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🔞 Jimin and Yoongi have a regular sex life: they are a romantic couple, they make love. But after Jimin’s friends plant an idea on his mind, he wants to try out spicing up his alone time with his boyfriend, getting kinky for the first time 🔞

“You’re dating Min Yoongi?” Eunwoo asked out of nowhere while Jimin was typing on his laptop

Jimin looks up and nods slowly and she turns her phone to show a picture of him and Yoongi from the elder’s last show on his instagram “The rapper?”

Jimin nods again. Her eyes glint
“So is it true?”

“What is?” Jimin asks innocently

“What he says on his songs,” she starts “about, you know” she smiles slyly

Jimin moves his head to a side confused, they need to get this paper done and Eunwoo will need to be more direct if she expects him to understand
“He mentions lots of stuff in his songs” Jimin reasons

His friend rolls her eyes “Jimiiin, comeee on, spill the details”

“What details?” He laughs

“He has a song all about oral sex,” she snorts “those details”

Jimin freezes, hands hovering over the keyboard, and he blushes
He laughs nervously “Ah Eunwoo, don’t be nosy”

The girl shakes her head “This is bonding Jimin! We are bonding over dirty secrets”

Jimin laughs, he knows people usually talk about this stuff. His best friend Taehyung is like that as well, but Jimin is not. He likes his privacy
It’s not like there’s much to tell, there’s no dirty little secret. He and Yoongi have been dating for months now, there was a lot of mutual pining before the elder confessed, and they do make love, regularly, and Jimin likes it and it’s lovely, he wouldn’t call it a dirty secret
“Umh, well, he’s caring,” Jimin says “and he’s really gentle and sweet” Jimin smiles as he talks about his boyfriend. He blushes thinking about being intimate with him so he shakes his head. When he looks up his friend is unamused

“Just say you don’t want to spill the beans”
Jimin frowns “What do you want me to say?”

“Jiminie, I bet you two get down to some crazy and wild stuff! He totally gives off that sexy vibe!”

He does??? Jimin is taken aback

“And so do you!” She flicks her hair back

He does??? Jimin looks at himself and doesn’t understand
“Oh no, we are not like that-“ he moves his hands a lot, suddenly embarrassed “We, we are your regular couple! Just- normal”

His friend senses his distress so she apologizes quickly for overstepping but after a while she speaks again “But Jimin...kinky doesn’t mean not normal”
Jimin looks up at her, and maybe the fact that he didn’t answer urges her to keep going

“I mean, it’s healthy” she laughs and Jimin shakes his head, he really doesn’t want to talk about this, but he, for some reason

“What do you mean?” He blurts out “We aren’t dirty- or gross”
“It’s not being gross! It’s about pleasure!” She looks bewildered “Come on, your boyfriend sure is very graphic about what he does with his tongue when he’s fuc-“

“Stop” Jimin blushes

“Sorry” she chuckles “I mean, i get you don’t like that stuff but don’t think badly of it”
Jimin only nodded and got back to work, but after a while his mind kept going back to what his friend meant with Yoongi giving off a sexy vibe, he does think his boyfriend is very attractive, of course he knows but did Yoongi give off that vibe of someone who has lots of kinks?
He doesn’t want to ask Eunwoo though so he just tries to think about it, he and Yoongi have had sex in the shower, that definitely is kinky, Jimin thinks. Yoongi once came on Jimin’s face, that does sound very dirty. Jimin frowns because he thinks Eunwoo didn’t meant that
Yoongi did have lots of raps about sex and sweaty bodies but that was Agust D, the persona, not his Yoongi. his Yoongi is sweet and funny, and likes to watch Jimin’s face while they make love and always makes sure Jimin is feeling very very good. Jimin is now definetly blushing
But what if Yoongi is that kind of person that likes kinks?

When Jimin hears the words he can only think of feet fetiches and being held down by chains or whipped and he doesn’t like the sound of that, he doesn’t imagine Yoongi liking it either, Yoongi is sweet, he wouldn’t-
“Jimin stop pressing the space bar!” Eunwoo scolds and Jimin stops daydreaming, he looks up blushing and she squints her eyes “What are you thinking about?”


