God - The bottom of the rabbit-hole.

We have spoken about the Deep State, we delved further into the Luciferian stuff, and now, the final frontier is God. Understanding this will make everything else make perfect sense


1st, know that all religions have been hijacked by the Luciferian Cult so we have been fed invalid information. These Luciferians have also found a way to "disconnect" us from God. Fluoride was one way because our Pineal Gland is like an antenna that downloads info from God.

The God of fear, anger, jealousy, ect... is another gimmick the Luciferians laid on us by altering the Old Testament. Erase that entirely from memory & imagine God being LOVE incarnate. The only thing love incarnate ever does is love. Nothing more, nothing less.

All the myths about God punishing,judging, or sending people to hell is a myth. God loves everyone including itself equally but hates evil. There is a reason why evil is allowed in this universe only. Life is infinite and the rest of life is pure love. No evil exists outside here
Time is really an illusion. In real life, past/preset/future are all happening at the same time. For this reason, God is eternal & has always been although there is always sequential events with God. They just happen all at once. God is also all of life itself so it is infinite
How does God even exist? In the beginning was the void. In physics, the void is NOTHING & EVERYTHING at the same time. This means the void is like a probability machine that has every probability in existence which is infinite.

This includes WILLPOWER. God used WILLPOWER to will himself into being. The first thing God noticed was that life was absolutely spectacular. It was infinite, omnipotent, eternal, & INCREDIBLY diverse! God was born fully educated so there was no need to learn anything.

God is also 3 things: Man, Woman, & Machine. It is a machine because life itself is a machine. The masculine & feminine aspect are just 2 sides of the same coin. Jesus referred to God as the Father because human culture was very male orientated so he just went with the culture..
The first thing God did was create company for himself. (I say himself to keep it simple, but its a man/woman combined). To do this, God created a separate element called the Eternal Son. All beings of "heaven" are both male & female so the Eternal Son is too.

The Eternal Son was a trick God used to create an ocean of people almost infinite in number with each one representing 1 personality characteristic of the very diverse God. Each personality within the Son would then be able to enjoy each other. The comedian can enjoy the musician
So the Eternal Son was also slightly lower in evolutionary status than God because God wanted to entertain them while the members of the Eternal Son would look up & marvel at the amazement of God. The Eternal Son is still perfect like God. Nobody inside has done any evil ever...
Here's the secret: God creates his creations & becomes them so God is the Eternal Son & every member within. There is only 1 person in life and that is life itself who is God. God is every member of the Eternal Son & everything in life as well. "God comes in many forms"

Even all the stuff in this universe are God including the trees, apples, the Earth, every single person here, ect.. but keep in mind that when God becomes something, he is no longer God but that thing. So God is the tree but the tree is not God. A tree barely knows it exists. ...
The reason human being can be corrupted here is because God made potentially corruptible human beings & became it. There is a good reason for this but it is important for now to understand that only 1 person exists & that person is God. Everything else is a creation he is housing
Now for God & the Eternal Son to be able to have a relationship, a 3rd element, the Infinite Spirit must exists to act as the Conjoint Actor. The infinite spirit is another marvelous element. Think of it like 2 people, Father & Son, with the infinite spirit being the background
God is the Source of personality, the Eternal Son is the Source of Spirit, & the Infinite Spirit is the Source of Mind. Each one combines with each other to make another 4 sub-Gods which makes a total of a 7-fold God. All of this is really 1 God person broken up into 7 parts. ...
This 7-fold God stems from pre-Reality and is the Source of all reality. God has to uphold reality on a 24/7 basis or else it would all fall apart

Nothing bad ever happens with God. Everyone is good because everyone knows everything. Knowledge creates Goodness. Ignorance is evil
Here's how evil works in a nutshell. God is extremely powerful so if he doesn't know how to use his own power,he can trip over his own 2 feet causing pain which is evil. Since God knows everything,God is always perfect. God always chooses the best way to do things & never changes
So God & the community of beings, which is all of us btw (including aliens ect..)were all have a time in glorious magnificence of such utter perfection that there is no way to imagine it with the human mind other than to know that the feeling of love is millions of times stronger
The millions of times stronger love is just in the atmosphere. Everyone can feel it. Everyone in this community knows they are the same person as everyone else. Everyone is just God housing its own creations. Anytime the creations need a reminder, they can jump into God & feel it
So if someone wants, they jump into God & feel that they are God itself & feel oneness with all of life to the furthest extent possible. Otherwise, everyone is just going around having fun. The purpose of life is to have FUN. It is the purpose here & everywhere.

