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1. #QAnon responds to an anon's rant at @RealAlexJones by reminding us that, when it comes to divisiveness, it's

"Time to move on.
Big week ahead!
2. #QAnon's response to the anon refers to the criticism of Alex Jones "making us all look crazy." But, in the spirit of it being "time to move on", #Q posts a link to the Alex's representation as a "performance artist."…
3. To #QAnon's point, clearly, Alex Jones is a performance artist. A lot us are. Nothing wrong with that!

4. Wow! On Mar 3 2018, #QAnon cited our social media narrative being controlled through a singular censorship algorithm embedded across multiple platforms. #Q suggested a class action lawsuit being an effective recourse.
5. Then, upon Mark Zuckerberg being dragged into Congress to be questioned about it, #QAnon told, Apr 9 2018, that was then "XMAS IN DC". To avoid Facebook public disclosure, PRIVATE meetings were arranged where Zuck made campaign contribution promises, shell corp. donations. #Q
6. At that time, Apr 9 2018, #QAnon specifically referenced Facebook's violating "OUR PRIVACY, actively TRACKING YOU, reading your PRIVATE messages, and CENSORING (anti conservative)." The suggestion was, again, that

7. So, guess what? Now #QAnon drops us a link on, indeed, "Facebook Facing Class Action Lawsuit."

"PEOPLE UNITED hold the power.
8. #QAnon dropped May 4 2018 "John Kerry & Iran: Important context for future news." #Q asks, "Why is ..John Kerry traveling world wide and meeting with foreign heads of state.. enemies of the U.S?" Now even the Jeff Bezos WaPo finds it outrageous!…
9. To #QAnon's point: #JohnKerry just left a meeting in Paris with 3 Iranians using a 5 man security detail in diplomatic vehicles. A friend next to their table heard #Kerry berating the President of the United States in front of them. @POTUS #Q.
10. So, #QAnon notes John Kerry traveling around the globe dining with "some enemies of the U.S.", while "blasting" the @POTUS.
@_JasonOsborne asks accordingly whether #Kerry is lawfully registered as a Foreign Agent as required through the #DOJ? #Q…
11. #QAnon: "Why do 'Former' Dignitaries Still Hold SEC Clearance?" #JohnKerry in a Five Eyes country, still holding his SECurity clearance? Blasting our President to those who wish "Death to America" for nuclear bomb control? Nothing to see here?
12. #QAnon asks where did the #IranDeal cash planes go? Did all planes land in same location? Which western politicians received how much bribe money from Obama during nuclear negotiations to persuade #IranDeal?”
It will be interesting to learn. #Q
13. #QAnon:
"Treason is 1/10"
14. #QAnon notes it was important to clean misinformation & heal our core of division attempts prior to next events. Though never named, those guilty exposed their divisiveness by (predictably) reacting immediately to accelerate #Q's response to timetabled misinformation-attack.
15. Some anon's that bought into the "#QAnon's compromised" nonsense were whining today for, once again, #Q to confirm himself.
"Message sent.
Message received." <--4 minutes later
16. But,
"The choice has always been yours.
The choice will always be yours."
17. #QAnon re-affirms his prior stipulation: There're no private communications made by #Q outside of his platform on the boards. Those who claim to've special inside knowledge otherwise should be considered #FakeNews, & disregarded: Where We Go One We Go All, Patriots! #WWG1WGA
18. #QAnon: The Iran deal transferred $1.7 Biliion in cash transfer on 5 planes flying 4 routes. But did the total withdrawal actually depart EU? The world's welfare was being put at risk w bribes/kickbacks, just as w #U1 bribes to #ClintonFoundation.… #Q
19. #QAnon: The Iran deal was all about securing a black site for the #UraniumOne tranfers - The ‘Exchange’ of our security for money to cabal. Iran deal profiteering CEOs've been resigning since @POTUS' election.… #Q…
20. #QAnon has told us about this for months about these bribes. Now Iran is threatening the #EU to reveal names & how much money Western politicians received to make Iran deal happen should they stop trading with Iran & not pressure US to stop sanctions. #Q
21. It's no coincidence that Tero Varjoranta the UN chief of inspections quit just 3 days after US withdrawal from the Iran deal.…

