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Topic: The Daily Beast hit piece on ECW and what it portends...

Warning: LONG thread below so get cozy first… Seriously, I'm terrible at brevity.
Last night, at 8:30pm EST, @attackerman of the Daily Beast dropped what can only be described as a hit piece on one Ezra Cohen-Watnick (ECW). The article is filled with all the telltale signs of disinformation and propaganda, complete with unnamed sources and a “resist” bent.
The Daily Beast’s hit piece wasn’t the first shot across ECW’s bow. In fact, @brhodes tweeted this, just an hour and a half before @attackerman’s piece dropped:

Curious timing, isn’t it? 🕵️‍♂️
In the intelligence world, there is no such thing as a coincidence. And considering Rhodes’ loyalties, affiliations, and basic mental state these days (read: PANICKED) – the coordination of Rhodes (and the group he represents) and the Daily Beasts’ article can’t be dismissed.
Why is so much energy being spent disparaging a formerly unknown DIA spook? Because his role, and what it involves, cuts to the heart of the palace coup attempt and the operation designed to thwart it.
By attempting to smear ECW as an “Oliver North” type with delusions of grandeur, Rhodes and @attackerman wind up inadvertently confirming the coup attempt was/is real.
But we’ll get there…

Before we dig deeper and turn to the article itself, let’s stop and give everyone a refresher course on who ECW is and why he finds himself (once again) the target of a smear campaign.
has done brilliant work on ECW in a number of threads and is (always) worth reviewing.

Here’s the earliest one (I think):
Prior to joining Twitter, I had been digging into the palace coup attempt for my own writing. I was unaware of Wictor’s work, or this corner of the Twittersphere at the time...
But when I discovered Wictor’s thread on a topic I thought I was well ahead of the curve on (ha!), it inspired me to open an account and share what I had uncovered on the topic with a wider audience.
That turned into these three threads which are worth checking out again as we dig in:………
Many other brilliant Twitter accounts have covered this material in their own way with their own analysis, but here are the nuts and bolts of how I see it:
The above provides important context – but it’s worthless if one does not understand or acknowledge that a palace coup was planned and attempted by elements within the DOJ, FBI, USIC, and 44’s administration.

It’s a coup attempt that remains ongoing…
Followers of this account are no doubt aware of my position on this issue. While others, especially in the mainstream media, remain skeptical of this palace coup attempt, I (and others) have been chronicling for months how it is very real.
My own research has lead me to conclude that this coup attempt, and the counter intelligence sting orchestrated to thwart it, are not just real but actively influencing everything else we’re seeing splashed across cable news and headlines around the world.
The shadow war is global in nature, and not confined just to our shores or the political battles of the current administration.
It is my “speculation” that elements of MI were aware from as early as 2015 (if not before) that elements of the CIA, 44’s administration, and the “Deep State” were going to assure that the 2016 election was nothing more than a coronation for HRC.
Her victory was crucial to the continuation of an insidious plan to destroy this country from the inside out. (Something for a different thread)
As such, elements of the MI – including @GenFlynn (as well as others) formed a plan to fight back and assure the will of the people was not subverted. This plan included surrounding 45 with counterintelligence experts and setting bait to lure the coup plotters into tiger traps.
I understand this coup and CI sting “speculation” is unsettling to some, and “conspiracy nonsense” to others.

I operate by evidence and go where it leads me. Since I formed this thesis (nearly 3 years ago now), the evidence day by day has only grown stronger in support of it.
That said, I’m one researcher trying to piece together a giant puzzle without the benefit of knowing what the puzzle is supposed to look like when it’s done.
As such, I can only offer my analysis and opinions on what exists in open source – which I’ve attempted to do since the formation of this account. If the information changes, so too will my analysis and opinion.
It is my belief that attempting to contextualize or understand current events while ignoring the coup and CI sting is a pointless exercise that ends up leaving people confused or misled rather than informed.
Which seems to have been the intent of this hit piece which leaves out vital pieces of information while blatantly distorting the truth.
It’s imperative to keep the following context in mind as we go through this article piece by piece:
So let’s dive in, starting with the first two paragraphs:
Red flag number one: “Three former Trump NSC officials” are the bulk of the article’s sources.

