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Thread by @tzuyodatzu: "• NaTzu AU• In which Tzuyu is popular amongst students from different schools for her looks and Nayeon’s one of the many girls to try and ca […]"

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• NaTzu AU•

In which Tzuyu is popular amongst students from different schools for her looks and Nayeon’s one of the many girls to try and catch Tzuyu’s eyes.

* I just finished watching Uncontrollably Fond so this AU’s mostly inspired from that *
Letters were sent to her locker every single day. Every chance Tzuyu gets to open her locker, letters in different colored papers would come flooding down.

She hated the attention, it was such a nuisance.

Just like she always does, she closes her locker after grabbing what she-
-needed and left the letters on the floor; not caring about the mess she’s made.

Technically, it wasn’t her mess.

She goes through the day not minding the constant stares of affection and admiration, and the whispers of her fellow students who fawned over her.
If school was tiresome, then after class was worst.

Students from various schools including her own would wait for her outside the school gate, as if trying to grab the opportunity of being able to walk her home.

If she couldn’t leave school early, then she’d leave very late.
So, Tzuyu spends her after class hours in the library. She couldn’t sleep, so she opted to study her lessons in advance.

It was also an excuse for her not to be disturbed by both girls and boys who liked her.

Tzuyu was a really smart kid, too. Studying wouldn’t be a problem.
She’d keep a trash bin next to her desk in the library for her to throw the letters she’d receive.

Even in the library, they couldn’t let her be. Girls and boys alike would pass by her table, slipping small love notes on her desk.

Tzuyu would just crumple the paper and throw-
-it in the bin, continuing on with her studies.

This was her usual routine every day.

It was up to the point that she barely even had time for her friends anymore, or friends even for that matter.

She’d already come to think that this face of hers was such a nuisance.
Like any other day after everyone has left the library, Tzuyu would be the last to go.

She wasn’t quite done with her advanced reading yet, so she went to the bathroom to wash up; an effort to wake up since she found herself succumbing to sleep.
Tzuyu steps out of the bathroom, silently thankful that no one was around to bother her anymore.

Well, that’s what she thought.

“Excuse me.”

Tzuyu turned to the owner of the voice. A girl was leaning against the wall, arms crossed over her chest.
Tzuyu looked around to see if she was talking to anyone else.

“Me?” She pointed to herself.

“I gave you nine letters asking you to see me,” the girl replied, arms still crossed over her chest as if demanding for an explanation.

Tzuyu never really read any of the letters.
Tzuyu looked at her from head to toe. She was really pretty, she had to admit that. Unfortunately, Tzuyu was just not interested.

“Sorry, you’re not my type.”

Tzuyu turned and was about to leave when the girl sneered at her,

“You’re not my type, either!”
Tzuyu halted in her steps.

“How irrational,” she thought.

Tzuyu turned around to the girl, who was still leaning against the wall. If she wasn’t her type, then why is she still here?

She stared at her, waiting for whatever the girl had to say that was so important that she-
-gave her nine letters.

“Ever since you’ve been ignoring Sana, all she’s done is cry for the entire day. She barely even eats anymore.”

Tzuyu knitted her eyebrows in confusion.


“What are you going to do about your girlfriend?”

Tzuyu then remembers.
Right, Sana. The girl she asked to become her girlfriend to stop the other students. Clearly, her plan did not work.

She forgot about her.

“Why, am I supposed to do something?”

Ignoring Tzuyu’s question, the smaller of the two calmly replied, “She isn’t even sleeping nor is-
-she coming to school anymore, and it’s because of you.”

Tzuyu then cuts her off showing no interest, “Am I responsible for her actions, then?”

“She’s practically dying!”

“Tell her to die, then.”

Tzuyu turns around again to go back and finish up.
As cold as she may be, she never really wanted any of this. She clearly had enough of this nonsense.

“Then I’ll kill you!” The girl shouted at Tzuyu’s retreating back.

For the nth time, she turns around to face the smaller girl.
Instead of the usual pissed face the smaller girl held, her expression softened as she explained her friend’s situation.

“I’m just worried about her, okay? All she does is cry all day, she’s already missed a lot of her classes. Don’t you at least pity her?”
Tzuyu just blinks her eyes. She stared at the girl in front of her. She definitely couldn’t deny that she was pretty. She found her bunny teeth quite charming as she spoke.

“At least talk to her then you can break up with her later, for her sake.”
“Is she bribing you to do this?” Tzuyu cuts her off again as she was about to continue talking.


Tzuyu who’s had enough of her blabbering, took steps towards the buny-teethed girl. This took her off guard, as she took steps backwards but met a wall which stopped her.
Tzuyu had her face really close to the bunny-teethed girl. The latter got flustered with the action and she swore she was about to punch her in the face.

Not until Tzuyu put her forehead against.

“What are you doing?”
The girl glared at Tzuyu, but at the same time was very flustered by the action.

Tzuyu smirked at her boldness, “I think you’re sick. You should go home, or do you want me to call your parents for you?”

The girl just stared at her, not knowing what to do.
Tzuyu just smirked before pulling her head back and turned around, this time to finally go home and call it a day.

“Hm, I didn’t quite catch her name,” Tzuyu pondered, realizing a little mistake.

She shrugged as she headed into the library to grab her bag, “Maybe next time.”
Still stuck in the same spot, the girl glared at Tzuyu’s retreating figure which got smaller as she walked further.

“Jerk,” she huffed and stormed the other way.
* a/n: btw havent finished this yet hehe *
“Sana, eat up. Your food’s getting cold already.”

She mildy scolded her friend for the nth time. She’s already lost count how many times she’s tried to get her to eat.

Sana continued to sob, “Yah, Nayeon. You’re so lucky to be immune to her charms.”

Nayeon sighed, “Just eat, please. You haven’t eaten ever since I visted you this morning.”

Sana ignored Nayeon yet again and continued to sob into her pillow.

Nayeon let out a frustrated sigh. As much as she loved her friend, she was already getting tired from -
- having to deal with the same problem over and over again. It’s been just a week since Tzuyu stared to avoid her yet Sana’s turned into a complete mess.

“I talked to Tzuyu today.”

