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• texting au •

where jungkook is a naive boy who's cheated on and initially wants to kill taehyung but ends up killing his heterosexuality
Taehyung|20| aspiring artist
Struggles to make it until the end of the month because he spends money on pretty unisex clothes he never wears

Jimin|20| dancer
Makes sure Taehyung makes it until the end of the month

Jungkook|18| student
Left his gf in Busan to study in Seoul
•sitcom au
•no mary sue here. they're all rather unlikable
•kook isn’t honest to girls and thinks they’re all the same but he gets feelings
•tae isn’t honest and uses girls to release tension from being closeted
•it’s all fun and games until feelings are involved
Taehyung is shocked when a total stranger makes a very serious-looking threat on his life and although it's probably just a prank, he can't shake off a very strong sense of anxiety. What if it was an actual creep who knew where he lived? #taekook #vkook #nsfw 1-1; 1-2; 1-3
Taehyung rushes to meet his regular Friday night hookup ignoring Jimins whining that they never go out on Fridays when happy-hour Fridays happen but Taehyung just grins dismissively because he knows as soon as he’s gone Jimin will call his dancing pal Hoseok to hang out. 1-4;1-5;
Taehyung and Jimin get drunk and play Overwatch the whole night even though Jimin still doesn't understand the rules. 1-6; 1-7. #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-8; 1-9; 1-10; 1-11 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-12; 1-13; 1-14 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-15; 1-16 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-17; 1-18; 1-19 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-20; 1-21 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-22; 1-23; 1-24; 1-25 #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-26; 1-27; 1-28; 1-29 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-30; 1-31; 1-32; 1-33 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-34; 1-35; 1-36; 1-37 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
( ahhhhh the grey bubble in the third screenshot was supposed to be tae's sorry-- )
1-38; 1-39; 1-40; 1-41 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-42; 1-43; 1-44; 1-45 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
1-46; 1-47; 1-48 [ taekook texting au ] #taekook #vkook #nsfw
.。*゚+.*.。 the end of chapter one .。*゚+.*.。
2-1; 2-2; taekook texting au
Taehyung, turns out to be a lanky teenager in much too big trousers, a worn out dress shirt and a pair of blatantly fake wire glasses. He walks in such a relaxed way that Jeongguk almost skids forwards before he remembers he isn't supposed to be eager
“Hey,” the guy says and Jeongguk shifts his body weight back. Taehyung’s voice doesn’t match his looks at all. More than that, the way he typed didn’t match it. It was like an adult man was trapped in a body of a 12 years old.
“If you wanna hit me just take it outside so you don’t get in trouble.”
Jeongguk guffaws, “the hell? You shouldn’t be saying that.”
Taehyung blinks. “Why not?”
Jeongguk steps back. His eyebrows come together as he thinks and he knows it must be looking intensive because Taehyung smiles. What an idiot.
They don't talk long. Astonishingly, the awkward silence doesn't last more than a minute and they go through the awkward "hi" and "sorry" and bashful lowering of gazes.

The meeting brings peace to both of their hearts, even if it ends quickly and nothing important has been said.
2-3; 2-4; 2-5; 2-6 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
2-7; 2-8; 2-9; 2-10 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
2-11; 2-12; 2-13; 2-14 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau

that escalated quickly :')
2-15 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
(oh ooops. lost one screenshot. )
JK: shows a picture of a doggo
JK: not very good i know
TH: it's... cute
TH: okay ur right. it's not that good
JK: wait what you mean?
Not a stranger anymore...

2-16; 2-17; 2-18 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
2-19; 2-20; 2-21; 2-22 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Do I sniff tension? :')

2-23; 2-24; 2-25; 2-26 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Yup. Def some tension here...