“Sure” she shrugs and keeps typing

After a couple of clicks Jimin speaks up “Is shower sex a kink?”
Eunwoo snorts “Oh god Jimin”

“Would you consider that wild?”

“Honey, that’s adorable” Jimin frowns. And after a huff he keeps typing


The girl laughs out loud “Okay, that’s better” she lifts an eyebrow “Why? You curious?” She grins like a cat and Jimin looks away
“No. Was just asking” She hums and then

“Doesn’t Yoongi have a rap about fishnets?” She says out of the blue. And he does, about ripping someone’s fishnets but that doesn’t mean anything, Yoongi has never asked Jimin to wear fishnets like the song, it’s only a rap, nothing more
“Is that a kink?” Jimin asks

“Wearing fishnets?”

“Ripping someone’s fishnets?” Jimin thinks about the rap

“You should ask your boyfriend,” she shrugs “also, check the third paragraph, I think it’s going on circles” and Jimin nods, going back to think about kinks and all that
Jimin is falling asleep in his couch when he hears knocking on the door, he waddles happily towards it knowing who was behind the door.

“Hey baby” Yoongi smiles and Jimin is clinging onto his boyfriend, asking about his day at work and if he’s hungy and if he wants Jimin to cook
“I just want to sleep” Yoongi yawns and walks towards Jimin’s room, “Come with me” Yoongi pouts and kisses Jimin’s hand and then clasps them together “I want cuddles. I can’t get cuddles back home,”

And there’s now way Jimin can say no to that, Yoongi is so cute
And when the lights are off, and Yoongi is breathing steadily, running his hands up and down Jimin’s back, Jimin bites his own lips before saying what’s been on his mind all day

“Would you like it if I wore fishnets?”

Yoongi’s hand freezes, he rubs his eyes “Jimin? You okay?”
“Is that your kink?” Jimin asks curiously “Are fishnets considered a kink?”

Yoongi laughs now “What are you talking about baby?”

“You have this one rap-“

“Oh” Yoongi holds Jimin closer, he leans in to grab Jimin’s thigh and lift it to his sides “Well, you have pretty legs”
Jimin squints his eyes “So you are dirty minded”

Yoongi laughs, showing all of his gums “What are you talking about? Is there something I need to know?” Yoongi’s hands are travelling up Jimin’s thighs, playing just underneath his boxer shorts

“Someone told me you look kinky”
Yoongi pouts “Should I be offended?”

“You don’t look like someone that would get horny by doing crazy stuff like spanking or choking” Yoongi coughs to a side “so, i think you should be offended!” Jimin reasons

“And how do people that like that look like, baby?” the elder asks
“I don’t know, they dress all in black and use leather clothing and have whips-“

Yoongi is laughing out loud “Jimin what the hell” Jimin doesn’t get why Yoongi is laughing but he seems to be having a good time “That’s a nasty stereotype baby, you’re wrong”

Jimin rolls his eyes
“Everyone can have kinks, you could also not have them” Yoongi says “You don’t need to look a certain way or act a certain way to like some stuff, it’s just natural?” the elder tries to explain himself better, “You like what you like, it’s about feeling good”

Jimin stares at him
“So you are kinky”

Yoongi laughs in disbelief “We all are a little bit,”

Jimin frowns “I don’t want to be chained or put chains on you”

Yoongi blushes “Don’t go to extremes,” the elder pulls Jimin on top of him and Jimin lets him, settling on his lap “You’re full of prejudice”
“You’re confessing to me that you are kinky” Jimin pouts “You’ve kept it a secret for so long”

“Shut up” Yoongi laughs “You asked! these are the kind of stuff that needs to be discussed, and you’ve never seemed to be into anything special so I haven’t brought it up”
“And you want me to wear fishnets”

Yoongi sighs, but kisses Jimin nonetheless “I want you to be comfortable with what you do”

“Okay” Jimin nods


“Let’s see what I like and what I don’t like, we won’t know until we try it out right?”