Of course they are. The “article” relies almost entirely on unnamed, unverified sources because it’s intent is to push an agenda on the reader – not deliver the truth.
This is letting us know right up front that it’s not journalism. It’s disinformation, sprinkled with just enough fact to confuse the reader and malign ECW, @GenFlynn and the CI-team.
Note in the second paragraph, ECW is said to have sought “technical solutions in early 2017 for collecting and analyzing phone and other data on WH colleagues”.
This, essentially, is laying out what ECW and Flynn’s team of spooks were installed to do: find and expose the black hats inside the palace walls.
Much of ECW’s DIA history is shrouded in the world of black operations and hidden behind classifications. It’s never been confirmed that @GenFlynn and ECW knew one another in Afghanistan or Iraq, but logic tells us they must have.
would not appoint ECW to such a prestigious and important position as Sr. Director on the NSC, at such a young age, without having something of a history with the man.
What that history might include is pertinent to the CI task Flynn (likely) gave ECW upon his appointment to the NSC. ECW is described later in the article as a DIA analyst – which paints the picture of a guy who sits behind a desk reading and analyzing intelligence.
But that’s almost certainly not the case. While serving in DIA, eventually as its head, @GenFlynn sought to integrate intelligence officers with fighting forces into what are known as Fusion Teams or Cross Functional Teams:
The above excerpts can be found here - highly recommend reading in full... you know, because I haven't given you enough to read yet 😆…
In other words, ECW wasn’t just a guy who sat behind a desk – instead he was trained to work with other soldiers and officers from a cross section of JSOC and the IC to hunt high value targets in war zones.
Tracking down these types of targets in Afghanistan and Iraq requires a certain set of skills, including capturing and analyzing SIGINT quickly and accurately while working in conjunction with different branches of the service and IC to find a specific needle in a pile of needles
These are EXACTLY the kind of skills that would be required if one were tasked with hunting for palace coup plotters inside the beltway…
After laying out (part) of ECW’s role in the CI-Sting, the article immediately casts doubt on ECW’s skill set while belittling him in the process:
First, let’s talk about the “overwhelming technical and legal hurdles to doing so”. It's correct that technologically speaking the task would be daunting, legally speaking it would be a nightmare…
... But that's only if ECW were working in isolation within the NSC, with just their resources at his disposal.

Thing is, he wasn’t working in isolation. He was working with a team of like-minded and highly skilled spooks who were being given assistance and cover by this man:
Remember Adm. Rogers raced to Trump Tower just days after the election and had an unannounced meeting with then President Elect Trump.…
We don’t know what was said during this meeting, but considering the fact Trump’s entire transition team moved to New Jersey the following day, it can be assumed Rogers tipped Trump about 44’s illegal surveillance operation.
Note here – we can quibble over when Rogers was brought into the CI-Sting, whether it predated this meeting or not.
I lean towards him being in the loop earlier, as evidenced by his actions shutting down the 702 abuse inside the FBI-CID in April of 2016 - a triggering event for this whole CI operation.

Bonus source:…
But for the sake of this discussion let’s assume Rogers was read in after this meeting at Trump Tower.
I have speculated, along with others like @ThomasWictor, that part of the reason @GenFlynn installed spooks on his NSC team was to provide them with higher security clearances than they previously held.
Specifically, clearances that allowed Rogers to legally share raw NSA SIGINT with ECW and Flynn’s team.
In other words, if you leave out the CI-sting of it all, as @attackerman does here, you’d rightfully assume that what ECW was allegedly proposing would be close to impossible from both a legal and technological perspective.
… But if he’s working with the cover and support of Rogers and NSA, well then it’s not only feasible, it’s a powerful alliance that would produce results.

Just like @GenFlynn Fusion teams did in the field. Teams which ECW was (likely) a member of.
Note I used “allegedly” when describing ECW’s efforts. I don’t doubt ECW was hunting moles and palace coup plotters – but I’m highly skeptical he was openly discussing a “monitoring program” with his targets.
For this CI sting to work – and it has been working – secrecy and surprise would be paramount. The only way ECW would be discussing this sort of program openly would be to either mislead or lure his targets.
Instead, what I see when I analyze this article is that @attackerman’s sources have only just now figured out the game that ended months ago.