This caught Sana’s attention. She paused from sobbing and sat up, facing Nayeon.
Tzuyu’s name was enough to actually get her to move.

Sana looked like a complete mess. Her entire face was pale, her lips dry, and dark circles started to form under her eyes.

She looked at Nayeon with swollen eyes, “Y-you did?”
Nayeon pursed her lips and nodded, “I told her that you were basically dying and how you’ve been missing classes.”

Sana’s face seemed to be rid of what just happened over the past week, ecstatic to know what Tzuyu had to say.

“And?” Sana asked all too excitedly.
Nayeon didn’t have the heart to tell her that Tzuyu didn’t care.

She was already very worried and didn’t want for things to get worse. Rationally thinking for the sake of her best friend, Nayeon had to lie.
“She wanted for you to get better, and that she’s sorry. She wants you to eat well and come back to school. She said she loves you.”

It was typical of Nayeon, doing things just for the sake and happiness of others. As the words came out of her mouth, it stung.
But it did not only sting because it was a lie.

As if the life in her was brought back, Sana immediately grabbed the cold chicken soup Nayeon made for her which rested on her bedside table.

Nayeon was surprised by the action. The squirrel happily gulped down the soup.
Sana faced her best friend as she finished the soup very quickly with the happiest expression she’s ever worn for the past week.

“I’m coming back to school tomorrow, Nayeon-ah!”

Nayeon just smiled weakly at the girl, “You do that, Sana.”

She was happy for her best friend.

Tzuyu stopped dead in her tracks. She groaned, massaging her nose bridge. And just when she thought she was done with the squirrel to live her life in peace.

Sana ran up to the tall girl and hugged her from behind.

“I love you too! I’m all good now, see?”
“What?” Tzuyu asked in utter confusion, not having any idea what she was talking about.

She turned to face the smaller girl who seemed to be more than happy.

Tzuyu looked at her with the most stoic expression, “What the hell are you talking about?”
Sana reached up and squished Tzuyu’s cheeks, earning her a glare from the tall girl.

“Aww you’re so cute! I know that you wanted me to get better and to come back to school, so here I am!”

Tzuyu just glared at her as if she was trying to bore a hole in Sana’s face.
“The audacity,” Tzuyu murmured. If there was anything that Tzuyu hated about her little plan, then it was skinship with Sana.


Tzuyu took Sana’s hands off her rather harshly and slammed the girl against the locker.

Sana continued to smile like a madman.
Tzuyu brought her face closer to hers, which flustered the girl trapped between her arms.

“Now when did I ever say that?” Tzuyu asked rather lowly, her voice quite husky.

Sana’s eyes moved back and forth between Tzuyu’s lips and her eyes.


Tzuyu raised a brow.
“Nayeon told me she talked to you yesterday. It surprised me at first since you barely talk to anyone, but I’m more than glad she did!”

Tzuyu was baffled, letting Sana ramble as she tried to regain her memory of yesterday.
“Did I do something wrong? You’ve been avoiding me for a week now. You’re not gonna break up with me, right? Wait, of course not, Nayeon told me you loved me-“

“Who told you that?” Tzuyu cut her off wearing the a very cold face.
Tzuyu was pissed. Who the hell had the audacity to just go off and spread lies she doesn’t even know about.

She bore no romantic feelings towards Sana. As cruel as it may sound, she used her for her own benefit. Which again, failed miserably.
Sana, who’s noticed how pissed off Tzuyu was, gulped and looked up at the tall girl, “Nayeon told me. She talked to you yesterday.”

“Nayeon..” Tzuyu muttered, letting the new name roll of her tongue.

Tzuyu recalled who she was, out of the many people who -
-tried to talk to her. But then again, she never really let anyone talk to her yesterday just like usual.

Ah, Tzuyu finally remembers. She remembers the bunny-teethed girl who gave nine letters just to talk to her; the girl who waited for her to come out of the comfort room.
She finally gets the girl’s name. A mischievous smirk crept it’s way onto Tzuyu’s face. She remembers yesterday’s interaction very well.

“I’ll kill you!” she remembers her shout.

“We’ll see about that,” Tzuyu muttered to herself, inaudible for Sana to hear.
“Is she a friend of yours?” Tzuyu asked, her pissed demeanor slightly fading away and replacing it with curiosity.

Tzuyu had yet another plan.

Sana nodded eagerly, “She’s my best friend!”

Tzuyu grinned like a madman, which creeped Sana out a bit. Well, she thinks it was hot.
The bell rang, signalling the start of their classes.

Tzuyu retracted her arms and pulled her head back, adjusting the strap of her backpack that was on her shoulder.

Tzuyu smiled at the smaller girl in front of her, which took Sana by surprise. Tzuyu never smiled at her.
The taller of the two ruffled Sana’s hair, earning a squeal of protest from the smaller.

“See you later,” Tzuyu smirked and walked away.

Sana was left dumbfounded.
Students began to pile in as Tzuyu went in her class. She sat by the window seat located at the very back. She liked that seat, there was so much going on outside.

She loved how the trees would sway with the wind, like it was a dance.

Class had begun.
Everyone was already in their seats, except for one.
A seat diagonal to Tzuyu was empty, not that she cared in any way.

“Good morning, class. I hope you read the poem I told all of you yesterday, we’ll be having a short quiz later.”

The entire class groaned in unison.
Just as Tzuyu brought out her textbook, the door swung open, revealing-

“Well how nice of you to join us today, Ms. Im.”

“Sorry,” the familiar bunny-teethed girl bowed and handed in her late slip.

Unconsciously, Tzuyu smirked.

“Im Nayeon,” she had whispered to herself.
Nayeon walked to her seat, which was the only one left in the entire class; the one diagonal to Tzuyu.

Just as she was about to sit, Nayeon quickly glanced at her direction and caught Tzuyu’s eyes who were staring back at her.

Tzuyu smirked mischievously.
Nayeon did not know what she’s gotten herself into.
Lunch came and the cafeteria was filled with students.

Sana walked in together with Nayeon, clinging onto her arm.

“It feels like I just missed a month’s worth of schoolwork!” The squirrel exclaimed, drained from both the scolding and the extra homework the teachers gave.
“Idiot. Maybe if you actually just went to school, you wouldn’t have had this much to do!

