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1. #QAnon "Ask yourself, WHY?"

WHY do we see a coordinated set of attacks, "All For A LARP?"

provides a long list of hilarious samples, noting the,
2. #QAnon drops link to @parismartineau "informing" us in #NYMag that #Q is a "theory", you see. She "explains" the conspiracy to us.…
3. #QAnon links to @walterkirn "informing" us that #Q is "preposterous", a "tale may be loathsome and deeply wicked, a magnet for bigots and ignoramuses whose ugly dreams it caters to and ratifies".…
4. #QAnon links to @michelleinbklyn "informing" us in NYT that President Trumps' genius is itself a "Conspiracy Theory", you see. Actually, the President's genius is in fact a QAnon "Conspiracy Theory", you…
5, #QAnon links to Seattle times parroting the Goldberg hit-piece.… #Q
6. #QAnon links to The Independent depending on Goldberg to slave off the same nonsense that #Q followers think Trump's genius is "secret". 😄… #Q
7. #QAnon links to Real Clear Politics headlining link to Goldberg's same nonsense #Q…
8. #QAnon links to @RobWaughMail regurgitating identical nonsense about President Trump's genius being a "secret".…
9. #QAnon links to @daveweigel in WaPo explaining that #Q is a "conspiracy theory" with "bogus information" on the President's emphasis on fighting child sex trafficking, suggesting no progress.…

10. #QAnon links to @helaineolen's WaPo piece where we are told that #Q is a "conspiracy theorist du jour".…
11. #QAnon links to @MichaelEHayden's piece in NewsWeek, teaching us that #Q's #CBTS is "the biggest fake news story of 2018".…
12. #QAnon links to @KobiLibii's youtube describing interest in #Q as an explosive obsession with fringe online conspiracy theory. #Q
13. #QAnon links to @devancole1 'splaining to us that Roseanne "confuses Twitter".… #Q
14. #QAnon links to @Tara_CR of "thinkprogress" 'informing' us that #Q is "an unhinged pro-Trump conspiracy theory"… #Q
15. #QAnon links to @Finneganporter of NewsWeek illuminating us to Roseanne Tweeting for 'Conspiracy Theory' #Q…
15. #QAnon links to @juliareinstein's BuzzFeed parrot on Roseanne Tweeting "about Bizarre Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory". #Q…
16. #QAnon links to @willsommer's ditto on Medium that "Roseanne Barr is tweeting about QAnon, a new Pizzagate-style conspiracy theory" #Q…
17. #QAnon links to @jabowden4's same stuff, this time in The Hill: "Roseanne Barr faces backlash over Trump conspiracy theory tweet" #Q…
18. #QAnon links to @LexyJPerez's writing same story in HR.… #Q
19. My goodness! #QAnon: All that for a LARP? #Q
20. #QAnon

"[They] are afraid.
They are losing control of the message.
21. #QAnon has removed this pic from the /patriotsfight/ board due to confusion over whether the Q domain sales site shown on billboard could be a honeypot to gather info. #Q
22. #QAnon A "quint" is a quintuple combination pumper. A quint provides: pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders. The Andrews AFB USAF Fire Dept has a quint, Quint 74, Q74. #Q #quint74
23. #QAnon Many noticed "Q74" on the fire truck holding flag at Andrew's AFB at return of the 3 US hostages from NK. Q's post #74 followed several hours later with next post, #75, being the flag pic with "Castle LOCK" - in chess protects the king. #Q

24. #QAnon refers to @mflynnJR's tweet re Erik Prince's intel on Weiner laptop & relates Rudy Giuliani knowing "where the bodies are buried".

25. #QAnon recites his Apr 19 2018 post on Rudy's high-level relationships in
NYC having bearing on the cabal's “Insurance” plan to depose the President, except, there was a copy of Huma's own "insurance file" on the Weiner laptop. #Q
26. #QAnon quotes the Declaration of Independence where "when a long train of abuses and usurpations..evinces a design to ..Despotism, it is (our) right, (our) duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for (our) future security" #Q
27. #QAnon's citation of the Declaration of Independence includes a link to Erik Prince' original interview on the Weiner laptop, a discussion back then well ahead of its time. ]Sessions[ is not a target, but a lock. #Q…
28. #QAnon

We Fight!
Now comes the pain.
29. #QAnon affirms an anon's distinction between a journalist covering Q vs dishonest statements to usurp Q. Q seems certain he's not revealed to the 2 in question who've stated "I've talked to QAnon", when he's said repeatedly "No outside comms". #Q
30. #QAnon NXIVM's Allison Mack was arrested on Apr 20 & then NY AG Eric Schneiderman resigned on May 7. Caged birds name names, opening our eyes to the evil portrayed in the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Who will be next?
Watch NYC.
Watch CA.
31. #QAnon: NY US Atty Preet Bharara was fired by Trump admin along w 45 other US attorneys across US to first clean the way for those who can investigate & prosecute, unrelated(?) to Russia recusal. Flynn knows much & his deposition/testimony can get it legally on record. #Q
32. #QAnon suggests 2 NYPD detectives who viewed Weiner's laptop files were murdered mid 2017. Probably one is Familia, the other possibly McDonald.… #Q

Threats are real.
This is not a game.
33. #QAnon tells to find the 2 NYPD detectives 187'ed (murdered) mid 2017.
35. @threadreaderapp please unroll this latest #QAnon thread here:
36. #QAnon: Did 2 NY cops 187'ed in 2017 view "insurance file" on Weiner laptop, or, was general agitation of cop-killings 'nuff to make "real threats" after AG Lynch's Eric Garner threat to New York Field Office over subject of the Weiner laptop findings?…
37. #QAnon. Future proves past. "Pope Francis summoned the bishops to Rome for an emergency summit after receiving a 2,300 page report on the [child sex] abuse cover-up scandal, which he had helped fuel." #Q…
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