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In the next set of tweets, as I stated earlier on, I will be writing on the “Health Hazards of Cigarette Smoking”.

Let me warn you ahead, this is likely going to be a long post, but if you are patient with me, you will be glad you followed to the end.

And as I usually like to say, if you are interested in joining the conversation or in asking questions, please simply tweet at me or use #CigaretteSmoking, and I will definitely get to your question once I see them.

This hopefully will be a thread we all find educative.

So what is a Cigarette?
It’s essentially a narrow cylinder containing mostly tobacco that has been rolled into a thin paper primarily for smoking. The product is then sprayed with nicotine gotten from tobacco scraps.

That’s the simplest way to define it.
No matter how you smoke it, tobacco is VERY dangerous for you. There are NO safe substances in any tobacco products, from acetone and tar to nicotine and carbon monoxide.

The substances you inhale don’t just affect your lungs. They ruin the whole body.

How common is #CigaretteSmoking?

As at 2002, roughly 5.5 trillion cigarettes was produced worldwide and smoked by over 1.1 billion people.

That’s to say over 1 billion people or greater than one-seventh of the world population smoke cigarettes.

How serious is #CigaretteSmoking health complications?

It is said that 1 person dies every 6seconds worldwide.
America reports that cigarettes is the LEADING cause of avoidable deaths, killing about 480,000 people every year.
UK reports 100,000 deaths due to cigarettes.

I do not have the exact figures for Nigeria, but if the countries that have the best medical facilities like America and Britain are all lamenting over 100,000 lives cut short EVERY YEAR due to #CigaretteSmoking,

what do you really think are our chances in Nigeria?

Pls let’s be clear on one thing, dear friends.

Tobacco smoke is incredibly harmful to your health. There’s NO safe way to smoke. Replacing your cigarette with a cigar, pipe, shisha or hookah WILL NOT help you avoid the many confirmed health complications.

It is said that each cigarette stick shortens your life by 11 minutes. Usually one pack has 20-25 sticks, so taking one pack will shorten your life by about 4 hours.
So all u need is to take six packs to cut your life short by one day.

And many people do this without knowing.
Inhaled cigarette smoke contains over 7,000 chemical compounds, including terrible chemicals like arsenic, formaldehyde, cyanide, lead, nicotine, carbon monoxide, acrolein, and other poisonous substances.

And over 50 of these are known to cause cancer.

Cigarette smoke contains Nicotine which is sadly an addictive substance.

This is why it is quite difficult to stop smoking once you start, because the nicotine is a stimulant which gives a feel-good feeling that the brain then demands for more of.

Hence the addiction.
This is the reason why even in the hot sun, you will find someone sweating profusely but still smoking a cigarette.

He’s not trying to be warm, the place is warm already.
He’s simply addicted to smoking and he won’t feel alright until and unless he smokes.

Before I go into details, here’s a graphical chart showing the damages that #CigaretteSmoking is capable of doing all over the body.
Estimates show that cigarette smokers have up to 4 times higher risk of developing a stroke ahead of non smokers.
They have 25 times more risk of developing lung cancer ahead of non smokers.

#CigaretteSmoking has too many demerits that it’s an habit not to ever try at all.

#Cigarette smoking damages the heart and blood vessels by making them thick and narrower.

This can cause high blood pressure, clot formation in the brain or chest, strokes and long term disability, heart attack and a sudden “seemingly unexplainable” death.

This is no jokes.

Moving to the lungs,
#CigaretteSmoking is known to cause long term nonreversible problems:

-emphysema, the destruction of the air sacs
-chronic bronchitis, permanent inflammation of the airway lining
-chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
-lung cancer (90% of cases)

Still on the lungs,
#CigaretteSmoking can also worsen or prolong the symptoms of a person who already has chest problems such as asthma, or respiratory tract infections such as the common cold.

You just notice that for you a “simple catarrh” always becomes a serious problem.

Now to #CigaretteSmoking and cancer,
It can cause cancer almost anywhere in your body 😢 😢

Blood (AML)
Colon and rectum
Oropharynx (includes parts of the throat, tongue, soft palate, and the tonsils)

#CigaretteSmoking also increases the risk of dying from cancer (and other diseases) in cancer patients and even in survivors.

As a matter of fact, the CDC says
“If nobody smoked, one of every three cancer deaths in the United States would not happen”

It’s that serious.
Smoking destroys nearly every organ and ruins a person’s overall health.

Smoking can make it harder for a woman to become pregnant.

It can also negatively affect her baby’s health during pregnancy and after birth.

Many used their smoking to ruin innocent unborn babies.

Pregnant women must NEVER smoke cigarettes.

Smoking causes:
-Preterm (early) delivery
-Stillbirth (death of the baby before birth)
-Low birth weight (tiny baby)
-Ectopic pregnancy (a potentially life threatening condition where pregnancy is outside the womb)


#CigaretteSmoking is known to increase risk of orofacial and cleft lip problems in new born babies.

Why should a pregnant woman ever smoke?
Why do something that will only end up ruining your health and destroying an innocent unborn child?

These are all things to think of.
Talking of the Skin and Hair:

#CigaretteSmoking increases the risk of developing

Squamous Cell Carcinoma (skin cancer),
Fungal nail infection,
Bald head,
Grey hair,
Loss of hair.

Talking of Sexual Related Issues:

Nicotine affects blood flow to the genitals of men and women. For men, this can decrease sexual performance. For women, this can cause sexual disappointment by decreasing lubrication and the ability to reach orgasm.

Pls note.

#CigaretteSmoking can affects the quality of a man’s sperm, thereby making it difficult for him to have a child.

So those guys who say “My pull out game is on point 💯 “
Well, maybe you were just shooting blanks all the time 🤔

Have you thought of that possibility, bruv?

On a general note, #CigaretteSmoking is related to

Weak tooth and gums
Tooth loss
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Just overall decline in general health

The bottom line is that smoking is a very unhealthy and dangerous habit in almost every way you look at it.

But there is good news.
If you QUIT (not reduce) smoking, your risks for all these medical problems begins to drop significantly.

And generally, the longer you stayed OFF cigarettes, the better for you. For instance within 2-5 years of quitting, risk of stroke drops hugely.

So how can I stop smoking?

There are different treatment options.
The best treatment for you will depend on your personal preference, your age, whether you're pregnant or breastfeeding and any medical conditions you have.

Best bet is to speak with a doctor or your GP.

There are Nicotine patches, gums and inhalers which are all offered as forms of Nicotine replace treatment for those who want to stop smoking.

There are Smoking Cessation Clinics and Support Groups which are generally quite helpful.
(Not sure if we have in Nigeria though)

But generally, it’s easier and more achievable that you will stop if you talk to someone (a doctor or a therapist) who can then help you through the long but worthwhile journey away from the very dangerous habit of #CigaretteSmoking.

It won’t be easy.
But it is worth it.

Thanks for your time.
Thanks for reading.
Thanks for retweeting for many others to also read.

Let’s get the message out.
We can have a better and a healthier world, if we all do the little we can, from our little corners round the globe.

Thanks again.
Have a great day ahead.
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