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Thread by @LarrySchweikart: "1) Ok, I want to wrap up this really good--but flawed--book "Devil's Bargain" as I have to speak in CA tomorrow night. We left off on 125: B […]" #s

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1) Ok, I want to wrap up this really good--but flawed--book "Devil's Bargain" as I have to speak in CA tomorrow night. We left off on 125: Bannon & Robert Mercer got along cuz Mercer was used to thinking in unusual & abstract terms.
2) Mercer agreed to put $10m into Breitbart News's relaunch in 2012, but Andrew's sudden death put Bannon in charge.

3) According to Green Bannon had a 4-pronged approach to discredit Cankles (as if she needed discrediting): First, Breitbart;
3) contd. Second, the Government Accountability Institute (Schweizer's outfit) that did serious, long research projects like "journalists' actually used to do. (This resulted in "Clinton Cash"); Third, Glittering Steel, the film production arm; . .
3) contd. And fourth, Cambridge Analytica, the data organization. These four constituted a "standaolone ecosystem in conservative media", and Cankles was blind to it, said Brian Fallon her comms director. (135)
4) Where Breitbart News couldn't go, GAI could, offering studies whose conclusions could NOT simply be dismissed as partisan.

Meanwhile, Breitbart News hammered ISIS, illegals, race riots, etc. But Cankles was "tops" in all these stories. (143)
5) Bannon aimed to re-tool Breitbart's audience far from Fox's geriatric crowd.

This is where Green goes koo koo for cocoapuffs. He delves deep into "male id aggression." BS. This was AMERICAN aggression, sick of Cankles and her criminal ilk.
6) Bannon understood that younger people had no idea what Bill Clinton did in the oval office, & had to reeducate them. Meanwhile, "Clinton Cash" came out & posed a serious threat to Cankles by getting the research into the NYSlimes.
7) Breitbart in part succeeded because it pulled from everywhere, and soon was the highest-traffic organization of its kind.

8) Bannon (159) understood Marx's dictum of "hightening the contradictions" of the DemoKKkKrats by exposing their rich lifestyle & affinity for banksters
8) Understanding what a key element illegal immigration was for Trump Bannon established a Texas branch of Breitbart to allow border agents to vent.

9) When Trump caught criticism for not having meat in his policies Bannon had Ann Coulter & Sam Nunberg draft immigration policies
9) Long before he joined the campaign, Bannon was calling Lewandowski or Trump with "very important and unsolicited advice" (166)

10) Then came the Great Fox War.
10) contd Trump was scheduled to appear on the "Kelly File" with Megyn Kelly when he got word she was looking for an ambush-He canceled. In Cleveland, she got her revenge. Despite fake news assessments, Trump emerged from Cleveland very strong & Kelly looked like a biased nimrod.
11) Not only did Trump do well in the debate (170) "his bravado and aggressiveness set the tone." Others "strained to match his energy."

Fox was stunned to find public opinion against them, often 100:1 in terms of calls and emails. (Green says "virtually 100% against Fox)
12) My favorite part of the book: (172) Ailes, shaken by the public's reaction to Kelly's snide attacks, called Bannon "and begged him to call off the attacks" from Breitbart. He said "Not until she backs off Trump."

Bannon told him to pound sand.
13) Ailes sent Peter Johnson, his lawyer & a Fox "contributor" to try to talk to Bannon. Same result. "I'm gonna unchain the dogs" Bannon told him. (174) "Go back to NY and quote me to Roger. Go F*@k yourself."
14) Fox was for open borders & backed Rubes. In a lunch meeting with Rupert Murdoch-probably the stupidest think the old man ever did-Trump & Ivanka told him Trump was running for president.

Murdoch, without even looking up from his soup said "He's not running for president."
15) Right there, Trump determined that Fox wasn't going to be his friend, & he'd prove Murdoch wrong.

16) The biggest boost came after DT crushed Kasich in New Hampshire, then took South Carolina.
16) Nobody (except apparently Bannon & Trump) knew why he was holding rallies in AL.

But like everyone else, Green gets the significance of the rallies wrong. They were not just to mobilize the base. They were an ingenious end run around the national media--including Fox.
16) contd. As @joelpollak & I pointed out in "How Trump Won," Trump understood the dynamics of LOCAL media were much different than nationals: no talking heads, much more uninterrupted air time for the message to get out, better camera shots of the massive crowds.
17) Jeff Sessions was the first national legislator to endorse & shared Trump's views on everything. Desperate GOP types saw Trump crush the opposition in primaries.

(Green is wrong, Trump did NOT hold the lead the entire primary season: he was interrupted briefly by Ben Carson)
19) Bannon (188) referred to Ru Paul as a "limp-dick m-effer who was born in a petri dish at Heritage Foundation. 😂😂

20) Like it or not, Trump "having won, intended to affix the Trump brand on the GOP" (190). He "understood the media & how to manipulate it."
21) Manafort (The Funnel) was brought in to replace Lewandowski & tried to "smooth the candidate's rough edges." Bad move.