2-27; 2-28; 2-29; 2-30 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau

2-31; 2-32; 2-33 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
2-34 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau

Taehyung grimly follows Jeongguk to the station, spring air crisp on his face and people slowly disappearing from the streets after the rush hours.
Unsure of what caused the sudden drop of his mood, Taehyung stays back, pulling Jeongguk’s suitcase behind him without rush. He really just wishes he could spell out he isn’t happy Jeongguk is going so soon. Especially now, that he and Min broke up,
Taehyung is sure Jeongguk won’t come to Busan as often as he used to for her.

“Hey,” Jeongguk says softly, a somewhat encouraging smile on his lips. “What’s up? Where’s that shop you wanted to go to?”

Taehyung momentarily sobers up. There was no shop. "I uh. We passed it by.
It was closed." He hopes he doesn sound as miserable as he thinks. Jeongguk just nods and doesn't push further. It's none of his business anyway, probably. Are they even friends? Only after they get to the station, with twenty minutes on their hands, Jeongguk speaks again.
"Im meeting this girl.. sometimes."

Taehyung blinks, mildly perplexed.

"You mean you go out with her?"

"Yeah..." Jeongguk is chewing on his lip but stops when Taehyung comes to a halt and folds the suitcase's handle.

"Cool," he forces out, trying to sound natural. "Congrats."
And he doesn't talk a lot after that. It'd be much to awkward and uncomfortable to be completely quiet, Jeongguk already sensed something's wrong earlier, but Taehyung feels as though his freshly mended heart crumbled again. Not because of the girl, definitely. He just didn't
want to lose a friend and a good player. Somehow, after they managed to get away from this shitstorm with Min, he hoped they'd be "bros over hoes" or something along the lines. Guess he was wrong, then...
Jeongguk waves him goodbye from the train and Taehyung waves back, hoping to be gone already. What was the point of befriending new people, of starting to like someone if they always had someone else, much better and more interesting than him?

What was the point...
.。*゚+.*.。 the end of chapter two .。*゚+.*.。
poor tae.... :'(

3-1; 3-2; 3-3; 3-4 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
the awkward boys come back

3-5; 3-6; 3-7; 3-8 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
poor tae.... :(

3-9; 3-10 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
sigh... wasn't it obvious...

+ why is jeongguk such and idiot idk...

3-11; 3-12; 3-13; 3-14 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau

3-15; 3-16; [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
"Hey, Jeongguk... How are you?"

Jeongguk chuckles weakly at the other end of the line. Worried. "You only wanted to ask me that? I'm okay."

"But are you happy?" he blurts out and panics internally but manages to stop himself from uttering any embarrassing sound. There's a short
moment of silence before Jeongguk opens his mouth with a quiet inhale and says, "You're asking about my girlfriend? If yes, then yeah... I am happy with her."

"Don't get me wrong. I'm just.."

"Worried, she's like Min? Does she make such an impression to you?"

Taehyung's cheeks
feel hot all of a sudden. What the hell was he saying? How can he say what he saw now? Even if Jeongguk were to get hurt, he was an adult and didn't need Taehyung to be mothering him.

"No. Not at all. I just wanted to know. I don't know why. Maybe she has a friend I could--"
"Oh wow. So you meant that?" Jeongguk laughs loudly.

Taehyung squeezes his jaw so hard he can hear beeping in his ears. What the fuck is he doing?

"No. I mean. Yes. I don't know. Kinda lonely here. But don't worry! I don't fancy your girl..."
"I know. I trust you," Jeongguk says and it makes Taehyung's guts tingle. So now they trust each other... "Actually, I wanted to ask you to keep an eye on her. Just in case..."

"Just in case..." he repeats, wondering if they're thinking the same. "Sure. You can count on me."
It's the weirdest conversation he's had in months. He hangs up after they start talking about games again and he hears someone complaining in the background and Jeongguk gets uncomfortable.

A weird feeling starts in Taehyung's stomach. Like anticipation. Like something was
unsaid and he starts wondering what it is. Perhaps he's just seeing things but it feels like Jeongguk seeks excuses to pull him closer even when it's not appropriate. Taehyung already acts erratic and stupid but Jeongguk isn't that different lately.
They meet again, alone, but only for a short time and only once. Jeongguk is busy meeting his friends but he promises to come back soon in a facebook post (Taehyung is sure he just wants to see his girlfriend again).

