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— where pretty boy!jimin likes to tease his sister’s fiancée!hoseok.
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- smut, angst & fluff
- mostly nsfw
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- written in text form + eventual social media form

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- this is pure fiction
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✧Park Jimin, 22
₊ takes night classes at college
₊ minors in dance
₊ works to pay his fees
₊ calls himself ‘sinful’
✩Jung Hoseok, 24
₊ comes from a rich family
₊ professional dancer
₊ hides under the title ‘straight’
₊ “needs to settle down”
♕Jeon Jeongguk, 20
₊ overwatch streamer
₊ sings beautifully
₊ living the wild life
₊ likes hiding things from his friends
✿Kim Taehyung, 21
₊ overwatch player
₊ is studying abroad
₊ jimin’s childhood friend
₊ never taken seriously
♡Kim Seokjin, 26
₊ owns a coffee shop
₊ is hoseok’s best friend
₊ has a thing for short boys
₊ dream achiever
⑅⃝Kim Namjoon, 24
₊ underground rapper
₊ master in advice
₊ has a high IQ but dropped out of college
₊ confused gay
♬Min Yoongi, 25
₊ the wisest of them all
₊ confident gay
₊ jimin’s best friend
₊ always there
⍋Park Jeonghwa, 22
₊ jimin’s sister
₊ parents’ favorite
₊ golden child
₊ the family pride
Jimin locked his phone and put it in his back pocket. After receiving a text from his boyfriend, Jungkook, he was waiting for him at the park they usually met at. Today was an fantastic day, the sun was shining and the birds sang along with the wind.
But for Jimin, that day was terrible. He hadn’t slept for days and skipped meals, he felt like he could collapse at any second. He held back a yawn as he saw the shape of a tall boy cross the street. He waved and Jimin smiled.
His relationship with Jungkook wasn’t always flowers and butterflies, but Jungkook knew Jimin wasn’t doing well, so he wanted to keep him some company. After spending a while together sitting on a bench, both boys went for a walk.
Jimin sighed in frustration remembering the stupid family dinner he had that night. He was having fun with Jungkook. He felt as if he was finally fixing the hole in their relationship.
- That is until his phone rang. It was Jeonghwa, his beloved sister. His mother was very proud of her, 22 years old and getting married. A dream come true! It is said a woman should marry at a young age, and his sister, well, she went for it.
Now their family wasn’t going to die in poverty, and their beloved shining star, Jeonghwa, would achieve something Jimin could never. Jimin wasn’t surprised. He was the youngest of the two, a boy, and gay.
He was sinful and his parents hated him for it. Well, of course they didn’t show their hate but it was always there. The way his mother talked about him, the way his father looked at him whenever Jungkook was over. Jimin was used to this.
He answered the phone, already expecting his sisters’ voice on the other side.