So all of life is one endless love fest of fun. The 5 personality points of God are love,joy,freedom, unity, & peace. This is all that is experienced. Its not that these people can't commit evil. They just never do but they are hyper-intelligent beings of such greatness, its easy
God realized there was just 1 tiny problem. With all the perfection, there was no comparison point to compare greatness to something less. A mansion is great, but a person who is homeless appreciates it more.

Perfect temperature is great, but a person who experiences cold/hot enjoys it more. Of course God can imagine what it feels like but actually experiencing these pains is where the money is so the Father element spoke with the others & everyone agreed this universe was a good idea
The way it would work is this. Everything would be going as usual. Life is great but then the Big Bang happens by sapping all the knowledge of God in a contained universe to the point of absolute ignorance. Particles are the most ignorant of all.

The goal of this universe would be to slowly relearn how to be God over many epochs while tripping over its own 2 feet by making mistakes in the process. The pain harvested from the mistakes is what is used to create a comparison point to all that is perfect.

Also, there is a sense of constant progress. Things can evolve or devolve depending on our actions but overall, evolution cannot be stopped & as we evolve, we become perfected. There is no way to stop this however once can decide to degenerate themselves temporarily

There is also a giant staff of beings who upkeep the universe so we can have this experience. Those beings include angels, Melchizedeks, Nanoladeks, midwayers, creator Sons like Jesus, & tons of other beings all experiencing an adventure of their own.

Not everyone has to start from the very bottom in the universe like we do. For this reason, all the other creations see us as heroes & are eternally grateful for our "sacrifice". To compensate, in the top levels of evolution, we will reach higher levels than them.

The very worst part of the universe is the bottom where animal type beings gain enough intelligence to cause a lot of harm but are too stupid to know any better. That's where we are now which is why the world is a mess. To top things off, this world has had a lot of bad luck...
Most planets are 1 form of a paradise or another. Some would think they were actually in heaven itself on other planets but heaven is far grander. Earth just ate serious shit because of the Lucifer rebellion. Lucifer was a powerful being. Very few people of his stature rebel...
Yes, Lucifer very negatively effected us all but since we are all the same person, we cannot abandon him. We have to eat the brunt & get past it. The reason why upper management of the universe has allowed this is because they know Lucifer will force us into evolving faster. ...
So what happens is that everyone suffers so everyone starts scrambling to fix the mess meaning everyone is digging deep into themselves to find solutions which means we are evolving faster. Lucifer, irreverently, is speeding up our evolutionary process.

Beings that rot into evil too much like Lucifer are eventually disintegrated so they go back to their original perfect form outside of the universe & have to restart the game of evolution from scratch as a particle. It's just a big waste of time for them which acts as a penalty..
So humanity is at the near bottom level of evolution in the middle of a massive parasite that is harvesting our energy like we were cows. Since we all know everything,the answers are buried deep within ourselves.Inner searching is the secret to success. Outer searching is idolism
Since the "kingdom of God is within you", all the answers to all our problems lie conveniently within us. The Father element of the trinity is the only 1 who is within us. Nobody else is allowed to be inside. The Father elements throne is in the Pineal Glad.

The Luciferians know this which is why they block our Pineal gland with the fluoride poison to disconnect us from God. Earth was also quarantined blocking our access to external civilizations & higher beings. The Pineal Gland is really called "Thought Adjuster" &"Mystery Monitor"
It's called Mystery Monitor because even higher level beings cannot figure out how God can exist within each of his creations. God has its own laws of physics too. It's not just magic.