Sana groaned, “Even if I did, I’d be distracted. Tzuyu needs to notice me~”

Nayeon sighed in frustration, “When does she ever notice you anyway.”

“She’s just very shy, that’s why.”
Nayeon just shook her head again in disbelief.

“Whatever, let’s just go get lunch.”

The two chattered as they lined up for their food. Well, mostly they just bickered and teased with each other, given with Sana’s personality and Nayeon’s stubbornness.
“Dahyun’s in so much trouble. She messed with the student council classroom again. Jihyo’s definitely gonna have her by her ear.”

Sana laughed as they walked to their table. Dahyun had TP-ed the classroom, again. This time, she threw in more toilet paper than usual.
“Do you even have a little bit of sanity left in you? You’re a part of the student council yet it’s like you’re letting her off the hook!” Nayeon looked at her like she was crazy.

Sana giggled, “Having a little fun can’t be bad, right? Besides, she was a bit cute.”
Nayeon just raised a brow, “Cute, huh?”

“She is! Why, don’t you find her cute?”

“If Tzuyu hears you say that you’re gonna be so dead.”

“If I hear what?”

The familiar voice had stopped the two girls in their tracks. Sana mentally cursed in her head. And Nayeon, well..
The two turned to Tzuyu, who was also carrying her lunch and looked at the two girls.

Sana smiled lovingly.

“Tzuyu-ah! Want to have lunch with me?”

Tzuyu ignored Sana’s offer and turned to Nayeon, smirking at the bunny-teethed girl.

“Hello, Im Nayeon.”
Nayeon pursed her lips together and just nodded in return as a greeting.

“I see you told Sana that we talked yesterday.”

Nayeon’s ears perked up.

She closed her eyes and cursed countless profanities in her head. What she told Sana was completely different and now Tzuyu knows.

Nayeon opened one eye, silently wishing that Tzuyu was gone but was greeted by the sight of her face closer to the taller girl’s.

Tzuyu smirked, again.

Sana looked at the two in confusion given their positions.

Nayeon knew how Tzuyu would surely get her for this.
It was not a surprise to everyone how cold and how much of a jerk Tzuyu can be, but it added points to her appeal.

“You deserve a thank you from me,” Tzuyu chuckled and pulled her head back, turning to look at Sana who was smiling at her.

The taller girl faked a smile.
“I’m grateful that you told Sana,” Tzuyu reached out and ruffled Nayeon’s hair, earning her a groan of protest from the girl.

“As a reward, meet me later by the gate.”

Sana raised a brow, jealousy slightly running through her.

Tzuyu noticed this and ruffled Sana’s hair too.
“The both of you, of course. I have a small surprise as a token of appreciation.”

Tzuyu smiled genuinely.

Nayeon was caught off guard, and actually believed that maybe Tzuyu changed even a little bit.

Maybe Tzuyu learned to love Sana.
But, Nayeon failed to see the intention in Tzuyu’s eyes.

Tzuyu left the girls after bidding a small good bye.

Sana squealed, “I wonder what she has in plan?”

And the two spent lunch time with Sana talking non-stop about the tall girl.

Nayeon couldn’t do anything but listen.
Nayeon and Sana were done for the day as their teacher dismissed them.

Nayeon heaved out a sigh, she was tired. After having a long day at school, she still had to go to work right after. She sulked and banged her head on her desk, she wanted this school year to end already.
“No wonder you’re crazy.”

Jeongyeon laughed as she took a seat in front of Nayeon.

“Leave me alone, Jeong.”

Aside from Sana, Jeongyeon was another friend who was very close to her. They didn’t hang much anymore, but their friendship still remained intact.
Nayeon could feel her eyes starting to droop as she was succumbing to sleep.

Jeongyeon hit her head with a notebook, “Yah, you still have work to do idiot.”

Nayeon groaned as she was hit rather harshly and was about to hit her back.

“Nayeon-ah!” Sana skipped towards Nayeon.
“Oh, Sana.”

“I’m sorry, but can you meet Tzuyu alone? I still have work to do with Jihyo.”

“Oh, okay,” Nayeon nodded, “But wouldn’t it be nice if you’re there too?”

Jeongyeon just watched the two.

Sana shook her head and smiled, “She’ll understand, she loves me anyway.”
Jeongyeon just grimaced, luckily Sana didn’t see her. Everyone could see how Tzuyu didn’t actually love her, it was too clear. She couldn’t believe how oblivious she could be.

“Okay,” Nayeon nodded weakly, not having any energy to do anything today.
Sana said her goodbyes to the two and left with Jihyo who was waiting for her by their classroom door.

As the squirrel left, Jeongyeon turned to Nayeon who was slumping in her seat with a rather questioning look.

“Meeting up with Tzuyu alone, hm?” Jeongyeon had asked teasingly.
Nayeon glared weakly at the girl, “Cut it off.”

Jeongyeon looked up as if she was thinking with her hand on her chin.

“Hmm, you’re meeting your best friend’s girlfriend whom you ‘used’ to like.”

Jeongyeon emphasized the ‘used’ word and laughed, feeling the other girl’s glare.
“Said girl was the reason why you had your hair done on the night you were supposed to confess,” Jeongyeon laughed as she continued to tease.

“Yah, Yoo Jeongyeon! I told you to stop!” Nayeon’s screams of protest were of no match against her teasing.
She grabbed a notebook and chucked it at Jeongyeon, who just laughed like a maniac.

“But sadly, Sana just had to confess first and tadah! She becomes Tzuyu’s girlfriend.”

Nayeon glared at her friend.
It wasn’t true that Nayeon was immune to Tzuyu’s charms. It wasn’t true that she didn’t like her. She was one of many.

Nayeon was supposed to confess. Well, ‘was.’ She took the chance to confess, even though she knew she didn’t stand a chance.

So one day after school, she -
- tried to stand off against her competitors. She had her hair done at a parlor, and even put on a little bit of make up.

“What brings you here, dear? Are you going to confess to your crush?” The lady managing the parlor had asked.
Nayeon nodded eagerly, “Yes, and I’m planning to confess today.”

The ladies in the parlor smiled at the young girl, and cheered her on. They even gave her tips on how to approach Tzuyu.

