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Tonight I want to talk about walking with God. It’s not hard to do, once you understand how it works, but many people are hesitant to try. They either don’t believe it will work, or they’re embarrassed to try. So, I’m going to give you an example you can adapt to your lifestyle.
The first step in walking with God is to realize that omnipresence means his is right beside you 24/7. When you brush your teeth, he’s there. Sit on the toilet, he’s there. Eating breakfast, he’s there. When you let frustration get the better of you, he’s there. He’s ALWAYS there
Once you acknowledge that, the rest is a matter of adjusting to that truth. Since God is always there, why not talk to him? Since he can hear your thoughts, you don’t have to talk out loud, although there’s nothing wrong with that. Think of him like a close family member.
Or a good friend. When you hang out with a good friend, what do you do? You talk about your day. You talk about your plans for the future. You talk about your successes and your failures. You ask for advice. Sometimes you just want them to listen and not judge.
So walking with God is not quite as strange as you might think. All you have to do is live your life and include him in it. Why not? He’s already there. The way God works with me is through thoughts. If, for example, I have a problem I need to resolve, I might ask him about it.
Then, I’ll get an idea of how to resolve the problem. Maybe not instantly, but within a close enough time frame that I know it’s him. Other times, he will put someone in my path who says something to me that sparks an idea.
Or I might shake my head and say, Why didn’t I think of that? The solution usually makes so much sense that it’s obvious it’s the solution. Another thing I do, when I think of it, is ask God who I should be praying for. The next person who pops in my mind gets prayed for.
If I go to the store and think, I’ve forgotten something, I’ll ask him to remind me what it was. All of this may seem trivial to you. Many people will insist that God has more important things to do than to remind you of the item you forgot.
That’s exactly what Satan wants you to think. Why would God care about you? Why would something so trivial be important to him? You should stop bothering him. This is why it’s important to have scriptures in your head. Remember when Satan tempted Jesus? How did he respond?
It is written. He’s your example. He walked with God every day. So follow his example. Feed your mind with the Word, and when Satan tries to trick you, you’ll know the answer. And the more you walk with God, the more ridiculous his temptations will seem.
If someone said to me, God is not like you describe him, I would smile and say, Yes he is. I know he is, because I’ve tested him. He has never failed me. You see, when you make walking with God a part of your everyday life, the scriptures come to life.
Ever read I will never leave you nor forsake you? I am always with you? When you know that experientially, it’s a lot harder for Satan to trick you. It’s like walking out of the house and expecting your car to be in the driveway. Why would you expect that?
Because it’s always been there. Because it was there when you last climbed out of it. If it wasn’t there, you’d be shocked. That’s how God can be for you. If you walk with him every day, he becomes a part of life, and you expect him to be there when you need him.
I have experienced this so much in my life that no amount of coercion could convince me otherwise. But I didn’t get here overnight. I had my doubts, my times when I felt unsure, thought maybe I was imagining it. But I made up mind to keep going, to not give up.
That is what you must do if God is to become a permanent part of your daily routine. If you’ve never done this before, here’s how to start. Read the Bible. I don’t mean start in Genesis and keep reading. I mean read it with purpose. You want to believe that God will walk with you
So, look for passages that talk about men walking with God. You can do this easily using a search engine. For example, I searched for “Bible verses about walking with God” and found this:… That’s a good way to start. Focus on a topic and learn about it.
Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with reading the Bible just for reading it. But, when you read it with a purpose, you find answers to the questions you have. And encouragement for your walk. All you have to do is keep at it. Eventually it becomes second nature.
I once climbed a cliff I was convinced that I couldn’t climb. As I tied on the rope, standing at the bottom, I closed my eyes and said, Father, I can’t do this without your help. Please show me where to put my hands and feet. Later that day, a guide approached me.
He asked me how long I’d been climbing. I said, I’ve never climbed before. Why? He looked at me, shook his head, and said, You climbed that like a pro. Now, how do you think that made me feel? I’ll tell you this. I never doubted God after that. It was a life-changing experience.
God will do exactly the same thing for you. He will help you triumph over the greatest obstacles in your life. And when he’s done, your faith in him will be solidified like concrete. All you have to do is trust him.
He might not work with you the same way he works with me. He’ll work with you in a way that works for you. My wife, for example, has seen very clear visions. I never have. I’m not a visual person. Others hear audible voices.
I never have, although sometimes the thoughts I get are so insistent it’s obvious they are God talking to me. Perhaps now you can see why, when someone hears voices, they say he is crazy. That’s another one of Satan’s lies.
When someone says they hear voices, they are being literal. Those voices can come from God or from Satan and his devils. It is not in their head. When a guy murders people because of the voices in his head, believe him. He IS hearing voices. They’re devil spirits.
But Satan wants you to think it’s crazy to do that, because then you won’t try to talk to God. After all, what if he answered? How would you explain that? You see how devious Satan is? To walk with God, you’re going to have to ignore what the world tells you and do it anyway.
IOW, you’re going to have to ignore the world and walk out on faith. But, when you do, the things you will see…..the experiences you will have…Trust me, it’s worth it. The life I have lived (and will continue to live) is incredible. If I revealed it all, few would believe me.
But this is not about me. It’s about God. And you can live the same life, if you simply make up your mind to ignore the naysayers and walk with him anyway. That’s what I did, many years ago. And I don’t regret one thing.
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