curiousity. "How did you find me?"

"I just did."
Jeonghan was about to protest but Seungcheol smiled at him before continuing, "It was pure coincidence, I swear. I was walking around since I just arrived at Busan that night. I didn't expect to find someone sitting on the edge of a cliff though."

"Oh." Jeonghan breathed out.
"Does that answer all your questions, moon boy?" Seungcheol chuckled as he stared at Jeonghan's enlightened face.

"Y-Yeah." Jeonghan nodded. "No, wait. Why do you only meet with me when it's night?"

Confusion and curiousity was written all over on Jeonghan's face again.
"I was busy moving in to my new apartment and arranging paperworks." Seungcheol answered, shrugging his shoulders.

"Jesus christ." Jeonghan sighed. "I fucking thought you were a ghost or something!"

This made Seungcheol laugh brightly.

"I told you I was 'or something'!"
"I hate you." Jeonghan groaned as he glared at a laughing Seungcheol.

"Already?" Seungcheol asked, still chuckling. "But we just properly met each other, I'm hurt."

Jeonghan rolled his eyes but couldn't stop the smile forming on his lips.

"Shut up." He mumbled, grinning.
a new friend
fate sure has its way
When Jeonghan read the last message Seungcheol texted him, he could feel something stir in his chest. He didn't know what was it, but there was something.

He stared at his phone for a while before typing to reply to Seungcheol again, biting his lip as he did.
In the end, Jeonghan and Seungcheol went out a lot together. Even if the others weren't free, it was okay. They go out for coffee, eat dinner, study for uni– anything. They got closer through each meeting but there was a thing or two that they've never talked about.
One, they never talked about the reason why Jeonghan was crying the night they first met.

Two, they never touched anything related to Soulmates. Not one question or statement was spoken about this topic.

And Jeonghan didn't know if he should be happy, thankful or what.
One thing Jeonghan knew is that, he definitely grew fond of the dimpled boy. Seungcheol was just so– captivating. He loved hanging out and spending time with all his friends but, he wouldn't mind if it was just Seungcheol and him. Over the months, the two only grew closer.
soonhoon 🎵
junhao ∞
It was afternoon during a weekend when Jun, Jihoon and Jeonghan were walking in town to go grab lunch. They were happily minding their own business when Jeonghan saw a familiar dimpled boy.

"Is that Seungcheol?" Jeonghan asked as he nudged Jun who was beside him.
Jun squinted his eyes and nodded his head.

"That is Cheol!"

Jeonghan giddily smiled and called Seungcheol.

"Seungche—" He got cut mid-sentence when he saw Seungcheol wasn't alone and another boy came into view.

"W-Who?" Jeonghan whispered as he turned to Jun and Jihoon.
"I don't know that guy." Jihoon frowned.

Jeonghan gulped and returned his gaze to Seungcheol who had the boy's arms slung around his shoulder.

"I-Is that his—" Jeonghan swallowed hard. He didn't know why but he didn't want to continue asking if that boy was Cheol's soulmate.
Jeonghan felt something throb in his chest. The more he watched the two, the more he felt unpleasant and uncomfortable.

"His soulmate?" Jun continued for Jeonghan, looking at Jihoon.

"I-I'm not sure." Jihoon bit his lip, confused as well. "I've never asked Cheol about that."
"L-Let's just go." Jeonghan uttered before continuing walking, leaving Jun and Jihoon worriedly staring at his back.

"Is Hannie...?" Jun stared at Jihoon.

"I don't know." Jihoon shook his head as he pulled on Jun.

The two followed Jeonghan who was in a hurry to leave.
The whole day Jeonghan tried his best to ignore the throbbing pain in his chest and the ugly feeling in his gut.

'Why am I feeling like this?'

Jeonghan wasn't sure why.

He checked his phone all day to see if a certain dimpled boy texted him but he didn't. Seungcheol didn't.
When Jeonghan got home, he plopped himself down on his bed.

"That stupid idiot didn't even text me." Jeonghan grumbled, eyebrows furrowed. "How much time could single text take? Stupid fucking idiot."

He rolled on his bed and hugged his pillow tightly.

