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Maybe y'all can help me out here. I think I'm going a little bananas. Why, precisely, do we let Xavier Pi-Sunyer walk around when dude has repeatedly racked up a higher and higher bodycount when it comes to diet culture?
This dude's name comes up in every piece of consumer protection literature, every book exposing how corporations influence medicine, and just about every fat studies book that touches on "Obesity Inc."
And it shouldn't surprise me that it does.

My dude has consistently put profits over the sanctity of human life.

He's a bad doctor.

And we keep letting him do it.
I first ran across mentions of Pi-Sunyer in Pat Lyons prescription for harm. His connections to the diet industry were laid out succinctly and damningly.
"Xavier Pi-Sunyer, MD, has been a long-time consultant to Hoffman-La Roche, Knoll, Eli Lilly, and Weight Watchers, and is a member of the advisory board of Knoll Pharmaceuticals and Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories.
At the time that Pi-Sunyer was chairing the NIH Task Force on Obesity Treatment and Prevention, he was identified as one of several researchers offered payment by Wyeth-Ayerst to put their name on research papers favourable to Phen-Fen that had been written by the drug company."
That's Pat Lyons in Prescription for Harm.
Sourcewatch also notes that in 1995, when Pi-Sunyer chaired the NIH Task Force that reclassified BMI standards for "overweight" at a lower number, thus turning millions of American "overweight" overnight, he also was the executive director of the Weight Watchers Foundation.
I started wondering after Pi-Sunyer helped prop up Wyeth-Ayerst when they gave primary pulmonary hyptertension to 45,000 people, and after he helped reclassify millions of Americans as "overweight" driving them to Weight Watchers, where did he go next?
And that's when I noticed something on Sourcewatch.
"Pi-Sunyer has been the highly paid principal investigator on recent clinical trials of the drug Rimonabant made by Sanofi-Aventis," Sourcewatch told my.

My eyebrows raised through the roof.

What, I wondered, is Rimonabant?
A quick google search revealed the tragedy to me. Rimonabant is yet another weight-loss drug with a bodycount. In the clinical trials Pi-Sunyer wrote so glowingly about, three people committed suicide. That's because Rimonabant doubles your chance of suicidal thoughts.
Did Sanofi-Aventis address this? Well, they addressed it with $40million paid out to angry US investors who felt the French pharma company had hidden the deleterious effects from them.
That's 2008. And I thought for sure, there's no way I'm going to find this fucker again. He's done. He's definitely done.

And then.


Then I found Novo Nordisk.
I'm going to take a break here and then get further into it in a minute. If you like my investigative journalism, buy me a joint.
(Also, if you like this stuff, I wouldn't have found it if I hadn't been hired to do the research anyway, you just HAVE to hear about this, okay? Pi-Sunyer is a FUCKING MONSTER.)
So Novo Nordisk. I started coming across mentions of the pharma company when looking at financial statements for The Obesity Society, a "nonprofit" lobbying group of doctors and "obesity experts" trying to make sure fatness is classified as a disease.
Then, in a 2015 article, I came across mentions of their drug Victoza, which they were marketing as a weight loss drug. The doctor who wrote the opinion piece that mentioned it was not very enthusiastic. It didn't seem to work for weight loss, though it could treat diabetes.
You may be wondering to yourself, "why would Novo Nordisk want to sell a diabetes drug as a weight loss drug?" Not every fat person has diabetes. If you want that drug prescribed to every fat person so you can get those big insurance dollars, you gotta sell it as a WL drug.
There's just a small problem with Victoza though. It's been linked to cases of pancreatic cancer. Plenty of doctors feel like it shouldn't be on the market because there are other drugs that work better and don't, you know, give you cancer. Novo Nordisk refuses.
Novo Nordisk, in fact, partners with the NHS on diabetes care, meaning that they're suggesting their fucking diabetes drug, pushing it on doctors who will then push it on patients.
I started to wonder just who Novo Nordisk used to get Victoza through the clinical trials.

You are not going to motherfucking believe this.
Whose name do I find right at the top of the research paper on the paid for "clinical trials" that said Victoza was good for weight loss. Guess whose name I find. Guess whose name is right there, first name on the paper. Guess.
Now I straight up feel like I'm going bonkers, right. I'm like Charlie in the Pepe Silvia meme. This fucking name keeps coming up EVERYWHERE. I have got to be losing it
idk if this'll make it into the project I've been working on, but you guys just have to see this, okay. You just... you have to see how this is a problem.
I feel like I'm slowly losing it. Please someone tell me I'm not losing it.
Fucked up my thread, it continues here
This guy is still out there. He's still doing this. I mean... this is like a problem right? Does anyone else think this is a problem?
Anyway, this whole thing makes me feel like maybe I've totally lost my mind.
None of this is hidden. It's OBSCURED in dull as dishwater papers and financial disclosures, but none of it is hidden. It's all pretty much out there in the open. I didn't have to break any laws or even leave my house to find this shit.
I'm seriously looking at everything I've gathered up about this guy and I haven't even gotten to the slimiest bits. Now I'm looking for what The Obesity Society did while he was president.


