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1. Speculative MEGA thread on the SC:

This thread is meant as an analysis of what we have come to learn through observing reports, digging into court docs, and analyzing timelines. It is meant as a deeper look into how events, people, and things mesh together.
2. Everything that follows this, is if nothing else, a firm reminder that the media DOES NOT tell us the whole story, and often times, DO NOT HAVE the full story. Am I 100% positive what follows is what is actually happening?
3. No. But I will make a strong, sourced, well researched case for you. It may leave you tossing and turning, and may spur you to add your own work and look at things a little differently. I have spent the past year (with several others) going over this investigation--
4. --and one thing is for sure- NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS. Without further adieu, off we go, down the rabbit hole of the timing, coincidences, and tribulations of the Mueller SC investigation into “Trump/Russia” collusion.
5. On May 9th, 2017, on the recommendation of Sessions and RR, Donald Trump fired FBI director James Comey. Sessions wrote a one page letter, with a paragraph.…
6. Rod Rosenstein, spent 3 pages detailing why it is that Comey should be fired.…
7. On May 16, 2017, Donald Trump met at the White House with RR, and Robert Mueller for a little over 4 hours. It was reported by several outlets that they spoke about Mueller becoming the FBI director. There was one small problem with that reporting.…
8. After J. Edgar Hoover died in office as FBI Director, after holding the position for 48 years, Congress acted to avoid a repetition of the obvious abuse of power he had amassed.
9. The term limit law was a provision in the Omnibus Crime Control and Safe Streets Act of 1968. Read below:…
10. The problem here? Mueller had ALREADY been apprvd for an additional 2 years as director of the FBI when Obama requested he remain on board.
11. Obama argued that his national security team needed continuity because the Pentagon and the Central Intelligence Agency were getting new leaders.
12. None other than Chuck Grassley even said at the time that “any future exceptions to the term limit should not be undertaken lightly” (READ THIS. VERY IMPORTANT)
13. CLEARLY, there was little to no chance that Mueller was meeting with Trump to become director of the FBI again. Next to NIL this was the case. Now, back to May 16th. AS RR is sitting with Mueller and Trump, Comey is out leaking his memo’s to the professor/FBI guy.
LINK to print screen above:…
14. The very next day, on 5/17/17, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is appointed by RR to oversee the investigation into:…
15. So lets just recap here. Comey is fired on 5/9. A week or so later, Trump meets with RR and Mueller (5/16) at THE VERY SAME TIME as Comey is leaking his memo’s to cause RR to appoint Mueller? Which happens the very next day? Must all be a strange coincidence.
16. Lets move along and take a BROAD look at what people have said about Mueller over the past year and what the media specifically has done with the image of SC.
17. Robert Mueller has been propped up by both the Left and Right establishment a pillar of integrity. A non partisan, justice loving STALWART who would do the right thing no matter the cost.
18. The media has incessantly praised him since he was appointed as the most upstanding man ever to walk the face of the earth. They have placed him on a pedestal, proclaiming his glory like nothing I have ever seen before.
19. Mueller, arguably leading the most important and pivotal investigation of our time, with a STRONG need to keep at least the APPEARANCE of being unbiased, given the political climate, literally STACKS the ENTIRE team he chooses with Democrat partisans.
20. The media RUSH to his aid, declaring that none of what is being reported about their partisan nature is of any consequence! That all of the people he has chosen are fine and upstanding citizens, who will investigate with impartiality. HOW DARE we question Mueller!
Link to sourcing from last tweet:…
21. Anyone noticing anything here? With the media firmly behind Mueller, it is clear he is going to have all of the firepower he needs to send Trump right to impeachment. Or is it?
22. One thing I have always lamented is the absolutely overt nature of some of this stuff. We will get into some of this more in a moment, but the sheer OBVIOUSNESS of this posturing just leaves me scratching my head.
23. Now that we have a somewhat clear picture of our angel prosecutor Mueller, lets get into to some of the horrible Trump cohorts he has indicted for meddling in the election with.. RUSSIANS!!
24. We will start with Manafort and Gates. Paul Manafort is a long time Washington insider and lobbyist, who by many accounts was introduced to the campaign by Roger Stone. He joins the Trump camp on 3/28/16.…
25. He then transitions to campaign manager. He brings Gates on board with him, Manafort has deep ties to Podesta, Stone, McCain, Deripaska, Yanukovych, etc. He is deeply connected in the Ukraine. His “fixer” from what is available in unsealed court docs, is Richard Gates.