It's an otherwise boring and slow time. Taehyung makes sure
he has no more assignments left for May. He buys some new clothes only to put them in the closet which enrages Jimin who always says he should be more bold to match his personality. He then slanders him for being so closeted but Taehyung ignores him every time.
Everything else is fine, though. Taehyung misses Jeongguk more than considered healthy but he doesn't tell anyone. Especially Jimin, because he'd definitely make some innuendos. Probably even right. Not that Taehyung felt anything, but he wouldn't mind it if him and Jeongguk
became closer. Closer beyond what he can possibly imagine at the moment.

Unfortunately, Jeongguk's girlfriend actually reaches out. Taehyung isn't sure if it's not just Jeongguk checking whether he's loyal but he isn't even interested in her, so it's fine.

Or he thinks it is.
3-17; 3-18; 3-19; 3-20 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
spoiler alert: he doesn't tell jeongguk....

3-21; 3-22 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
3-23; 3-24; [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
3-25; 3-26; 3-27; 3-28 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Taehyung makes sure not to contact Jeongguk for some time. He's scared if he texted him, he'd break and tell him everything - about his girlfriend, about himself... Even though he wasn't sure what would that be.
That he didn’t want Jeongguk to spend so much time with his girlfriend? That he’d rather he met him instead? That he wanted him not to have girlfriend at all?
That would be great, really, to have his friend back but at what cost? How could Taehyung ever wish Jeongguk chose him over a girl. What was he… Gay?

He doesn’t really want to talk to Jeongguk at all, trying to remember what he felt towards him when he still liked Min.
At least a little bit. Now, though, those feelings were forgotten and he couldn’t possibly hate Jeongguk. Not after not seeing or hearing from him for weeks. Now, although he hates to admit it, he missed him…
enjoy some overwatch memes before the drama time 💔

3-29; 3-30; [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Jeongguk is drunk, Taehyung realises after he calls him. His voice is too shaky and his breath ragged. He can't shake off an image of him having sex with his girlfriend just now and he isn't sure why Jeongguk wanted him to call /now/. "What's up?" he asks trying to sound natural.
"Hyung," Jeongguk starts. It's the first time Taehyung hears him calling him that. "I broke up. Or got dumped. Not sure..."


"Yeah. Sorry. I didn't want to make you upset. But I have to warn you... And apologise... Don't know why I didn't listen to you... I'm sorry."
"Jeongguk... What? I don't understand..."

Jeongguk sighs and mutters under his breath, "of course you don't know," before he adds, louder, "my current girlfriend... Is Min's revenge on me. You were right warning me earlier. I'm just stupid as fuck..."

Taehyung swallows, "what?"
"She... She got sent by Min. It's her friend. She broke up with me today through a text... Well, that's the way I broke up with Min, so I get that... And I wasn't even that upset she did... But later Min texted me, saying 'good feeling being dumped like that, huh?'
and I understood it was all fake and I kind of... It was my second relationship. Min was my first... I've never told you this but it hurt as fuck and now it hurts, too... And I don't care, just wanted to tell you be careful because they might target you, too."
Taehyung is so mad, so upset that he feels he could start crying now. He wanted so bad to be in Seoul now and comfort Jeongguk... Hug him. Make sure that he goes to bed without bad thoughts making it hard to fall asleep.

But he couldn't. He couldn't and he hated it. He was all
words and no action anyway. A shitty friend.

"Don't worry about me. Thank you for trying to care about me but I'll be fine. I'm not as good as you are."

"Hyung, please don't say that now. If anyone isn't good here, it's them..."

"Okay, I--"

"Besides, I'm not trying...
I genuinely care about you. You're the coolest guy I've known and you helped me so much more than any of my long-term friends after that Min situation... Please. Just be careful."