“Umh, well-“ Yoongi stammers
“You tell me what you like and I’ll tell you if I’m okay with it”

Yoongi looks away “I don’t want you to feel like you need to agree to something just because I said so”

“Don’t worry, love. I will probably be grossed out by everything” Jimin chuckles and Yoongi shakes his head
They end up with Jimin’s laptop opened in the middle of the bed and Jimin sitting between Yoongi’s leg back pressed against his chest, Yoongi’s chin resting on Jimin’s head

“What do you usually like in porn?” Yoongi asks as he opens a couple of websites and Jimin is embarrassed
“I don’t watch that much, it’s- it’s obvious they are faking, i don’t like that. And well, umh anal,” Jimin needs to calm down, but talking about this out loud is different than making love and it’s Yoongi, he shouldn’t feel ashamed “i like rimming and- all that”

Yoongi chuckles
“Come on Jimin, don’t be so tense” Yoongi kisses the top of his head “Nothing in particular you like? Or something you watched and caught your attention” Jimin shakes his head, he’s actually embarrassed but Yoongi seems to understand

“You sure you want to talk about this?”
“Yes” Jimin feels Yoongi smile “Aren’t you sleepy though?”

Yoongi shakes his head “You basically threw cold water on me, baby. I’m wide awake” Jimin frowns and before he replies Yoongi points at the screen “Why don’t you read that list and tell me if you see something you like?”
"We are never having sex in a public space, that's not hygienic"

Yoongi laughs "Noted"

"And let's keep food out of it! No, no, no I do not want to see that" Jimin scrolls down as quick as he can trying to get that strawberry out of his mind, he shudders and Yoongi only chuckles
Jimin stops at face fucking, there are a couple of thumbnails showing snippets of the videos and Jimin squints his eyes as the men on the screen deep throat and he pictures himself doing the same, "I like that"

Yoongi tenses for less than a second and then hums
Jimin keeps scrolling, squealing when he gets to the ropes "That must hurt so much!" he complains. Before he goes to the next page there's a thumbnail of a blindfolded man, and Jimin looks at it and he might get a bit giddy at the thought, so he points at the screen

Yoongi whispers next to his ear "Blindfolds?" Jimin nods slowly, and Yoongi hums in content "Good, I like that too", his voice drops low and rough

Jimin hides his face on his hands "Stop it!"


"You're using you bed voice, I don't like it!"

"My bed voice?" Yoongi laughs
Jimin turns around as much as he can with the little space he has between his boyfriend's legs, so he can see only half of Yoongi's face "The voice you use when he sleep together"

"Is it different? I hadn't noticed" Yoongi plays dumb

"You make it lower and deeper, and it's hot"
"Ah, it's hot. You like it, when I speak like this only to you?"

"Yeah" Jimin finally confesses since apparently tonight is The Sex Talk

"You like it when I tell you what, baby?" Yoongi wonders and Jimin hates him, because his boyfriend is making fun of him and that's mean
"For real Jimin, is there anything you like to hear me say, or call you?" Yoongi whispers but it's so caring, Jimin melts into him

"I like it when you say what you're going to do, when we are together, and you- you start telling me what you want us to do and how you'll do it"
"Dirty talk" Yoongi suggests

"Don't say it's dirty! It's just- hot" Jimin reasons, and Yoongi smiles endeared "Or like, when you tell me I'm doing good, I like that" Jimin plays with the hem of his shirt "Because, since I'm so inexperienced I need you to reassure me" Jimin sighs
"Ummh, you always do good, baby" Yoongi kisses his neck "You're always so good to me" he whispers into the skin and Jimin shivers

"Don't say it because you're my boyfriend, and you have to make me happy" Jimin bites back

Yoongi is so giggly "I mean it, Jimin, you're perfect"
Jimin is feeling brave thanks to Yoongi's words and attitude so he just goes for it "There's something I also like"


"You remember that one time, when we- umh, we tried doing it on my hands and knees" Jimin blushes at the memory and Yoongi nods, of course he remembers
"And, you were into it and" Jimin is blushing, this is so embarrasing for him "you told me I was being messy and very slutty and" Jimin covers his face, he has thought about this never said it out loud "you apologized later and i said it was okay.. but I actually really liked it"
"Oh" Yoongi circles his arms around Jimin's waist

