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Jimin has gone missing with no way to contact him
Yoongi is the only one out of their worried group of friends aware that Jimin is a camboy but he doesn’t know his account. He joins nsfw twitter in hope they help him contact Jimin to find him

🔞🔞🔞 warning for some pictures that may appear at some point but this will mostly be crack, also Jimin is safe, he’s gone missing by his own choice aka he’s ignoring his friends calls -just stating this now so don’t think he’s in real danger-
this is what happened
it’s been hours
worried friends
Yoongi is thinking
Yoongi remembers this conversation he had months ago

Yoongi knows: Jimin has a nsfw twitter account, Jimin has him blocked, Jimin doesn’t want anyone to know he has this account

Any way to contact him
Help Yoongi
meanwhile in a side of nsfw twitter Yoongi hasn’t found yet
yoongi needs nsfw twitter to notice him if he wants to find Jimin’s account
Yoongi is trying to understand nsfw twitter
if nsfw twitter is full of subs then what is Jimin and who’s driving the car?
yoongi is learning
don’t judge a book by it’s cover!!
it’s a nice community
Yoongi changed the layout and gained followers
let’s pretend this are direct messages 🤪
this is a new development for Yoongi
kitten is a brat and yoongi can’t believe what he’s seeing
Yoongi is learning so much new stuff!!!
meanwhile in a side of nsfw twitter yoongi hasn’t found yet
yoongi needs a new strategy because this ain’t working
Yoongi needs to keep his followers with quality content and then ask for his missing camboy. Will Jimin help him get into dom space? or “Yoongi stalks Jimin’s personal twitter and goes with the flow”
stalking Jimin’s account is working for Yoongi!
what will be the reaction of user verynsfw aka min (looking for a sub) to these tweets?
Yoongi is learning about nsfw twitter and about himself
maybe he snapped and got some followers
Yoongi only wants help
Also Jimin:
help him!!!!
they will have to find each other eventually 💞
dogs that bark don’t bite
great editing skills, also

minnie explains
Jimin is getting lots of questions regarding the conspiracy theory
yoongi gained 2k followers, nsfw skinny legend
let’s do business
hyung will take care of it
what do you want min to do?
min’s followers want.....
listen to him?
he’s got a mission
Yoongi hasn’t read the caption yet
yoongi is mad
an audio 😨
the audio
Yoongi is learning some stuff
min keeps feeding his followers
let’s pretend this are DMs!!

also, Yoongi is now using whispergg account
detective min
sad detective min
fucked detective min
yoongi got to the gold mine
jimin 😤
yoongi realized two (2) things
yoongi’s research
🤙🏻 digging 🤙🏻
The new reveal brings the game to a new level
back to the first method
DM 🤙🏻
he’s nervous
avoiding questions
all these secrets
on his way!
jimin explains (1)
jimin explains (2)
jimim explains (3)
jimin explains (4)
Jimin whipped his head as soon as Yoongi sent the last message

They looked at each other. Jimin sitting on the floor of the small restaurant and Yoongi frozen next to the entrance. Jimin’s eyes were red and puffy from crying and he looked very pale, probably because of the cold
People were moving inside the place, waiters and costumers, and there was a loud noise coming up from the kitchen on the left side and another sound of plates and glasses clacking. But Yoongi didn’t hear or see anything else but Jimin, and the way a smile crept on his pretty face
And when Jimin’s eyes disappeared into crescents then Yoongi walked towards him, leaving behind the cold and the dark outside into the warmth of the small ramen place. He moved past cramped small tables full with people, hunching his back because the restaurant had a low roof
Jimin was on a corner, empty table with only a bowl and glass of water. There was a cushion on the floor next to where Jimin was sitting and Yoongi knelt there facing the younger

Jimin was about to open his mouth but stopped when Yoongi looked down to rumage through his own bag
Yoongi wrapped Jimin in a fluffy white blanket, even if the ramen place was cozy, the younger was still trembling. He rubbed his hands up and down Jimin’s arms and then Yoongi made sure the blanket was securely put around Jimin,

Jimin whose pale cheeks were starting to color.
Yoongi looked up then to find Jimin staring directly at him

“Hey there”. Yoongi finally said as he began to move away to give the younger some space

Jimin got a hold of Yoongi’s wrist and pulled, trying to get him to stay as close as they were “Hey there”. Jimin mimicked
Yoongi complied and got close to Jimin. The younger pulled harder, and Yoongi was only centimeters away from Jimin. The pink hair looked good on him, Yoongi really liked it, it made Jimin look even softer and that was bad for Yoongi’s heart.

“You got here fast” Jimin whispered
The elder hums at the observation, he might have driven faster than he intended, he might have ran towards the restaurant once he got out of the car, he might have lied about how long it took just to able to surprise Jimin with his arrival

“There was no traffic” Yoongi reasons
“Want to go home?” Yoongi whispers. They were speaking so lowly, as if their voices got higher something would break. Probably them.

Jimin only closed his eyes and nodded. “I’m glad you’re here,” he says and moves his head to Yoongi’s neck, freezing the elder “I’m happy now”
Yoongi couldn’t take it anymore, he had been so worried, he had done the most absurd and crazy only to find Jimin, to know he was okay, and now he was here, leaning on him, his breath ghosting over Yoongi’s neck.