"Stupid Seungcheol."
Jeonghan deeply sighed and buried his face on his pillow.

"Why am I even feeling like this? So what if he was busy with someone all day? So what if he was too busy to remember me? I don't care."

Jeonghan mumbled into his pillow. He flipped himself over & stared at the ceiling.
"So what if— what if he found his soulmate?" Jeonghan softly whispered, irritation and anger stripped off his voice. "I don't care."

But the lump forming in his throat, the sting in his eyes and the continuous throbbing in his chest said otherwise.

"I really don't care at all."
The week went by with Jeonghan still affected by what he saw last weekend. He did his best to mask his irritation and gloom since he was still figuring out his feelings. He smiled like he normally would and went out with his friends as always. But sometimes, without Seungcheol.
It's been a while since the last time Seungcheol and Jeonghan went out together. He hadn't seen Cheol lately besides for uni and Jeonghan wasn't happy about that.

That's why when Jun and Jihoon were at his house and he suddenly got a text from the dimpled boy, he was ecstatic.
Jeonghan shot up from his seat and immediately grabbed his coat.

"Hannie, what are you doing?" Jun asked, confused and surprised from Jeonghan's sudden enthusiasm.

"Going out." Jeonghan answered as he put on his coat.

"Where?" Jihoon asked, confused as well.
"To the library." Jeonghan smiled as he walked to his bedroom door.

"Why?" Jihoon continued, sitting up from the bed.

"To study of course." Jeonghan brightly smiled at the two.

This made Jun and Jihoon even more confused until Jun eventually figured it out.

"With Seungcheol?"
"Yep!" Jeonghan nodded as his smile got wider. "Don't forget to lock the door when you leave! Take care you two!"

And with that Jeonghan was gone.

"Jihoonie." Jun stared at Jihoon. "Jeonghan is—"

"Junnie." Jihoon cut him off and gulped, looking back at Jun. "I know."
Jeonghan was standing outside the library as he waited for Seungcheol. The thought of seeing the dimpled boy and hanging out all day made Jeonghan smile as his heart started to flutter.

"Moon boy!" Seungcheol called out as he walked to Jeonghan. "What are you doing outside?"
"Waiting for you." Jeonghan answered as a smile formed on his lips.

"Really?" Seungcheol sighed as one of his hands reached out to touch Jeonghan's cheeks. "You idiot, you should've waited inside. Why do you always have to freeze yourself?"

Jeonghan almost melted at the touch.
"Ah, really—" Seungcheol sighed as he pulled his hand away and put it over Jeonghan's shoulder, pulling him inside the library. "Let's just go inside."

Needless to say, Jeonghan's cold cheeks instantly burned warm as it was painted pink.

"Sit wherever you want, moon boy."
Jeonghan sat on a corner, away from the people and near the window. He was quietly staring at the window when Seungcheol returned with a pile of books in his hand.

"What the—" Jeonghan breathed out, surprised and amazed. "Are you seriously going to read all of that?"
"I don't want to but I have to." Seungcheol chuckled as he sat down. "Thanks for coming with me. We haven't went out in a while."

'Whose fault is that?'

"It's okay." Jeonghan smiled. "I wasn't doing anything at home so. Go ahead and study, I'll just quietly watch you."
Seungcheol softly smiled at Jeonghan before turning his attention to the books that were in front of him.

Jeonghan stared at Seungcheol in silenece, millions of thoughts running through his head. He wanted to ask who was the boy he saw before, why was Cheol busy and lots more.
But it's been a while since they went out and Jeonghan didn't want to distract the dimpled boy from his study nor ruin the peaceful vibe surrounding them. So he kept all his thoughts and questions to himself as he quietly watched the beautiful boy in front of him read the books.
While Seungcheol was studying, Jeonghan had a lot of time to stare and observe every feature of Seungcheol. His long eyelashes, his soft dimples, his smooth pale skin, his soft-looking lips— everything.

"You sure you don't want a picture?" Seungcheol suddenly asked.
"W-What?" A startled Jeonghan looked up to meet Seungcheol's eyes.

"I know you said you would quietly watch me but I might melt at this rate, Hannie." Seungcheol chuckled.