"I actualy like being a little messy and slutty for you, only you" Jimin conffeses and Yoongi lets his head rest on the younger's shoulder, he groans a little and mumbles "You have no idea what you're doing to me right now Jimin"
"Is your kink helping me find my kink?" Jimin jokes and Yoongi kisses his cheek messily and he nods

"My kink is making you feel good and safe with him" Yoongi jokes back, Jimin smiles brightly and turns his head to catch Yoongi's lips into his, and kisses him deeply
Yoongi's hands are moving to Jimin's thighs, dangerously close to his crotch as roams around, they keep kissing until they break apart for air, but Yoongi takes the opportunity to kiss Jimin's neck, settling there and sucking at the skin

"I also like it when you bite" Jimin says
Yoongi bites his neck in response and then Jimin is moving the laptop away so he can push down Yoongi against the bed and climb on top of him, Yoongi's hands go to Jimin's ass on instict because he needs something to hold on to and that's clearly the best option there is around
Jimin rolls his hips over and over against Yoongi's bulge getting worked up quickly

"Feels good, baby" Yoongi reassures and starts moving his hands up to get rid of Jimin's shirt

"I like it when you call me baby" Jimin smiles and he sits to lift the shirt and throw it somewhere
Jimin is feeling confident suddenly, he thinks that it's probably thanks to all the talking they've been doing before, because now he feels more comfortable, more daring

"What should I call you then, if I'm your baby? Daddy? You'd like that?" He grinds against Yoongi's crotch
Yoongi bites his lips and chuckles a bit "Daddy kink? Really?"

Jimin is on a roll though "Sir? Master? Any of those is better?" Yoongi actually coughs this time

"Jimin, what the fuck, how?" Yoongi splutters

"I just read the titles of the porn videos, silly" Jimin giggles
"I only wanted to be a responsible boyfriend but now I'm turning you into a monster" Yoongi wails and Jimin laughs bending over but Yoongi catches him, and Yoongi is so good, he's so good because he always makes Jimin feels comfortable and safe and wanted in moments like this
“hyung,” Jimin whispers “hyung, can you be rough tonight?”

Yoongi gulps loudly, he looks up at Jimin nervously “How do you want it?”

“On my hands and knees, but- want you to go hard”

“I’m hard already” Yoongi deadpans, and Jimin knows: he’s sitting on it, so he only ignores it
“Turn around” Yoongi orders then and Jimin gets to move “Can you do me a favor baby?” he asks

Jimin nods as he gets rid of his boxer shorts

Yoongi takes his shirt off and stares at Jimin “I- I want to try something, but I don’t know if you’ll like it”

“Tell me, I’m listening”
“Want to-“ Now Yoongi looks embarrassed and Jimin likes that look on him, he thinks this is good. It’s good that they are getting more in tune with the other

“Tell me”

“Want you to come when I tell you to, I want to push you close to it and then not anymore and again and again”
“Jimin, I know we don’t usually do it like this but- I want to see you shaking from how good I make you feel, shaking and shivering and begging, want you to feel so good so much that you can barely hold yourself up with your arms-” Yoongi growls as he moves towards Jimin
And just the thought has Jimin twitching “Yes, Yoongi, yes” he nods from where he’s laying on the mattress

“You’ll listen to me baby?” Yoongi smiles, and smacks Jimin’s ass lightly ushering him to get on his knees

“Yes,” Jimin is arching his back “What should I do?”
Yoongi looks for the lube as he speaks “I want you to open yourself up, and be good because I’m watching”

Jimin nods, he blushes at the thought, Yoongi has always opened him when they’ve made love so this is new to Jimin

Yoongi leans into his ear “If I overstep, you tell me”
Jimin’s fumbles with the bottle of lube, getting his fingers wet rubbing them together to warm it up. His boyfriend is touching his back soothingly and just knowing that he’s watching has Jimin moaning loudly at the press of the first finger. He pushes it inside a couple of times
“You look so good,” Yoongi breathes, and he listens how he’s stroking himself and this is not like what they usually do so Jimin is blushing and hiding his face when he gets the second finger in, scissoring them to stretch himself better for Yoongi “So fucking hot, Jimin”
“Hng, hyung, I can’t reach” Jimin trashes around, trying to get his fingers to go deeper but the position is not good and his fingers are too little

