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1. #QAnon responds to the news of "Five Most Wanted leaders of ISIS just captured!"

Are they naming

Are they mentioning
"No Name" #McCain's prev meeting(s)?

Is there afoot a sense of

Is that why #Songbird's making
"Discussions of death/funeral?"
2. One of the captured #ISIS leaders to whom #QAnon refers is reportedly Saddam al-Jammel… #Q
3. #QAnon. Saddam al-Jammel is said to be a former drug dealer involved more recently with making family members watch each other's beheadings. One whole family objecting to his "marrying" their 14 y/o daughter's said to've been kidnapped and murdered. #Q…
4. Perhaps more to #QAnon's point, al-Jammel a leader in the "Free Syrian Army" (FSA), says in a video they'd occasionally meet with "representatives" of the intelligence agencies of the United States, who'd provide financial aid, intel, and weaponry. #Q…
5. "Names?" Another of the 5 captured mentioned by #QAnon is ISIS Syrian field commander Mohammed al-Qadeer.
6. The 3rd of #QAnon's mentioned is Ismail al-Eithawi, aka Abu Zaid al-Iraqi, told to use his phone to summon the others, was a direct aide to ISIS leader Baghdadi, responsible for funds transfers to ISIS bank acnts in diff countries #Q…
7. The 4th & 5th of #QAnon's mentioned captured are Omar al-Karbouli and Essam al-Zawbai in connection with #McCainFuneral. Is #McCain's loss of mental judgment from brain cancer
"Medical or escape?
Now comes the pain.
8. #QAnon also makes mention of #JohnKerry's seditious attempts at undermining our country's efforts in freeing the Iranian people, freeing the world. #Q Many agree that it is treason. #LoganActViolation…
9. To #QAnon's above points, one anon shares an investigative piece on linkage of #NeverTrumpers to #MuslimBrotherhood #Q…
10. #QAnon speaks to two levels of betrayal, personal and country. Although there was some friendly fire taken, Q didn't intend to divide true Patriots. Rather, Q was baiting bad actors. Don't listen to anyone telling us that they have an inside scoop from Q. Not happening. #Q+
11. One anon reflects I think quite wisely on #QAnon's above post (10.)
12. #QAnon refers mysteriously to a


"We will not be held hostage."… ?
13. In response to #QAnon's post, anons point out the guy that claiming he saw sealed indictments, and our favorite Infowar Doc w false decodes, smoked themselves out. #Q lit the fire w/o "names".
14. #QAnon drops a pic of the Marina Bay Sands: Singapore Hotel, entitled "NKSINGSEC" Hmmm.....
NK - North Korea
SING - Singapore
SEC - Security (?)
15. #QAnon "SKY EVENT" SpaceX launches an upgraded Falcon 9 -- the first of its kind. The "block 5" version of the booster has numerous design changes to improve performance and safety, while allowing the company to refly first stages 10 times or more. #Q
16. #QAnon "SKY EVENT" aborted at t minus 58 seconds. #Q
17. #QAnon'd made shocking reference Apr 18, suggesting Gen McMaster's father'd been "187"'ed (murdered) in retaliation for McMaster failing to retain his position where he'd had @POTUS' ear as a #DeepState operator.
"Threats are real.
WAR is real.
#Q "But, MSM said "accident".
18. #QAnon affirms an anon's graphic pointing out that a Pennsylvania nurse has now been charged in blunt force trauma death of HR McMaster's dad, charged w neglect, manslaughter & tampering w records. "Future proves past."

"This is not a game.
19. #QAnon drops a pic of Mont Blanc Starwalker Extreme, the same pen #Q has posted multiple times, with black presidential EO document folder & WH letterhead w file name

@POTUS soon to sign Exec Order to release FISA abuse intel?…
20. "We knew this day would come", #QAnon, "Protective measures are in place. Remain BRAVE.. No more "conspiracy". About to learn "the criminal & corrupt [pure evil] abuse of power that the Hussein administration undertook w/ foreign dignitaries" #Q
21. Some anons believe that this fascinating message dropped by #QAnon may have been "signed" by @POTUS. "D5"
D=4th letter of alphabet + 5 = 45th President of the US

Others relate it to a chess move telegraphed a while back by @JulianAssange
22. #QAnon drops “castle lock” relating back to d5 chess move from previous over!

"Protective measures are in place."

@POTUS back from Indiana. A man's home is his castle.

23. #QAnon previously asked "Who knows where all the bodies are buried?" @JulianAssange? Does D5 mean Assange is free and has the MOAB to drop the evidence?

24. Another interpretation of #QAnon's "D5" reference is that D5 is the highest rating for an avalanche, in context of #Q saying: "The snowball has begun rolling - there is no stopping it now. D5."
25. #QAnon: Rank & File employees of DOJ, FBI, CIA, State, G-2 (military intel), SIS (UK MI6) are white hats, collecting intel on bad actors, & good ones as well, to see who's who.

"Not Forgotten.
26. Since ALL the pictures #QAnon posts are originals, it means that they were there to get the pictures that are dropped (eg, here, Singapore).
27. Wow! #QAnon gives US some real food for thought. #HRC's cash dried up post-election, especially after SA's reform. But now she's getting $5.5M from NZ/Five Eyes (FVEY) partner(s). What did she sell them in NZ? Why's still have clearance to spy on US from there, w no logs? #Q
28. #Qanon: What if Hillary were blackmailing New Zealand's intelligence service over their participation in illegal ops under the Obama administration?
"Selling silence?"
"Selling Secrets?
Selling 'Future' Access [to regain control/power]?
29. #QAnon: What if an ex-official w US security clearance could obtain in New Zealand, Australia, UK, & Canada intel docs on US citizens with nothing being logged?

Why do they keep their security clearances?
Not for the reasons we've been told.
30. #QAnon suggests facebook is storing our meta-data according to China's accessability. #Q refers to targeting [F9 algorithm]…
31. An anon realized that #Qanon's mention of Facebook's F9 referred to the SpaceX Falcon 9 project. #Q affirms by exhorting further exploration.

32. #QAnon's posts have anons wondering whether SpaceX's Elon Musk is really a white hat, or, is he a black hat. #Q…
33. So #QAnon affirms Facebook's evil F9 referred to the SpaceX Falcon 9 project, called attention to a "SKY EVENT", just before today's SpaceX Falcon 9 launch, which was subesquently scrubbed at 58 seconds before launch. #Q
34. And all of this predicated by #QAnon's initial referenced distinctions between a Patriot vs a Traitor, personally, and as with country. #Q
35. Latest prior #QAnon thread is unrolled here…
36. @threadreaderapp please unroll latest #QAnon thread here:
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