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I am going to start a thread on what I find in the documents as I find it (as best as I can) We received the full and basically unredacted dossier from Steele, here:… It is evident from this paragraph that they were, in fact, backengineering a coverup.
2. It is important to note, that this section refers to the now VERY debunked meeting of Michael Cohen in PRAYGUE (You all know what I did there) and we know this meeting absolutely did not occur.
3. After the election, Steele was still compiling dossier material. This entry is from December 13th and seeks to provide cover for "Romanian" hacker Guccifer 2.0
4. Next, we have some information about the lawsuit going on between Gubarev (named in dossier, states information is false) and Orbis/Steele. The first few pages detail McCains role and how Brittish ambassador Wood played in.
5. As discussed previously, David Kramer (mentioned in my last video) was an important conduit in transferring the dossier. We should be asking McCain how much work he did confidentially with FusionGPS
7. Fusion had a very close working relationship, not just with Steele, but with Orbis, the firm that Steele worked for. I will be going back through and detailing the players at a later date.
8. In addition, it appears that the court here ruled that FusionGPS broke contract when they shared the Dossier information. This is REALLY interesting. Orbis is basically saying "we don't have to guarantee any of this is actually true"
9. This paragraph seems to implicate McCain and Kramer in using the dossier for purposes OTHER than what are outlined here in the Request and Response. Remember these are UK courts, so things are a little different.
10. WOW! Sir Andrew Wood speaks to McCain and the "UK National Security Official" and they decide to make the Dossier a "National Security Issue"
11. Steele provided another "memo" in December 2016 (above) after the election. He was no longer being compensated by, or was he under contract by FusionGPS. Who was paying Steele to continue?
12. In this section, Orbis is stating that the last entry came with MANY "disclamers" such as "unverified", "unconfirmed" and "potentially unverifiable". This is one of the memos that Mccain and Wood used as threat to "national security"
13. We also learn that Fusion instructed Steele to speak to NYT, WaPo, Yahoo, The NYer, and CNN. Then, Mother Jones, by Skype.
14. They did NOT provide the dossier (as per Fusion) to these reporters and provided "limited" disclosures. (Seems like they were trying to affect the outcome of the election)
15. The December memo is a hot topic, with Fusion again stating that there was no briefing that ever took place, and also that reporters were expected to do their own work and not use the dossier as direct reporting/sourcing.
16. In the next release in this batch, we have a letter to Glenn Simpson and his attorney regarding a "walk in source within the Trump campign" as Simpson testified to the Senate. First picture comes from Simpson testimony. Link…, Page 175.
17. After his testimony was leaked, the media began reporting that Simpson had "mischaracterized" that to the committee. The letter states that Simpson nor his attorney, ever sought to rectify their statements.…
18. The media was attempting to bring this statement back to Downer, likely to cover the fact that Simpson let slip there was a human source INSIDE the campaign. I still do not believe this is Halper.
19. On 1/18, Josh Levy responds to this letter via email, stating that Simpson stands by his testimony. Which begs the question, who is it exactly that is directing the media to spin this testimony and obscure what simpson said?
20. I am now beginning the testimony of Donald Trum Jr. Here is the link to the document I will be reviewing. It is redacted.…
21. The hearing starts off very formally, and DTJ (Don Jr.) reads a prepared statement. He speaks to the tenacity required to run a Presidential campaign and learn along the way, and we learn of his relationship with Rob Goldstone.
22. PS - He is a genius:
23. DTJ was unaware of WHO would be attending the meeting, and as such had it on his calendar in a very generic manner:
24. He speaks to the fact that the meeting with Veselnitskaya was never even discussed again, and the fact that it was difficult to understand the conversation at all.
25. Don Jr tells the committee that he was very skeptical of whether or not this information was even real, given the fact that Goldstone used to work for a tabloid, so he wanted to speak to Emin first to gauge that.
26. (NEW) We also learn that Goldstone emailed Ms. Graff (POTUS secretary) and attempted to invite POTUS to Moscow for Emins birthday. She politely declines, and he offers to set up a meeting with Putin (SOUND FAMILIAR?!?!?)
27. This is JUST AMAZING. We now have Sater, Goldstone, Emin, Papadopolous, and several others all ACTIVELY attempting to get SOMEONE, ANYONE from the Trump campign to meet with a Russian OR PUTIN himself (Likely not really, just entrapment). If this doesn't scream "set-up"
28. Again, Goldstone sends what can now be seen as an overt attempt to tie Trump to Russia, but if you receive this unaware of this noise, it could be taken as a regular congratulatory email. The fact remains (cont)
29. (cont) that someone who is working in earnest on a campaign and is unaware of these frame attempts would never even DREAM that something on this scale could be happening, and in addition, wouldn't have a reason to be suspicious because THEY WERE NEVER WARNED
30. One common theme throughout all of this (and remarked upon in HPSCI report) is that the Trump team was never given any warnings about this supposed "attempt by Russia to "collude" with a campaign" They never even gave this major candidate a heads up..
