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This article by the NYT on the IG report is nothing short of propaganda for the DNC and a few former FBI agents (and one or two current ones) that are about to be in a whole lot of trouble when the IG report drops, and a media desperate to help save their skins:

Here's how:

2) Right away we get to some pretty incredible stuff, but it's framed in a way to make you think that it was necessary that Australia break all diplomatic and intelligence sharing protocols, instead of the reality of how bonkers that is. When did President Obama know about this ?
3) This is just gross, these people think of themselves as fictional heros fighting injustice and it's repulsive.
4) Here is what the Time Magazine article focused on too. (L) NYT, (R) Time Magazine. They have their marching orders. James Comey will be faulted in the IG report for sure, but for his actions against Clinton mostly, and that's going to be the MAIN fake news narrative they play
5) I had thought Comey was the leak but there is no way after reading this. @TexasChick1968 said it could be Lisa Page and I agree. Reads like FBI, reads to throw Comey under the bus, and reads like the a high school english essay
6) "The NDA has been broken about the IG Report" is what this means
7) They didn't interview them because they didn't want to tip President Trump off to the fact that his campaign was being spied on! This is what propaganda looks like, just outright obvious lies about illegal as hell activities.
8)Here is their false narrative for explaining away the "Secret Society" and it's obvious BS because they leaked all the time to the Washington Post
9) This is big news, dropped casually, that five Justice Department Officials were heavily involved in spying on President Trump's campaign.
10)Protecting President Trump by spying on him and lying about it lol. Also, what would happen if that fact got out and people tweeted about it and screencapped pictures of a New York Times article?! That'd be devastating! This is an example of insanity. No one believes this
11)This is pretty incredible, they blame Comey for exaggerating the Hillary Clinton email investigation and squashing the media reports (in October 16) on the Trump investigation.

Reread that last bit. Comey helped Trump against Clinton and the Media this claims. Wow PROPAGANDA
12)I will continue after a short break because that last bit makes me need a walk lol
13) Not that we needed any more proof that this witch hunt was motivated by politics and the assumption that HIllary Clinton would win, but here it is, plain as day, but ignored as to how significant that is.

Oh and a nice aside there about how spying on Trump isn't rigging
14) Wait. "Mr. Trump says he is the victim of a very politicized FBI?" YOU JUST SAID HE WAS NYT. Everyone said he was!

This is more fake news. "He said" makes you disregard it if you feel like Trump is a liar, and ignores that EVERYONE says it. Even the FBI agents themselves.
15)Halfway through we got some real facts that aren't manipulated! What a surprise, it's a quote of the President's own words. Phew!
16)This is pretty blatant here.

Devin Nunes undermines the investigation, The FBI was protecting President Trump's campaign from the media. Just how far down the crazy whole is this going to go?
17) Read the highlighted part, it's apparently from a text message, and then read the surrounding paragraph that explains to you how you are supposed to interpret the person's mood that sent the text.

Try adding a ! at the end of it.
18)Any time you see an anonymous former official quoted talking about the MOOD and FEELINGS of the agents involved and not backed up by facts, that is the agents in question trying to pretend that they aren't eager to go after President Trump. Also it's bull
19) No we have settled this one already. There was no collusion, there's no evidence of collusion, you're fake news.
20.)Sloppy and done on purpose, this section leaves out the fact that they were FORMER campaign aides, because as the New York Times told us earlier in this same article, they didn't interview anyone during the campaign. They know the word former too as you can see.
21) thIs entire section has already been thoroughly debunked and also I doubt even Democrats care about rehashing this nonsense so SKIP
22)cool now we are just outright lying about what the President said (he joked on the campaign trail about Hillary Clinton's deleted emails she destroyed, not hacked emails) also this GOP convention platform myth has been debunked too.

Just straight lies here
23)No big deal just the head of the CIA passing on foreign "intelligence" to the FBI so they can use it to spy on a US citizen and his campaign. New York Times sure thinks this entire paragraph is irrelevant and not a horrifying abuse of power and surveillance capabilities
24) drop an anti-Trump GOP (that's the important bit, it has to be true if a Republican says it) Senator for a quick opinion quote to validate the witch hunt here
25)Really continuing to hammer that DNC narrative home, huh @nytimes

Yet again, an entire paragraph pretending that Comey hurt the FBI and Hillary Clinton and the media all to help President Trump.