“Who told you you could reach? You’re only opening up for me doll, getting all ready for me, nothing else” Yoongi growls
Jimin whines but he looks over at Yoongi to let him know that it’s okay

“Get one more” and Jimin does, three fingers in and he’s already asking Yoongi to do something

“Hyung, fuck me” Jimin pleads “I need you, need you in me” and Yoongi moves Jimin’s hand away but

“Not yet”
“Ah- Yoongi- Please” Jimin moves his body, trying to convice the elder to touch him but the elder even moves around the room -possibly looking for a condom- ignoring Jimin and then

Yoongi finally pulls Jimin’s fingers out and Jimin mewls when he feels Yoongi’s dick pressing in
And without warning Yoongi pounds inside and Jimin archs his back to get him to hit where he wants to. Yoongi sets a fast pace but he hits deep with every thrust and Jimin moans each time, voice getting higher and higher everytime, “Yoongi, hyung, harder,” Jimin pleads
“Who told you you could say what you want?” Yoongi growls and Jimin shivers, his voice turning him even more, “Be a good boy and suck, can you?” Yoongi forces his fingers inside Jimin’s mouth and Jimin lets him, getting to suck and lick them while Yoongi fucks him from behind
Jimin moans around Yoongi’s fingers helplessly, he needs his boyfriend to move a little bit, only a little but he doesn’t and Jimin whines

Yoongi seems to have other plans though, because he takes his wet fingers out of Jimin’s mouth and moves them to the younger’s chest,
Jimin didn’t expect to like it so much when Yoongi pinches his nipples, he is ashamed because it is something very dirty, and he hides his face and bites his lips to control his gasps

“Baby, you gotta tell me if you like it” he rubs his wet fingers and Jimin nods still hiding
“Nipple play, another one for the list” Yoongi laughs lowly, “A praise kink, a humiliation kink, you sure you didn’t know about this stuff baby? You seem awfully dirty to me”

“Shut up! Just keep-” Jimin lowers himself so he’s supported on his knees and chest and not on his arms,
Yoongi hisses at the angle change. With free arms Jimin grabs Yoongi’s other hand and the one on his chest to lower them to his own waist, “Fuck me harder,” Jimin pleads looking over his shoulder directly to Yoongi, who looks thirsty and messy. Jimin moves his hips desperately
And now that Yoongi has his hands secured around Jimin’s petite waist, he can hold him still “Don’t move around” he warns, and Jimin goes still, wants to be good, wants Yoongi to be rough

Jimin lays on the mattress, arms thrown next to him, only his hips lifted by his knees
Yoongi leans in to grab Jimin’s chin and turns his face to a side, “Want to see you, don’t hold back on the noises. I like them”. Jimin nods blushing because Yoongi always tells him that, that he wants to see him, wants to hear him. Yoongi leaves a kiss on half of Jimin’s lips
And then he gets back at it, pushing inside of Jimin all the way inside, he takes it out painfully slowly so Jimin feels his length inside, but them he rams inside hard and Jimin mewls at the pleasure, and Yoongi is hitting the right stop over and over, with every thrust
Jimin feels very dirty at the moment. they usually make love face to face and slowly, and lazy, but right now Jimin is in this position, and his boyfriend is going hard and there all these squelching sounds and the slap of skin on skin. Jimin feels so good, so dirty and good
“More” he asks as his whole body moves with the force of Yoongi’s thrusts

Yoongi’s hold on Jimin’s waist will probably bruise, but he only tightens it. Trying to control himself.