31. It is become more concrete and clear by the day that the reason they did not give a heads up, is because the entire time these people were being framed in one of the most atrocious scandals in American history. These people should be ASHAMED of themselves.
32. Grabbing a sandwhich, and tapping into my OIG gift basket.. :) BRB
33. OK. Now they ask some VERY direct and pointed questions of Don Jr. The answers speak for themselves.
34. They are speaking about the attendees at the meeting. About 10 months ago I did this piece about the translator present, and his attachment to the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation. It may be of help:
35. (NEW and INTERESTING) The committee tells Don Jr. that the information presented by Veselnetskaya at the meeting was information CULTIVATED BY FUSIONGPS!!!!! The implications of this are STUNNING in re: to Glenn Simpsons testimony that he had no idea she would be meeting.
36. Glenn Simpson wants us to believe that even though the below is true, he had literally NO IDEA that Veselnitskaya would be meeting with Don Jr. that day. The Hill has just come out with a piece that confirms Loretta Lynch was required to approve her rare travel VISA.
37. Here Mr. Davis recaps the meeting and asks Don Jr. point blank if he feels as though Goldstone arranged the meeting under false pretenses.
38. Trump family (success related) lesson: Don't give things that aren't important any of your VALUABLE time. I feel the same.
39. It appears as though poor Rhona was forced to deal with a myriad of emails she really wouldn't understand the implications of or know what to do with, and it appears as though Goldstone is a pretty bad dude....
40. Here they are asking about POTUS involvement in the drafting of the statement Jr. made to the press in re: to the meeting. Don Jr. states that some edits were made through Hope Hicks, but Don Jr. didn't want to involve his dad in something that had "nothing to do with" him
41. An aside from me-- I wonder if they spent this much time asking Comey how many drafts and how many people were involved in Hillary's exoneration speech.
42. Here, and interestingly, Don Jr. tells the committee he does not know who Sergei Millian is. I spoke about him in my video today regarding Deripaska. The two met during the campaign, and Millian was reportedly the source for the "salacious" dossier accusations.
43. I mentioned in the video, that Trump attorney Michael Cohen repeatedly asked Millian to stop associating himself with the campaign and Donald Trump and that they made it known publicly there was no relationship there. (Sort of like a person hanging on for fame)
44. Here we learn that Don Jr. had no idea who Manafort was outside of his expertise with contested convntions and political campaigns. Given this I would think it lends credence to the fact that Stone recommended Manafort, as that is how he presented him to the media when chosen
45. Never talked about the Ukraine, didn't know anything about it, and didn't know anything about Yanukovych or even Page.
46. Interesting- here Don Jr. states that he is unaware if Gates had ANY official role inside the campaign other than working with Manafort.
47. Friendly session over, and Feinstein team is about to begin questioning. I have to take a deep breath here, because the pure partisanship in the questioning in these things is enough to make you sick. Be right back!!
48. The minority is questioning Don Jr. on the email exchange and how he chose which one he would be sharing on twitter. Don Jr. responds that he worked with counsel and chose his copy, but there were several people involved on the chain.
49. My apologies in not sharing this additional page regarding tweet 48 from above. Fast fingers.
50. The dirty tricks begin. Minority is attempting to characterize Goldstones emails as "assistance from Russia", which is misleading and leading at the same time. don Jr. attorney is quick to pick up on the manipulation. That is a word I will likely use a lot from here on out
51. They begin asking him about whether or not he felt as though it was problematic that Goldstone said the information came from "Russia", and Trump replies that listening to someone with information about the fitness of a presidential candidate would be an issue.
52. Just a note from me here. I have literally no problem with her question, and I understand it on its face. What irks me about it is the hypocrisy of what WE KNOW was happening, and what she was trying to reflect on Don Jr. It is just dirty and gross.
53. Here she tries to insinuate that it is "odd" that Don Jr. didn't send the email to his father. Don replies like any smart businessperson would-- that if something is unsubstantiated and likely "nothing" you don't waste the time of the boss with it. Backfire.
54. Trump attorneys are speaking with the minority about calls from blocked numbers in the phone bill provided by Don Jr. There were redactions from certain numbers that they could identify to be unrelated. They provided the blocked because they could not differentiate.
55. The minority is grilling Jr. on some 60 second calls he made or received and what "substantative" conversations could have occurred during that time.
56. I am trying very hard to be fair and impartial here- but I want you to note the tone and phrasing of the next question. First of all, why would it be surprising that Jr. spoke to the campaign manager? 2nd of all, why the "mysterious" drama laced questioning?
57. "would it surprise you if a GOOGLE search indicates this is...... JARED KUSHNER!?!?!?!" (Brother in law, and family member..) DUN DUN DUN!!!!!
58. It is clear what is happening here. The minority is attempting to loop in the President into a meeting that had literally NOTHING to do with him, in order to make it appear as though he somehow colluded with this Russian attorney who was actually colluding with the DNC.
59. I am skipping a lot of pages (sharing wise) here because it is redundant and questions that were already asked, yet they are being asked again. Oh, and they are asking who speaks Russian.