22) Meanwhile Ailes-with Gretchen Carlson's lawsuit-called Bannon begging for "air cover." Bannon said "he was babbling. He was in the effing mumble tank."
23) Here (197) Green portray's Trump's campaign as teetering. The White Knight (or, in this case, Valkyrie) was Rebekah Mercer to told Trump he had to make a change and who insisted it be Bannon and Conway. Later David Bossie was added as Conway's deputy.
24) As good as the book is, here it falters, for it was Brad Parscale who was designing an incredible data based strategy that showed them the potential gains to be made in PA, OH, WI, and MI.
25) Whether or not Bannon was "trying to build an intellectual basis for Trumpism" (208), the fact is "Trumpism" is "Americanism" & "common-sense-ism."

Green is completely wrong when he saw a "weakness" in Trump's "impulses." In retrospect they were almost 100% right.
26) For example, Green agrees with the notion that Trump erred by attacking Khan--yet Trump as always CONSTANTLY MAINTAINED THE LIMELIGHT & CONTROLLED THE NARRATIVE.

Eventually, all people remembered was a Muslim with a kow-towing wife nodding behind him.
27) In fact--and none of the campaign books (including ours) really addressed this dilemma: Trump could control the air time, but Cankles lost ground the more air she got. Did Trump hurt himself by not "letting Cankles be Cankles?" Perhaps.
28) After the sex tape (where the RINOs got their chance to bolt), Bannon had the precisely right strategy (216): "attack, attack, attack, attack."

Putting the four women whom Slick had assaulted in the press conference before the debate was genius. Green labels it a "stunt."
28) contd. It was anything but a stunt: it was the ESSENCE of how you fight the corrupt fake news media. "Attack, attack, attack, attack."

Bannon MADE the fake news admit the reality of the women, which they had previously successfully avoided.
28) contd. (219) After the debate Bannon marveled at Trump: "it's awe inspiring. You have to have . . . that Classic honey badger. He crushed it."

29) Just as my own #s showed, the Access Hollywood tape impact lasted four days--enough to cost Trump NH and probably MN.
30) When the left trotted out more accusers, Bannon said "This is Bill [Clinton]. We're going to turn him into Bill Cosby."😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 "We're gonna go buck wild."

31) Bannon & Trump realized that the dividing line was globalists & patriots.
32) At times, what Cankles' team was doing was so stupid Bannon/Trump began to wonder if she knew something they didn't. "What is Clinton doing? It's a week from Election Day and she's in Arizona." (224)

An Arizona native, I couldn't fathom that. No way she ever had a chance.
33) Again, on 226 Green misses the boat. Although the data showed absentee/early voting had an older, whiter, more rural electorate, he calls this a "leap of faith."


I was in Montgomery Co OH, an absolute bellwether for OH & usually the nation.
No R had won it in 25 years.
33) contd. We had an absolutely unique data set that even Parscale or Cambridge Analytics didn't have. Thanks to "Deplorable Don" we knew pretty much how every single "unaffiliated" voter in the county would vote--cuz Don had done the Herculean task of going through voting . .
33) contd. .. records for four elections. We knew if an "independent" was almost certainly an R who didn't vote in the 2012 primary (a quirk in OH law).

Don's #s showed not just a close race: his #s showed Trump carrying the country big.
34) One other thing Green misses is that I had received internal polling from Bannon just prior to Access Hollywood. Trump was moving up rapidly and was heading for a massive EC win, though by slim margins in a lot of states. Maybe 350 EVs.
35) By Oct. 25 Trump's polls showed he had recovered from the tape EVEN WITHOUT Combover's stupid FBI letter.

Green misses the polling by @PPDNews and Trafalgar, both of whom had a schism between the popular vote for Cankles & votes in key EC states.
36) Thus like Cankles herself, Green over emphasizes Combover's FBI email announcements, whereas Trafalgar had already found that by changing the way you asked questions of Trump you got 180 degree different answers.
37) On 239, having been mostly right about Bannon & Trump, Green shows he is still part of the fake news shill class. Trump's administration had quickly "fallen into disaster and confusion." This is because "Trump is a creature of his own ego."
38) Green thus negated everything he said in the previous 240 pages. As Trump has shown, while he DOES have an ego, it is in service to the USA & to his campaign promises which he has kept better than any previous president.

39) Green also failed to grasp that people like Bannon
39 contd. and Trump thrive on chaos, cuz they know where they're going when, often, others do not. This of course was what led to Bannon's ouster: even he was not irreplaceable.

Trump has shown that deckhands can run around like chickens with their heads cut off as long as . .
39) . . the captain knows where the ship is headed. Indeed, at times it's probably better the deckhands DON'T know so they don't mutiny before the ship arrives, safely in harbor.
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