He hugged Jimin, squeezing tightly as if he were to go away again
Jimin returned the hug, grabbing Yoongi’s shirt into fists, and Yoongi was grateful they were on a dark corner of the restaurant, hiding from anyone else

“Don’t ever do something like this ever again, Jimin,” Yoongi sniffed, his eyes were getting teary and he hated it, “don’t”

“You scared me so much,” Yoongi’s voice trembled, “You got youself in danger and I wasn’t here to help you”

Jimin smiled softly and cleaned a tear away from Yoongi’s face with his thumb. “I’m okay”

Yoongi pouts “If you feel sad again, don’t walk away from us- from me”
“If you feel insecure, worried or broken,” Yoongi is moving away to be able to hold Jimin’s face with both hands. “Promise me, you’ll come to us”

Jimin’s face does an ugly gesture and he’s also crying and they are a mess, “I’m so sorry hyung, I’m so sorry I made you worry”
“Aish Park Jimin, don’t cry” Yoongi scolds and rubs Jimin’s eyes forcefully

The younger complains and flicks him off “You’re also crying, hyung”

“‘M not” Yoongi pouts, and by the way Jimin’s eyes glint he imagines it looked very cute. Jimin is gaping at him, blushing madly
“What?” Yoongi scowls at all the staring that Jimin is doing.

“You-“ Jimin moves his hands around nervously and then he breathes out a small “I like you”. He looks away and then whispers “I can say it now, I really like you, Min Yoongi”

Yoongi smiles endeared “I like you too”
Jimin jumps on him again, throwing his hands around Yoongi’s neck “I’m so glad you’re here, i’m so glad it’s you” He mumbles and Yoongi hums, drawing circles on Jimin’s back with his hands

“I’m glad you’re okay” Yoongi whispers to his neck, leaving a small kiss there afterwards
Jimin stops sniffling at some point, calming down in Yoongi’s hold. Yoongi tries to move him to watch his face but Jimin is hugging him tight and won’t let go

“What is it baby?” the petname falls from Yoongi’s mouth easily, Jimin tenses even more

“I’m embarrassed” he confesses
Yoongi blushes slightly, knowing too well where this is going “Why?” he teasingly asks either way

“You’ve seen everything already,” Jimin trembles in Yoongi’s arms

Seeing the younger like this fuels Yoongi somehow “But some streams were made exclusively for me, weren’t they?”
“No,” Jimin whispers “all my streams are made for my followers, I just had you in mind while doing them”

Yoongi is suddenly aware of Jimin’s body and he starts to feel warm

Yoongi grabs Jimin’s wrist and stands up, dragging him along “We’re not having this conversation here”
Yoongi pays for Jimin’s food and drags the younger towards his car through the streets. Jimin is giggling

“What?” Yoongi scowls again in the sane night, Jimin only keeps giggling

“You’re so cute” The younger smiles and Yoongi stops abruptly, making Jimin crash against his back
“Explain” Yoongi orders

“You get so flustered, hyung! It’s cute” Jimin chuckles, and his laughter slowly dies down, he takes a deep breath, his eyes soften “I’m sorry though, I made you worry so much you got youself into an uncomfortable situation. And- that’s not fair”
Yoongi is confused

“You- I know I said I wouldn’t date someone that couldn’t dom me,” Jimin laughs nervously “but- I don’t mean that, I mean it’s only a tweet and uh- you don’t have to do anything you’re uncomfortable with, I like you hyung, just you” Jimin confesses again
“What are you talking about?” Yoongi smiles “You know? these last days I’ve learnt more stuff about myself than i’ve done in the last year” Jimin moves nervously from side to side, “And I’ve got to know more about you even if you weren’t next to me” Yoongi walks closer to Jimin
“Don’t think I was uncomfortable” Yoongi says as he circles his arms around Jimin’s waist “It was a bit crazy, had to do the fast learner edition” Yoongi kisses Jimin’s jaw softly and lowers his voice “Would have been better if I had a teacher like you” Jimin melts into his touch
“But there’s no need to worry, pretty, I wasn’t doing anything I wasn’t comfortable with, I mean if I hadn’t m been worried about you all of the time then I’m sure it would have a quite enjoyable experience” Yoongi explains as Jimin holds onto him

“We have a lot to talk about”
Jimin and Yoongi are discussing about the elder’s discoveries in nsfw twitter as Yoongi drives them back home when he remembers

“What are we going to tell the guys?”

Jimin bites his lips in thought “Umh, I don’t want them to know the complete truth, I might tell Tae but-“
“We can tell them we had a big fight, because we didn’t want them to know we were dating” Yoongi gets creative as he rests his hand on Jimin’s thigh “And you left because you were mad at me and I had to take care of it myself”

“Oh! so we are dating now?” Jimin smiles brightly
Yoongi hums “If you want to”

“So you’re my boyfriend? and I’m your boyfriend?” Jimin asks happily

“That’s what dating means, yes” Yoongi doesn’t get his eyes off the road but he catches Jimin squealing

Jimim brings out his phone excitedly “nsfw twitter will go crazy!!”
minnie explains
nsfw power couple
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