“Jimin-ah!”, she screamed the second the younger picked up the call.
“Hello Jeonghwa”, Jimin tried to keep his tone as natural as possible but found it hard since this whole marriage thing made him mad, and his voice was weaker from the lack of sleep.
“I want you to be home by 6! You need to help prepare the house for Hoseok! I want everything to be perfect for when mom and dad meet him!”, she orders Jimin, making him roll his eyes and sigh. His sister wasn’t usually like this.
She was sweet and tender, she always had a kind smile plastered on her face and was always ready to help anyone. Ever since she went away for college things started changing up a bit.
At first she would call every day, then she would call three times a week, then twice, then once... Eventually she stopped caring about their parents anymore and only left text messages or sent a letter then and there.
A few months in she called telling them she found a boyfriend she wanted them to meet, but before they could arrange a dinner party or— anything, he proposed to her and threw everyone off the edge.
Jimin’s mom was radiant and so was his father. Jimin didn’t really care but it was his sister so he was slightly content for her. And now there he was, like the old times when she had people over. Being bossed around and treated like a minion. Jimin was used to this.
He agreed to everything she said and at 6pm there he was, back in the house. His sister was running back and forth with stuff in her hands trying to place everything perfectly for her fiancée to be impressed.
The Park’s house wasn’t a big mansion, they weren’t rich. They weren’t even wealthy enough to afford both their children to go to college. Unfortunately, but as expected it was Jimin the unlucky one.
You see, Jimin’s parents thought his sister should be his role model, and his role model should be educated right? Apart from having all privileges as a child, they wanted to give her and not him the option to study. To be someone in life.
They always said Jimin had to learn how to do things in life, learn. They had given his sister everything, she didn’t have to learn. She didn’t have to earn it.
That’s was for men. To go out, risk their lives, learn it the hard way. They always used his father as an example to follow, he studied by his own means and succeeded.
Yeah, Jimin thought, succeeded at being an alcoholic and contenting himself with being an office secretary. How pleasing.
Jimin was now studying by night and working by day, working hard. He worked at a coffee shop until 4pm every day, sometimes taking a day or two off for studying— the owner gave him the opportunity since he was a very humble man.
Today was one of those days. He had asked for the day off to settle down. Hang around with his boyfriend and try to fix their already broken relationship, help his sister out, and meet the guy she kept going on about.
After helping out with setting the table and making sure everything was presentable, Jimin hid in his room preparing for his class in a few hours. That was until he heard a soft knock on the door. His mother. She opened the door and peeked inside.
“Come on”, she said “Hoseok is here”, she closed the door and vanished. Jimin sighed and adjusted his clothes in the mirror.
He was indeed one for first impressions, wearing a black sophisticated shirt and having curled the ends of his blonde hair. He didn’t want to brag, but he looked pretty.
Maybe for once he wanted to matter, he wanted to take that place from his sister and shine. And that’s what he did that night. The night where everything started.
He left his room and confidently walked down the stairs to the main hall, the second he set foot in the small areas the doorbell rang. Jeonghwa hurriedly opened the door letting her fiancée inside.
Jimin lost notion of time and space along with the capability of thinking and breathing. Jimin didn't know how to react.
“So that was the night everything started?”, the man in front of him adjusts his glasses, scribbling down a bunch of words in a well-kept notebook. Jimin smiles weakly. He nods and focuses his attention on the view outside the big glass window in front of him.
Immediately, Jimin got the feeling the man in front of him was about to ruin his life. He knew it already, from the way his eyes shone brightly to the way he smiled at his parents, greeting them.
He said hi to Jimin last, smiling greedily but not enough for anyone to notice- not even Jimin.

“Jung Hoseok”, he said, raising his hand for the younger. Jimin took it and could feel its warmth around his smaller hand.
“Jimin”, he replied, smiling back and tightening his grip on the others’ hand.

His parents made small talk and started guiding them to the living room, Hoseok paused briefly and glanced at Jimin.
For the first half hour they talked about their relationship and how happy they were to get married, and then it started getting boring. Jeonghwa talking about her plans for the wedding, their parents praising everything she said and Hoseok just smiling kindly.
“It was nice finally meeting you, Hoseok”, Jimin’s mom spoke, smiling at Hoseok “And it was nice knowing you will move in with us!”, the second these words came out of her mouth Jimin choked a bit on the water he was drinking.
Jeonghwa giggled handing him a napkin and he observed the look on everyone’s faces. Clearly, nobody cared about Jimin. But he wasn't having it tonight.

“I’m sorry?”, Jimin asked, putting his glass down.
His mother sent him a disapproving look but he went on “Why didn’t I know of this?”, Jimin insisted, hearing a sigh from Jeonghwa.

“You don’t have to know everything”, his father said, ending the conversation.
Jimin didn't fight back. Poor Hoseok. He'd have time to live through a family drama first-hand soon. His mom cleared her throat and started piling the plates, apologizing to Hoseok with probably some words to make Jimin seem bad. Everyone stood up to help excluding the twins.
“What the hell, Jimin?”, she complained, scolding him.