"Okay, I--" a coward. He swallows the words instead of letting them out. "Sorry. Please, call me
when... If you ever come to Busan again."

"Oh this... I need to talk to you. But you're right... Later. I need to sleep now. I'll buy tickets tomorrow when I wake up. Expect me on Friday, probably."

"Okay... I'm really sorry. See you then?"

jimin, the psychic?

3-31; 3-32; 3-33; 3-34 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
It’s weird, that’s what it is.

After Jimin makes another innuendo, something breaks in Taehyung. It’s not as easy to look into Jeongguk’s eyes as it used to be.

Although, it feels like nothing really changed between them.
It’s not like Jimin can control his, or Jeongguk’s for that matter, feelings… Not that there were any feelings in the first place. Just confusion, mostly, on his part. Jeongguk probably doesn’t even give half a shit about him and just doesn’t want to look like an idiot
for letting two (!) girls fuck him over, probably. Definitely.

And even if Taehyung was to ever not be straight (he still haven't made his mind) and even if he was to like Jeongguk in any way (he still isn't sure if he likes him at all or is he just tolerating him because having
a hot friend considerably adds to his attractiveness as well), he didn't want to look like an idiot. Just watching Jeongguk do was enough. Not that he wished Jeongguk to trip on the nearest crack in the pavement anymore. These feelings were long gone...
Taehyung just isn't sure what should replace them. Friendship sounds like an option but asking a guy to be friends with him like a girl did not. Not that he has anything against girls... Even after the recent events. He's just more confused than he used to be at the age of 12.
But then he sees Jeongguk, in his tight jeans and messy hair and bad skin which is glowing nevertheless. And his smile, immanent and rejuvenating, assuring Taehyung everything is in its place.
At first, they can’t force any word out so they walk in silence until they notice a bar that isn’t too cramped and doesn’t look too fancy. Just right. They both order beer at first but halfway done drinking it, they add two shots, then two more, then wanting some versatility
and ordering cocktails.

The bartender gives them a knowing look and passes two pretty, colourful shots their way before he’s done with the recent order.

“Special occasion?” he asks.

They look at each other for a second too long and start laughing.

“Not really.”
“It’s more of a sad drinking.”

“Well, then. Enjoy guys. These are on the house.”

They down it quickly, not paying attention to the taste, even though they were much more sweet than the previous shots. They already are too immersed in their conversation.
Too focused on studying each other’s’ reactions.

They talk about overwatch a lot, but every now and then Taehyung tries to approach the topic of the girls situation. They haven’t talked about it yet and Jeongguk came here to deal with his broken heart, didn’t he?
Another attempt is stopped by the bartender who puts two glasses full of purple, alcoholic slush, adding a friendly smile to the drinks.

"Fuck feelings," Taehyung mumbles, clinking glasses with Jeongguk. He’s more than tipsy at this point.

"Fuck them."
The bartender chuckles but doesn’t look at them.

They ignore him and everything else for the rest of the night. They’ve got better things to do now.

[ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
.。*゚+.*.。 the end of chapter three .。*゚+.*.。

[ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
wow taehyung..

4-1; 4-2 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau

4-3; 4-4; 4-5; 4-6 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Taehyung didn’t tell the whole truth. Or. More accurately, he said only the essentials Jimin needed to know.

Long after he had stopped counting the drinks, Jeongguk excused himself to go to the bathroom.
Taehyung sighed. Whenever he allowed his mind to work and analyse this whole situation he walked into weird, obscure places he wouldn’t suspect he has been hiding inside of him. For instance, the way Jeongguk has changed since his first breakup.
How he didn’t seem like a naïve, stupid boy anymore but kind of gained this manly quality, something neither Jimin or Taehyung had.

It’s like a game at this point, because whenever Taehyung is bored or lonely enough to start thinking about Jeongguk, somehow,
the other pops up out of nowhere. Be it in his messages, facebook. Now, right in front of him.