Jimin whines louder “More,” but he stops when Yoongi moves one hand to wrap it around Jimin’s cock
Yoongi’s hand wrap completely around Jimin’s dick, so when he strokes he’s got all of Jimin, and the pleasure is always too much “Ah- Yoongi,”

Yoongi rubs his thumb over the head, spreading the precum even more, he strokes fast and hits Jimin’s prostate each time “‘m close”
“Yeah?” Yoongi quickes the pace

“Yes Yes,” Jimin moves around helplessly, feeling his orgasm building, the tingly sensation spreading in his lower area, he moans as Yoongi keeps going inside and out, his body reacting “So close”

And Yoongi moves his hand away and slows the pace
It’s like a punch in the gut, Jimin groans “Ah no, no,” his body trembles, the sensation being too overwhelming, he was just there, it was so close. Jimin whines and tries to touch himself but Yoongi stops him, pining him down “Look at you, you have no idea how hot you look”
“h-hyung,” Jimin whines “please,”

Yoongi lowers himself to kiss the moles in Jimin’s nape, “Tell me if it’s okay, if you didn’t like it I need to know”

Jimin can’t take it anymore, he needs to see Yoongi. He moves around the bed to end up underneath him looking up “‘liked it”
They get back to it, Jimin is already on edge so the build up is fast, and he knows Yoongi is also close by his erratic movements and loud groans

“You open up so good for me,” Yoongi growls, he slaps Jimin’s thigh and Jimin keeps a mental note to mention spanking to Yoongi later
“Come on my face” Jimin asks

And Yoongi doesn’t need to be told twice. He moves closer to Jimin’s face, and the younger only opens his mouth to take him inside. “Like the video?” Yoongi laughs but then stops when Jimin nods

Yoongi fucks inside his mouth, Jimin laid on his back
“I’m close, Jimin,” Yoongi moans “Fuck, baby, you- ah-“

Jimin twirls his tongue, savoring before Yoongi pulls back, he strokes himseld three, four times and then Jimin is closing his eyes because there’s cum on his face and Yoongi is breathing heavily looking at his work
Yoongi can’t help himself he lifts his thumb and spreads the cum around Jimin’s face, it drips down so Yoongi presses his thumb inside Jimin’s mouth for him to swallow the cum there

“Shit,” Yoongi mutters, as Jimin still with eyes closed sucks on the thumb, licks all the cum.
“Want me to blow you? eat you out?” Yoongi wonders as he cleans Jimin’s face “You’re still hard”

Jimin has the audacity to blush, he just had a facial and he downright blushes when he whispers lowly “eat me out”

Yoongi prays that he doesn’t get hard again but he doubts it
It’s fast, Jimin is already a mess as soon as Yoongi licks over his hole, his thighs already trembling when Yoongi sucks. Jimin is far gone when Yoongi pushed his tongue inside, babbling incoherently, grabbing whatever he can from the sheets, begging for anything from Yoongi
Yoongi pushes his fingers inside along with his tongue and Jimin feels again his orgasm building “Let me come this time, hyung, please, please” he begs as his thighs tremble and Yoongi only hums around Jimin’s rim.

“Ah- ah-,” Jimin moans loudly when he comes all over the sheets
“It was true” Jimin says when Yoongi is falling asleep once again, after they cleaned up and changed the sheets. Its around 3AM and Yoongi really is tired now

“What is baby?” He mumbles to Jimin’s neck, as he hugs him closer

“The rap, ‘I’ll make you come with my tongue’”
Yoongi laughs “You never asked me to prove it to you”

Jimin hums, kissing Yoongi’s nose “What about the other raps? They are true as well?”

Yoongi chuckles “Of course”

“Ah kinkyyyy,” Jimin gasps “Guess I’ll wear the fishnets then”

The elder fake wails “What have I done?”
“My sweet innocent Jimin, trying out all this dirty stuff” Yoongi pouts and Jimin squirms around trying to get the elder to look at him

“I just want to feel good with you, want you to make me feel good and I want to make you feel good too” Jimin admits and Yoongi smiles warmly
“Me too, baby” Yoongi kisses him “I love you”

“Love you too” Jimin mumbles and they both drift off to sleep

When it’s dark and they can only hear each others breathing Yoongi breaks the silence “What about tying you up?”

“Hyung that’s-!” Jimin stops and “We can talk about it”
🍆💦 THE END 🍆💦
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