26. Manafort is pivotal in the meeting which Goldstone set up with none other than Russian lawyer and Fusion GPS contractor Natalya Veselnitskaya. Manafort leaves the campaign on 8/19/2017. There is MUCH more here- it would be a 100 point thread alone
27. Lets take a closer look at Manaforts charges. When he was indicted in October of 2017, the entire TDS media went obnoxious with glee! “They’ve really got Trump now!!!”. Not so fast. Take look at the dates in the indictment and the charges on the first page.
Link to indictment from last tweet:…
28. Hmm.. In reading through this indictment, it has NOTHING to do with Trump, and everything to do with the Ukraine. “It’s a witch hunt!” scream the pundits on the Right. .
29. Again, not so fast. Gates has plead guilty to two charges in return for cooperating and not having the book thrown at him. Manafort is suing the SC. I have detailed lots about Gates, his connect to Burkman, the mysterious death of his PR guy and the connect to Seth Rich.
30. Check out this thread to learn about Gates and his PR guy, as well as this interesting video to learn about an interesting development in a Nyer article that gives us info on the SC from Steele:
31. So Gates flips, and Manafort sues the SC. We learn a lot about what the SC is doing in their response. Manfort sues claiming they are out of scope on his charges. The govt responds with the following. Pay CLOSE attention.…
32. FIRST we have a HEAVILY redacted memo from RR to Mueller.
33. See my thread here:
34. SECOND! We get our FIRST real confirmation that Manafort is being investigated for ties to Oleg Deripaska. He has been heavily sanctioned over this last month both personally and professionally.
35. Read the thread I posted above. If Mueller is investigating Manafort in connection to Deripaska, there is NO WAY he is dealing in Trump collusion, Oh there is collusion alright, but Mueller isn’t finding Trump involved. We conclude that Manfort and Gates are plants who fail.
36. Both of them work to try to arrange a meeting at the convention with Kislyak (allegedly) which fails. Please read both of these articles for MORE on how this doesn’t look good for the bad guys.……
37. And to round this off (even though there is LIGHT YEARS more to discuss here) let’s talk about the revelation from yesterday that even made @Dbongino have to pause.…
38. Back when they “raided” Manafort, they were looking for evidence he was involved in the concoction of the meeting with Veselnetskaya! That means Mueller KNEW LAST OCTOBER. Hmm… That’s interesting.
39. And then there was this:… Hmm.. That doesn’t make much sense if Mueller is going after Trump/Russia, READ THIS ARTICLE.
40. So, we KNOW Mueller is probing into folks close to Trump on the campaign trail, so far all of which have connections to deep state operatives. Almost seems like they were trying to set him up or something. Now let’s move on to Papadopolous.
41. Moving along – George Papadopolous- or as I like to say “P-Dop”. P-Dop joined the Trump campaign on 3/21/2016. He joins as a low level foreign policy advisor. The media mocks Trump for bringing him on board.…
42. We learn later on in the memo released by Nunes and Co, that P-Dop was the reason for a counterintelligence operation run by the infamous Peter Strzok in July of 2016. Wow. There is some power there. So who was P-dop meeting with?…
43. We now now many months later, that P-Dop met with Alexander Downer, a well connected former Australian diplomat with ties to the Clinton Foundation, during the campaign.
44. Somehow, depending on which conflicting stories you read, this meeting was or was NOT the reason for FISA and spying. In addition, P-Dop was guilty of sending OVERT emails trying to arrange meetings with Russians. “Overt” is a word we will use a lot.
45. This first screen alludes to P-dops meeting with Mifsud. Elizabeth Lea Vos did a FANTASTIC article about him and his role (or lack of) in all of this. This article highlights the contact and timeline of P-Dop and “The RUSSIANS”…
46. Throughout, P-Dop tries and fails to get meetings with high level “Russians” and Donald Trump. You really should read this article to see how crazy it actually was. This was all done via email.…
47. Now. P-dop was arrested on 7/28/2017. We didn’t learn about it until October. This article lends us some very interesting insights into exactly what P-dop was doing for those 3 months:…
48. P-dop has been the ONE sticking point for me throughout this that has caused me to STRONGLY lean towards Mueller as a “white hat”. P-Dop has major ties to the Clintons.… Click the links in the article to learn more from the Hill and John Solomon.
49. Here is where things really get solid for me. Check out this Politico article about audio leaked from the arraignment of P-Dop in July.…
50. Now, we know from this that he must “keep away from individuals and entities related to the charges against him.”.The people in the charges are Trump, and associated team members:…
51. We also know that there was overt mention and lots of speculation that P-dop was a cooperating witness wearing a wire for Mueller. The establishment was THRILLED.…
52. If P-Dop can not talk to people associated with his charges, WHO IS HE WEARING A WIRE TO CATCH? Especially given that Sarah Sanders wanted CREDIT for his arrest!…
53. Now THAT is an interesting development. So, there is some basic outline on what Mueller could be doing with P-Dop, who sent overt emails trying to work with Russians during the campaign, met with lots of shady Clinton operatives and may be one himself.