A game they, as former officials, lost to ECW and his team.
So now, through a cut out in the media, they are retroactively repackaging it into a “keystone cop thing” rather than the highly effective tool it was.

This is more than likely an attempt to blunt as much as they can the information that they know is going to break soon.
Moving on to the next section of the hit piece:
This paragraph is chalk full of half-truths, outright lies, and disinformation. This line, however, jumps off the page:
“Nunes then subsequently used the reports in a failed attempt to reinforce Trump’s baseless accusation that Barack Obama had placed his camp under surveillance.”
This article was published yesterday (well, it was yesterday when I started this thread at least), March 13th 2018. Two years removed from @DevinNunes press conference regarding unmasking and illegal surveillance.
In that time we’ve learned that Obama’s administration not only had Trump team members under Title I FISA surveillance, they also might have been actively planting HUMINT sources inside the campaign.……
We know there were multiple FISAs issued on Carter Page, and several other attempts to get FISAs on other Trump team members.
We know there was a deliberate and coordinated effort that involved John Brennan, Fusion GPS, members of the MSM, and foreign intelligence services and their cut outs (Hakluyt) to disseminate the dodgy dossier in order to bolster the legality of Obama’s surveillance racket.
All of these topics and more have been covered in great detail by: @JohnWHuber @Nick_Falco @The_War_Economy @almostjingo @NameRedacted7 @_VachelLindsay_ @rising_serpent @Techno_Fog @tracybeanz @drawandstrike @LarrySchweikart @TheLastRefuge2 and plenty of other brilliant minds.
Yet, it remains a “baseless accusation”. 🤬

Perhaps if @attackerman did more journalism and less blindly following the talking points, he’d be more aware of the voluminous amount of evidence in open source that proves this surveillance was real, ongoing, and (probably) illegal.
Moving on…
This statement by ECW’s attorney hits the nail on the head: “Any unfavorable insinuations to the contrary are coming from cowardly anonymous individuals who have a personal ax to grind.”
Zaid is correct here. The entire premise of the article rests on unnamed sources, former NSC officials allegedly.

If they’re former, it’s likely they were ECW and his team’s targets in the first place – meaning they absolutely would have an ax to grind.
Notice the use of cowardly above and its context, and then @realDonaldTrump tweet just today:

Trump wants to find the leakers. He tasked @GenFlynn to do just that.

In turn, Flynn tasked ECW and others to be his spook team lurking in the shadows.

Back to the hit piece...
Let’s start with the first paragraph – which to @attackerman’s credit – is one that best represents actual journalism in the entire article.
As the threads linked at the top of the thread detail, and the Daily Beast article discusses later, ECW was viewed as “unfireable” from the NSC even after @GenFlynn was forced out.
McMaster wanted to replace him with someone with CIA roots, but Trump refused.
ECW eventually departed the NSC in August of 2017. There’s controversy over whether he left or was fired. The source linked in the article takes the position he was fired:…
I’m not buying it. Sorry. First, this article/source was from last year – and ECW’s alleged opinions on Iran are very much in line with trump’s as we’ve seen.
Second, there’s no way ECW had to go to Bannon or Kushner to save his job.


Because @realDonaldTrump doesn’t outsource his opinions on his staff.
As Sr. Dir on NSC, ECW was around @realDonaldTrump a lot. Trusted by him to the point of being protected.

That’s not because Bannon told him to trust ECW.
It’s not even because @GenFlynn said to trust ECW.

No, it’s because by that point ECW had proven himself worthy of @realDonaldTrump trust due to his performance on the job.
My analysis is that ECW was not fired (as his representation contends). Rather, he left the NSC when his primary mission, as a part of the CI-sting was complete.
His job history after leaving the NSC makes this clear. ECW’s first stop was at Oracle, a company with strong ties to Trump, where he worked in an undisclosed position.
Wonder what ECW was doing for Oracle between Sept ’17-April-18… a man of his skillset, working for a major tech company in the battle against Google and Trump’s recurring target: Amazon…

(But that's a thread for another day...)
Then, in April of this year, it was announced ECW’s joining the DOJ. What’s more, the hire was “personally ordered” by Trump himself.…
Now, do we REALLY think @realDonaldTrump would order Sessions to hire a guy he fired? Or a guy who didn’t align with his philosophy and strategy?