Nayeon was excited of what could happen.
On her way to school to wait for Tzuyu, Nayeon had thought of which approach she should take.

“Chou Tzuyu, I’m Im Nayeon. I’ve liked you for a while now. I know you’re very popular with girls and boys, but you’re bound to end up with me.”
Nayeon let it roll off her tongue and pondered. She imagined how Tzuyu would take her confession and maybe, just maybe, Tzuyu would take hers seriously.

Nayeon shook her head, “Agh, Nayeon. You’re not really gonna say that, right?”
Nayeon continued to walk towards the school, the smile never leaving her face.

As she was about to walk past the school gate, a sight greeted her which caught her off guard.

It was Sana and Tzuyu.

She quickly hid behind a wall so they couldn’t see her.
Her eyes widened, what were they doing here, and both alone?

Then Nayeon remembered. She knew how Sana had a huge crush on Tzuyu, but sadly Sana didn’t know that Nayeon did too.

She couldn’t bring herself to tell her.

Nayeon had hoped that it wasn’t what she thought it was.
She silently hoped that she wasn’t going to confe-

“Chou Tzuyu, I like you.”

And the odds weren’t in Nayeon’s favor.
She felt betrayed in a way, but why should she when Sana didn’t do anything wrong?

She should be happy for her best friend.

There was this part in her that hoped Tzuyu would reject Sana. Tzuyu always rejected confessions that came her way, so maybe she’d reject her too.
Nayeon took another look at the two and was about to take her leave, but was even more surprised at what greeted her.

Tzuyu was hugging Sana.

A smile was plastered onto the taller girl’s face.

Nayeon was glued in her place. She couldn’t believe what was happening.
“Let’s date.”

She heard Tzuyu’s voice loud and clear.

And with that, Nayeon left without turning back.
“Earth to Nayeon?” Jeongyeon snapped her fingers in front of Nayeon’s face.

Nayeon slightly jumped as she was brought out from her reverie.

“What now, Jeongyeon?” Nayeon asked, somewhat annoyed.

Jeongyeon just sighed, “Are you really going to meet with Tzuyu alone?”
Nayeon stared at the short haired girl.

“Don’t you think you’re just gonna hurt yourself?”

The bunny-teethed girl crossed her arms over her chest, “I told you already, Jeong. What I had for Tzuyu was just a mere crush.”
Jeongyeon raised a brow, not believing her answer.

“What you told me last time meant otherwise,” she grinned teasingly.

Nayeon glared at her.

“But seriously,” Jeongyeon sat properly and put the notebook Nayeon chucked at her on her desk.

“Why are you meeting her anyway?”
Nayeon sighed and started to put all of her notebooks and books in her bag.

“She said she has a surprise for me.”

Jeongyeon looked at her teasingly, which earned her a smack on the head from Nayeon.


“Let me finish, idiot.”
Jeongyeon rubbed the spot where Nayeon had hit her and urged for her to continue.

“I talked to Tzuyu yesterday. Well, at first I gave her letters asking her to meet me.”

Jeongyeon nodded.

“She never read any of those letters so I waited until she was about to go home.”
“I told her about Sana and her well-being, and she did not even care. It seemed like she even forgot about her!”

Nayeon let out a frustrated sigh as she zipped up her bag.

“So, I told her to at least talk to her and maybe break up with her later on, for her sake.”
“Something tells me that you meeting Tzuyu won’t be such a good idea,” Jeongyeon had butted in.

Nayeon paused. She was right, something felt off.

“Anyway, continue.”

Nayeon leaned back in her seat, “I went to Sana after that. She didn’t seem to be doing any better so -
- I told her that I talked to Tzuyu.”

Nayeon frowned at what she was going to say next, “She looked so happy that I mentioned Tzuyu. So rationally thinking, I thought lying would-“

“-make things better,” Jeongyeon finished for her with a disapproving look on her face.
Nayeon looked defeated, like a child who was about to get scolded by her mother.

“And now Tzuyu knows that you lied to Sana.”

Nayeon just nodded weakly and had her head hung low guiltily.

“And why does she even have a ‘surprise’ for you again?”
Through guilty eyes, Nayeon looked up at Jeongyeon.

"As a thank you, apparently, for what I told Sana."

Jeongyeon just stared at her and shook her head at her friend's obliviousness. Jeongyeon knew Tzuyu wasn't one to mess with.

"And you believed her?"
Nayeon shrugged, "I thought she was gonna get me for it, but Tzuyu seemed genuine about it."

The other girl just let out a huge sigh. Of course Nayeon didn't exactly know how Tzuyu's mind works.

Nayeon wanted to believe Tzuyu. She wanted to believe that maybe, just maybe -
Tzuyu can change into a better version of herself. Maybe she can change from the cold, uncaring, heartless Tzuyu into something positive. She hoped that she could, because of Sana. She hoped that Sana was the answer.

Even if she was still her crush no matter how much -
- Nayeon denied it, she wanted Tzuyu to change because of Sana; because of her best friend.

It was just a crush anyway, or so Nayeon thought.

Nayeon noticed her friend's lack of enthusiasm, "Maybe she finally learned to love Sana, y'know?"
"Yeah right," Jeongyeon snickered, "Tzuyu has feelings. What an actual miracle."

Unlike Nayeon, Jeongyeon knew Tzuyu. She's one of her closest friends, and the longest one that's been by her side. They've been friends since elementary; ever since the popularity.
She knew how the tall girl's mind worked. She knew how ruthless, cold, and cruel she could be.

Jeongyeon wanted Nayeon to find that out herself.

Sometimes she thought Tzuyu was crazy, the latter would laugh at her own inhumane actions.
"No wonder you like Tzuyu. Both of you have a screw loose," Jeongyeon mumbled, inaudible for the bunny-teethed girl to hear.

Nayeon leaned in after hearing Jeongyeon mumble a few words but couldn't make it out, "What?"
"I said you're an idiot for thinking she has feelings, or is even sane!"

"Hey!" Nayeon protested, slapping Jeongyeon's arm, "If anyone's an idiot here then it's you!"

"Now how did this conversation turn towards me?"