“Hey, are we going?”

“Huh…” Taehyung blinks. Jeongguk is already putting a few banknotes on the bar and waves at the bartender who looks at them amused.
“Come on. We gotta go if we want to have fun tonight!”

Taehyung’s brain slows down. “Like what?”

“You’ll see.”

And Taehyung sees. The waterfalls at Cheonghak waterside park. The rainbow of lights, the people there. The most of them on a date. It’s pretty and just a place for a
date and Taehyung can’t help but wonder why the hell Jeongguk brought him here.

As though reading his thoughts, Jeongguk says after a couple of minutes of walking, “sorry if it’s weird but,” Taehyung turns his head so Jeongguk sees he looks at him. His eyes has been on him for
much longer. So long Taehyung wonders if it’s not too much.

When the silence is too heavy, Taehyung prompts, “but?” before he manages to shut up.

“But I love this place and I kind of spoiled it… I brought both my girlfriends here. Didn’t want to only think about them when I
come here… I hope you aren’t mad?”

The look in Jeongguk’s eyes is so genuine Taehyung wonders how the hell he could be asking this question. He thought he’s made it clear he treated him as a friend. Maybe even a close one.

“Of course it’s okay. I love this place,” he says and
it comes out stiff. “Besides, my best friend never takes me to places he only uses me as an opinion-giver when we go shopping. No museums, no parks. Nothing. I’ve seen maybe five places here apart from my campus and our place.”

“The guy you live with?”
“Yup.” They look at each other. A moment too long for Taehyung’s liking. “Oh. Right! I should text him. May I?”

Jeongguk nods and Taehyung tells Jimin he’ll be home late so they don’t fight after he stumbles into the dorm and wakes the other up.
They talk so much, Taehyung wonders how is it possible he was so blind not to notice Jeongguk is so precious. He has a brother he misses whenever he’s in Seoul who draws. His parents have a small business. He’s rather spoiled and he knows that. He also is a bit of a
nerd (Jeongguk’s words. For Taehyung he’s a huge nerd). They find so many topics they’re both interested in besides sharing basic facts, like the names of their best friends, their favourite food and plans for the next three years, they seem to find a different kind of a
connection. More special one. Another hour passes and it gets cold. Jeongguk notices Taehyung wraps his arms around himself to make himself warmer. Bloody flowery shirt Jimin had recommended him to wear.

“We should go,” Jeongguk offers and stirs a bit. Then stands up.
“What? No… It’s nice here…” he doesn’t add he doesn’t want to go to the dorm, to Jimin and end this much too short meeting. He also feels a bit drunker than he was an hour ago.

“You’re cold and I don’t have a jacket to give you,” Jeongguk chuckles. He’s right.
He’s only wearing a hoodie and probably nothing underneath. It was warm enough during the day. “And it’s late now… I thought we could. You know. It’s too late to go to your campus. I don't want you to go..." Taehyung inhales. He doesn't know what to say anymore. "By yourself.
I mean, by yourself. I'll walk you there..."

Taehyung shakes his head. "No way. You'd have to go home by yourself."

"Come over, then?" Jeongguk blurts out. He looks like he wants to take it back but instead he only nods and says, "yeah. You're coming with me and the problem is

Taehyung agrees, obviously, because for one he thinks he has no chances fighting Jeongguk. Secondly, he doesn't really want to part now. Not when they talk so nice.

Jeongguk turns out to be living nearby in a nice apartment they parents were renting before he got
accepted into college in Seoul.

"I'll probably have to move out soon... I'm thinking of dropping out."

"Dropping out? You don't like it there?"

"Not at all. But I don't think my fam will ever let me so, I guess I'll have to survive," he shrugs. Taehyung notices it upsets him.
Jeongguk gives Taehyung a shirt to change into because he has no fresh t-shirt for which he apologises profusely. It doesn't go unnoticed that his cheeks become rosy pink when he's embarrassed.

