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ब्राह्मण: को भवेद् राजन् वेद्यं किं च युधिष्ठिर ।
ब्रवीह्यतिमति त्वां हि वाक्यैरनुमिमीमहे।।

“Who is a #Brahman, O Yudhisthira, you seem to be the wise one, you must tell me this” #Mahabharata
“सत्यम दानं क्षमा शीलमानृशंस्य तपो घृणा ।
दृश्यंते यत्र नागेन्द्र स ब्राह्मण इति स्मृत:।।”

“The one in whom one finds Truth, benevolence, forgiveness, dignity, lack of cruelty, fortitude and kindness, such a man is Brahmana. #Mahabharata
चातुर्वर्ण्य प्रमाणं सत्यं च ब्रह्म चैव हि।
शूद्रेष्वपि च सत्यं च दानमक्रोध एव च।
आनृशंस्यमहिंसा च घृणा चैव युधिष्ठिर ।।

Oh Yudhishthira, Truth and a realistic religion is good for all Varnas. Further, good characterics like truth, benevolence, non-violence is also in Shudras.
शूद्रे तु यद् भवेल्लक्ष्म द्विज तच्च न विद्यते।
न वै शूद्रो भवेच्छूद्रो ब्राह्मणो न च ब्राह्मण:।।

“If characters like truth and such present in a Shudra and absent from a Brahmana (from Birth); Such Shudra is no Shudra and such Brahman is no Brahman. #Mahabharata #Hinduism
यत्रैतल्लक्ष्स्यते सर्प वृत्तं स ब्राह्मण: स्मृत:।
यत्रैतन्न भवेत् सर्प तं शूद्रमिति निर्दिषेत्।।

O Great Serpent, where these characteristics like truth and such are evident in a person, such a person is a Brahman, and the one who lacks them is indeed, a Shudra. #Mahabharata
यदि ते वृत्ततो राजन् ब्राह्मण: प्रसमीक्षित:।
वृथा जातिस्तदाऽऽयुष्मन् कृतियार्चन्न विद्यते।।

“If a Brahman is only to be called so basis his behaviour, then till such time his actions and morality is not meeting the standards, his caste is of no consequence?” #Mahabharata
तावच्छूद्रसमो ह्येष यावद् वेदे न जायते।
तस्मिन्नेवं मतिद्वैधे मनु: स्वायम्भुवोब्रवीत्।।

When a child is initiated into education and is made to study the Vedas, he or she remains a Shudra. Whenever you are in doubt about Varna, follow this principle to judge as per Manu.
सत्यम दमस्तपो दानमहिंसा धर्मनित्यता
साधकानि सदा पुंसा जातिर्न कुलं नृप।

“O King! Truth, self- restraint, discipline, charity, non-violence and religiosity - these are the things which bring success to men, not Varna or birth. “ - The Serpent (Nahusha) #Mahabharata
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