“I get that you want to make them happy by getting married and everything, but I don’t want to put up with being the excluded one in the family again”, Jimin sighed, closing his fists tightly.
"Seeing them cheering you on and never give a fuck about me", he finished.

“You’re not excluded, don't say that. Mom and dad love Gguk!”, Jeonghwa placed her hand on his shoulder, smiling with compassion. Compassion Jimin didn’t want.

“Yeah. Whatever”, he stood up and left.
Later he found himself stripping out of the pretty clothes he had put on to impress their guest, revealing the pretty lacy underwear he loved. He looked at himself in the mirror feeling needy. He hadn’t been touched in so long. He hadn’t been loved and he needed it desperately.
Jeongguk wouldn't do it anymore and his own hands were getting tiring. His last resource was Yoongi, but fucking your best friend would be just weird, right?
Frowning he looked to his nightstand to try and find his pajamas and coincidentally his gaze passed through the door where he found a pair of eyes, staring back at him. Dark eyes, filled with lust, almost sinful.
He watched as the man in front of him smirked and took a step closer to his doorway grabbing a hold of the doorknob.

“You should probably keep this closed”, he murmured, in a low tone “you wouldn’t want just anyone to see that”, he winked, and then he closed the door.
That night Jimin laid eyes wide open in his bed, listening to the voices in the corridor. Hoseok, Jeonghwa, his parents. Doors opening and closing, whispering, and then silence. All his thoughts revolved around the same thing. The same person.
Hoseok. Hoseok and how he needed to have him because Jeonghwa couldn’t and wouldn’t. That was for sure.
“Yes, that was the first night I felt the need to outdo her”, Jimin sighs, looking back at the man in glasses “Can you explain to me why we’re doing this again?”, Jimin rolls his eyes, staring at the other.

“Let’s not discuss unnecessary topics here, there’s no need for that”
Jimin walked in the house tiredly, as he took his shoes off and sat on the couch. Later on, he got a text from Yoongi saying he was at the door to which he replied with an “it’s opened”.
“How have you been, love?”, Yoongi asked, sitting beside him on the couch and grabbing a remote.

“I have been better”, Jimin sighed and pressed play, allowing Yoongi to join him in the game.
“How is that cute boy you told me about? Has he been around?”, Yoongi asked curiously as he killed one of their enemies in the game.

“I think he’s out. If you’re lucky you’ll get to meet him today”, Jimin said, and kept on playing.
A while after the front door was being opened and there were voices echoing down the hall.

“Hi Jimin, hi Yoongi”, Jeonghwa greeted both boys as she passed by the living room “meet me upstairs later babe”, she said to Hoseok as she saw him interested in the game.
“Hi, I’m Hoseok”, he said, walking into the living room. Jimin paused the game and looked at him giving him a slight smile, Yoongi stood up and shook the other’s hand.

“Min Yoongi. Nice to meet you”, he smiled “wanna play?”, he added, sitting back on the couch.
“Sure”, he replied sitting beside Jimin. “You ok with that, kid?”, Hoseok asked Jimin who rolled his eyes at the name Hoseok had been calling him since the day he arrived but handed him a remote anyway.
“Yo, why do you call me kid?”, Jimin complained, still focusing his attention on the game.

“Habit, I guess”, Hoseok replied, tapping harshly on the buttons and trying not to get killed by the opposing team.
“You know I’m only two years younger than you”, Jimin scoffed, rolling his eyes “My best friend is literally older than you”, he added with a bit of a sarcastic tone.