When Taehyung texts Jimin, Jeongguk comes up from behind him in his pyjamas and with
a cap on his head. He starts moving in a weird, seemingly uncontrolled way and Taehyung laughs. His phone vibrates a couple of times in his hand.

"What are you doing? Dancing?" he asks and Jeongguk nods. They're drunk so when he steps closer they end up stumbling and bumping
into each other. "Wait. Wait. Wait!" Taehyung exclaims but he's already touched something on his phone and he launches the camera.

"Oh! Let's take a picture!!" Jeongguk yells into his ear and they make an attempt but it's too dark and the front camera doesn't catch them well so
they try again and again until Taehyung's camera roll is full of blurry pictures of them and his eyes feel funny from the amount of times the flash hit him straight in the eyes.

"Cool. Kinda. Let me just text my friend back and I'm done with my phone for the night, okay?"
"I'll make the bed and look for something on netflix that we can watch?"


"By the way... Didn't mean to peek. You could totally send him one of the pics so he knows you're safe!"

Before Taehyung can respond, Jeongguk disappears in the other room so he just does what
he's being told to do, locks his phone screen and follows the other to what he assumes is his bedroom.
Nothing special happens that night. At least not in Jimin’s understanding of special. Taehyung still can’t help but wonder why the elder kept insinuating things. Still and always, despite of the fact Jeongguk seems straighter than a ruler.

#taekookau #taekook
It makes him think, intensive and long. He’d always thought one needs a significant other to mean something in the eyes of society but Jeongguk somehow made him feel like he meant something only after Min disappeared from his life. The episode with the revenge only brought them
closer and now Jeongguk was curled up against his side, scrolling down the film recommendation list until he found the new series they both mentioned earlier they wanted to start.
The alcohol in his veins makes him nothing but drowsy; perhaps he closes his eyes and drifts off for a minute or two near the end of the first episode. When he opens them to shift into a more comfortable position Jeongguk hovers above him and his face looks serious. Almost stern.
“Shit…” he mutters, eyes unmoving from Taehyung’s. A slow but unexpected smile stretches Jeongguk’s lips as he whispers through it, “I like you a lot.”
4-7; 4-8 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
ah jimin 👀

4-9; 4-10; 4-11; 4-12 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
jimin to the rescue pt. 1

4-13; 4-14; 4-15 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
jimin to the rescue pt. 2

4-16; 4-17 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
yoongi to the rescue

4-18; 4-19 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
4-20; 4-21 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
4-22; 4-23; 4-24

(( re-upload. sorry i had to fix one thing in the chats ))

[ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
↻ jeongguk calls

“Taehyung? Hey…”

“Jeongguk. I’m sorry.”

“What? What for…” Jeongguk inhales. “No. I need to say something.”

Silence. Breath in. Breath out.

“I was just wondering… Shit… If I offend you now, you can hit me when we meet… Hopefully you’ll still want to talk to me…”

“What do you mean?"
“Wait,” Jeongguk gasps. He’s nervous. “I was wondering if it’d be cool if I took you out. If… I invited you for… a meal. Dinner. And I’ll pay and… No. Sorry. That’s terrible.”
Hearing how terrified Jeongguk is, Taehyung panics. He’s forgotten what had happened before he heard Jeongguk’s voice and if focusing on the words Jeongguk is saying was already difficult enough, he starts stuttering, barely able to form sentences.
“Please, don’t be so nervous. Shit. Jeongguk. You’re freaking me out a bit.”

“Sorry. I just meant that I don’t know why but we’re friends, right? And I thought maybe you wouldn’t be mad if we… met. But not for games or talking about our ex-girlfriends.”
Through his voice Taehyung can hear a hint of disgust, a bit of worry. He’s still so terrified Taehyung wonders if they’ll ever talk again after this conversation and he wants to keep it going.

“Did I do anything wrong?”

Jeongguk chuckles bitterly on the other side of the line.
“Quite the opposite, really.”