That narrative is insane and no one is going to buy it, hate to tell you
26) Doubling down on the insanity, they are trotting the old gem out that Andrew McCabe ALSO hurt Hillary Clinton's campaign to help President Trump.

Wow, with friends like these right @realDonaldTrump?
27)This article is really long and frustrating but so far it's pretty obvious.

President Trump's best friends in the FBI, Jim Comey and Andrew McCabe, went after Hillary Clinton and ruined her campaign and squashed all of the vaillant New York Times efforts to reveal muh Russia
28)This paragraph reveals yet again the FBI agent sourcing for this (most likely Lisa Page) and also uses words like "giving the appearance of bias" instead of just "bias" to try to manipulate the reader into feeling a certain way about what really happened
29)Quoting Little Marcos opinion based on incomplete evidence as fact, they then pivot to President Trump's information based on incomplete evidence as a "conspiracy"

It's all very subtle
30) Subtle as a sledgehammer
31)this is clearly calling out Comey by Sally Yates. Deflect all suspicion off the State Department and the Obama administration and throw it all on Comey. This is a dogpile
32) Secret Society meets behind Comey's back so he can have plausible deniability and pull the "Aw shucks" Lake Wobegon impression in public about the investigation. This part is interesting confirmation coming out in the New York Times to that effect, but ignored.
33)"The FBI obtained phone records and other documents using national security letters"


"whether the FBI was spying on the Trump Campaign"

No one is this stupid @nytimes not even your subscribers. You can't say he was spied on and then ask whether or not he was.
34) "We should have spied on the Trump campaign even harder, and flipped Papadopoulos as a mole" oh lordy tell us how you really feel about Trump's campaign and wanting to go back in time and prevent him from being elected, New York Times lol.
35)this entire paragraph is wishful thinking and fan fiction and assumes that President Trump colluded with the Russians based on zero evidence Presented in the 20,000 words prior to this paragraph.
36)This section is huge and it marks another major narrative that the New York Times is trying to throw out before the IG report. They are completely trying to spin the "Insurance policy" texts as meaning that they wanted to be careful and take it slow, and not help Trump win wtf
37)That last part is a lie that an FBI agent would tell to an Inspector General to not get tried with treason and sedition, and the media is going to run with it. Watch that one.
38)Peter Strzok pretending (along with Lisa Page, Baker, and Mccabe i'd guess to round out that 4) that he wanted to go after Hillary Clinton really hard guys! He is innocent! Clinton's investigation was handled properly!

This IG report must be hugely damning to all of them
39)September 2016 was when they first heard of the dossier? lol naw
40)Ah yes, Fusion GPS, a "firm paid by Democrats"

no need to mention that it was paid by the DNC and Hillary Clinton's campaign. Naw that's irrelevant information. Comey thought so too when he lied to the FISA court to get the warrant
41)The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker, CNN (left off this list) Mother Jones (left off this list) and Yahoo News (left off this list) to be specific. How many of these reporters were paid by Fusion GPS?

This is nuts, this is repeatedly being hammered over and over again in this stupid article and it's by far the most unbelievable part of it. The FBI protected the Trump campaign by spying on him and hurt the Press by not telling them they were SPYING
43)NO the FBI spying on a Presidential campaign isn't helping them. It IS hurting them, as President Trump asserted. You absolute maniac.
46) Keep hammering away no one is going to believe this, no one is going to believe that Comey hurt Clinton and helped Trump get elected by clearing her of all wrongdoing and spying on him. That's stupid, you're stupid @NYTimes but no one else is that stupid
47)Sally Yates giving her version of the events again, see the framing by the "unbias" New York Times yet again. "critical to Republican arguments' but "according to this person it was all ok and Trump's own people (rosenstein) also approved it later" is not gonna fly here


FBI agents verified to the New York Times in October, a month before the election, that President Trump's campaign was under investigation. Comey didn't confirm that in front of CONGRESS well after that. BOOM
49)Wait didn't the New York Times claim REPEATEDLY before this that the FBI was helping President Trump by not confirming the investigation to the media?

But then they link to an article saying the opposite....I've got a headache, this is ridiculous.
50)And WAY at the bottom. This is why you are FAKE NEWS @nytimes

"A year and a half later, no public evidence has surfaced connecting Mr. Trump's advisers to the hacking or linking Mr. Trump himself to the Russian government's disruptive efforts."

What a waste of time. /end
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