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Democrats are foaming at the mouth, with their panties in a knot. They're experiencing paroxysms of rage! In other words, their natural state under the Trump presidency. Poor dears!
They're furious at Trump for pulling the US out of their bad and unworkable "deal" with the Iranian mullahs. (If only they'd get this mad with Iran using those pallets of cash Obama gave them to fund terrorist attacks.)
Democrats (and their media echo chamber) insist that we have to honor their deal because the US gave its word to a country whose leaders routinely chant, "Death to America!". (Although the same chants are heard routinely at Berkeley, only louder.)
They cooked up their Iran "deal" - the crown jewel of Obama foreign policy - and served it up (illegally) in such a way as to bypass the usual checks and balances. You know, the ones laid out in the US Constitution.
They knew their now-defunct deal - the product of 20 "arduous" months of giving Iran everything it wanted - was so manifestly flawed, it would never get proper Senate ratification as a treaty.
So the Democrats packaged their raw deal as a non-binding political commitment.
Formally, it's called the "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action". Whether the "deal" possessed even a scintilla of legal force was itself debatable.
But, trust us, the Obama administration insisted - the Iranians just can't wait to have their nuclear ambitions "constrained" by this unverifiable plan. (And, if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.)
As a sign of their good faith commitment to the "deal", Iran has since launched 23 ballistic missiles. The "deal" loosened UN prohibitions against such ballistic missile testing by Iran.
This Iranian behavior should be as shocking as "discovering" that prominent New York Democrats beat and rape women (while sanctimoniously claiming to support the MeToo movement).
Democrats warned Trump not to can their deal because it was the best they could do. Then promptly changed their stance when it became clear their deal was in jeopardy.
Suddenly - magically - they were brimming with suggestions on how to "improve" a bad deal to begin with. The "deal" included loosening sanctions so that Iran can finance its peace-loving terrorist activities throughout the region.
Nervous liberal nellies scream that, by canning their precious "deal", Trump has removed Iran's incentive to at least put on the appearance of not developing nukes, while developing nukes. Got it.
Secretly, Dems were looking at the bright side - hoping that Kim Jong-un would now see the light, reassess the situation and change his calculus, moving him away from striking a deal with Trump. And possibly handing him the Nobel Peace Prize.
But! The Trump-Kim summit is still on. Sad! 😂
Democrats are gripped with fear. The poor little darlings fear that "isolationist" "warmonger" "trigger-happy""incompetent" Trump is at the cusp of achieving a seismic foreign policy game-changer: bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula.
Obama made national self-loathing and apology tours hallmarks of his foreign policy. So naturally he felt duty-bound to lose to Iran in negotiations. Gotta rectify America's past "imperialism". So naturally the Iranians took Obama to the cleaners.
With Trump, the opposite is the case. Art of the deal negotiator. Big difference. The Norks know it. Which is why Pompeo returned with three freed American hostages. Unlike Obama, the US didn't have to hand Kim pallets of untraceable cash in exchange for their release.
The Iranians know it, too. They'll continue to make noise about "restarting" their nuke program, but they know Trump has a nuclear button on his desk. It's bigger than theirs and it works!  (The Israelis have one, too!)
Iran well knows it can't bluster Trump into surrendering to handwringing from Democrats and their media carrier pigeons. Kim's nuclear blackmail didn't work with Trump. And, unlike Iran, #NoKo actually possesses nukes.
Iran already got a bloody nose after its proxy Syria got Tomahawked by Trump last year. Trump took the blood and drew a red line. No vanishing ink. Last month, he punched again. From afar, the Norks watched. And redoubled their commitment to meet with Trump.
From the moment Trump stepped into the Oval, he fired up the US's security sectors. The Iraq mess, fixed. ISIS, crushed. Caliphate, gone. Military, rebuilding. Don't mess with the #StableGenius.
That's why the "news" is all about Stormy Daniels, the size of Trump's hands, April Ryan's latest hissy fit - and not the latest ISIS snuff video. There isn't any.
When all you see on TV are hours of "reporters" complaining that Sarah Huckabee Sanders keeps outmaneuvering "reporters" - that's when you know things are going swimmingly.
The US exit from the Iran "deal" demonstrates that when Trump labels a bad deal as a "bad deal" and pledges to put it out if its misery, he means business. It's how he rolls. #MAGA, baby. #KAG2020
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