Jeonghan felt his cheeks burn, whether if it was from the comment or the nickname. Jeonghan didn't know.
"S-Shut up." Jeonghan mumbled looking down at the table, cheeks evidently bright red. "Just continue studying."

"As you wish, moon boy." Seungcheol lightly laughed. "Red looks good on you."

Jeonghan flushed deeper and buried his face on his arms which were on top of the table.
Seungcheol resumed studying while Jeonghan just stole quick glances at him as he hid his face in his arms. Everything was so quiet and peaceful Jeonghan didn't know he fell asleep until Seungcheol gently woke him up.

"Moon boy." Seungcheol softly whispered. "Moon boy, hey."
Seungcheol gently shook Jeonghan but he didn't budge and remained asleep.

Seungcheol softly smiled at Jeonghan who was sleeping so peacefully and reached out his hand to push the hair away from his face.

"Jeonghannie." He tried again, whispering. "Wake up. It's time to go."
Jeonghan stirred awake and slowly sat up, rubbing his eyes.

"Are you done?" Jeonghan mumbled, half-awake.

"I am." Seungcheol smiled at a sleepy Jeonghan.

"What time is it?" Jeonghan yawned as he looked at Seungcheol.

"Past 7pm." Seungcheol answered. "Let's go, sleepy head."
Jeonghan stood up and stretched his limbs before following Seungcheol out of the library. When they got out, they were greeted with a thick layer of snow and a heavy snowfall.

"Wow." Jeonghan breathed out, mesmerized as he stared up at the sky.

"Shit." Seungcheol cussed.
"Why?" Jeonghan whipped his head to Seungcheol. "Isn't it beautiful?"

"It is beautiful. But—" Seungcheol sighed. "My apartment is far from here and I'm not that fond of walking in this weather."

The two remained silent before Seungcheol sighed again in frustration.
"Well I have to go, moon boy." Seungcheol smiled as he lightly tapped on Jeonghan's nose. "Take care and make sure you get home safe."

Seungcheol turned around to leave but Jeonghan grabbed him by the arm.

"Wait." Jeonghan stated, making Seungcheol look at him in confusion.
"I, uh. I—" Jeonghan stuttered. "Just sleep at my house tonight. I mean, it would be bad if you walked home in this weather and I would worry too much and my parents aren't at home anyway so it'll just be us—"

"Oh?" Seungcheol cut Jeonghan's rambling and raised his eyebrows.
"W-What?" Jeonghan nervously asked in confusion before he realised what he said, his eyes widened as his face flushed deep red. "Seungcheol, I hate you!"

"Why? I haven't even said anything yet!" Seungcheol laughed as Jeonghan turned away from him to hide his bright red face.

"Hannie-ya," Seungcheol called out, still laughing. "Turn around."

"No, go away." Jeonghan lowly grumbled. "Walk home and freeze yourself, I don't care."

"I was just kidding!" Seungcheol chuckled as he put his hands on Jeonghan's shoulders and turned him around.
"I'm sorry, I can't help but mess with you." Seungcheol lightly chuckled as he stared at a pouting Jeonghan whose eyebrows were furrowed. "You're too cute not to mess with."

Jeonghan flushed deeper as he felt his heart skip a beat. He immediately turned around & started walking.
"S-Shut up!" Jeonghan shouted, walking fast. "Let's just go!"

"As you wish, moon boy." Seungcheol laughed harder as he followed a flustered Jeonghan to his house.

When they got there, the two went up to Jeonghan's room to find warmth after walking through the freezing weather.
Jeonghan opened his closet to find a sweater that was too big for him. He grabbed it and gave it to Seungcheol.

"I think this might fit."


Seungcheol smiled before grabbing the sweater and took off the current one he was wearing.

And Jeonghan couldn't help but stare.
Seungcheol looked at Jeonghan and met his eyes which was intently staring at him. He intentionally fully faced Jeonghan while he was shirtless and smirked,

"Like what you see?"

The frozen Jeonghan blushed deep red, his whole face turning into the colour of a tomato.
Jeonghan instantly turned around as Seungcheol chuckled.

"S-Shut up."

"Sorry, Hannie. I promise I'll stop messing with you."