This guy is a fucking serial killer.
And all just for money.
This is a doctor still doing research, a doctor deeply involved in government policy, a doctor involved in R+D for major corporations looking to gain profits over human life, and he has demonstrated again and again that he will put his name on anything for a buck.
I mean, the shit I am coming across with his name on it. This guy has championed policies that have harmed fat people, propped up "nonprofit" lobbying groups and presided over them during some of the most anti-fat media pushes I've ever seen, AND HE LETS KILLER DIET DRUGS THROUGH
I would seriously fight this guy.
I have found the Tony Montana of diet drugs and I need you all to pay attention, okay, this is actually serious and some of the more important investigative journalism I've done.
I've got a timeline of nefarious fuckin' deeds reaching back more than thirty years on this dude. I am honestly kind of blown away.
And y'all, I need you to hear this. Novo Nordisk made a diabetes drug, Victoza, they tried to sell as a WL drug for higher profits. It causes cancer. Pi-Sunyer pushed it through clinical trials. Now Novo Nordisk is partnered with the NHS for diabetes care, pushing Victoza.
This is happening RIGHT NOW, not last year, not five years ago, RIGHT NOW Novo Nordisk is pushing Victoza through the NHS.
Look, I know this is what I sound like but I swear to God, I haven't even gotten to the weirdest bits.


This is fucked.
Look, I knew they were willing to kill us fat people for money, but I didn't really expect them to be so open about it.
When I told you earlier I feel a little like a private eye, I need you to understand that I haven't even told you about what looks like nonprofit money laundering.
I haven't even gotten into how the gov't-nonprofit lobbying-corporation relationship in diet culture is more incestuous than the Lannisters.
Friends, I know it seems like I'm telling you something boring here, but I need you to understand... people are fucking dead from these drugs.
This is corporate and individual greed with a bodycount. These companies wanted to sell these drugs. Pi-Sunyer wanted to make a lot of money. They made it happen at the expense of human lives.
And I haven't even told you all of it, okay? There's MORE. There's a LOT more. This is not just three scandals, it's dozens. And he's still doing this TODAY.
UK fat activists, this is important. Novo Nordisk has partnered with the NHS in diabetes care to push their drug they refuse to take off the market, Victoza, which causes cancer. Victoza started as a weight loss drug and was pushed through clinical trials by Pi-Sunyer. It's big.
Plan coming together. I've never had a white whale before. And yet here we are.
Holy shit, I found another player in this mess. This is... I will update this thread with more information on the financials in a bit, but this is kinda... I'm shaking
So guess who was on the committee that helped push through Victoza as a diabetes drug? Louis Aronne, who heads a weight loss clinic and is a part of the American Board of Obesity Medicine, a bariatric surgeons' club pretty much.

Guess where I also found his name.
Right next to Pi-Sunyer's on the Rimonabant paper.
Makes sense. They're both past presidents of The Obesity Society, why WOULDN'T they write a paper obscuring the dangerous effects of a diet drug together?
Looking at the names on ABOM, these are all really familiar... wait a minute.

Robert Kushner. As in... wait
As in the Weight Watchers guy? Holy shit.
...what the fuck am I dredging up here, what sordid shit is this now
Wait what the fuck, and Aronne was part of NAASO?!
I'm exhausted. I've been digging through papers, names, materials, all of it. I can't believe how brazen these fuckers are about selling their diets while they help formulate government policy.
NAASO is a hotbed of corruption and I do not have the energy to deal lol holy shit
Gathering notes and looking at it now. It's unreal that these people have gotten away with this for so long. AND I bet all the damn work I do doesn't matter and they STILL get away with it. *sigh*
Recap: Victoza was orig intended for weight loss (and guess who has his name on the paper for that) but now it's just used for diabetes, but a weight loss center with a strong connection to The Obesity Society, NAASO, and Novo Nordisk are connected to the rushed testing period
Doctors are on record saying the testing was rushed, and that links between Victoza and thyroid cancer, pacreatitis and other conditions have not been fully and sufficiently explored to justify the (largely unneeded bc there are other treatments) drug
Two names show up in connection with this over and over: Pi-Sunyer and Aronne. These are also the first two names on the Rimonabant (diet drug that caused three suicides in clinical trials) clinical trials paper
These men are also both strongly connected to The Obesity Society, a nonprofit that aims for legislation to treat obesity as a disease, including working with the IRS, FDA, and CDC. Pi-Sunyer and Aronne are both past presidents.
A look at The Obesity Society financial statements reveals large sums of temporarily restricted net asset donations from Novo Nordisk, manufacturers of Victoza, to the organization. I think the timeline lines up with the FDA approval based on the LEADER trial that Aronne was on.
I'm... exhausted and going to go back to paying work now. If you appreciate this breakdown, please consider dropping a buck or two in my tip jars in my bio. I'll come back later when I can get back to this in my free time. Capitalism is a bitch.
I am mistaken, for weight loss it is marketed as Saxenda. It's marketed as both. And it was rushed through the damn safety testing. And it's going to be one more killer drug with Pi-Sunyer's fuckin' name behind it.

I swear to god I am gonna get this motherfucker someday.
me on the phone with a friend
All my emails today
I get it. I sound totally bonkers. I know. Just... yeah.
Thank you for all your reassurances. I think my impostor syndrome was just like "what YOU think you found something?"
If it is the last thing I do, I will fucking stop Pi-Sunyer from helping to approve more killer diet drugs.
(calm down I don't think it's actually a conspiracy, just some highly unethical shit that's just sitting there out in the open for anyone to point at)
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