And thus began their never-ending bickering.
Nayeon decided to walk home with Jeongyeon. She didn't feel like meeting Tzuyu alone so she told Sana to go instead. She felt like skipping work too.

"Won't your boss chew you out or something?" Jeongyeon had asked as they headed towards the school gate.
"Nah, already gave him a heads up. Someone's able to fill in for me though, which is good I guess." Nayeon replied, her hands buried into her school blazer's pockets.

Jeongyeon just nodded in reply, noticing how Nayeon didn't feel like talking or doing anything at the moment.
Nayeon looked straight in front of her as they walked, as if trapped in a daze. She was spacing out for a bit, too. Her mind had wondered off as to what would happen with Tzuyu's surprise.

She shook her head to rid herself of these thoughts; thinking about Tzuyu won't help.
"Isn't that Tzuyu?" A girl and a few others with their phones in hand and camera apps open had run past the two friends walking together, bumping their shoulders.

"Chou Tzuyu, I love you!"

"Marry me, Tzuyu-yah!"

"Go out with me, Tzuyu!"
"Hey, watch it!" Jeongyeon hissed as the girls left without even apologizing.

She muttered silent profanities at their lack of manners and her eyes had followed as to where Tzuyu supposedly was, out of curiosity.
Her eyes then landed on the tall girl everyone has been talking about.

Tzuyu stood in front of the school gate, with a huge brown stuffed puppy in her arm. Her other hand was buried in her blazer's pocket.

Tzuyu noticed Jeongyeon's gaze on her, and had an emotionless look on -
- her face as usual.

But Jeongyeon knew how to read the taller girl. Even with the stoic expression she has right now, she knew she had something mischievous in plan.

With their exchange of looks, it was as if the two were talking. Both knew what the other was saying.
Jeongyeon knew what Tzuyu was trying to convey, and tried to glare at her as a way of scolding the tall girl and telling her that it's not the best idea.

Tzuyu just smirked at Jeongyeon and looked at the girl beside her, who was Nayeon. Her gaze focusing only on her.
Nayeon's gaze too had landed on Tzuyu, pausing in her tracks.

"Looks like she's here now," Jeongyeon stated and turned to Nayeon with a somehow teasing look on her face, "Well, aren't you gonna go and say hi or something?"

Nayeon side eyed Jeongyeon, "Stop being nosy."
They resumed walking. She didn't really have the time for her teasing right now. Jeongyeon just stayed quiet, expecting of something undesirable to come.

Nayeon was about to pass by Tzuyu, with Jeongyeon who side eyed Tzuyu as a warning. As she was about to turn to head home, -
- Tzuyu had grabbed her arm and turned to face her.

She wasn't letting Nayeon go easily.

The bold action had caught the attention of the murmuring crowd around Tzuyu.
The tall girl's gaze never left the bunny-teethed girl, and bore her eyes into Nayeon's. The latter, not knowing how to respond, just stared back at the taller with wide and confused eyes.
People had started to gather to see what was happening. Tzuyu coming out of school very early was a rare sight to see, and what was rarer was the fact that she's holding a stuffed puppy.

Nayeon had then composed herself, despite the forming crowd.
Then Tzuyu just had to do that infamous half-smile of hers.

"I cut class today because it's our anniversary. Yet why are you ignoring me?" Tzuyu had pouted, feigning hurt from being ignored.

Another rare sight of Tzuyu pouting.
Nayeon raised a brow and scoffed in disbelief, "What? Whose anniversary?"

She did not have a single clue what on earth this girl in front of her was talking about. What she said had totally caught her off guard. Forget about being tired, this shook Nayeon wide awake.
Upon hearing those words, Jeongyeon only managed to shake her head.

"So this is what the brat has in plan, huh?"

Tzuyu just laughed and looked back from the stuffed puppy in her arm then to Nayeon who was still looking at her with a shocked expression, before -
- shoving the toy in her arms.

"Happy anniversary," Tzuyu had grinned.

Nayeon had her mouth agape, words wanting to come out but couldn't.

"I love you, Im Nayeon."

Nayeon could almost feel her eyes bulge out of their sockets.
The crowd had murmured and thus they also began taking pictures.

Nayeon still had her mouth agape, as if her jaw would drop at any minute. All of the profanities Nayeon knew, she wanted to scream all of it in Tzuyu's face. Despite being flustered with what -
- just happened, she wanted to know why the hell Tzuyu was doing this.

She looked at the crowd forming around them, a soft susurrus of conversation spread around like wildfire. Nayeon wanted to bury herself in a hole and live her entire high school life in that hole.
Tzuyu was more than satisfied with the hurricane of emotions of Nayeon's face. She felt like laughing right on the spot, but she had to keep it in for later or it will definitely ruin her plan.

Tzuyu looked around at the crowd forming around them too, satisfied at the number.
That was until her eyes landed on Sana, and her grin grew even wider.

Sana stood there, who was frozen on her place with Jihyo and Mina beside her. The look of heartbreak was clear on her face, tears already threatening to come out of her eyes.

She felt betrayed.
Tzuyu's grin grew wider as Sana came. The timing was too perfect.

She looked back at Nayeon, who still had the look of surprise on her face.

Tzuyu cooed and ruffled Nayeon's hair, "Ahh, you're just too cute. I guess you liked my surprise huh?"
Nayeon flinched as Tzuyu yet again made contact with her hair, despite it already being a mess. Nayeon tried to blink to see if this was all a dream.

Unfortunately, it was real.

In Tzuyu's peripheral vision, Sana had fallen to her knees.
Jihyo and Mina's attempt at snapping the girl back to reality had caught Nayeon's attention.

Sana looked at what she thought was her best friend with the most pained expression. Nayeon was her best friend, out of all people why did it have to be her?
Nayeon didn't know either and wanted to explain right away. She was about to shove the toy back in Tzuyu's arms and run over to her best friend when the taller girl caught her just in time. Tzuyu had draped an arm over Nayeon's shoulder and held her close.
"Let's make it public, okay?" Tzuyu told Nayeon, or more like announced it to everyone around them including the heartbroken girl who was on her knees, looking at the two in utter betrayal.
Nayeon had finally snapped back from her daze, "What the hell are you even saying you crazy --"

Tzuyu's hand had covered the loud girl's mouth, preventing her from saying anything that could blow up her cover. Nayeon protested by screaming into her hand but it was of no use.
"Shut up, alright? I'm taking care of everything."

