Someone tweeted to me last night about our need of a healthy two party system, and I was already agitated from the long move and seeing stupid tweets from people defending legalized lynching so I did not want to rudely clap back on that tweeter due to that. /1
But I did want to eventually respond to my thoughts on anyone who claims to want change after Trump who still believe in the Republican party, conservative agenda Pre Trump. Or the remnants of fossilized dust that will hopefully be the only thing left after this mess. /2
I get the feeling said tweeter has never been apart of Marginalized America. Like many new to this whole "resistance" thing. She is upset that we have such a rude boorish oaf in the White House. But she still fails to understand what exactly is the issue with the GOP. /3
I have met many like this, many of them are just so used to what is familiar and comfortable. And any thought of a major change just cannot register to their system. For many of them they truly feel after Trump the conservative party can be revived and renewed. /4
And here is where I take issue with this, and why I do not fully commit myself to the "resistance" but to voting awareness along with social awareness instead. Point blank if you were for the conservative party before Trump you were never on my side. I won't speak for others /5
But as a black woman with a mental illness, a mother of a child with special needs. In a country that views us as guilty before proven innocent, if we aren't killed first. In a country where so many others are targets for who they love, how they worship. What they look like.../6
lack of a need of faith, ethnic origins (non white of course), gender and gender identities especially women Trans and Cis. Are constant targets of the conservative agenda. Which is quick to other us, try to make us feel less than American. /7
Some of yall want to truly act like things are only bad because of Trump. But this has always been the conservative playbook. Only now they have truly gotten in bed with the Christian Right wing and it is only bound to get worse. Just today I saw the roll back in.../8
Protections for Transgender prisoners. And before some of you sanctimoniously go "well they are prisoners who cares?" Do you realize how many transgender people are arrested just for crimes as ridiculous as being homeless? And then thrown into jail where they can be.../9
Raped, and murdered! There is a reason that legislation was so important to have and now Trump and his GOP goon squad are gleefully putting lives in danger. And guising it as "well its just criminals." Dehumanization is a very key strategy of the Republican party. /10
I remember the Reagan "Welfare Queen" bullshit. I know how it affects society still, how many women of color will act too proud to accept assistance for our families because we do not want that stigma. I remember during the Bush and GWB years the constant economic upheavals. /11
The war, and the fact that many of the things we were told about said war ended up not being true. Conservatives are so prone to lying to get their way but if you dare call them out on that, and they manage to play the victim. When the true victims are vilified. /12
Do you really think that is something that should be saved? The people who do not think I have the right to choose what is best for my own body. The folks who "other" so many American's that do not fit their ideal mold. /13
The same party literally robbing the working class to give to the rich! And who on top of several already messy administrations gave us the worse POTUS in our countries history! But yall really think that some how some way its better to have two parties.../14
When one party is so terribly abusive, so indulgently over privileged and undeserved at that. Who will shout god and religion at you while doing every dirty deed they can do. You truly feel this party deserves a rebirth? Then for me I do not consider you an ally. /15
I cannot stop folks from following me, for some reason yall enjoy the things I tweet out and that is fine. And I cannot make people see things the way I see them. But I will not act like I am okay with folks who are okay with a party who truly hurts our country constantly. /16
I hope truly with every fiber of my being hope that Trump's administration is the death of the Republican party. Even if they started the party of Lincoln, they cannot use that anymore. Years of integration with hate groups, ultra religious types have corrupted it. /17
And years of social conditioning has made too many people okay with their horrible ways because sadly some of you are okay with those of us who are constantly shunned being shunned. You just don't want it in your face so much. And that is why I am real careful who.../18
I call ally on here. Because some of yall are just ready to go back to complacency while many of us suffer. Instead of seeing true progress and change. And I am not hear for you if that is your mindset. -end
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