“Okay okay”, Hoseok said defensively while Yoongi just laughed “I’m sorry, bro”
- one month after Hoseok moved in -
It had been two weeks since him and Jeongguk had kissed last. Two weeks and it was driving him crazy. He was sure something was up but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it. Maybe he was seeing someone else? No. Jeongguk wouldn’t do something like that.
Jimin wanted to unravel the truth as fast as possible but it was as if time was making a fool out of him because it seemed like he never had enough of it. His routine consisted of going to work, studying and going to class. Work, studying, class, repeat.
Not to talk about stress, the dance classes he minored in had been extremely troubled the last few practices and Jimin really wasn’t having it.
He was currently studying really hard at the kitchen table, sipping on his black coffee and munching on a wild berry cupcake. The front door opened and closed. No voices.
“Hey”, Hoseok said as he walked into the kitchen.

Jimin raised his eyes from his book “Hey”, he said, as he watched Hoseok prepare something to eat. A cheese sandwich and an Americano.
“You look tired”, Hoseok comments, taking a bite from his sandwich and sitting in front of Jimin.

“I am tired”, Jimin replied sarcastically, as if stating the obvious.
“Wanna go out for a while? Chill a bit?”, Hoseok asked, grabbing the book out of Jimin’s hands. Jimin scowled but agreed.

“I have class in two hours, I can’t be late”, Jimin warned the older as they left the house.
“Don’t worry, I’ll give you a ride”, Hoseok smiled, and they started their walk. They talked about dance while walking side to side on the street until they reached the park where Jeongguk and Jimin used to hangout. Then, Jimin saw something he couldn’t really decipher.
“That was the day I saw him for the first time after he moved out to study”, Jimin tells the man in glasses “I had no idea what was going on or what I was about to go through”
“Taehyung?”, he asked incredulously, leaving Hoseok’s side and walking up to the boy he hadn't seen in so long.

“Jimin!”, the taller male replied, running to him and embracing him in a long hug.
“What are you doing here?”, Jimin asked, completely unaware of the situation “I haven’t seen you since...”

“Yeah, well I came back because I realized I left something behind”, Taehyung cut Jimin off, wrapping his arm around his shoulder and turning to Hoseok.
"This your boyfriend?”, he asked pointing at Hoseok, who just started laughing while Jimin blushed furiously. How could he think something like that?

“No! Taehyung-ah, what the hell”, Jimin scolded the younger “This Jeonghwa’s fiancée, Hoseok”, he introduced both of the guys.
“Plus, didn’t you know I’m dating Jeongguk?”, he asked curiously when they shook hands, putting his own hands inside his pockets.

“J-jeongguk?”, Taehyung suddenly looked pale “you’re dating him?”, he asked, stepping back.
“Yeah, for almost a year now”, Jimin clarified as he watched Taehyung's confused stare turn into a guilty one. Jimin wondered why.

“Hey, nice bumping into you, but uh- I gotta go”, he hurriedly said his goodbyes and ran. Jimin watched as he disappeared and then turned to Hoseok.
“That was weird”, Jimin commented and Hoseok just remained silent. They walked at a slow pace, in silence. It felt nice, having a tall person next to him on whom he knew he could count. Although he hadn't put a start to his plan yet, it felt as if he did.
“So, Jeongguk?”, Hoseok asked after a bit, putting an end to the silence.

“Yeah. Jeongguk.”, Jimin sighed looking longingly at a couple holding hands on the other side of the street.
"You don't sound so sure", Hoseok frowned “How come I never see him around?”, he asked, eyeing Jimin.

“We aren’t exactly on good terms right now”, Jimin sighed yet again, feeling the wild wind on his face.
"Oh", that's all he said and probably decided not to comment on that topic again. Later on, he did as promised and drove Jimin to college.

“Should I pick you up?”, Hoseok asked, probably worried over his brother in law’s safety. Cute, Jimin thought.
“No don’t worry, you should keep my sister some company”, Jimin smiled sympathetically.

"I insist", Hoseok grabbed Jimin's arm as he tried to walk away.