"Corruption everywhere.
22. Things are looking up.
We are in this together, not divided.
We will succeed in this fight.
Peace through strength.
If America falls, the World falls.
Godspeed, Patriots
23. #QAnon: Isn't it unusual that the 29K+ sealed indictments ( haven't been leaking? Evidence of crime presented to grand jury sealed until ready to arrest. Sessions has Huber as special prosecutor for FBI, #U1, #CF crimes. C_A / State - next? Cleaning.
24. #QAnon posts link to the seditious shadow government set up to advance globalist leadership in opposition to our duly elected President of the United States. They call themselves "National Security Action" NSA? #Q
25. "Well done, Anon", #QAnon said, for posting screen shots of
Ben Rhodes' #DeepState unelected shadow goverment. "National Security Action" #Q
26. #QAnon appears to be linking Ben Rhodes' seditious unelected "National Security Action" shadow government to Loop Capital graft. #Q
27. #QAnon confirms we are correct in understanding "National Security Action dot org" as a shadow government that no one elected.
#Q #nationalsecurityaction is not entitled to our #NationalSecurity
28. #QAnon's drop on this Ben Rhodes' shadow government finds it to be comprised of many Obama State Department Has-Been's, in stark comparison to our new, elected government State Department's sudden success & intent to get State now into playing field & get back our swag!! #Q
29. #QAnon's drop on Rhodes' "National Security Action" shadow government shows the very faces behind the #DeepState. They openly oppose @POTUS's policies and advocate to stop our duly elected President of the United States. It is written right there in black and white! #Q
30. #QAnon's drop on Rhodes' treasonous "National Security Action" unelected shadow government shows site actually proposing to "restore American leadership". They openly propose enlisting foreign nations' support to depose our American President! #Q
31. #QAnon's drop on the Rhodes' #NationalSecurityAction cabal shows them apparently literally proposing to conduct their own "diplomacy" as if they were America's elected government, proposing conspiracy with foreign powers to topple our elected American government. #Q
32. #QAnon calls again to the question, "Why is #Kerry in the EU?" Pictures of the 3 Iranians who met with #JohnKerry yesterday entering their Paris hotel the “Prince De Galles” reveal them to be diplomat-terrorists incl. Kamal Kharazi #Q
33. To #QAnon's question: Macron & Merkel made White House visits pleading to stay in #JCPOA #IranDeal not because of its global nuclear threat, but to save their business deals & kickbacks. #Q
34. #QAnon questions who's now in a "pickle"?… But, now, "Will Iran expose the names of corrupt officials?" Or,
"Will the US expose the names of corrupt officials?
We await" their answer within 48 hours.
D5 Avalanche.
35. #QAnon: drops on foreign infiltration of our US government.

"It’s all connected.
Welcome back #Huma.
Now comes the pain.
36. #QAnon responds to an anon on need for FBI & DOJ to be cleaned for any justice under law, otherwise charges'd be dismissed by corrupt FBI/DOJ. S'why D's slow-walking Fed judge nominations to delay arrests. But "watch what happens" within next month till NK summit. #Q
37. #QAnon responds to an anon concerned about time needed to get all judges confirmed, clarifying sequence of strategic priorities:

"What must happen pre ..RED wave?"

"Post midterms..
38. #QAnon+:
We'll never forget.
Don't glorify us.
We're merely the vehicle.
You're what matters..
Stay strong.
This's bigger than any one person/entity.
You're fighting for truth - collectively.
Will of the people.
The choice'll always be yours.
God bless.
40. @threadreaderapp please unroll latest #QAnon thread here:
41. #QAnon" “ On Guard” means queen in check. Likely reference to Angela #Merkel most powerful European leader who gave keynote speech at [48]th #Davos annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. #Q
42. To #QAnon's "on guard" queen in check #Merkle comment: #Daimler & #Siemens have heavy stakes in Iran despite weak nuclear détente not lasting.



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