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The AJAC Formula for Marketing

-Be Prolific-Pick 1-2 platforms, and go scorched earth. Post constantly, post often, post all the time around the clock non stop.

This requires consistency and dedication and you must be an engine of content
if you do this, and your content is valuable, you will accrue an audience. You will be impossible to ignore

-Be Polarizing-Guess what, its the 21st century and someone hates you just for being you. Embrace it and let the freak flag fly
You don't want inbetween people following with weak personalities and no spine, you want bad motherfuckers

Don't play for a crowd, act for Tribe of like minded people who will support and who you HONESTLY can be yourself with
The truth of the matter is that being yourself IS your greatest weapon, there is no one else like you,

and you need to maximize that if you want to a personal brand that is true to who you are and a following that you have an authentic connection with
-Be Personal-How much do I share about myself? A LOT.

How many people do you follow who are vapid and cold and distant, but seem really cool? None

To be personal and be honest is the only way to craft a personal brand that cannot be taken from you
And whose narrative YOU control. To share of yourself and bring out what is within is where you are most powerful.

If you are not willing to be personal, and want to remain generic, straddling the mediocrity fence, your personal brand will always be fragile
2. Always be giving yourself away-I've written hundreds of thousands of words, dozens of programs, and I've not slowed down. Does anyone reading this doubt that Im insincere in giving value?

The old school, corporate style of marketing is product first, marketing second. That works for a corporation, that does NOT work if you are a personal brand online.

Its personality first, value foremost, product comes later
3. Numbers don't Lie-Are you getting more followers? Yes or NO? Is your email list growing? Are producing content every day?

I dont focus on sales, I care about THREE things

-Email subscribers
-Twitter follow
-conversation with people
I know what variables matter, and that is my tribe, my audience.

Conversion rates, clickthroughs, funnels, IDGAF.

Are my people hearing from me DAILY, is conversation being had? Yes or No?

Are numbers going up? Yes or No
I am simple on this one. Ive worked for 5 different brands, the ONLY thing Ive seen consistently matter is page views, subscribers, and engagement
4. Engagement-And I don't mean the content you produce

I mean do people actually talk to you through it. My following has always been organic. I TALK TO PEOPLE. Emails, videos, AMAs, etc
Even phone calls (some of you have my cell number)

That's engagement, and you cannot fake it. If you want a personal brand thats online, you need to be engaging with people all of the time. People are what make your brand powerful
If you are producing often, but engagement is low to zero, something is not working

Don't expect to have 100 people show up commenting because you published some thing once, but if you are producing consistently, but it seems no one cares, you must reassess
5. Fuck Everyone Who Tells You What to Do-

I oscillate between kind, thoughtful, and open, and being hostile, acidic, and brash. I KNOW I do

But Im honest about it
I block anyone who annoys me, I've kicked people off this email list more than once for complaining when I posted something they didn't like, and my general willingness to take advice is in the negative numbers
That I am low in agreeableness is no mystery to me.

But I also have a very very very clear sense of myself, my brand, and I know what happens to people when they acquiesce to the demands of their crowd and audience, and lose themselves in the process
Ive seen it firsthand training actors in Hollywood, who lived for approval

Ive seen it in another online fitness brands, where the person became so enraptured and caught up in the attention cycle that they became a slave to it
I've seen it with business I've worked for, where they wanted to please the customer so much, but the customer does NOT know how the business runs, the customer only wants what they want
I love my audience to death, you people are what my life is built on, but I also know that you are here because, in a simplistic and reductionist sense, I am giving you something you want
And that's how it is supposed to be. We don't follow people we don't like who have nothing to offer us (unless its political twitter)

That said, what you want from me and what I want and feel compelled to give you, that NEEDS to stay the same thing
This is one of the paradoxes of the personal brand-You are giving yourself away, but you are also rejecting anyone who does not want what you have to give, and you must be selfish in doing so
6. Discipline, Always-I write every day. I tweet every day. I answer upwards of 50-100 messages a day. I do not get tired doing this

I also know I cannot stop doing this. For as long as my brand is myself, I run the Arena
I might be able to step away at times, but I hold no illusion that I can exit this completely and be "unknown" again

(that would be creating business that are separate of me, which is part of the long term plan, but not the whole plan)
People have told me Im disciplined, I don't think so, as I find this EASY to do, but I also recognize that fact that there is no "off" for running this type of operation

Momentum cannot be taken for granted.
That applies to ANY kind of business, in ANY domain. Growth is paramount, momentum is mandatory, and once you have a particular formula of operation, you execute, day in and day out
Evolution will happen, and should happen, but "stopping' is never part of the process. Action is an act of infinity if it is to create anything

Do not stop because you cannot stop
7. Be Having Fun-

if this wasnt fun, I wouldn't be doing it. I realize some people have the impression that Im highly serious. I am NOT

Having an online business, you must enjoy the process, and part of that is injecting your personality into
You are in digital reality, if you are going to be here, why are you going to be miserable?

Why are you not going to talk about what you want to talk about?
Why should you not enjoy connecting with people?
Why should you not THINK BIG ?
you cannot dream big without fun, you CANT

Massive growth and Vision are frightening as hell if you dread the work & process. They are highly exciting if you can imagine every joyous moment that will come with it, because there WILL be Joy
8. Know What You Are About-

A personal brand if your personality, if you are boring, so too will your brand be. If you are interesting, you will be compelling. I don't think it can be said any clearer than that
If you want a Mono-brand about one thing, you can do so, but you must be all about that and be able to personalize it
9. You will need a Strategy and a Vision Eventually (If you don't already have one)

-I know i've got a formula that works for growth, but the challenge, if what you are doing is working, is the vision of the "next level"
Assuming you make it through your first year and don't quit, you are going to be need to become more business saavy and approach this as you would any other business; where are we at, where are we going, and how are we getting there
10. Mistakes Are Part of the Process-

Nothing goes completely smooth and in a straight line. Dispense with the idea of failure completely. Leave it out of your vocabulary
Expect that there will be many things that don't work, You will zig and zag, adjustments will need to be constantly made, and learning is, of course, constant and unending
If you are perfectionist, working online will eat you alive. It cannot be done

You have to be evolving, and the principles by which you operate cannot be fixated in being expressed and applied in only one way.
11. Be Goal-less-But you just said....I KNOW WHAT I SAID.

Here is the greater reality

You are yourself, your work is you. Your experiences are you, your power comes from you. The most powerful "brand" in the world is the individual living their life.
And your life does not have a singular goal. Once you reach one "goal" another arises.

A life is not lived for a moment, but by moments, and it goes that way until you die
An "online business/brand", its part of YOU. And goals are limiting. You can have milestones you can to achieve, you can have conditions you want to create,

but life goes on, life is always in motion
The game is you are ALIVE, and if you can answer the questions of others, provide solutions to problems, and create things that create more things in the time you are living,

You are doing pretty good
Lastly, credit to @thecadclub and his YPBB course.

Doing the course last year helped crystallize all this and more, and applying it has taken me to the next level
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