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The best proof that regular black people dont really read Issa Rae’s book is how long it took for this excerpt to go viral. Everyone seems to be discovering it today
For people asking if it’s real, you can read it for yourself in the book preview pages on Amazon, under the Black Women Asian Men chapter…
If you want to know why I'm not surprised by this, listen to our podcast episode on Issa Rae that was previously subscriber-only but that I just unlocked and made free
I saw someone ask "how can this be consistent with the same Issa Rae who said "I'm rooting for everyone black [to win awards]". It's actually totally consistent...she roots for black people to win white mainstream's a sign of being accepted and validated by nonblacks
she's not talking about rooting for blacks to get empowered or be independent of the mainstream white Hollywood establishment but to be recognized and appreciated by them...this is just the same attitude but applied toward sexual approval from nonblacks. it's consistent
Everyone keeps telling me this is satire. (1) Satire is not just anything someone says for a laugh. (2) intending something to get a laugh isn’t some get out of jail free card. These are elements of satire by the way.
Yeah I’ve never liked that phrase. It always feels like a gross oversimplification both of the black experience and the Filipino experience
How is this “added context”? All that is already in the pictured excerpt!
Damn, everyone who swore to me it was as satire, please watch this.
Y’all are some thorough researchers.
So many people responded to the orig tweet from all different angles I need to clarify some things. First, “regular black folk” just means your average black person. 2nd, me saying they don’t read Issa Rae is not me saying they don’t read period. Not sure how that jump was made
Also, a lot of people defending this page are claiming people are mad because she wants to date Asian men. I’ve seen few people say this. I think it’s tongue in cheek semi-serious advice actually. She can date who she wants, it’s the f’ed up stereotypes ppl mostly hate
She can recommend dating Asian men without implying it’s because other men aren’t their intellectual equals. That’s sounds icky like those weird race science white racists who feel high Asian IQs make Asian women acceptable spouses to procreate with
A lot of racists who believe in race science like Charles Murray and John Derbyshire marry Asian women and promote them as acceptable substitutes for who’re women because of high IQs and because white women marry out and are too toxic and damaged to marry
The other disingenuous response is people keep saying is “she’s just saying for black women and Asian men to find love where they can.” She can do that without implying black men are dumb, promoting stereotypes and saying Filipinos are unmarriable Asians because they’re too black
...and therefore are too stupid to be considered the intellectual equal of black women....again, their intellectual inferiority to other Asians is implied to be due to their proximity to blackness. How is that not an insult to all black people and blackness in general?
Also, people keep pointing out to me Glover said Filipinos are black people of Asians first. Sure, but it’s wrong from him too. I don’t get why it’s supposed to make her saying it okay. Also, he if I remember correctly didn’t say it as reason they should be considered undateable
Donald Glover used to constantly mention his Filipino fetish, so even though the black people of Asian oversimplification is still problematic he didn’t use it as a disqualification to date them on grounds of intellectual deficiency.
And if he did that would just make him fucked up too. Two wrongs don’t somehow make a right. Lastly, other people are saying oh it’s satire (which I disagree with) or jokes (which I do think). If a Black man said this in reverse even as jokes+satire y’all would go off anyway lol
So all someone has to do to be considered “black” is be a reject? I like to there’s more to black identity and experience than that.
Black people have a very specific trauma and cultural experience. Using them as some totem to represent every oppressed group just cheapens that. That’s why every dark group with any discrimination history can get civil rights benefits intended for descendants of US slavery
Oh also, telling people to get together primarily on grounds that no one else wants them seems a horrible low self esteem basis for a relationship. It makes both groups sound so sad and defeated and is insulting too
Yes, it’s exactly that bit lol
The reason she can buy into such antiblack and elitist classist arguments is because she has an outsider’s ironic detachment to black ppl to a degree. Exhibit A: That video is on culturally tone deaf as a rap acoustic cover
Yes, this.
Relevant video:
This thing has so many levels but not of intellectualism or symbolism but of offensiveness. It has layers like an offensiveness onion lol. It’s intersectional but in its offensiveness
An intersectional culture writer at Newsweek responded to this controversy in such a disingenuous biased way. These ppl all carry water for each other.…
Another disingenuous defense by one of this tribe. It leaves out a lot of what people are actually critiquing via straw men and then claims it’s out of context although the context it claims to add changes nothing lol…
What kind of adult journalism is this, even as an op-ed piece? It’s a long form shea butter twitter rant
It’s amazing the unearned condescension in these pieces. She adds context that is nothing but restating points that were already clear and understood from the contextless excerpt and ignores all the other problematic aspects. It’s so glib and lazy yet arrogant
They also keep bringing up 3 years ago in the headlines like it’s some official statute of limitations and they themselves don’t routinely get people out of the paint for older tweets all the time
Writing to these people is nothing but constantly carrying water and doing signal boosting for their buzzfeed Blavity bougie tribe while calling everyone black who disagrees pick-me’s and ashy hoteps. It makes us all look so childish when they’re published
This woman has long had a problematic one foot in one foot out oversimplified relationship with and view of black American experience
Do you realized how individualistic, privileged and disconnected from the average black American experience to believe this is a real solution for racism?
These are the people who get elevated into being spokespeople and representatives of Black America. And cultural translators of Black American experience to why people. Ask yourself why.
This person got a profile in NY Times and was the first writer to hold a speech at African-American museum yet she didn’t even know slavery was a thing.
Just last month woke twitter was getting Camila Cabello and Sabrina Claudio out the paint for 2012 tweets and Stephon Clark for 2015 tweets but now let’s pretend 3 year old sentiments are too ridiculously old to entertain
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