Give me a break.
Back to the Daily Beast hit piece…
Let’s start with the first paragraph.

The debate around Sessions has swirled for months – and I don’t wish to bog down this already hefty thread waging that fight. But suffice it to say, I’m of the opinion that Sessions is doing his job and playing his part well.
So I don’t buy the DOJ/WH beef as it’s being sold to us. It’s kabuki theater.
The second paragraph is telling. @attackerson is trying to sell the idea that this (fake) narrative caused these anonymous former NSC officials to suddenly remember ECW’s “insider threat episode out of suspicion that his new role” at the DOJ will be political in nature.
Nope. Not buying it.
As I was writing this thread, this tweet hit and it brings even more clarity:

ECW absolutely was “ordered” to the DOJ by @realDonaldTrump to assist Sessions with national security.

He’s there, in my opinion, to help in the roll out of what’s to come, including the prosecution of the coup plotters themselves.
Palace coups are matters of national security after all.
The next several paragraphs of the hit-piece go into what little detail there is about ECW’s DIA record, stopping to take swipes at @GenFlynn along the way.
This is a case of two birds, one stone. Both @GenFlynn and ECW are clear and present dangers to the palace coup plotters – and both are suddenly very active in the news lately.
Wonder why… could it be because something is about to break that’s going to change the entire narrative MSM outlets like the Daily Beast have been pushing for over a year?

Nah… that can’t be it.
These two paragraphs are very revealing. ECW’s mission while at NSC is being purposefully misconstrued here to create a narrative. On one hand, the anonymous sources are acknowledging the leak hunts were real.
And on the other, the sources are trying to reduce the mission down to trying to find “disloyal staffers” rather than the real purpose: to save the republic.
Bold statement – I’m aware. But let’s not lose sight of the fact that’s what this has always been about. It’s not about politics, it’s not about right v left. Not really. The CI-sting was put into place to protect the will of the people. To assure we had a voice in the process.
That implies there was another side trying to deny our voice. Deny our say. ECW and Flynn weren’t looking for people who were disloyal to Trump. They were hunting for people disloyal to our nation and everything it stands for.
Now we come to two of my favorite paragraphs… Not my absolute favorites though, I saved those for last (and I SWEAR we are almost at the end).
The first paragraph misses the entire context.

It presumes that ECW was working solely within the confines of the NSC and ignores the (likely) NSA cover and assistance he and the rest of Flynn’s team of spooks were working with.

Remember the Fusion teams…
The second paragraph introduces the first named source into the article. One Jake Laperruque who makes a splash with his first quote, calling the CI-sting a “haphazard scheme” that isn’t “going to result in anything meaningful”.
Did I say splash? I meant splat.

We’ve seen real world evidence of ECW and his team's success in the exposure of McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Page, Baker, the Ohrs etc etc…
And finally we reach the end, and my favorite quote.
One of the anonymous sources leads off the penultimate paragraph with this gem:

“It’s hard to believe this had any chance of coming to fruition”.

This is the note I wanted to end on because it's a sentiment that I've seen echoed by many in the #MAGA sphere...
The process is moving slower than any of us want. Despite the pace, I believe we’re about to see a whole butt load of justice handed down with the help of evidence collected and secured by spooks like ECW.
This hit piece's attempt to get in front of whatever train is barreling down the tracks is reassuring that progress is being made. Justice is coming.

At least to me. 🍻
Wrapping it up:

This article inadvertently confirms the reality of the CI-sting operation put in place by @GenFlynn and run in the field by men like ECW. It does so while simultaneously disparaging both men and the feasibility of such a plan.

That smells of desperation to me.
The very fact they’re dragging ECW back into the spotlight now, and doing so with such an eye opening back-door admission of his true purpose on the NSC – means there’s something big about to break.

2018 will be glorious.

Addendum: While I had my head buried trying to birth this thread, this story broke. It took less time than I expected for the last tweet to be validated.

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