Tzuyu smiled at Sana's direction with a protesting Nayeon who was still trying to get the taller girl's hand off her mouth.

"I'm sorry it had to end this way!" Tzuyu told Sana calmly, a still squirming Nayeon beside her.
None of Nayeon's attempts at breaking free succeeded, the tall girl was too strong to keep her in place.

"Find someone better, okay? I'm with Nayeon already, you see. It was nice knowing you!" Tzuyu had grinned, behind it was a maniac already laughing at what she's done.
The tall girl finally removed her hand from Nayeon's mouth, which eventually stopped Nayeon from trying to break free.

Nayeon just wanted this to be over.

Tzuyu just held her closer instead as she looked at the damage she has done, a smile never leaving her face.
The clangor of the metallic utensils and the loud chattering exchanged between people in the restaurant were of no match against Tzuyu's maniacal laughter.

Dahyun and Chaeyoung only stared at her as if she grew two heads.
"Unnie, I think she's really lost it."

"No doubt, Chaeng. I think we should just call the mental hospital already."

The two just shook their head at their best friend, whose tteokbokki was already left unattended and her laughter echoed throughout the small restaurant.
"Y-you.. You should've seen her face," Tzuyu tries to catch her breath in between her cackling, "She should've known not to mess with me. Ahh, that idiotic girl."

Her two friends in front of her just let out a disapproving sigh. No words can penetrate through -
- that thick skull of hers. Not a single lecture about having even a small bit of sanity left in her will actually stick in Tzuyu's head.

Dahyun and Chaeyoung could only bow their head apologetically at those who would glare at their table. If given the chance, they would've -
- dragged the girl away from the restaurant already. Well, Tzuyu was paying so they couldn't do anything about it.

"She's hopeless."

"And has a screw loose too," a familiar voice interjected.
With Tzuyu still laughing and is paying no attention to anyone, the two turned their heads towards the owner of the voice.

"Jeongyeon unnie!"

Jeongyeon took the empty seat beside Tzuyu and stared at the poor girl who was still trapped in her own bubble.
"How long has she been like this?"

"Ever since we got here," Chaeyoung shrugged.

"And how long has it been since?"

"Two hours," Dahyun replied nonchalantly as she ate her spicy braised tofu.
Jeongyeon just nodded in reply, not surprised by the amount of time Tzuyu has spent by just laughing. It was one of her many episodes of undying laughter anyway.

"It's a new record though," Chaeyoung slurped on her ramen.

The other two agreed. Tzuyu's last record was roughly -
- an hour and a half.

"Yep, a new record and another loose screw." Jeongyeon sighed, knowing she can't do anything about the girl and grabbed Tzuyu's tteokbokki, seeing as she doesn't plan on finishing it.

Just as Jeongyeon was about to dig in, Tzuyu had noticed -
- the bowl was snatched away from her hands.

"Yah!" Tzuyu chided and grabbed the bowl back, still stiffling a laughter, "Go get your own, this one's mine."

As she finished, she laughed yet again which showed her deep dimples.
Jeongyeon smacked Tzuyu behind her head, earning a groan from the latter.

"Idiot, why'd you have to make such a scene earlier?"

Tzuyu shrugged and countered, "Why did she tell lies? She got what she deserved."

"And you had to do it that way?" Jeongyeon berated.
"It was the best way!" Tzuyu laughed again, "I had to cut it off with Sana anyway, it ain't working with her."

Chaeyoung scoffed, "You and your way of thinking. I am amazed."
"I know, right?" Tzuyu grinned, "I mean, who do I take after anyway? Were my ancestors like this?"

"You took after none of your ancestors because you're the devil incarnate," Dahyun hissed and rolled her eyes. She may love her best friend, but she's too much at times.
The next day, Nayeon had received stares from the other students.

Some stared at her in awe for captivating THE Chou Tzuyu, while some stared at her in jealousy.

Have I forgotten to mention that some gave her the death glare?
Well, she received a lot of those stares. Everywhere she goes, not a single person would pass by without taking a glance at Im Nayeon.

Whispers and talks among the crowd only had one person as the talk in general, and that was her.
As she walked through the school hallways, she ignored those stares. Minding those would only add up to how bad she felt, and she didn't need more of that.

So, she goes through half of the day minding her own business. She decided to shrug off the aftermath of the -
- scene Tzuyu had caused and let it die down after a few days. If they aren't seen together, then people would get the idea that they aren't really together or maybe in other words, 'broke up.'
Nayeon couldn't really ignore those who'd randomly come up to her and ask about her and Tzuyu's love story, especially the freshmen who adored the tall girl very much.

With her feisty attitude and temper, Nayeon only got pissed as more came to talk to her. She couldn't just -
- tell them to get lost, so she decided to just smile all of it off.

All of the smiles were fake anyway.
But despite that, Nayeon felt extremely guilty. Sana wasn't in school again, and she knew all too well who the reason was; and it wasn't Chou Tzuyu this time.

Speaking of the devil,

"Hello, girlfriend."
* a/n: i’ll be updating between tonight and tomorrow *
Tzuyu was leaning against Nayeon's locker as the latter grabbed the books she needed for next period.

Nayeon glared at the taller girl, she didn't need another headache today.

"Go away, satan."

Nayeon slammed her locker door shut and walked away from Tzuyu.
Nayeon made her way through the crowd of students as fast as her legs could take her in hopes of getting away from the tall girl. She bumps into a few people on her way but was quick to apologize.

Unfortunately, Tzuyu was blessed with longer legs and caught up in no time.
"That's not how you should treat your girlfriend, you know."

Tzuyu smirked as she walked beside Nayeon, the latter trying to pick up the pace but the former would catch up right away.

People were starting to notice the pair together, earning them attention Nayeon did not need.
"Last time I checked, I absolutely do NOT have a girlfriend," Nayeon glared at Tzuyu who was just smirking down on her.

"Last time I checked, I told everyone I'm dating you," Tzuyu retorted, effortlessly catching up.

