It's funny how people like Ben Shapiro and Peterson endlessly fear-monger over Marxism's supposed death toll, yet spend absolutely no time highlighting stories where people are dying in droves from lack of healthcare, or people losing their homes, or the catastrophe of Russia,
Biggest drop in living standards in modern history, millions homeless, drug addiction and alcoholism skyrocketing, population stalling for over a decade as people fled or died. People selling lifelong possessions in order to avoid starving to death while American's praise them.
How come capitalism's greatest failures are never mentioned by these supposed intellectuals? Why aren't they talking about Brazil, the failing austerity in Greece, in Italy, in Britain.

Oh wait, because even when right wing government's hold their country, it's not their fault.
Britain's failures at present is somehow a left wing issue despite the stranglehold the Tory's have. Australia's economic woes are blamed on labour despite labour being out of government for 5 years, and then controlling the country for 11 years prior to that.
The Republicans have such a severe super-majority in the US that they could get whatever the hell they want done but because of their own incompetence, they're middling. Doesn't stop them from defunding public schools or letting people with diabetes die form lack of insulin.
How about Poland? A country which is currently letting neo-nazis run rife and get away with executing people in the streets, with punishment being barely more than a slap on the wrist.
Funny how capitalism gutted Africa, yet these same individuals would act as if capitalism is only failing there because of individual acts, rather than exploitation on the highest scale. Hundreds of years of exploitation, violent colonialism and imperialism.
How about how capitalism in China has seen the rise of suicide nets to protect workers who are so suicidal from unfettered market reforms working them to the bone? Or sweatshop workers in Indonesia working for Nike being disciplined with acid to the face. Just do it, baby.
But of course, we've been avoiding the most obvious subject. American capitalism has thrown black people, native people, LGBT+ and more under the bus of profits. Hell, they even figured out a way to avoid getting rid of slavery, and then used the same law to make huge profits.
Bipartisan work for the last few decades from Clinton, Obama, Trump, Reagan, Nixon, Carter and the Bush's has resulted in an enormous prison population, just shy of 1/100 American adults are incarcerated. Through the 13th amendment, they become slaves to the profit machine.
Alabama has open sewage and hook worm infections running rampant. Cops rape women (and men) in cells and suffer any consequences. White people can call the cops on black people for merely being in a public space and have their state sponsored troops drag them away.
The housing market is so dominated by capital that the homeless the entire world over could easily be housed with little effort. Sustainable industries are more easily attainable than ever before, yet new oil lines are being built, more "clean coal" initiatives are being started.
Yet still, time in and time out, American capitalism is being held up as the benchmark, the goal for all countries, despite it's enormous educational gap between private and underfunded public schools (often targeted racially or economically so that people can't out of poverty).
I'm just so tired of it.

You wanna talk to me about unjust, tell me how people are out here freezing to death on the streets, while Elon Musk can be awarded a 2.6 billion dollar compensation package.
Why do we produce so much food, yet burn food that doesn't match some unbelievably arbitrary standard?

Why have we destroyed any hopes of community and destroyed socialisation to such a point that throwing colleagues under the bus for a raise is practically standard practice?
Just, stop.
Ask yourself why its necessary to throw sex workers under the bus, again. Why is it necessary to take land from people who were already robbed of it. Why is it necessary that one man is worth more than most of the people on the planet, when he objectively contributes nothing?
Addendum to this tweet: I didn't even scratch the surface of the violence against industrial workers in the 20th century, nor of the genocides committed in the name of capital accumulation for Europe during the early years of Capitalism and the rise of colonial genocides.
The pillaging and destruction of South America in the name of Spain, and the same for the North, the complete and utter (attempted) eradication of tribes like the Taino and other Carribean indigenous people.

Every single one is blood spilt for profit and should be recognised.
I don't care if it makes you uncomfortable. It cuts both ways.

The Indian Genocide due to the Bengal famine.
The famines of the nations and people of Africa as their country was stripped and robbed of any wealth and produce it could be used for.

All casualties of capitalism.
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