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Alright here's my breakdown of last night events, overall a funny experience with a few lessons in here to implement-

I'll skip the non essential details, but a little while after midnight I ended up at one of my usual spots. This is a rare time that I didn't roll solo

So I'm there with my friend and his girl and they're chilling on the outside patio while I grab drinks and do a couple laps.

I chatted with some ppl and hit on some chicks but nothing was really hooking. I didn't think much of it seeing as how I still had an hour before closing.
So I go back to the outside patio area where my friends are sitting and right by us I notice this pretty cute chick talking to some guy who looked extremely out of his element.

The girl and I made eye contact, and she smiled at me and gave me a look that said "save me!"
So naturally I smirk at this, and get up to go "save her" My friends have seen me do this before so they just look on with bemused expressions.

The cute girls friend was sitting on a couch nearby and frantically called me over, so I took a quick detour over to her
This girls friend sitting down says to me "hey my friend needs to be saved that guy is super weird" and I'm like "I know I was about to" and she's like "perfect her names Ashley, go use that to hijack their conversation"

I laugh and stroll on over to "Ashley" and her buddy
Lesson 1- It's key in this day and age to be a savage, because most men don't. So what did I do?

Walked right up to her, put my arm around her and said "Amanda, you're looking sexy tonight it's been a while" and completely boxed out the guy she was talking to😂
She looked pleasantly surprised that I had just approached her the way I did and she was like "omg hey you look familiar, I'm sorry if I forgot where we met but we must have because you know my name"

I was like "of course how else would I know?"

Next comes the funny part
So this guy she was talking to starts tapping me on the shoulder and says verbatim-

"hey buddy we're trying to have a nice conversation here you can't just be an asshole and interrupt us like this you need to leave"

I can instantly sense that this guy is a male feminist so...
I turn around (and I'm trying really hard to keep a straight face) and said-

"wtf did you just say to me"

Now this dude was a little taller than me but skinny and I half expected him to throw a punch at me.

Instead he took a step back and said "I'm sorry but this is unfair"
I couldn't help but laugh a little and said "she looked bored, she needed saving"

Obviously I don't mean "saving" in a white knight manner, never do that.

He said "no she's a nice girl she doesn't want an asshole like you"

Now she finally jumps into our conversation-
She turns to the guy, and literally yells at him-

"you don't know what I want don't judge me!"

She grabs her friend and they storm off somewhere else but as they're walking away she turns back, smiles at me and winks.

Lesson 2- "oh she's not like that" is a flawed mentality.
Now the guy turns back to me (he's LITERALLY on the verge of tears) and starts screaming at me😂

"How could you cockblock me like that?! I was being nice to her and I almost sealed the deal!!"

At this point my friend jumps up to back me up and asks what the problem is.
This guys friend comes over to hold him back and they calm down.

Yes I admit I was a total asshole in this situation but I decide to actually show this guy some tough love and help him.

I tell him the following-
I say to him-

"Look the cold hard truth is that women don't actually like nice guys who are pushovers. You didn't build up enough attraction with her because if she was truly into you she would have been the one to tell ME to fuck off. That's the nature of the game these days"
He seemed to take this relatively well but still grumbled about "I was totally going to get laid"

I gently pushed him towards the red pill but again, often times you have to fully unplug on your own and can't just have it forced on you.
Anyways I sit back down and chat with my friends about what just happened.

My friends girlfriend laughs and says "that guy probably took months to work up the courage to talk to a girl and you destroyed his chances. Now he's going home to jerk off to page 22 of pornhub"

Anyways after that the end of the night rolls around, the bar closes and we're outside chatting.

My friend points to 10 feet away says "look who's sitting over there"

Lo and behold it's the cute girl and her friend.

So I walk on over to them and pick up where I left off
I start off with-

"Well hello again Ashley"

She looks at me and is clearly excited to have found me again, she smiles and says "you. You're trouble"

My response- "you know you like it"

She says "can't argue with that"

Remember she yelled at the guy earlier to not "judge her"
So I ask her what she and her friend are about to do and she says they're going back to her place.

I say "alright I'm hanging out with you"

She says "well I have 2 big dogs who aren't friendly" (weakest shit test I've ever heard in my life)

I tell her to show me pictures of em
I glance at one of the pics, and I'm like "oh you have husky? Ok I'm coming over to meet him"

She says "perfect, the Uber's almost here"

Lesson 3- What did I do? I just calmly assumed the sale. Put yourself on the pedestal and have the mentality that she's lucky to have you.
Anyways we end up back at her place and I dog whisperer her "unfriendly dogs" like a G.

Her friend goes to sleep and I'm left with this girl in the living room.

She asks me "so what are you doing tonight"

I say "what do you mean"

Here's comes the fun part-
She says "well am I calling you an Uber or are you sleeping on the couch?"

Ha. Another easy shit test. My response?

"I'm doing neither of those things"

Her- "What are you doing then"

Me- Smoothly wrap my hand around her head and pull her in for a kiss.

Her- This is what I really wanted

Me- "Good"

I then proceeded to literally pick her up, throw her over my shoulder savage Viking style, spank her ass, carry her to her bedroom, and tear it up.

And that's how you do it gentlemen
Side note, I was talking to this chick in our post coital bliss and she thanked me for approaching her earlier in the night.

She told me she was turned on when I literally poached her from the guy she was talking to since he was being "too nice and a pushover" as she put it.
She mentioned that she'd never experienced a guy be so unapologetically masculine and it was a breath of fresh air for her.

She was practically begging me to stay the night but I wanted to sleep in my own bed so she asked for my number and called me an Uber just like that.
To recap the lessons in this story, it's key to be a savage these days, to be "toxically masculine"

Remember that women aren't all innocent snowflakes, they're freaks and I absolutely love it.

Assume the sale (in a calm smooth manner)

See obvious shit tests for what they are
Side note, now I'm confused whether her name was ashley or Amanda, all these chicks names that start with the letter A sound the same to me after a while, although this isn't a bad problem to have per se.

I'm curious now if I was calling her the wrong name the entire night🤔
Have to thank @thecadclub and @GoldmundUnleash again for the Savage podcast

Why? B/c it keeps paying off

Gotta give credit where credit is due👊🏼

I didn't have oysters last night, but I can only imagine how much more ridiculous the night would have been if that were the case
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