60. .......
61. Don Jr. has said several times in testimony thus far that he gauged the "Russian government" claims to be unsubstantiated and fluff, but wanted dirt on Clinton. I am sure we all would have. They are asking the same questions over and over again, expecting a different ans.
62. Here is the key- and I think this is one of the most important questions so far. It appears as though Goldstone (and acquaintance of Jr.) is being used here as an operative. Don Jr. ONLY took the meeting because it came from Goldstone.
63. During the campaign, POTUS referenced some information he was going to talk about in re: to Clinton. This happened BEFORE the meeting Don Jr. had. The minority is insinuating that he was basing this off of potential material obtained by Don Jr.
64. Don Jr. emphazises above that likely he was referencing the upcoming book, "Clinton Cash".
65. Serious question. Do you remember who you spoke to at 1:22 PM on 7/16/2017? And what was the conversation about?
67. "That was my real boss." And who is your real boss?? "My wife."
68. After a very short break, I am back. We have 100 more pages of Don Jr. testimony. Stand by!!!
69. Here is some information that I wasn't aware of. It appears that in 10/16 Don Jr. gave a roundtable for a speaking bureau about the 2016 election.
70. Hmm... I was unaware of this. It is clear there was no "hiding" from government as he had SS protection, but I will have to dig a little into this meeting.
71. Here is where we get into Torshin and the infamous NRA dinner. Trump Jr. states that he was asked to say "hello" but was NOT having dinner with him.
72. Don Jr. is asked if he was ever briefed by the FBI being warned about foreign intel operatives trying to infiltrate. He states that to his knowledge that hadn't happened. Why brief on the foreign ones when you can brief on the DOMESTIC ONES!?
73. They touch on Sater here, and Don Jr. clarifies what has been largely reported in the media. He also states the limits on their business dealings, which were also overstated by Sater. Sater was an FBI "source".
74. This is just a humorous exchange, about Goldstone tagging himself at Trump Tower the day of the meeting with Veselnitskaya.
75. We learn here that Don Jr. prepared documents (and maybe spoke) to SC Robert Mueller.
76. The questioning now turns to the meeting at Trump Tower after the election and during the transition with Ambassador Kislyak. This meeting was held in Don Jr. office. He returned from the gym to find Kushner, Flynn and the Ambassador meeting.
77. We are starting to learn a little more about the business of Trump International and the Golf Courses etc. This short bit here should be used to dispel the "left" talking point that there was somehow "business" with Russia because of what Don. Jr. said about proportions.
78. This is an important point, because even though there are quite literally NO Russian deals or business, in licensing or otherwise, many people do not understand how licensing deals work as opposed to actual development deals. Nor do they understand how condo purchases work.
79. Please read here to understand this very important point, and try to explain this to folks who just don't get business.
80. Here Don Jr. tells the committee that the Trump Org., does background checks on all potential partners for their deals. This is something I find VERY responsible and pretty awesome. They are asking in Re: to Sater because of his shady past HOWEVER...
81. The likelihood is, that much of this would not have been available, given that the FBI removed the requirement for him to even need to pay RESTITUTION to his victims. I have a feeling that may have affected the accuracy of any "background" check done.
82. And THIS is super interesting as WELL. Michael Cohen joins Trump AFTER Sater begins communicating/working with Sater.
83. I am going to recommend that folks read pages 166- 169 to understand how Trump Tower unit purchases, and other Trump owned hotel condo purchases work and who the different players involved were. It will help when someone says "Russian X lived in Trump Tower!" or
84. "Manafort LIVED in Trump Tower! You think he didn't know!?" It is really very clear after reading this how that all works and how very LITTLE the Trump org. was actually involved there.
85. Eg:
86. I am reading through a lot of business talk now, about when there will be background checks, and how the deal process works-- I am not seeing anything pressing in this testimony, hence I am consuming it without tweeting. Stand by :)
87. Just to give you an idea of what I am looking at, it is basically the minority asking lots of questions about the dossier while pretending not to ask about the dossier, and Trump having literally no idea what they are talking about:
88. Ok, help required. This looks like a very interesting slip of the tongue. Read very carefully the Q- where she asks "Do you think it was as early as you heard about the Browder, the other initial leak with regard to the DNC.." What does she mean when she says "Browder"??
89. What happened to "direct connection to Trump"?
90. "I didn't really deal with Roger too much, I don't know if anyone did. I don't know that he had an actual role in the campaign"
91. The end of the testimony is several questions about what Trump Jr. knows about Comey, Flynn, Sessions, the Transition, Turkey, etc and so on, and the answer to all of it is "No."
92. I am finished reading through the testimony of Donald Trump Jr. We will now be moving on to exhibits.
93. Here is a link to the Exhibits referenced in testimony. They contain the emails that had been previously released by Don Jr and some other exhibits mentioned in the testimony. There are redactions.…
94. I am going to take a break for now, and regroup in a while with Goldstones testimony. If I need more than an hour or so to wind down, I will start up again early tomorrow. Be back soon!
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