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Adrian, Son of Dāla @AdrianCJax
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*cracks neck & knuckles*

Excuse me while my ancestors grant me the strength & guidance to go off on this MF'er here:

[ Viewer discretion is advised ]
1. Hi, Brian

Before I hem your ass up for disrespecting me, my Mamma, my sister, and the women who courageously came forward to share their experiences with sexual assault, a disclaimer:

Your white, fragile, cowardly, toxic ass wouldn't DARE talk shit to a Black MAN in person…
2. But you thought you were gonna get away with this blatant disrespect, thanks to Twitter's inherited anonymity giving you some keyboard courage

Sucks for you today, Brian

b/c Adrian Cortez Jackson doesn't need anonymity

He wants the world to got him fucked up
3. First off:

Spare me your bullshit passive aggressive (non)condolences, only to then commence in slandering my Mamma & sister.

You're not sorry; rape apologists like you never are.

…but by the time I'm done with your pathetic ass, you will be.
4. Second:

Learn fucking reading comprehension, clown

Nowhere was there any mention about wanting my Mamma & sister to "get paid."

*IF* you had two brain cells to rub together, you would know that this is a denouncement of the bullshit narrative that women "cry rape for cash."
5. While we're here, let's kill two birds with one stone:

Given your khakis-based ancestry, I'm also gonna step out on a limb here and (correctly) presume that you think BLACK Women cry rape for cash...what with your "bootstraps" heritage and all.

I HIGHLY doubt I'm wrong.
6. Third:

Had your insensitive ass bothered to not only read but UNDERSTAND what these women (AND men) endured (while also doing some PERSONAL self-reflection), your stupid ass would've learned that the default reaction by feeble males (like YOU) is to assume women are lying.
7. But again, I'm gonna step out on a limb and (correctly) presume that:

Not only do you already know this, your guilt compels you to push back against ANY person, woman or man, seeking some form of justice.

Guilt, yourself, have yet to pay the piper for YOUR acts
8. Which, if is the case, my response to you is:

Fuck YOUR feelings.
Own YOUR shit.
Stop contributing to this toxic culture.
Keep your fucking hands to yourself.
Do fucking better.

Again, I HIGHLY doubt I'm wrong.
9. Lastly...and this is for me, personally, Brian:

None of your shit is surprising: not to me...not to anyone.

Look at who you follow.
Look at who you retweet.
Look at the shit you say to and about women.

There's much more bullshit on your feed that I encourage others to view.
10. But I'ma tell you straight-up:

I don't care how many black friends you have to front with

I don't care how much you appropriate Black culture & language

I don't care how much you like Kanye

I don't care how much you THINK you have a free pass with us...
11. Don't you EVER in your entire pathetic, weak, menial, fragile, privileged-ass life step to me again like you lost your goddamn mind, boy

I ain't none of your lil friends. You better stay in your MF'ing lane fucking with a grown man superior in intellect with no fucks to give
12. And since your desperate ass is starving for attention, I'ma give you the worst kind:

Hope you got a lifetime supply of lotion on deck, 'cause by the time these women make a leper out of your stupid ass for disrespecting THEM

...jacking off will be your ONLY sexual outlet.
13. Now, go play in fucking traffic and have a nice day, Brian.
Every single reply you gave was an attempt to play victim & deflect from the core subject of this thread; so feet to fire:

How many women & men have you, Brian, sexually assaulted and/or raped that you’ve gotten away with?

If he deflects, ask him again.
I told you I wasn’t playing with your stupid ass, Brian.

So, now Brian’s (@GucciToldMe) transphobia has emerged.

If I don’t tolerate rape culture, rape apologists, or victim-blaming

...what the fuck makes your stupid ass think I’m gonna tolerate this transphobic bullshit?!

You’re just itching for another dragging, huh?
Stop deflecting; answer the question

Given your propensity to defend predatory behaviors like sexual assault & rape, and immediately label women accusers as liars

How many women & men have you sexually assaulted and/or raped that you’ve gotten away with?
Exactly zero, now answer the question

Given your propensity to defend predatory behaviors like sexual assault & rape and immediately label women accusers as liars

How many women & men have you sexually assaulted and/or raped that you’ve gotten away with?
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