“Yeah? What do you mean exactly?”

“I mean, you’re amazing.”

“Come on…”

“I mean it.”


“Wait. Taehyung? I need to tell you something…”

“Not like this. I’m sorry I keep bothering you but meet me, please. I don’t think it can wait.”

“Of course. Give me twenty minutes. Twenty five. I need to get dressed.”

“I’m already on my way.”
.。*゚+.*.。 the end of chapter four .。*゚+.*.。

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Taehyung has always thought of Jeongguk as someone admirable. He has a hunch that there's more to Jeongguk than shows on the surface, because most of the time when they weren't at each other's throats, they played video games and pitied themselves, reliving their awful past +
relationships. There were, however, rare moments when Jeongguk allowed Taehyung to catch him off-guard and see how caring he was. How intelligent. How many hidden talents he had that he didn't want to show.
Taehyung assumes it's because, as Jeongguk once said in such a time of honesty, every important thing in his life, was mostly brought to him for his aura and looks; and he realises just how much more there is to Jeongguk's mind than he can skim off the surface.
Let alone Taehyung notices how Jeongguk's voice becomes sweet whenever he hums his favourite melodies to himself, and, looking at his repertoire, he had a good taste in music.

And how his face becomes ten years younger when he sees a dog or something he likes, like new gamepads.
And how fondly Jeongguk looks at everything small and pure and how Taehyung wants to grab his hand sometimes when he does, because he wishes someone looked at him with the same, soft glint in his eyes.
The first thing he sees when they meet is Jeongguk's shy, nervous smile. There are weak "hello"s exchanged. Jeongguk's with his eyes lowered to the ground and with Taehyung looking straight at him but with his lips squeezed tightly together.
"So..." Taehyung tries but Jeongguk interrupts him.

"Let's go to... This... Let's eat, please?"

Taehyung blinks. It's uncanny how he realises he's hungry too, having forgotten to eat because of what Jimin said a couple of hours ago.

An hour later, Jeongguk still hasn't said anything. They've ordered some chips & fried chicken with soda, and sat in silence, barely touching the food. Jeongguk even asks if Taehyung didn't want anything more even though the soggy chips lay on the table.
Taehyung looks at Jeongguk with the intent of eliciting any explanation but the other seems to have shut himself off emotionally like a clam.

"Listen, I know that my friends messaged you but I don't know what did they want. I don't really know anything," Taehyung blurts out +
because this whole situation is exhausting and ridiculous. "And now you call me and you are so shady and after we met now it's even worse..."

Jeongguk swallows and looks up finally. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to scare you."

"No, it's not that--"
Jeongguk wants to listen to Taehyung now more than anything but instead he interrupts him because if he doesn't say anything he probably never will.

"They... I wanted to ask you out for a while now and.... But it's hard. Not many guys are... You know?" he swallows thickly.
"And then this guy said I should do it..."

"What?" Taehyung shifts back.

"I took it as a joke... or maybe I dreamt it but no, I could show you those texts... Although they're not that important..."

"I don't understand."
"I'm, very awkwardly I admit, asking you out on a date," Jeongguk says without missing a beat, and then, "I guess?"

"But I'm..."

"If you're not gay or anything, it's okay, me neither. I mean, I'm not sure who I am to be honest. But it's fine, you just treat it like any other +
hang out and I'll be just nicer but I won't do anything embarrassing. Promise."

"No, Jeongguk," Taehyung shakes his head and Jeongguk moves and his eyes look watery when he's already opening his mouth to add something else. "No. Shit. Let me tell you something!"
Taehyung lets out an exaggerated sighs and rubs the bridge of his nose, staring at the bowl of chips furiously. "Yes."


"Yes," Taehyung says more firmly, almost raising his voice. Jeongguk stares at him a couple of seconds with his brow furrowed.
"Yes, what?" Jeongguk asks although he already seems to understand. Taehyung can see it in the sparkle of happiness in his eyes, the same one he notices when Jeongguk spots something he's fond of, and a hint of a smile.