The two became silent with only the sound of Seungcheol changing his clothes filled the room. Jeonghan bit his lip, debating with himself.
He stood in silence, debating whether to ask Seungcheol or not until he finally gave in.

"H-Hey, Cheol." Jeonghan softly called out, still not turning around to face Seungcheol.

"Hm?" Seungcheol hummed in response, still getting dressed.

"W-Who were you with last weekend?"
"Last weekend?" Seungcheol asked as he finished getting dressed.

"Y-Yeah." Jeonghan swallowed hard. "I– We saw you last Saturday with uh, with someone in town."

Jeonghan bit his lip as Seungcheol remained silent for a moment. God, his heart was about to jump out of his chest.
"Ah," Seungcheol suddenly answered. "That was my friend, Mingyu."

This made Jeonghan turn around from the great news he heard.

"Really?" He asked too enthusiastically.

"Yeah, his soulmate and him visited me last weekend." Seungcheol smiled. "Why?"

"I– uh, nothing."
Jeonghan gulped hard as Seungcheol continued to smile at him.

He bit his lip as he debated with himself once again, knowing that this was the perfect opportunity to ask Seungcheol about his soulmate. He wasn't sure why but hearing Seungcheol's answer scared him. A lot.
But he swallowed down his fear.

"H-How about you?" Jeonghan shakily asked, looking at Cheol. "Where's your soulmate?"

The moment the word "soulmate" slipped out of Jeonghan's mouth, Seungcheol's expression changed. His smile was wiped off of his lips as his expression hardened.
Seungcheol remained silent, his expression was cold and distant.

Jeonghan bit his lip harder as he tried again, "Seu–"

"Jeonghan." Seungcheol lowly spoke, not looking at Jeonghan in the eye. "Drop it."

Jeonghan shivered at the tone Seungcheol used. He couldn't talk back.
Seungcheol turned around and began to walk to the bed but without thinking, Jeonghan grabbed him on his right wrist, making the sweater hike up.

Seungcheol immediately pulled his hand away but Jeonghan saw it. He saw a black mark.

"S-Seungcheol–" Jeonghan shakily breathed out.
Seungcheol remained silent, not moving and not uttering a single word.

"Cheol." Jeonghan called out, mixed emotions overflowing.

Seungcheol sighed before sitting down on Jeonghan's bed. He looked at Jeonghan and patted the space next to him.

"Come here." He softly spoke.
Jeonghan hesitated but nonetheless sat down next to him.

Seungcheol remained silent for a few moments before rolling his right sleeve up, revealing a pitch black sun mark.

"Where's my soulmate?" Seungcheol lowly spoke. "She's dead."

Jeonghan could feel his own heart throb.
Now it all made sense, just like him, Seungcheol always wore longsleeved clothes & made sure his wrist was covered. Maybe this was the reason why Seungcheol didn't push for the reason why Jeonghan was crying that night or why they never talked about their glowmarks and soulmates.
"She died before I got the chance to know her." Seungcheol continued, voice heavy with emotions. "I was just walking around the city when an accident happened. Someone got ran over. They were all panicking and running around while I–" Seungcheol took a deep breath.
"I felt myself getting torn apart." Seungcheol bitterly laughed. "Bit by bit. I had no fucking idea what was happening. It was so sudden. My wrist started to burn, I couldn't breathe, my vision started to darken and everything fucking hurt so bad I collapsed on the ground."
"A-And then," Seungcheol swallowed hard, still looking down on his wrist. "I saw her. Her eyes were closed and she was covered in blood but I knew. I knew she was my soulmate. I ran to her in the middle of the street surrounded by people even when each movement tore me apart."
"And can you believe?" Seungcheol laughed as he turned to look at Jeonghan with unknown tears falling down his face. "They said she just suddenly crossed the street in a hurry. Why? To get to me. Because she fucking saw me."

Seungcheol's voice broke as endless tears fell down.
"Jeonghan," Seungcheol brokenly called out. "I didn't even get to know her. The first time I saw her and she's fucking dying."

Jeonghan tried to swallow down the lump in his throat, tears glassing over his eyes as he wrapped his arms around Seungcheol and held him tight.
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