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1. 30 days ago #QAnon responded to an anon's exhortation to "Free Flynn". #Q responded that the "House Cleaning" process would be "done in 30" days. Today is the 30th day. Today, the House report backs up what the FBI agents said: Flynn didn't lie.… #Q
2. Hooray! #QAnon drops that "Flynn is safe." #Q asks us to consider, "Why would Flynn plead guilty to something untrue? Define testimony. Define ‘on record’. Who knows where the bodies are buried? Expand your thinking." #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakeningWorldwide
3. A #DeepStateInPanic'ed #Clown John #Brennan fires back at the report #QAnon mentions, the one #Q promised to us on the day, 30 days ago "Done in 30" by Q.
4. #QAnon "Expand" #Q: To introduce evidence legally through Flynn's prosecution: Flynn testifying was bait. Strozk changed the 302's to frame Flynn. The redacted texts yesterday show it (though we've not seen the redactions yet). Now Nunes & company can go full traitor hunting.
5. #QAnon: The purpose of a laser pointer is to focus attention at the [target]. Is it a coincidence that yesterday's redacted texts were released right at #Q's "done in 30" mark he mentioned 30 days ago? Hero Patriot Flynn took the
rubber bullet so lawmakers'd make more public
6. #QAnon points out that all within same (30th) day (plan) House "cleans" Flynn of lying, new redactions in Strozk txts bait us, and we learn of "clean gmail" draft comms involving domestic and foreign gmail draft sharers. [R] & [EG] #Q…
7. #QAnon points out "1 & 1 don’t equal 2." The Dec 1, 2017 Fox article about the late December 2016 conversations incoming Flynn had w the Russian ambassador about patience till Jan 20 inaugeration, don't match today's article.……
8. In resp to #QAnon's drop today, an anon notes that last evening's release of Strzok-Page txts contain 2/14/17 comm where Page asks Strzok "Is Andy good with F 302" 13 minutes later, Strzok reports "Launch on F 302." Simultaneously the Hill reports: #Q…
9. With today's #QAnon's drop, we wonder, if Flynn could reunite with WH staff? Bolton announced yesterday staff changes are coming. By pleading guilty #Flynn's compelled to testify on previous administration. He "knows where the bodies are buried" #Q 💯🇺🇸
10. #QAnon: Strzok's txts out last mo: "(redacted) suggested a social setting w others'd probably be better than a 1 on 1 meeting" with Stzok & Judge Rudolph Contreras presiding on Flynn case, "Have to come up w some other work people cover for action”… #Q
11. #QAnon asks why media reported Muellar to be on @POTUS' "shortlist" for FBI Director, but FBI Dir limited to 1 10-year term! Cover story for recruiting Mueller to be Special Counsel in that meeting? #Q………
12. #QAnon: "Can the investigation officially drop POTUS from review & still continue?" Were Comey, RR, & Mueller publicly telling @POTUS he isn't being investigated to bait him? Why no contact w/ WikiLeaks or Julian Assange? Why're known bad actors in full support of Mueller? #Q
13. #QAnon says that answers are found in his questions. Questions why Mueller would walk away from millions/yr? Was his involvement in Uranium One leverage? Is he Trump's enemy or is he serving the Executive Branch? #Q…
14. #QAnon: "Why is Mueller’s team stacked with ex-Clinton and Dim Senior level authorities?" #Q Did Mueller do it to make them confident?
15. #QAnon: "Why are POTUS supporters
screaming <----------------------
for END?
(quiet)." <-------------------------- #Q
16. Isn't #QAnon suggesting that no Muellar contact with Wilileaks or Julian Assange means that Mueller isn't really investigating @POTUS & Russian collusion? Ex-#HRC staffers are on team to prevent defending #DeepState.
17. #QAnon: Podesta Group tied to Manafort-could open door to Podestas.… "Why'd Podesta Group close shop?" Fear. Did POTUS offer Mueller deal day b4 SC starts (pardon)? Sessions recused lieu of IG & Huber. #Q…
18. #QAnon asks: "Why are known bad actors in full support of Mueller?" Because they know no better? "What're the powers of Huber / IG (H)?"
Huber can investigate anything Sessions refers. IG Horowitz can investigate all things related to DOJ & FBI corruption/coup attempt. #Q
19. #QAnon: "Who can know?" Few can know Mueller's cover. Dims prolonging, pinning hope to Mueller for the midterms, begging Trump to fire Mueller so they can charge him w obstruction & hope to impeach. Plan B is for SC to indict POTUS, Dims've no other plan. #Q
20. #QAnon "Mueller report'll contradict per Brennan Tweet today?
Disconnect exists." #Clown Brennan says report's wrong & Mueller's team'll prove it. Yet this wk reveals #Brennan's chiefly behind initiation of coup attempt. Disconnect, alright. But also "Insurance policy." #Q
21. #QAnon mentions today's House intel report:…
22. #QAnon- Have the Hussein heads of the intel community not figured out that
their plan to take out Trump never had a chance and they're being set up?

SC/Comey/RR state POTUS not under investigation."
23. #QAnon" Is it logical to believe Flynn could be convicted of a crime the FBI says he didn't commit? Strzok interviewed Flynn. He & Page conspired with Judge Contreras (judge for Flynn case). Judge recused himself -after- Flynn's guilty plea. McCabe modified the 302. #Q
24. #Qanon: Fusion GPS worked with UK to create fake dossier. Google worked with DNC to help rig primaries against Bernie Sanders & promote in election fraud.

"The Brits - raw intel / Steele dossier / 5 eyes.

Who is really being investigated?…
25. #QAnon mentions
"DNC rigging super delegates / funding/ voter rolls / agreement about Bernie
Election/voter fraud
Sec of State

Who is really being investigated?
26. #QAnon Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, HRC, Hussein & others conspired HRC to win to cover their crimes. SC not targeting whom? @POTUS has dirt on all of them. Deals to get biggest fish. #Q
27. #QAnon: Prostitute's pymnt was setup for Cohen raid (RR signed off on it). NSA evidence inadmissable but that found during raid can be used. @POTUS has POWER; resignations are proof. "Not confirming SC is on /team/."

"Think logically..
Timing important.
28. #QAnon: Strzok & Page've flipped since they're still working there. Priestap too. Top FBI level fired. Turning on each other? #Q
29. #QAnon: "Where's the MOAB?" End of Korean war definitely a MOAB.
It took a MOAB to get there too.... Next week's MOAB? #Q…
30. #QAnon: Anon notes "Normies only watch CNN. They don't even know ANY of this is happening.. #Q hopes its not the case. Anons know #Clowns are behind grounding of our planes in Syria & domestic mil plane "accidents". Not a "coincidence". #Q…
31. #QAnon: Anon frustrated over hard work compared to lack of arrests. #Q notes that arrests are made by FBI & DOJ, but how "can you make arrests w/ a crooked FBI sr team?"

"We are in this together..
What you don’t know and can’t see (ongoing) will validate your efforts..
32. Link to most recent prior #QAnon drops, unroll here:…
33. @threadreaderapp please unroll latest #QAnon thread here
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