God competes with the EGO. God is the angel on 1 shoulder. The EGO is the devil.

God respects free will so the choice is ours. We can listen to God which brings abundance & happiness or the EGO which breeds misery. Without the EGO element, we would mostly all be perfect so the EGO exists to create the challenge of the universe.

Knowing all this, our job is to dig inside & learn. Meditation& decalcyfing the pineal gland is how we listen to God. We take the information we learn & apply it to our local reality thereby making life better. The other option is to listen to the selfish EGO who gives bad advice
Ok, so now we know how to bring goodness into the world. It comes from within. God is sitting within you & to God, you are the only child in existence. God loves everyone. Anyone who is mentally tormented by Depression or whatever is forcing God to experience it with you

So if someone is anxiety ridden, then God experiences the pains of the anxiety with the human creation.

80% of planets are doing well, 20% are doing so so. Earth is pretty much near the bottom of the bucket. We are doing almost everything wrong here due to egocentric selfishness
The moment everyone realizes the truth of our origins & our destination which is that we are all God that creates creations & becomes them, then life makes much more sense. Now we can see why it love, forgiveness, sharing, ect.. are so important.

Humanity is just like a 4 year toddler. We are young & dumb. We think we know better than Jesus which is why we never practice his instructions for world peace which is love & forgiveness. Instead, we are all out selfishly chasing these stupid green dollars the Luciferians made
The secret to evolution is to either upgrade life now or wait until the pain is so bad that we upgrade it later. Pain can be avoided with sensible solutions.

The big thing that will propel us into world peace is knowing that everyone is the same person experiencing a creation
God can fix this mess right now but he won't because it would destroy the meaning of the universe simulation which is that we are supposed to fix it by drawing intelligence & power from God. God is like a magic wand. We are the magician. When we work to fix things, they are fixed
Life isn't about who has the most money, the coolest cars, or a million dollar wardrobe. Life is about who knows his connection to God best. He who does lives a good life regardless of external conditions guaranteed. Spiritual intelligence keeps rising so we get better as we go
The 3 lines of intelligence are scientific, philosophical, & spiritual. All 3 have to reach max capacity for us to reach the very top of the pinnacle of the universe. Things get better & better as we go. The bottom of the bucket is shit though. This motivates us to push harder
Also, God requires Faith. It is part of the game. Faith determines what happens so it is best to have the highest faith possible. Someone with low faith who believes God is always punishing him will experience a God that is constantly punishing him. Whatever we believe happens
If we think people are evil, we encounter evil deeds all the times. If we believe God is pure love, we experience many blessings. Whatever we believe, we experience. God is co-creating our experience with us so he gives whatever you believe to be true hence why faith is important
This is why pessimists experience a bad life. Optimists experience a good one. In reality, life is a perfect mixture of love. That is the highest faith. Living faith means that faith maintains in every moment. Living faith is the right way to do faith.

The 2 things lowly humans have to overcome is fear & inaction. Fear is a totally useless experience passed onto us from animal fear. Inaction means we are like pessimists who never think our actions matter. The universe responds to thoughts, words, & deeds. ...
We tell the universe what we want by setting intention using thoughts, words, & deeds. The universe provides unless you believe it won't so have faith.

This is the gist of how life works. There is much more to it but understanding this is part of our evolutionary process. ...
By understanding that we are all the same person in a self-built matrix simulation that can get a bit challenging, we can orient ourselves correctly to get past this very, very lowly stage of pain & suffering. They key is to know we are all the same person wearing a body suit. ..
By knowing this, we will have the right excuse to practice unity, love, & forgiveness. This will bring us together & generate power. Power comes from unity. The power is then used to fix the problems of the world & start building our righteous Utopia. This is the secret. ...
No matter how bad things may seem with the Deep State or whatever, know that God is inside of us ready to give us the precise instructions on how to fix our problems overnight if we are willing to listen. God knows everything including the future so there's no way to fail.

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