"Yeah? Well last time I checked, you were dating Sana!"
Tzuyu draped an arm over the fuming girl's shoulder, and had her face inches away from hers.

"Last time I checked, I dumped her in front of everyone because I told them I was dating you."

Nayeon was flustered at the distance between their faces.
She couldn't deny the fact that butterflies were swarming in her stomach.

Who was she kidding, this was her crush! Her crush who had her face literally centimeters away from hers and was breathing hotly on her face.

One little push could connect their lips and although that -
- didn't seem like a bad idea to her before, it most definitely did now.

This was wrong; Tzuyu's supposed to be with Sana, not her.

Tzuyu didn't seem to mind what she herself was doing either. In fact, she was very much amused at the bunny's reaction.
Tzuyu moved a bit closer to maybe try and close the gap, to tease Nayeon.

Honestly, she cared less about the fact that Sana was her best friend; she enjoyed the torment she was doing.

She enjoyed pissing off the smaller girl.
Mostly, she enjoyed the attention they were luring in.

It was a part of her new plan after all, to make things believable as possible.

Snapping out from her reverie, Nayeon pushed the taller girl off of her and Tzuyu stumbled, but quickly regained composure; still smirking.
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Nayeon hissed, an attempt to sound threatening but the light blush on her cheeks gave it away.

Tzuyu noticed it and just shrugged, "What does it look like I'm doing? I'm taking you to your class. That's what a girlfriend does, right?"
Nayeon couldn't believe how those words easily came out of her mouth, it added more fuel to her temper.

If not only for the presence of the faculty and students around her, she would've roundhouse-kicked Tzuyu back to the pits of hell.
She was fuming. She already felt terrible with Sana ignoring her for what just happened, but Tzuyu acting upon her reckless action?

She wanted nothing more than to wipe that sly smirk off her face.

"Don't talk smart with me, big ears. You know exactly what I'm talking about!"
Tzuyu pretended not to know, titlting her head to the side as if in confusion.

"Well, what are you talking about?"

The taller girl chuckled as the bunny let out a frustrated squeal as she stomped her feet. Students were still staring, who wouldn't be when you see Chou Tzuyu?
"Sana! I'm talking about Sana!"

Tzuyu just stared at her, showing no interest, "What about her? I always forgot about Sana anyway, so what's the point?"
Having enough of Tzuyu's games, Nayeon grabbed the taller girl by the collar and pulled her closer to meet Tzuyu at eye level.

Anger was surging through the smaller's veins. She had enough of Tzuyu's childish act. A day without her best friend was already too much.
People were still staring, glancing at them from time to time since they were the new "it" couple. They just brushed it off, thinking it was just a lover's quarrel.

"Listen, big ears." Nayeon had hissed, as if venom laced around her tongue, "I don't know what you have up your -
- sleeve, but I'm begging you to go talk to Sana. She doesn't deserve any of this! She's not coming to school and it's all because of me and all because of what you did!"

Nayeon sighed, her grip on Tzuyu's collar had softened.

She wanted nothing more than to patch things up.
Tzuyu shook her head at the outburst and laughed, smiling through her pearly white teeth.

"Then should I go talk to her about your lies?"

This took Nayeon aback, "What?"

"I'm not an idiot, Im Nayeon. Of course I know you lied to her."
Nayeon's expression had softened.

Of course, Tzuyu retaliated because of her lies. How stupid of her to think Tzuyu rode with the lies.

How stupid it was of her to think that the 'surprise' actually meant that Tzuyu was to reconcile with Sana.
No, Nayeon thought. She should be the one to fess up to Sana, definitely not Tzuyu.

Definitely not the heartless asshole.

"Honestly, I don't care about what you said to her. I don't care about her even. I think you know that already."

Tzuyu crossed her arms over her chest.
Tzuyu was leaning against the wall, eyeing Nayeon who was wearing a very confused expression.

She eyed Nayeon from head to toe as well, as if examining the girl.

She is pretty though, Tzuyu thought.

Nayeon stared back at the taller girl, trying to read what she had in mind.
“Then why are you doing this to me?”

She honestly had no idea why Tzuyu was like this.

Tzuyu heaved out a sigh, the question made her think.

Honestly, she too didn’t exactly know why she was like this. She didn’t know why she even bothered to bring torment upon her.
Maybe she liked pissing her off.

Maybe she just liked having her around.

Tzuyu shook her head and ironed her blazer with her hands, adjusting the backpack on her shoulder before taking a step towards the very confused bunny.
Tzuyu smiled, “I don’t know, why don’t you help me find out?”
As Nayeon was about to open her mouth to ask yet again another question, the bell had beaten her to it.

She didn’t understand the cryptic girl at all.

“Time for class, shorty. Your classroom’s right behind you,” Tzuyu pointed towards her class, pouting at the direction.
Nayeon continued to stare at the taller girl, still trying to get her to spill the answers.

Her brows furrowed, forming a crease in between her eyebrows.

Nayeon’s eyes bore into Tzuyu’s brown ones.
Tzuyu noticed the intensity of the smaller girl’s stare and smirked, ruffling her hair messing it up in the process.

Just like she always does.

“See ya around, girlfriend.”

Tzuyu turned on her heel and headed off the other way.
Nayeon stared at her retreating back, not moving an inch from where she stood.

Tzuyu’s words had her gears working. What she said didn’t make any sense to her, and given the fact that she had a crush on the taller girl not too long ago, it only made her overthink.
She was flustered, Tzuyu finally acknowledges her. Perhaps that crush she had on the beauty never really went away, but it felt so wrong.

Wrong in a way that now it seemed like she betrayed Sana.

Her heart was finally battling with her mind.
Nayeon shook her head, her best friend was more important over a mere crush.

She suddenly didn’t feel like heading to class anymore, but the teacher had to tell her otherwise.

“If you don’t get to class before I do, Ms. Im, I’ll have you do 20 laps around the field.”
Nayeon could have beaten the Flash for running as fast as her legs could take her.
It was the period before dismissal when Jeongyeon would share the same class with Nayeon.

Even in class, the stares of admiration and whispers did not stop. Nayeon had to glare at a few to have them back off.

Not an entire day has passed ever since and she’s already sick of it.
Nayeon hated too much of the attention she was receiving.