"Sure, if you're not busy with her", Jimin smiled yet again, feeling his heart flutter- and drifted off to class.
As soon as he got home he noticed something different. Jeonghwa’s shoes weren’t in the hallway. Same with his parent’s. There were only two pairs of shoes in the hallway, and it was his and Hoseok’s.
Hoseok walked to his and Jeonghwa’s bedroom while Jimin walked to his. Why wasn’t his family home? That’s what Jimin couldn’t stop thinking about. Suddenly a dark thought occurred to his mind. Sure, it was risky, but it was a good way to get his plan started.
He did so, he went to his closet and took out his magic box where he hid all his secrets. He grabbed a pair of black lacy stockings and black underwear, he also took a cute pastel blue sweater from his hanger and walked into the bathroom.
He put on his filthy clothes, breathing in and eyeing himself in the mirror. He hadn’t worn them in so long. He felt good, sexy. He left his room in a hurry and went down to the kitchen to grab some food.
ok i feel really sick rn i'm gonna go lay down idk when i'll be back ily
When he got down he found the pair of eyes who had devoured him on the first he was there. He felt Hoseok’s stare go from his toes to his hair stopping midway to admire the stockings.
“I’m going to heat up some left overs”, Jimin informed the older “do you want some too?”, he leaned over on the counter to grab a plate, ‘accidentally’ pulling his sweatshirt up so his lingerie was showing.
“Y-yes please”, Hoseok stuttered a bit and then cleared his throat starting a very nonsensical conversation about philosophy as Jimin prepared dinner. Domestic, he thought.
Jimin did everything so that Hoseok was affected by his provocative clothing. Bending over, stretching. At some point it became exhaustive, but that’s when he heard the door lock. Jimin panicked and Hoseok signaled him to join him behind the counter so he could hide his legs.
“Hey, I’m home”, Jeonghwa said, entering the kitchen “Oh! Jimin you’re awake!”, she grinned widely looking at both boys.

“Oh, sweetie I’m so glad you’re home!”, Hoseok nervously walked up to her and cupped her face, so that she was looking at him.
“What’s up babe?”, Jeonghwa asked, surprised by the act. Hoseok just shrugged, discreetly eyeing Jimin to leave as fast as possible.

“Just missed you”, he said, kissing Jimin’s sister. Jimin cringed, but as soon as her eyes were closed he flew out of the kitchen.
“What you’re telling me is, you put on provocative clothes to tease an engaged man?”, Jimin feels like throwing up. Yes, he wants to say. But all that comes out is a breathy sob, and thick tears.
Jimin had purposely left his bedroom door open. Jeonghwa was at someone else’s house and his parents were out of town. Only Hoseok and him were at home. Actually, at that moment only Jimin was home. He decided it was time for some private fun.
He took off his pants and neatly placed his pillows in order to keep him in a comfortable position. He then grabbed some lube and laid down. He started by giving his little cock some strokes, so it was now fully hard. Then he drifted off into subspace.
Oh, how he wanted those hands running through his body, those lips pressed against his skin. He craved it. With some lube, he added one digit inside of himself whining a little since he hadn’t been opened in so long. He pushed it deep and pulled it back out.
Repeating it for a while low whines coming out of his mouth. He added a second finger and his thoughts drifted to the tall figure again, he imagined those long fingers curling inside of him, hitting his prostate.
A third finger caused a loud moan to almost keep him from hearing the door open downstairs. With his heart beating fast in his chest he pushed the three fingers inside of him, a long breathy moan escaping his lips.
And then it happened, he looked out the door and there they were. Those eyes creeping up on him. He knew the man wouldn’t do anything, so he put on a show for him. He sat on all fours, head pressed to his pillow and turned to the door, giving his voyeur the full view on his ass.
His fingers still pushing inside of him and hitting his prostate felt even better now that he could look at his fantasy up close. It was dirty, but it felt right. He ended up coming untouched while looking deeply into the man’s eyes and calling out his name.
He was sure he would get in trouble for that.
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