"Yes, I'll go with you on a date."


"And yes, +
I'll go with you on another one if you ever want to ask me again..."

Jeongguk finally smiles and Taehyung can't help but smile back and exhale in relief. "Tae..."

"I mean, I will if you're embarrassing enough on our first date, and trust me the bar is high."

"I'll try."
Taehyung chuckles quietly, because they're still in this lame restaurant and he doesn't want people to stare. "Idiot..."

"I know you are."

In his mind, Taehyung admits Jeongguk is right. Even though in reality, he kicks him in the shin under the table, he knows it's true and +
if it wasn't for his stubborn brain which wouldn't accept the thought of someone, especially a guy, liking him (liking him back), they'd probably already have established this. But Taehyung wouldn't exchange this moment, here, now, with Jeongguk, for all the time in the world.
.。*゚+.*.。 the end of chapter five .。*゚+.*.。

[ taekook texting au ]

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It's been a while since I updated so I'd like to ask you dear readers. Should I write a short epilogue, or give them some time and space to get to know each other, or should they just do the do 👀 (probably only mentioned tho, no real smut)
6-1; 6-2 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
6-3; 6-4 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
Taehyung sometimes imagines kissing Jeongguk amidst a heated Overwatch game session. Perhaps after a particularly epic win. Without any ado, all natural and friendly, just like they started from the very beginning.
However, they meet once, then twice, then again and none of them brings up anything more than “accidental” shoulder brushing or hand touching. Nothing more, nothing less and Taehyung starts wondering if Jeongguk will ever be able to treat him naturally like his date, +
considering Taehyung will never be a girl. He could tell already, Jeongguk was great with girls. Remembering how they met in the first place, maybe even too great, but that gave Taehyung a weirdly naive sense that he'd treat him the same way. The way that made girls go crazy.
Thus, when Jeongguk invites Taehyung over when his friends from Seoul pay him a visit, Taehyung is equally upset as scared. Wasn’t it weird after all, to be meeting his good pals now after they’ve gone to a few dates and didn’t know where they stood?
6-5 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
6-6; 6-7; 6-8 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
When Jeongguk calls, Taehyung doesn’t immediately picks up the phone. He lets him call for three signals before sliding the green button and exhaling a soft, “hello?”

“Taehyung. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be”

“I really am. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“Oh no, it’s fine. You didn’t.”

“I didn’t?”

“You’d rather I said you did?”

“No… I just… Thought you cared.” Jeongguk sighs.

“I do. I really do. But I’m not gonna force you to anything. If you aren’t sure of yourself… Of us. Maybe it’s better not to push it.
“If that’s what you think…”

“Yeah. That’s it.”

“I still want you to come over. I want us to play and drink and have fun like we always do. +
And if I’ve hurt you in anyway as the Jeongguk who told you he wants to go on a date with you, let the one who’s your friend to make you drunk and comfort you. I won’t stand it if you push me away now. I didn’t…”

“Okay. I—Okay…”
Taehyung doesn’t feel like fighting Jeongguk. Perhaps it’s good Jeongguk told him about his worries, before Taehyung caught serious feelings. It’s better this way.
And Jeongguk’s friends turn out to be great, too. Somehow with that fuckboy-ish attitude but dorky and lame deep inside, just like Taehyung. They can play games for half a night, too and it makes Taehyung inadvertently love him, especially after he’s downed a couple of drinks.
He first tries, then actually manages to act natural around Jeongguk, when he’s drunk enough to forget what were they so bitter about. Jeongguk and him fall in place so naturally, like they’ve known each other forever. Neither of them notices Jeongguk’s friends’ curious glances +
when the two of them goes into competitive mode and destroys two consecutive teams. Too busy playing and flashing bright smiles at each other.
worried jimin

6-9 [ taekook texting au ] #vkook #taekook #taekookau
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