Luckily enough for her, Jeongyeon was her seat mate and was very much a big help in distracting the bunny-teethed girl.

“You have to listen to this joke,” Jeongyeon grinned.

Nayeon feigned disinterest, “What?”
“What’s blue and not heavy at all?”

Nayeon thought of possible answers but gave up, “Gee, I don’t know, Jeong. What’s blue and not heavy at all?”

The short haired girl leaned in closer to Nayeon as she tried to hold back the laughter which threatened to come out from her mouth.
“Light blue.”

Nayeon only face palmed at the lame joke.

Jeongyeon erupted in laughter, clutching on to her stomach. Personally, she thought it was funny.

The odds weren’t in her favor when her joke caught the teacher’s attention.
“What a witty joke, Ms. Yoo. I commend you for your humour.”

Jeongyeon who was still laughing at the joke and at Nayeon’s reaction, nodded at their teacher.

“I know, right? Want to hear another one? I got plenty.”
“Spare our lives and stop it with your lame jokes, Jeongyeon,” Nayeon had muttered, inaudible for Jeongyeon to hear.

The teacher, Ms. Oh, smiled sweetly at the short haired girl.

“I’ll hear more of it after class, Ms. Yoo.”

Jeongyeon was about to brag to -
- her embarrassed seat mate that her jokes weren’t all lame when Ms. Oh continued speaking.

“In detention. I’ll hear more of it in detention.”

Jeongyeon’s face fell, “Wait, what?”

Let’s just say she hated detention.
Nayeon was left all alone as the bell rang and Jeongyeon left to face the aftermath of her joke.

Usually she’d go home with either Sana or Jeongyeon.

But with the given situation, it looks like she was going home on her own.
She heaved out a sigh as she picked up her bag, and left after the rest of her classmates.

Nayeon was thinking of visiting Sana. She wanted to fix things right away.

Though it seemed like a good idea, she thought it wasn’t at the same time.
The wound was still fresh, and she thought it wasn’t wise to show her face to her best friend.

She decided to see her after a few days, maybe let Sana cool down for a bit.
The bunny-teethed girl who was wearing a very tired out expression just wanted to skip work and lay down on her bed.

Everything just stressed her out.

Nayeon decided to do so.

Just as she was about to step foot out of the school building, rain poured down heavily.
Nayeon cursed countless profanities, it wasn’t her luckiest day. She was pissed.

“Hey, stupid rain!” Nayeon shouted, “Thanks a lot, really! I’m having a really bad day and you suddenly decide to piss everywhere. Thanks a whole damn lot!”
Knowing that shouting at something that can’t talk won’t be of any help, she decided to search her bag in hopes of finding an umbrella.

Nayeon let out a frustrated squeal when she failed to find one.

“I’m stranded, then. Great! Just freaking great!”
“You really do have a screw loose. Which person in their right mind shouts at rain?”

Nayeon whips her head around only to find Tzuyu with a single umbrella in hand.

She rolled her eyes at her comment and looked back at the heavy rain pouring down.
Tzuyu took steps towards the bunny and halted when she was beside her.

“Ahh, such fine weather today.”

Nayeon side-eyed Tzuyu, who was only smiling back at her mockingly.

“Go find someone else to bother, devil incarnate.”
Tzuyu feigned hurt, placing a hand over her heart.

“Ouch, my girlfriend keeps on rejecting me.”

Nayeon ignored the teasing the taller girl was giving and crossed her arms over her chest, leaning by the threshold.
Tzuyu chuckled at the treatment she was giving her.

Actually, she saw the entire thing. From Nayeon shouting at the rain, to searching her bag for an umbrella and failed to find one.

She knew she was pissed, and she wanted to tick her off even more.
Tzuyu lifts the umbrella in her hand and examines it to mock the smaller girl.

“Hmm, I only have one umbrella,” Tzuyu turns to Nayeon who was still ignoring her, “Should I give it to you and let you go home first, or should I share my umbrella with you?”
Nayeon’s ears perked up at Tzuyu suggestions.

Well, it sounded very tempting.

She lets out a cough and faces Tzuyu, lips pursed as she looks up at the taller girl.

She decided to swallow her pride just this once.

“Hey,” Nayeon starts off, “I’m your girlfriend now, right?”
Tzuyu looks at Nayeon with a raised brow, “Last time I checked, yes.”

Nayeon smiled, and cursed to herself inwardly at what she was about to do.

She acted cute in front of Tzuyu, aegyo, all for an umbrella.
“Chewy-ah! You’ve been a good girlfriend earlier for escorting me to class ~”

Nayeon smiled through her bunny teeth and although Tzuyu found the act cute, it was hilarious to witness at the same time.

“Can you be a good girlfriend again share your umbrella with me, please?”
Nayeon finished off as she pouted, stuffing air in her cheeks.

Nayeon wanted to kill herself for doing so. It was embarrassing and most of all, she wad doing it in front of Tzuyu.

Tzuyu wanted to laugh right at her face, but had to keep it in.
“Hmm,” Tzuyu thought, tilting her head to one side, “If I share my umbrella with you, that means I’m a good girlfriend, right?”

Nayeon nodded eagerly, who wanted nothing more than an umbrella over her head and to head straight home.
She just stepped on her own pride, she swore this was the last time she was ever going to do this.

Tzuyu smirked at Nayeon who was looking up at her with these eyes.

“Alright,” Tzuyu nodded and opened her umbrella, “Sharing it is.”
Nayeon heaved out a sigh, for once the devil can be an angel.

Just as Nayeon was about to step under the umbrella with Tzuyu, the latter had walked past her.

She steps out of the building and under the rain, leaving Nayeon all alone and without any cover.
She looks back at the bunny with a smirk plastered on her face.

“But then again, I’m not exactly a good person. Where’s the fun in that?” Tzuyu shouted through the heavy rain, smirking.

Nayeon was fuming.

Tzuyu could only laugh.
“Bye, girlfriend!”

Tzuyu then walks away from Nayeon, still laughing her head off, and didn’t even bother to go back.

As Tzuyu’s figure got smaller as she got further, Nayeon could only glare at her figure before screaming which seemed to be music to Tzuyu’s ears.
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