54. Now lets quickly move on to one of the most controversial and puzzling of them all. There is so much here, but @Nick_Falco the General Flynn expert, so I would really suggest hightailing it over to his page for details.
55. I am going to cover BASICS here only. And we have some disagreements amongst us on this, but @ThomasWictor agrees with me in theory here. I believe that Flynn and Mueller knew EXACTLY what they were doing when they took this plea deal. Humor me.
56. Here is a thread I did way back when this happened. Lots has developed since then, but I wanted to share this:…
57. Please also watch the video inside where I source everything for you. At this point it would be truly reinventing the wheel, so I am making you do a little work. In summary:
58. Flynn KNEW the media had reported on his phone call 10 days BEFORE he was questioned. He had no reason to lie about that. He also had BEEF with Obama, which is very well established. This stemmed from foreign policy atrocities and more.
59. His plea deal released him from having to adhere to any NDA and opened him to be able to tell what he knew about crimes committed in other admins. It also cleared him of any wrongdoing in Turkey (there was none)
60. Which is suspect was the only card they had to play on him, so Mueller included it in his plea deal. You can find that here:…. As @nick_falco demonstrates in great detail, there has been much development in his case. (Recusals, postponements, etc)
61. The one counter argument I get to my theory on Flynn being a willing participant is “They went after his family, he sold his house, they bankrupt him”. I was having a hard time with that too until –
62. I saw a tweet from his brother that stated he didn’t tell reporters Flynn sold his house to pay legal fees. @NameRedacted7 @Nick_Falco @drawandstrike @almostjingo vouch for me here! I can not find this tweet anywhere. It’s deleted.
63. It was the firmest assurance I had gotten so far that what I had been speculating was right. Why you gotta delete tweets like that @JosephJFlynn1 I am trying to report here! <3 #GodBlessTheFlynnFamily
64. One. More. Thing on Patriot Michael Flynn.… I want his story out too. Thank you for your sacrifice for us @GenFlynn @ JosephJFlynn1 @@mflynnJR
65. Before I summarize all of this for you, I want to add in the Michael Cohen piece as well. Cohen was “raided” about 10 days ago by the FBI, and there is still much that needs to come out in regards to what for.
66. As the news leaks out, we are learning more and more that Cohen may not have been a good guy. I am looking at this now from the SC investigation. So lets take a looksie. Felix Sater, Michael Cohen. Here is a thread I did on Sater and Cohen:
67. PLEASE read this thread. Why is Mueller investigating Feliz Sater if he is looking into Trump? I go into great detail here. I know that Sater emailed Cohen again a VERY overt email in regards to Putin himself, but for them to have also dug into Cohen…
68. .. means that they did what I would have done… Sater being investigated again leaves me back at “What is Mueller DOING!?” And last but not least….
69. Lets bring it all home to the Comey memo we started with….and some leaks..
70. Comey stated that he leaked the memo to spur a special counsel investigation. He went on his book tour, and RR has been delaying the release of these things FOREVER. See:
71. When they were finally released, everyone said “There is nothing in here that should have spurred a special counsel investigation!!!”
72. So, why did RR hold them? My SPECULATION could be, because they KNEW that the people they were really looking into may begin to understand that Mueller hasn’t been ……
73. Working with a group of partisan hacks to clear democrats for a year while incriminating Trump.. And maybe, their entire world is about to come down…
74. Addendum: We got a memo out of the SC office (that I can not locate at this moment @AlmostJingo help!!) that stated that cell phones would no longer be allowed, and THEN we got an official statement about #FakeNews out of them which is also lost in twitter land.
75. Bottom line, either Mueller has been clearing highly corrupt individuals of enough crimes to put most of us away for life the entire time (what everyone thinks he is doing) OR
76. The meeting wasn't a coincidence, the memos weren't a coincidence, the deals aren’t coincidences, the people aren’t coincidences, and Mueller is about to indict a crime family that has been roaming the streets for decades- with Giuliani helping determine who goes down.
77. They don’t have time anymore. Something has to give now. Let’s see what.. PHEW!
78. There is SO MUCH more that could have been included in here that resides in a gazillion timelines scattered across a gazillion file folders, and lives on the threads of some brilliant researchers I am proud to call friends. I hope they chime in here and add to this.
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